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Verizon Connect Fleet Review

Verizon polishes an already impressive fleet management suite

Verizon provides one of the most popular vehicle tracking systems in the US, with close to 20,000 firms using their Verizon Connect fleet management software.

The system uses GPS technology to track a vehicle's location, speed and direction, relaying the information back to a central data point so you have an up to date picture of what is happening across your entire fleet at any one time.

The Verizon Connect Fleet system updates the information every sixty seconds and will also provide you with historical data on each vehicle by way of reports. That way you know when each vehicle began and ended its journey and what percentage of time was spent idling.

Verizon Connect Fleet Review
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Fleet Information

The live information is supported by Google Maps which offers satellite or hybrid views as well as a 'ride along' feature using Google Street View.

You can color code your vehicles according to what job they are on, so it is easy to see that everyone is where they are supposed to be at any one time. This grouping feature also allows you to run reports on the groups, so you can obtain reports for individual projects and more easily compare drivers on similar jobs.

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Route Replay

The information gathered by Verizon Connect Fleet is stored so you can replay any individual driver's past route. This allows you to easily monitor driver behavior, quickly provide proof of delivery for customers and swiftly settle any disputes.

Route Replay can be run for several vehicles at once and can be overlaid with Verizon Connect Fleet's Speed Limits feature which will allow you to investigate any speeding violations.

The Route Replay feature can also be run alongside 'Hot Spots' which will rank the locations your drivers visit most frequently and inform you as to how long is spent at each one.

Live Traffic Reports

In addition to tracking your vehicles, dedicated software also shows what the road conditions are like in their area. This means you can be updated on traffic delays and any construction/roadwork information which your dispatchers can use to reroute your vehicles accordingly.

Other Features

Verizon Connect provides a number of other features including Proactive Alerting which helps you monitor unwanted driver behavior such as excessive idling or speeding.

If problems like this are identified, email alerts can be sent to a specified group of people to let them know what has occurred. There is also a driver ID feature which allows you to track an individual driver even if they use a number of company vehicles.

How Verizon Connect Fleet Helps Your Business

There are a number of benefits that using their systems can generate for a business. The most popular is the reduction in fuel costs. This is, of course, a key area for all companies, regardless of size, as gas prices continue to rise.

Through improved routing, minimized idling and effective deployment, businesses can make real savings on their fuel bills. One customer reports that they have saved over 30,000 dollars since installing the new software.

Other Benefits

Other benefits include:
  • Increased security and quicker recovery of stolen vehicles
  • Improved productivity across the fleet
  • The elimination of unauthorized use of vehicles
  • Improved customer service through accuracy of delivery information
  • The creation of a 'green' image for your company through reduced fuel emissions

All of the above can produce real savings, with some customers reporting reductions in overtime costs of over 28,000 dollars a year or near elimination of speeding fines.

How to Get Started with Verizon Connect Fleet

All prospective customers are offered a free demo which the company will arrange and set up at a time to suit you.

Then, if you decide to start using this software, the company's trained engineers will visit your premises and install the GPS trackers on your vehicles.

You do not need to install any software on your computer as you can log into your account from any computer in the world. The firm will also provide you with the training you need to start running your reports and interpreting the data you receive.

Case Studies

Falcon Plumbing

Falcon Plumbing logo

With only 13 vehicles, Falcon Plumbing is proof that even small fleets can see big savings. A small company that provides full-service residential and commercial plumbing, Falcon had previously used another fleet management provider. After finding that company's system less accurate and more difficult to use, they switched to Verizon Connect Fleet.

The system delivered more accurate reporting of time onsite and hours worked, leading to more productivity. With each truck averaging one more service call per day, payroll is better allocated, customers are more satisfied, and the company has boosted its bottom line by $200,000.

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersol logo

Ingersoll Rand sought to control costs and increase profits from a 100-vehicle fleet. Verizon Connect Fleet helped them acheive that, and more. Facing stiff competition in the HVAC-R industry, as well as the pinch of increasing fuel costs, Ingersoll Rand turned to Verizon for help.

By rolling out the Verizon GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution across its Southeast Division, Ingersoll Rand increased routing efficiency, curbed idle time and moonlighting, slashed fuel waste, and improved payroll accuracy. The cost savings in fuel was $85,000 in one year alone, but the company also saw significant payroll savings, better driver safety, and quicker response times that led to happier customers.

How Much Does it Cost?

Most firms tend to lease their GPS trackers as this avoids initial upfront costs and is a more tax efficient way to invest in the technology.

The exact price of a system will depend on the length of contract you enter into, the size of your fleet and which features you require. On average, costs start from as little as a few dollars per vehicle per day.