The 9 Best Telematics Companies for 2024

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A vehicle telematics platform does more than just track vehicles. It’s an integrated system for driver communication, monitoring driver behavior, and improving operational efficiency. It does this by transferring data from your vehicles to your fleet management dashboards, where you can interpret, monitor, and manage them.

Verizon is currently the best fleet telematics provider on the market. In our research, we found it to be more advanced than any other provider included in our research, making it the ideal next step for fleet managers looking to elevate their GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management.

Although Verizon packs some great tools, you might not need all of them, which is why we’ve created a list of the top nine best telematics companies, so you can find the best solution for your fleet. But if you’re short on time, go directly to our free comparison tool, which you can use to find a provider that suits your specific needs.

What Are the Top 9 Telematics Companies for 2024?

  1. Verizon Connect Best overall
  2. Samsara – Best for organising dispatches
  3. Azuga – Best for efficient routes
  4. Teletrac Navman TN360 – Best for managing drivers
  5. RAM – Best for improving driver safety
  6. GPS Trackit – Best for smaller fleets
  7. Quartix – Best for managing fuel costs
  8. Spireon – Best for mixed fleets
  9. Linxup – Best for pricing transparency

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Why You Can Trust Expert Market's Fleet Telematics Recommendations

At Expert Market, we are dedicated to helping our readers make informed purchases to make their businesses thrive.

We conducted an independent, user-led research project to evaluate the best fleet telematics systems software on the market, which has included extensive user testing of the platforms themselves. Refer to our methodology section for a more detailed breakdown of how we arrived at our top nine.

The Best Telematics Providers 2024

After extensive research into their features and pricing, we’ve determined these are the nine best telematics providers:

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Verizon Connect


Teletrac Navman TN360


GPS Trackit




Data Refresh Time

30 seconds

Data Refresh Time

30 seconds – 1 minute

Data Refresh Time

30 – 59 seconds

Data Refresh Time

In real time

Data Refresh Time

30 seconds

Data Refresh Time

1 minute

Data Refresh Time

15-60 seconds

Data Refresh Time

15-60 seconds

Data Refresh Time

1 minute

Auto-Route Optimisation
Auto-Route Optimisation
Auto-Route Optimisation
Auto-Route Optimisation
Auto-Route Optimisation
Auto-Route Optimisation
Auto-Route Optimisation
Auto-Route Optimisation
Auto-Route Optimisation
Driving Performance Tracking
Driving Performance Tracking
Driving Performance Tracking
Driving Performance Tracking
Driving Performance Tracking
Driving Performance Tracking
Driving Performance Tracking
Driving Performance Tracking
Driving Performance Tracking
Pricing (Software)
Pricing (Software)
Pricing (Software)

From $25 to $35/month

Pricing (Software)

From $25/month

Pricing (Software)

From $15.99

Pricing (Software)

From $23.95

Pricing (Software)

From $14.90 to $22.90

Pricing (Software)

On request

Pricing (Software)

Starts at $25 per month

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1. Verizon: Best Overall Telematics Provider

verizon connect logo
Verizon Connect
Pricing From $23.50 per month
Quick overview

Verizon Connect Reveal is the best vehicle telematics provider. Its vehicle tracking software provides daily reports for each driver, helping you accurately identify trends over time and spot opportunities for efficiency improvement. You'll also get notifications if anyone starts late, drives harshly, or idles too long. Such features are ideal for cost saving, making Verizon best for long-haul and last-mile fleets alike.

Verizon Connect is a GPS and fleet management software provider based in Illinois. Parent company Verizon bought Ireland-based Fleetmatics in 2016, California-based Telogis in 2017, and Spanish company Movildata in 2018. These were rebranded into Verizon Connect in the same year.


Top tracking features, including fast data refresh rate (30 seconds)

Advanced driver KPI features

Automatic route creation based on driver availability


Theft prevention limited to out-of-hours alerts

Typically offers a long contract period of three years

Some businesses may not need all its features

Typical price Prices are bespoke, based on factors like fleet size, package options, and contract length
From $23.50 Per vehicle, per month

Why we like Verizon Connect for fleet telematics

Verizon has the most advanced features and any telematics system we researched. Its vehicle tracking features allow you to gain maximum visibility over your fleet with daily summary reports, predictive alerts and notifications and live tracking that updates every 30 seconds.

When it comes to route planning, automatic route optimization, dedicated scheduling and dispatching features enable you to keep time and fuel waste at minimum levels.

Our experience with Verizon Connect

When testing out the system, we particularly liked the “Street View” which allows you to hone in on any of your drivers’ locations at any given moment. We should note, however, that what you’re seeing is a Google Maps shot, rather than live footage.

The map view displays vehicle and driver data as well as a color-coded system that communicates whether the vehicle is stopped, in motion or idling. The Scheduler tab offers an overview of your drivers’ timetables, indicating whether they are en route, in the process of completing a job, or have finished it.

We found the reporting tab extremely user-friendly. With options including Daily, Detailed, Distance Travelled and Geofencing, you can have control over which data is reported while saving time as Verizon automatically collects the necessary data to collate it into the final report.

live map view - a benefit of verizon's vehicle tracking solution
As demonstrated, Verizon's Live Map gives an overview of your entire fleet with color-coded icons to indicate motion status. Credit: Expert Market testing

Verizon also has some outstanding driver management features, such as a leaderboard and points system which rewards safety and productivity.

On the flip side, you can keep track of problem drivers with alerts for dangerous driving and idling, which are sent to both drivers and management. You’ll be able to collect data on driving style and driving history, making it easy to identify drivers who require further training.

And finally, Verizon is one of the best ELD providers, with ELD-compliant reports specific to each driver.

Verizon drawbacks

No system is perfect, although Verizon comes close. Its main drawback is that, despite how advanced the rest of the system is, it doesn’t have extensive theft prevention features.

You can set time limits and out-of-hours alerts, which can pass as theft detection, though not entirely secure. This is the bare minimum when it comes to theft prevention, but some providers have additional tools. GPS Trackit, for example, provides 24/7 protection, even if your vehicles are turned off, and has a remote main power disconnect function.

What's New for Verizon? June 2024

Verizon Connect has made its contracts more flexible. New customers can reportedly choose how long they want their contract to be, and can add or remove services while staying on the same contract.

verizon logo
Discover the most efficient way to track your fleet

Verizon Connect is our top pick for telematics. Learn more about its fleet management systems by visiting Verizon’s website.

2. Samsara: Best Telematics Provider for Organizing Dispatches

Samsara flexi
Pricing From $27/month
Quick overview

Samsara is our top pick for organizing dispatches because it allows fleet managers to choose the optimal vehicle and route for jobs and calculate predicted departure times according to traffic conditions, time on site and travel time.

Samsara is top-tier Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, and pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, which enables fleet businesses to leverage IoT data to gain actionable insights and optimize their operations. In 2023, Samsara partnered with Motormax to offer enhanced fleet vehicle safety using automated 360-degree video telematics. 


Increases dispatch efficiency

Excellent driver management tools

30-second to one-minute data updates

24/7 customer support


Three year minimum contract

Not a cheap option

Doesn't help with installation

ProductPricing (per device, due upfront) Samsara has custom packages; these prices are exemplary
Vehicle Gateway (ELD) $1584 for 3-year license
Cargo Monitor $162 for 3-year license
Environmental Monitor $324 for 3-year license
Panic Button $54

Why we like Samsara for fleet telematics

Samsara is another strong contender for telematics, and we rate it highly for its ability to streamline driver dispatches.

Its automatic route optimization feature calculates what order of jobs and stops will take the least amount of time (at a maximum of 20 stops). It uses data from previous trips to estimate how much time each stop will take and generates a planned departure time for each. This avoids wasting time, and helps you improve fuel efficiency, something the vast majority of fleet managers will appreciate in the current economic climate.

Samsara also allows you to customize your alerts, so you can set your own parameters for what’s considered harsh driving, for events such as acceleration, brakes, turns and crashes. This level of customization allows you to build a complete picture of your safety trends and improvements over time, in a way that’s unique to your fleet.

Samsara drawbacks

One of Samsara’s downsides is that it doesn’t offer installation support. For individual or smaller fleets who don’t have a designated team for this, it can hinder operations as you have to know how to install a car tracker on your own.

It’s also on the expensive side. While Samsara provides custom pricing packages, exemplary quotes we’ve received show most fleets will pay $27 to $33 per vehicle, per month for a Samsara system. If you’re looking for a cheaper option that offers free installation support, RAM with its quotes starting at less than $20 per vehicle, per month.

What's New for Samsara? June 2024

Samsara hasn’t had any major releases this year, but it’s testing improvements to its AI-powered safe following distance detector. The tool, when the new feature is released, will no longer rely on dash cameras being properly calibrated to calculate the distance to a vehicle ahead.

3. Azuga: Best Telematics Provider for Efficient Routes

azuga Logo
Pricing $25 - $35
Quick overview

Azuga provides the best route for your drivers based on business priorities, even for routes with multiple stops, earning some of the highest praise in this portion of our testing. That adeptness, alongside some strong vehicle management tool performance around fuel conservation and driver resources, has impressed us

Its vehicle tracking technology is best for fleet managers who need detailed data on fuel usage to make the best decisions for business efficiency. This might be last-mile delivery services that tend to burn more fuel driving in slower neighborhoods, or it could be long-haul truckers who constantly use entire tanks of gas.

Azuga is much smaller than Verizon Connect or Teletrac Navman, powering just over 6,000 commercial fleets worldwide. Global mobility company Bridgestone acquired Azuga in August 2021.


One of the best options for managing vehicle health and maintenance

Suggests efficient driving routes

Monitor driver activity with geofencing


Not compatible with third-party sat navs

No crash reporting

No hardwired option

Price range Prices are bespoke, based on factors like fleet size, package options, and contract length
$25 to $35 Per vehicle, per month

Why we like Azuga for fleet telematics

Azuga truly understands the art of telematics, especially when it comes to finding you the most efficient routes.

Its Web Platform Structure uses algorithmic and machine learning techniques to compute and analyze your journey stops. You can also set parameters for route optimization, including maximum route duration and maximum distance, but you can also get granular and set a maximum revenue per route, or weight per vehicle.

It’s the most innovative calculation we’ve observed and surpasses Samsara’s automatic route optimization feature since it doesn’t have a 20-stop limit.

Another standout feature is Azura’s fully customizable data refresh times. Although it is on par with Verizon and Samsara’s 30-second refresh rate, you can customize the speed as you see fit, between 30 seconds to 59 minutes. This is in addition to other excellent tracking features, such as the breadcrumb view to track every vehicle on your live map.

Azuga drawbacks

Azuga’s major drawback is that it doesn’t integrate with third-party satellite navigation (GPS) devices, something both Verizon Connect and Samsara do.

It also doesn’t have hardwired options, potentially weakening its security features as anyone can quickly disconnect the vehicle from the system. To add to these safety concerns, Azuga has no crash reporting, so if a driver gets into an accident you won’t have a record of it. If you prefer having these features in your telematics system, we recommend opting for Verizon. 

What's New for Azuga? June 2024

In spring and summer 2024, Azuga added several new functions to its mobile app, that were previously only available on desktop software. These include giving admins the ability to manage and set group tasks from the app (released in June), and to create, manage, and deactivate users (released in April).

Most importantly, managers can now manage driver-related tasks directly from the mobile app, another April update.

4. Teletrac Navman TN360: Best Telematics Provider for Managing Drivers

Teletrac Navman TN360
Pricing From $25
Quick overview

The TN360 shows a detailed breakdown of driver history and the ability to manage driver behavior. This is done through various features including a leaderboard system, automatic alerts for dangerous driving, and reporting to analyze journeys or specific events.

Teletrac is one of the world’s largest fleet solutions providers, boasting over 25 years of history in GPS tracking. It was founded in the UK in 1988 as Trafficmaster, offering drivers road congestion information. Today Teletrac Navman monitors almost 500,000 vehicles across six continents, with US headquarters in California.


Best option for a one-year initial contract

Top-tier driver monitoring tools, including driver fatigue management

Provides real-time data updates for vehicle tracking


Expensive product

Lacks some advanced hardware features like cargo temperature and engine temperature monitoring

No panic button

Starting price Prices are bespoke, based on factors like fleet size, package options, and contract length
From $25 Per vehicle, per month

Why we like Teletrac Navman for fleet telematics

Teletrac Navman TN360 is the best telematics system for managing drivers.

Its standout features for drivers include customized alert parameters for harsh driving, similar to those offered by Samsara, with the difference being that Teletrac Navman lets you choose where you receive alerts (on desktop, by email, or by text).

The system also has pre-made driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) templates, making it quick and easy for drivers to submit reports, and has an entire set of tools for managing driver fatigue. This includes scheduling mandatory breaks and driver training, to help ensure the safety of your drivers and keep your vehicles in tip-top shape.

Teletrac Navman also has some commendable tracking features, like real-time data refresh time. It is the fastest refresh rate among all the suppliers we’ve researched, as the next fastest rate is at 15 seconds with Spireon. Having real-time tracking data available helps you monitor your vehicles efficiently. And, unlike RAM, Quartix, and Spireon, Teletrac provides 24/7 phone support to its users, which comes in handy during urgent concerns and queries.

Teletrac Navman drawbacks

Teletrac doesn’t have cargo and engine temperature sensors. So, if your fleet handles temperature-sensitive goods, such as food or medicine, we recommend opting for Verizon, as it uses diagnostics to detect temperature.

But if you are more concerned about pricing than temperature sensors, we’d hand it to Quartix, which starts at around $14.90 per vehicle, per month, compared to Teletrac, which starts at around $25 per vehicle, per month. 

What's New for Teletrac Navman? June 2024

In May 2024, introduced new solutions for electric vehicles. It launched an EV transition platform that uses telematics data and predictive analytics to build a decarbonization plan for fleets, and it created a “Sustainability Dashboard”, so fleets can monitor their progress.

5. RAM: Best Telematics Provider for Improving Driver Safety

RAM tracking
4.3 Expert research score
Pricing From $15.99 per month
Quick overview

RAM Tracking has a somewhat basic but cost-effective vehicle tracking dashboard. It's best suited to managers of smaller fleets who don't need complex data analytics and vehicle maintenance insights, but want to prioritize driver safety

Beginning in 2004 in the UK, RAM Tracking has expanded into Canada and the US markets to provide telematics for the vehicle industry. As well as automobile tracking devices, the firm also produces dashcams.


Comprehensive driver scoring system

Map view live vehicle tracking

Weather updates from Google Maps


Won't plan the best routes for your drivers

No vehicle maintenance tracking

No driver messaging feature

Pricing Custom. Based on fleet size, package features, and contract length
From $15.99 per month, per vehicle (representative price for five year contract)

Why we Like RAM for fleet telematics

RAM is our top recommendation for a telematics system that improves driver safety. With a centralized Driver App, you’ll be able to see summaries of essential driver information including assigned vehicle, locations visited and driving time, anytime, from anywhere.

In terms of behavior management, you’ll receive alerts on accidents, speeding, harsh braking and acceleration which can be compiled into reports. You can encourage and reward safer driving practices with a points and leaderboard system.

It’s also one of the more affordable solutions on our list. Although RAM offers custom pricing, like most telematics providers, the example quotes we received show that you can get a software and dashcam bundle for around $15.99 per vehicle, per month, much less than Samsara or Verizon.

Apart from being affordable, RAM also helps you manage overall fleet costs, including fuel, with financial reporting that you can integrate with your timesheet reports to effectively track travel and on-site expenses. It includes approximate fuel cost expectations and driver travel time expenditure

Installing telematics is also a breeze with RAM, as it schedules engineers to come in and install it for you without additional fees.

RAM drawbacks

Where RAM falters a little is its optimization features. Unlike Samsara and Verizon, it doesn’t offer automatic route optimization, which could significantly reduce fleet expenses by suggesting the shortest journey for your drivers.

What’s more, if you do want your drivers to take the most optimal route, you’ll have to put time aside to manually plan it out that you wouldn’t with RAM’s rivals. 

The company also doesn’t provide vehicle diagnostics or track fleet maintenance records, which are crucial when it comes to maintaining your vehicles and reducing downtime.

What's New for RAM? June 2024

RAM now offers a ‘LiveShare’ feature that allows drivers to share their location with customers. The feature can be enabled via the RAM Tracking web app, and after this is done, a tracking link will be sent to the customer.

6. GPS Trackit: Best Telematics Provider for Smaller Fleets

GPS Trackit
Pricing From $23.95 per vehicle, per month
Quick overview

GPS Trackit provides fleet tracking and dashcam solutions at an affordable price, making it a great solution for smaller fleets. Its GPS tracking tech collects detailed driver behavior reports so you can hone in on patterns of unsafe road activity.

GPS Trackit serves over 12,000 fleets globally. It is headquartered in Roswell, Georgia.


Excellent theft prevention measures

Customized reporting

Two-way driver messaging with canned responses


No satnav integration

No vehicle diagnostics

No automatic route optimization

Price Custom pricing packages based on needs, fleet size, and contract lengths. Below is a referential amount
From $23.95 per vehicle, per month

Why we like GPS Trackit for fleet telematics

We’ve singled GPS Trackit out as the best provider for smaller fleets, providing advanced features at a reasonable price.

The system allows you to track your vehicles’ locations in real-time (something not offered by top provider Verizon Connect), and it has an outstanding theft prevention feature, which provides 24/7 protection, off-hours and unauthorized movement alerts, as well as remote main power disconnections.

GPS Trackit also allows you to customize vehicle reporting tools, such as driver scorecards, landmark reports, and speed and safety reports, making it easier to sift through data. And, it has cargo and engine temperature monitoring, premium features that are absent from both RAM and Teletrac Navman.

GPS Trackit does have the most basic interface among the suppliers we’ve looked into, but we think that makes it easy to navigate, making it perfect for smaller fleets looking for a simple solution.

GPS Trackit drawbacks

The simplicity of GPS Trackit’s system is a bit of a double-edged sword since it means it’s missing key features such as vehicle diagnostics, automatic route optimization, and traffic alerts.

It also doesn’t integrate with satnavs, so if that’s a deal breaker for you, we suggest you look at Verizon Connect or Samsara.

What's New for GPS Trackit? June 2024

In June, GPS Trackit launched a new feature called “Custom Map Layers“. While still not an automatic route optimization feature, it’s an improvement that’s there to help fleet managers design routes. They can highlight preferred routes or restricted zones, and the map shows traffic patterns, construction areas, and accident-prone zones.

7. Quartix: Best Telematics Provider for Managing Fuel Costs

Quartix Logo
4.1 Expert research score
Pricing $14.90 - $22.90
Quick overview

Quartix is able to offer lower prices as it offers vehicle tracking devices on a rental basis. That means you won't permanently own the equipment installed in your automobiles.

Founded in 2001, Quartix is a leading telematics system designed to help businesses reduce fuel costs and improve fleet performance. It has won numerous awards for its innovative tracking technology and outstanding customer support. In 2014, it opened its first office in the US. 


Integrates with fuel cards

Tracks fuel spending and emissions

Gives a comprehensive view of active vehicles


Doesn't automatically optimize your routes

Lacks automated maintenance scheduling

No vehicle diagnostics

Pricing Custom. Based on fleet size, package features, and contract length. Figures shown are representative
From $14.90 per month, per vehicle

Why we like Quartix for fleet telematics

Fuel is one of fleet management’s biggest and most unpredictable expenses, but fortunately, Quartix can help stay on top of fuel spending.

Its system integrates data from your fuel cards through its partnership with FleetCheck. You’ll have oversight on spending, and get reports on your vehicles’ CO2 emissions. On top of this, Quartix also sends alerts whenever it detects driving behaviors that waste fuel, such as speeding and idling. 

When it comes to other features, we found the Quartix interface a little tricky to use at first., especially when it came to flipping between tabs. Despite the fact that each tab had well-placed buttons for generating reports or adjusting settings when needed, it wasn’t immediately obvious how to get from one tab to the other.

Once you do figure it out, however, any data-hungry managers will be able to analyze speeding incidents and track critical battery statuses on a granular level that covers specific vehicles, locations, and times.

Our experience with Quartix

Quartix doesn’t have the most intuitive layout, and we struggled with simple tasks like returning to the main dashboard after opening a tab. This is mainly because tabs weren’t clearly signposted, something that’s an easy fix.

Besides that initial hiccup, we like Quartix’svehicle tracking map, since it wasn’t overly cluttered. Having an optional satellite view and a button for toggling traffic on and off was a nice touch.

Another feature we like was that the buttons for generating reports and changing settings were usually in the same spots across multiple tabs. This sped up our learning process.

Dashboard from Quartix fleet management software showing the battery status of a car

This chart reveals four instances of critically low voltage in one vehicle over the course of two months, in one example of Quartix’s attention to detail. Credit: Expert Market testing of Quartix

Quartix drawbacks

When it comes to reducing fleet costs beyond fuel savings, Quartix lacks the necessary components. For starters, it doesn’t offer vehicle diagnostics or maintenance scheduling, which are essential when it comes to ensuring your vehicles function properly and are roadworthy.

It also does not support automatic route optimization, another tool that could help cut down your fleet’s fuel expenses as it provides the most efficient routes. For great route optimization tools, we recommend Azuga or Samsara.

Lastly, Quartix has a slow data refresh rate of two minutes. If you need these features, then we recommend Teletrac, since it has real-time tracking.

What's New for Quartix? June 2024

Quartix hasn’t yet rolled out any new updates this year. Its last update was December 2023, called “Speed Limits”. Users can view speed violations, and where each driver has exceeded the speed limit on the daily route map. This feature can be fine-tuned to your preference based on what percentage or how many mph the speed limit was exceeded by.

A map view of a Dodge cargo van’s route taken from Quartix fleet management software

Here, Quartix delivers a map view of a Dodge cargo van’s route, with each speeding violation flagged by location and miles per hour. Credit: Expert Market testing of Quartix

8. Spireon: Best Telematics Provider for Mixed Fleets

spireon logo
Pricing On request
Quick overview

FleetLocate is Spireon's GPS fleet tracking management system for fleet managers as well as trailer and asset managers. Its tracking runs on Google Maps, meaning live traffic alerts come as standard.

Spireon has specialized in GPS vehicle tracking since its creation in 2002. It officially rebranded as Spireon after Bertram Capital bought it in 2011. Over the past decade it expanded into asset tracking, vehicle finance solutions and dealer inventory management as well.

In February 2021, Spireon was acquired by Solera Holdings, LLC, a global fleet management software-as-a-service provider. 


Solutions for cars, vans, and trucks

Very accurate tracking thanks to fast refresh rate

Full set of maintenance tools


Mandatory three-year contract

No route optimization capability

No panic button or crash reporting

Bespoke Based on fleet size, package features, and contract length

Why we like Spireon for fleet telematics

Spireon is another great telematics provider that helps you stay on top of vehicle tracking, with tailored solutions to suit a variety of fleet types. It has telematics solutions for car dealers, commercial fleets, and trailer and asset managers, so can be used by fleets that utilize cars, vans, trucks, or a mix.

It also comes with key telematics features. For example, with its Fleetlocate app, managers can access real-time GPS tracking at all times, and receive instant notifications for speeding, and other harsh maneuvers.

And, although Spireon doesn’t have a native route optimization tool, it can integrate with third-party tools, offering a neat workaround that’s absent from RAM and Quartix’s kit.

Spireon also has a full set of vehicle maintenance tools, such as maintenance record tracking, maintenance scheduling, and vehicle diagnostics, which sets it apart from those two as well.

Spireon drawbacks

However, our deep dive into Spireon identified its pricing plans as its downside. With an average score of 2.5/5 in our pricing analysis, Spireon is committed to its mandatory three-year contracts. If you do not want to be tied into a lengthy contract or if your fleet operates seasonally, we’d recommend trying GPS Trackit, which employs a zero-contract policy.

It’s also worth noting that Spireon offers custom pricing plans based on fleet size, contract length, and features.

What's New for Spireon? June 2024

Spireon has not announced any product updates so far this year.

9. Linxup: Best for Pricing Transparency

linxup Logo
Pricing From $25 per month
Quick overview

One advantage of Linxup over its larger competitors is its pricing transparency. Details about its bundles are readily available, making it easier to compare pricing in an industry often guilty of confusing sales tactics.

Founded in 2004, Linxup has over 43,000 customers. It’s headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri.


Transparent pricing

Short contract lengths available

User-friendly and comprehensive tracking


No traffic alerts or route optimization

No crash reporting

Short warranty on devices

ItemStarting Price Prices displayed are for three-year contracts. Prices go up for shorter contracts
Plug-In GPS Vehicle Tracker From $25/month/vehicle
Wire-In GPS Tracker From $25/month/vehicle
JBUS Plug-In GPS Tracker From $25/month/vehicle
Linxcam Dash Cam (add-on) From $99 + $25/month/vehicle
LinxCam AI Dash Cam From $99 + $40/month/vehicle
ELD From $30 per month (free hardware with contract)

Why we like Linxup for fleet telematics

Linxup is one of the few telematics companies that advertises its pricing, with vehicle trackers starting at $25 per month per vehicle. Custom pricing is also available for high-volume orders. Either way, this transparency makes it easy for you to tell if Linxup’s telematics system fits into your fleet’s budget, without the need to wait for a quote, something that’s rare in the industry.

For added flexibility, Linxup has varying contract lengths, from one year to three years, so you don’t need to feel locked into their services.

Besides clear pricing, Linxup has some decent telematics features. The system automatically syncs data whenever a fault is detected in your vehicle, minimizing vehicle downtime caused by faulty systems. It also produces mileage reports for every journey to help you track diagnostics.

Another cost-reducing feature from Linxup is its detailed fuel reports, which include the gallons used per vehicle, fuel tax rates per state, and the due dates of taxes.

Linxup drawbacks

Linxup isn’t without its faults. It doesn’t provide traffic alerts or automatic route optimization, essential features for minimizing fuel costs and speeding up journeys.

The system also doesn’t do crash reporting. Crashes can be recorded with Linxup dashcams, but they won’t be logged it the system, which can make it more difficult to keep track of vehicles and drivers that have been previously involved in accidents.

Lastly, Linxup has quite a short warranty on its hardware. The warranty is only one year, whereas providers like RAM or Quartix have lifetime warranties. This might suggest that Linxup doesn’t trust its products to last.

What's New for Linxup? June 2024

Linxup has not announced any product updates so far this year.

Research Methodology

Our in-house research team analyzed the most popular fleet telematics companies and compared them against the following criteria: 

  • Vehicle management: How effectively does it keep tabs on your car’s general condition? Does it save a record of your maintenance?
  • Price: Considering its features, does it offer great value for money? Does it offer a warranty, or are there any hidden fees?
  • Tracking: How well does this system work for monitoring your vehicles? How quickly does it update data? Does it take traffic into account or aid in route optimization?
  • Driver management: Can it track your drivers’ performance? Does it report risky driving behavior? Can you reach your driver if you have an urgent issue?
  • Product features: What else does it offer in addition to these features? A mobile app? Sat nav integration? 
  • Customer support: What platforms do they give their customers for support and assistance?

After identifying these factors, we combine the input from our readers to calculate their overall score. Then, we rank them and see which categories they excel in. 


Verizon is the best telematics provider. It offers the most comprehensive set of management and tracking features, which help boost fleet efficiency while cutting down on general costs, be it fuel or unprecedented vehicle downtime.

Its only drawback is that it needs a tighter theft prevention feature beyond time alerts and out-of-hours detection.

Of course, Verizon won’t be the right fit for everyone, and we know that contacting several telematics companies for quotes takes time.

If you want to speed up the process, you can use our free quotes tool. All you need to do is give us some information about your business, and our trusted providers will contact you with obligation-free quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between fleet telematics and vehicle tracking?
Vehicle tracking is one aspects of fleet telematics. A fleet telematics system combines multiple functions vital to fleet management, including vehicle tracking, but also telecommunications between drivers and managers, driving behavior monitoring, fuel management, and reporting. In short, a telematics provider is a fleet management system!
What is the largest telematics company?
The largest telematics company, according to our research, is Verizon. It has thousands of users all over the US and has a comprehensive array of vehicle tracking and management features – and more!
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