Verizon Connect Review: Is it Right for Your Fleet?

verizon connect review

Verizon Connect represents fleet management software at its finest.

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Verizon Connect Review
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Reviewed by: Expert Market11/08/2019


  • Intuitive software
  • Amazing customer service
  • Comprehensive reporting options


  • It didn't arrive sooner
At a glance: Verizon Connect represents fleet management software at its finest.

If the world of pro sports can teach us anything about fleet management, it’s that bigger isn’t always better.

Think about it. Whether you’re comparing the diminutive Drew Brees to ‘Big Ben’ Roethlisberger (close) or the 4’ 8” Simone Biles to pretty much any gymnast ever (not close), skill beats size. The same is true of your business, and the one that supplies your vehicle tracking solution.

So when Verizon, the world’s largest telematics software supplier, acquired three major competitors in as many years, some critics were skeptical of the move.

But no one’s doubting Verizon anymore. Verizon Connect is the best fleet management system money can buy. It doesn’t just exceed expectations – it shatters them.

Read on for our full verdict on the finest Verizon fleet management system to date, and request free quotes for your fleet.

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Verizon Connect is the ideal vehicle tracking companion for the open road

What Can Verizon Connect Do?

Here’s a breakdown of what you get with Verizon Connect:

Live Vehicle Tracking

Verizon Connect utilizes onboard vehicle trackers to provide real time location updates for your fleet. Live data comes courtesy of Google Maps, which offers satellite and hybrid views as well as an innovative ‘ride along' feature with Google Street View.

You can color code your vehicles by job, so it’s really easy to check their current location in relation to their destination. This grouping feature also lets you run performance reports to evaluate individual projects and compare drivers on similar calls. You’ve got all the tools you needs to run a tight ship for everyone who depends on you.

Route Replay

The software caches historical journey data for you to query at the click of a button. How? Via a ‘Route Replay’ screen that lets you to see not just where your drivers have been, but when they were there and what routes they took. You can even view specific events like speeding or stops.

We’re impressed with how easy this feature makes it to monitor driver behavior, provide proof of delivery for customers and swiftly settle any disputes.

It’s not just about keeping tabs on where your drivers are at all times. Yes, Verizon Connect ranks the locations drivers visit most frequently; but this enables you improve their routes by scheduling ample rest stops along the way. Smooth.

Live Traffic Reports

In addition to tracking your vehicles, Verizon Connect monitors road conditions in your area. This means your dispatchers can make truly informed decisions, taking into account obstacles like traffic jams and any construction works. Most importantly, Verizon Connect’s live reporting keeps staff safe by informing them about hazardous driving conditions. In other words, you’ll can reroute your drivers without accidentally sending them headfirst into a snowstorm.

Asset Tracking

If your fleet carries cargo from Point A to Point B, you may have thought about getting bespoke asset tracking software. With Verizon Connect, you don’t need to – the system monitors your valuable assets more closely than a felon under house arrest. A sleek web-based dashboard delivers instant visibility of the whereabouts, status and usage history of your equipment. Add on the option to search the system by keyword and item tag, and you’ll never have to scramble to find those elusive spare parts again.

The end result? You can schedule essential repairs and maintenance around your business. #SayGoodbyeToServiceDisruptions.

Compliance Management

CFR, IFTA, IRP – take your pick of awkwardly-named fleet management regulations. Verizon Connect complies with all of them, including the recently-introduced ELD Mandate requiring all US motor carriers to use onboard Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). Hours of Service (HoS) paperwork doesn’t interfere with you or your drivers’ main responsibilities…because it doesn’t exist. Verizon Connect captures the data electronically and presents it in FMCSA-ready reports. And that’s all she wrote.

Other Features

Verizon Connect provides a number of other features including Proactive Alerting which helps you monitor unwanted driver behavior such as excessive idling or speeding.

If problems like this are identified, email alerts can be sent to a specified group of people to let them know what has occurred. There is also a driver ID feature which allows you to track an individual driver even if they use a number of company vehicles.

How Does Verizon Connect Fleet Help Users?

Verizon Connect can benefit you in several ways, including:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Fewer unauthorized uses of vehicles
  • Improved fleet productivity
  • Higher customer retention rates
  • Faster stolen vehicle recovery
  • Easier compliance with fuel and fleet reporting regulations

What Do Customers Say?

Falcon Plumbing

With only 13 vehicles, Falcon Plumbing is proof that even small fleets can make big savings. Mounting frustrations with their old fleet management system led the residential and commercial plumbing firm to switch provider. They chose Verizon and never looked back.

Each of Falcon’s trucks now averages an extra service call per day, payroll processes are more streamlined, and customers are happier than ever. Best of all, Falcon boosted its bottom line by $200,000.

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand wanted to cut costs and increase profits from their 100-vehicle fleet. Verizon Connect helped them achieve just that.

By rolling out Verizon Connect across its Southeast division, Ingersoll Rand was able to route its vehicles more efficiently. As well as lowering idle time and moonlighting, the company’s fuel bill dropped by $85,000 in a single year. The company also saw significant payroll savings, better driver safety, and faster response times.

How Much Does it Cost?

Like most firms, Verizon supplies its vehicle trackers and software on lease. On the hardware side of things, that means there are no hefty overheads or tricky accounting calculations to apply to your balance sheet. Leasing the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) allows you to benefit from frequent updates, courtesy of the Verizon product support team.

The price of Verizon Connect depends on the length of contract you enter into, the size of your fleet and the particular features you require. On average, costs start from as little as a few dollars per vehicle per day. For a more precise idea, request a free fleet management quote.

How to Get Started with Verizon Connect Fleet

Verizon offers a free demo of Verizon Connect to all prospective customers, which they’ll arrange at a time that suits you. If you decide to sign up for a paid subscription (see below), the company's trained engineers will visit your premises and hardwire the GPS trackers into your vehicles.

You don’t need to install any software on your computer – it’s entirely browser-based and you can log into your account from most computers, tablets and smartphones. The firm also provides complementary training on how to run and interpret reports.

All it takes is 30 seconds to request a quick fleet management quote and get set up.

Next Steps

We’re loathed to call any product ‘flawless’, but after scrutinizing Verizon Connect from all angles, there isn’t a whole lot to criticize. Simply put, this is what you get when the fleet management industry’s brightest brains, fuelled by more cups of coffee than we’d care to count, come together to make the world’s most comprehensive fleet management package.

The results are nothing short of spectacular.

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