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Quartix Vehicle Tracking Review

Founded in 2001 Quartix is an international vehicle tracking company that operates in the United States, United Kingdom and France.

They have installed more than 120,000 units in the 15 years they’ve been in business, and are one of the best and most trusted suppliers around.

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  • Amazing fuel tax reporting functionality
  • Great set of driver safety features
  • Free hardware for first-time customers

X Cons:

  • Two minute refresh rate isn't the fastest
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About The System

Quartix’s system allows users to track vehicles in real-time. Tracked vehicles are located using GPS satellites and GSM technology is used to continuously update logs, routes and positions.

This in an online vehicle tracking solution and allows users to access the recorded information from any web-enabled device. This includes smartphones and tablets as well as computers, so if you’re looking for a flexible system that you can access on the go this is a great option for you.

The system includes a lot of great features, including live tracking alerts, driver style monitoring and comprehensive reports. Quartix uses Google Maps, and the familiarity of this display makes the whole system so easy to use.


There are reasons to choose a Quartix vehicle tracking system. Benefits include:

  • Real time tracking
  • Daily log reports, available online and delivered to your inbox via email
  • Easy to use system with Google Maps interface
  • Internet based for easy access
  • Industry leading tracking technology
  • Competitive pricing

Pricing Information

Rental prices start from $25.50 a month with free installation for a 36 month contract.

Quartix recently made their 12 month direct rental offer available to customers in the United States with prices starting at just $29.50 a month, which is highly competitive for such a short contract.

The purchase price starts at $295 with a $67 installation fee. There is also a monthly data, SIM and service charge of $16.80.

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Quartix in the US

Quartix have more than 300 installers in the US with nationwide coverage. They also have 65 members of staff dedicated to customer service, so there is always somebody available to answer any questions you may have.

Case Studies

Worcester City Council

WCC Council Logo

Amid significant fiscal challenges, the Worcester (UK) City Council enlisted Quartix to rein in its fleet management costs. One of the city's largest concerns was that the program should pay for itself; Quartix did that, and more. A pilot program that involved testing the system on thirty vehicles for a ten-month period showed that the cost in fuel savings alone was enough for the program to break even, but the Council soon realized other benefits.

Upon rolling out the Quartix system to the full fleet, it became apparent that managing a mixed fleet that consisted of garbage trucks, street sweepers, and maintenance vehicles would be much easier than before. In addition, vehicle maintenance improved, staging and dispatch were more efficient, and insurance claims dropped.

Abscope Environmental Ltd.

Abscope Logo

New York-based construction remediation and retrofitting company Abscope Environmental Ltd. leveraged the Quartix GPS fleet tracking system to improve service and boost driver safety. The company has several vehicles on the road at any given time, but previously had no means of keeping tabs on them.

Abscope's fears of a difficult transition to fleet management proved unfounded; Quartix managed a seamless transition, and Abscope now has the full measure of its fleet's performance available to it at any given time, ensuring smoother daily operations and better tracking of time spent onsite.