5 Best GPS Trackers for Cars

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Duncan Lambden

Informed by our detailed research into the world of GPS vehicle tracking devices, we can reveal that Verizon Connect’s tracker is the best option for businesses, thanks to its outstanding tracking and product features.

But that doesn’t mean you should blindly jump onboard the SS Verizon. After all, there are plenty more options on the market, and to find the best option for your business, you'll want to weigh up cost, features, and overall tracking quality. On this page, we review and rank the top five GPS car trackers in the USA, so you can decide which of our top-rated devices would be best for tracking your business fleet.

You can also try our free quote-finding tool to compare tailored quotes from vehicle tracking system suppliers that can cater to your needs.

Best GPS Car Trackers

We're all aware of what a GPS tracker is and what it does. But while they used to be relatively simple devices that came with cars, they've evolved into multi-functional devices that can perform various services for their drivers.

With all of the GPS features that are now possible, here is our list of the top 5 options:

  1. Verizon Connect: Best overall
  2. Samsara: Best for managing vehicles
  3. Teletrac Navman “TN360”: Best for managing drivers
  4. Azuga: Best for efficient routes
  5. RAM: Best for affordability

1. Verizon Connect

Best overall

Verizon Connect
Pricing From $20 to $40 per month
Quick overview

While Verizon is one of the pricier systems on the market (scoring a 2.5/5 for its cost), its tracking offering is the absolute best that we've encountered during our research, scoring a 5.0/5. It offers everything you'd want – various alerts (for things like idling, speeding, harsh driving, and more), traffic alerts, and automatic route optimization.

It also has some great features, like integration with Garmin satnavs, robust Verizon phone apps, and asset tracking, scoring it a 4.9/5 for features. The only reason it's not a 5.0/5 is due to the fact that the panic button is a bit trickier to implement.


  • Rapid automatic route optimization
  • Suited for large fleets
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Quite pricey
  • Only offers longer contracts

2. Samsara

Best for managing vehicles

Pricing From $27 to $33 per month
Quick overview

When it comes to vehicle tracking, Samsara is a very close second to Verizon Connect, scoring a 4.9/5. The only reason for this 0.1 point distinction is that Samsara has a 30 second to 1 minute refresh rate, while Verizon promises a 30 second refresh rate. Otherwise, Samsara offers a great set of features, like Geofencing, traffic alerts, and route optimization.

Samsara falls a bit short when looking at its offering of other features, scoring a still respectable 4.0/5. It's lacking satnav integration and a hardwired option, both of which are quite handy when considering GPS offerings. And, like Verizon, it scores a 2.5/5 for pricing.


  • Automatic route optimization
  • Rapid refresh rate (30 seconds)
  • Great for large fleets
  • 24/7 customer support


  • 3 year minimum for contracts
  • Fairly expensive
  • No hardwire option for trackers

3. Teletrac Navman

Best for managing drivers

teletrac logo
Teletrac Navman "TN360"
Pricing From $25 per month
Quick overview

Teletrac offers a couple of different systems, but the TN360 is the highlight here. Earning a 4.6/5 for tracking might be underwhelming after Samsara, Verizon, and Azuga pulled almost perfect scores. After all, it's lacking route optimization without the help of third party apps.

However, Teletrac does trump those three when it comes to price, scoring 3.4/5 over its competitors' 2.5/5. While none of them have concrete pricing, Teletrac's range does seem to be lower than its competitors'. Its feature score of 3.8/5 is also fairly solid, due to its solid app, hardwired option, and fuel purchase data log.


  • Short contract length
  • Innovative reporting feature, Users can write search terms such as: 'Show me fuel consumption by vehicle for the past 7 days?' and it will automatically generate a report and chart graphic
  • Unique driver fatigue measurement system


  • No hardwire for trackers
  • No route optimization
  • Fairly pricey

4. Azuga

Best for efficient routes

azuga logo small
Pricing From $25 to $35 per month
Quick overview

Azuga ties for second with Samsara when it comes to tracking, also scoring a 4.9/5, with its only downfall being that the alerts aren't as robust as other platforms'. One of its most unique features is the ability to customize refresh time from anywhere between 30 seconds and 59 minutes, letting your drivers go with as much or as little oversight as they need.

Looking at price, Azuga scores 2.5/5, which isn't amazing, especially when its other product features aren't as robust as Verizon or Samsara's. It's missing a hardwired option, satnav integration, and the panic button is within the mobile app.


  • Excellent route optimization
  • Great for vehicle maintenance metrics
  • Strong driver management functionality


  • Quite pricey
  • 3 year minimum contract length
  • Driver management features could be expanded

5. RAM

Best for affordability

Pricing Available upon request
Quick overview

RAM is the cheapest platform on this list, scoring 4.6/5 in price. This doesn't compromise its GPS tracking prowess, however, as it still scores a hearty 4.6/5 in tracking, with the only fault being the lack of automatic route optimization, which is admittedly a bit of a blow.

However, a 4.5 in product features is also quite solid, which can be attributed to its hardwire option, asset tracker, and smart phone app. The only missing pieces are a panic button and integration with satnav devices.


  • Short contract lengths
  • One of the cheapest systems out there
  • Great driver behavior tracking


  • No driver messaging capabilities
  • No route optimization

How Did We Find the Best Fleet Management Software?

Our team of independent researchers looked at a selection of the best and most popular fleet management systems. After finding all the information we need, the researchers then compare each platform against its competitors, allowing us to find the cream of the crop. The criteria we look at include:

Price: Simple enough – the platform with the lowest price tag scores the best

Tracking: How robust and effective are the platform's tracking features? For example, how quickly does the tracking map refresh, does the map factor in traffic, etc.

Driver Management: Tracking and logging the behavior of each of your drivers. Does Driver #3 idle his vehicle for too long? Does Driver #4 tend to speed?

Vehicle Management: Checking up on the health of your vehicles. Are they in need of maintenance? Are they well protected against theft?

Product Features: What else can the product do? Can it sync up with third-party satnavs? Is there a phone app?

Customer Support: Again, easy enough – look at the options available and see what each platform offers its customers when it comes to their support resources

After factoring in all this information, alongside the scores they received, we were able to calculate a final overall score for each fleet management system.

Expert Verdict

There are plenty of great GPS car trackers on the market, but if we had to pick, our favourite is Verizon Connect. It's not the cheapest platform out there – that accolade goes to RAM – but it's got the best tracking features of all its contemporaries, scoring a solid 5.0/5. This doesn't mean it's the only choice out there, of course.

Even fleet managers will find that some systems better serve their needs than others. That’s why it’s always important to compare quotes from local fleet management providers to find the best option for you. Just fill in this short form and we’ll get you quotes from the best suppliers in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it against the law to put a tracking device on someone’s car?
The short answer is that putting a tracking device on someone else’s car is almost definitely illegal. The police can do this if they have a tracking permit for a particular case, but civilians can’t normally track other peoples’ cars.
Which GPS car tracker is the best?
From our research, we've found Verizon Connect to be the best GPS tracker. It scores a perfect 5.0/5 when it comes to vehicle tracking, as it has every feature you'd want from a GPS tracker. These include:

  • Scheduling and dispatching drivers
  • Automatic route optimization
  • Live tracking with a 30 second refresh rate
  • Traffic updates
Where is a good place to hide a tracker in a car?
Depending on what kind of tracker it is, there is a wide number of places you can hide a GPS tracker in a car. If it's magnetic, you can hide it under the wheel opening, or under the car's hood. Otherwise, you can just put it somewhere in the glove box or trunk.
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