Quartix Review: Is it the Right Fleet Management System for You?

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Quartix provides a low-cost, high-value fleet management solution, but does it suit your needs? Let’s find out…

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  • Flexible one-year contract that’s shorter than the three-year industry average
  • Lowest price is $14.90 per month, with no hidden fees
  • Highly rated customer service
  • Unique CO2 emissions monitoring


  • Cheaper plans have a slow data refresh (2 minute intervals)
  • Lacks driver messaging system
  • No theft protection
  • Most basic plan has limited reporting capabilities
At a glance: Quartix is an affordable fleet management system that packs a punch for its price tag. Though Quartix would greatly benefit any type of fleet in need of core vehicle tracking and reporting features, it’s best suited for car fleets looking for a system that can grow with them.

One of the oldest maxims in business, for both companies and customers, is that you get what you pay for. Saving money can be a particularly nice feeling, but sometimes, it just isn't worth the stress of having to deal with a sub-par solution.

Fortunately, however, products sometimes come along which buck this trend. Quartix is one such product, offering a variety of fleet management features that prove you don't always have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

Operating a fleet of any size involves a lot of worry. How much am I spending per month? Is my fleet reaching its fullest potential? How am I supposed to lower costs while increasing profit? The right fleet management system will help you address these concerns, and help you breathe a little more easily. 

At the same time, if you run a smaller fleet, you also shouldn’t have to stress while looking at how much it will cost you to optimise your operations. Quartix offers a low-cost fleet management solution, but its price means quality and value

Want to know if Quartix ticks all of your boxes? We’ve done in-depth research into Quartix and its competitors, scrutinising features, prices, benefits and drawbacks all in the interest of helping you find the right solution for you. Let's take a look!

Quick facts

  • Since its founding in 2001, Quartix has installed its systems in over 500,000 vehicles worldwide
  • Quartix has won many awards for its stellar customer service

What are Quartix's features and benefits?

We all have our preferences, and Quartix has the software and hardware options to accommodate them. Quartix is a company that ensures fleet efficiency in many ways – including getting you set up with the system straight away. Offering next-day home delivery of its plug-in devices, as well as in-person installation by a trusted Quartix engineer within three to five days of purchase, Quartix has the best interests of your fleet in mind. 

Quartix is an online vehicle tracking solution that allows users to access their recorded information from any web-enabled device. Suitable for smartphones and tablets, Quartix’s flexible system is great for businesses on the go. 

✓ Real-time vehicle tracking

It’s essential to keep tabs on your fleet as it carries out its day-to-day operations, and Quartix’s Google integrated tracking map is there to support you every step of the way.

That said, Quartix's location data refresh time lags behind the industry average if you go for its cheapest plan, which offers an update every two minutes. If you opt for Quartix’s two more advanced packages, the data refresh time improves to once per minute. If you need your data to update more often, then Samsara might be the answer its maps update every 30 to 60 seconds, making it the fastest that we saw during our research.

Are you planning on stepping out of the office during the workday, but don’t want to be in the dark about the whereabouts of your fleet? No problem – Quartix’s mobile app means you can carry your fleet data with you.  

✓ Job management and reporting

Quartix offers helpful insights into how well all of your jobs are performed, and how your fleet functions down to the detail. Want to know the locations of every stop made during a specific journey or the start and finish times of every job? No problem Quartix keeps track and delivers this information to you in easy to read daily vehicle logs. These reports can be sent via daily emails, so you’ll never miss a thing.

In addition to these daily logs, you can take a more textured look into the overall costs of your fleet using Quartix’s detailed timesheets. Whether you’re interested in individual vehicles or your entire fleet, Quartix breaks down vital information by the numbers: For example, the total mileage, fuel consumption, speeds and complete driving time of your fleet are neatly accounted for in Excel timesheets. 

Quartix’s reports also cut down on time consuming admin, while encouraging greater accountability. With such clear record keeping, overtime hours and fuel claims will never be in dispute.

If your fleet is looking to do its part in the increasingly urgent fight against climate change, Quartix can help here, too. It can track your fleet’s idling times, helping you to nip this environmentally unfriendly practice in the bud. Plus, Quartix goes one step further by measuring your fleet’s CO2 emissions output – making it one of only a handful of providers to offer such reporting. A greener world starts with awareness.

✓ Monitor driving behavior

Quartix’s most basic plan, InfoPoint, comes with a lot of great reporting features as standard. However, by upgrading to InfoPlus, you’re given a greater understanding of how certain behaviors on the road affect your bottom line back in the office. Everything has a price, and that includes actions taken by your drivers.

Smaller fleets always have to be mindful of ways to drive down costs and drive up efficiency. How much you’re spending per month doesn’t just stop at miles driven, or the price of fuel every time your vehicles approach the pump how quickly that fuel is burned is just as important.

Unsafe driving behavior such as speeding, harsh acceleration, or hard braking will drain fuel economy. Discounted prices at the local service station won’t seem like such a steal if your vehicles are returning more frequently to fill up!  

Habits can be hard to break especially while in the driver’s seat but Quartix is here to help. Quartix monitors your drivers’ inefficient decisions, and presents them to you in comprehensive driving style reports. Daily speed, acceleration, and braking profiles hand you the tools to correct the behaviors that are costing you money.

Quartix even lets you gamify these profiles by scoring them and ranking them on a leaderboard. Individual drivers can see how they stack up against their colleagues, so that good behaviour is rewarded and costly behaviour is addressed. Healthy competition is good, but a fleet that’s competing to be the safest and most cost-effective is even better.  

✓ Alerts

If there are certain no-go zones along a given route or in your geographic area, Quartix helps you police them. Using the platform’s unlimited real-time geofences, It's as easy as using a drawing tool on your live map. If you want certain vehicles to stay within a given area or keep away from it at certain times, you’ll be immediately alerted via email if those parameters are broken.

If you would prefer to use an integrated driver messaging system so that drivers can be advised in real-time what to do next, Quartix unfortunately doesn’t offer such a feature. However, Verizon Connect, GPS Trackit, Azuga and GPS Insight all do. 

With Quartix, fleet managers can geofence their headquarters, so vehicles aren’t used outside of working hours. Unfortunately, if those vehicles are taken outside of working hours by a non-employee let’s say a carjacker then the only information you’ll receive is that the car has left the lot. Quartix lacks more intuitive theft prevention measures, so if you’re looking for added security in the event that someone makes off with your assets, you may have to look elsewhere. We’d suggest Verizon Connect for its out-of-hours use alerts, Samsara as it notifies customers whenever a tracker is removed, Azuga as it alerts you to vehicles driven by an unknown driver, or GPS Trackit for its intelligent starter disable feature, which shuts off the engine remotely to prevent crimes in progress.

✓ Up-to-date maintenance 

Staying on top of important deadlines and remembering key dates can be a challenge for most. But when you’re in charge of a whole fleet of vehicles, this thought is even more daunting. Quartix plays the role of your personal assistant, keeping you abreast of all upcoming inspections, tune-ups, or insurance renewals.

Thanks to Quartix’s tracking system, you’ll never feel that sinking sensation in your stomach after realising you’ve missed an appointment. Simply punch in your vehicles’ odometer readings and important milestones, and Quartix does the rest. As your vehicles rack up mileage, Quartix produces clear online reports that notify you of which vehicles in your fleet are in need of a check-up.

✓ Compliance

We know we don’t have to tell you this, but we’ll say it anyway compliance is important. It would be a shame if you’ve gone to such lengths to cut costs and optimise the efficiency of your fleet, only to be hit with hefty and avoidable fines. 

That’s why we were happy to find that, as far as IFTA fuel tax reporting, Quartix has you covered with its built-in tax calculator. Quartix does the heavy lifting by identifying the total IFTA miles a vehicle has travelled in the time period of your choosing. Simply key in the amount of fuel purchased for the vehicle, and you’re done the system will then show you how many taxable gallons need to be filed.

While this is no doubt a nifty feature, Quartix sadly does not cover the ELD mandate. Back in 2019, Quartix said outright that ELD mandate compliance wasn’t an area that it wanted to expand into if you’re in search of a complete fleet management system that does do this, we’d advise taking a look into Verizon Connect or Samsara.

✓ DriverID

If your employees share vehicles, but you still want to benefit from monitoring individual drivers, Quartix offers InfoPlus & Driver ID. As your hardware unit is installed, Quartix will attach a tag reader to the dashboard of your vehicle. Each driver is given a personalized magnetic key fob, and after placing it on the reader, Quartix starts tracking that driver’s specific trips and actions.

How much does Quartix cost?

PackagePriceWhat you’ll get
InfoPoint$14.90 per vehicle, per monthReal-time tracking, detailed timesheets, Excel-supported reports
InfoPlus$18.90 per vehicle, per monthAll the features of InfoPoint, plus driving style reports, geofencing alerts, and faster data refresh (every minute) 
InfoFleet$22.90 per vehicle, per monthAll the features of Infoplus, plus Driver ID key fobs

It’s no secret that fleet management suppliers are usually tight-lipped about their pricing models but not Quartix. For smaller businesses, costs are everything. The amount you pay for a system that'll help you keep operational costs down should be affordable, with no hidden fees and Quartix prides itself on its accessibility.

Even though you’ve been given the low-down on how much Quartix will cost, you may still be unsure whether this vehicle tracking system is your perfect match and that’s completely fine. We love playing matchmaker! 

Try filling out our short form with details about your fleet and its requirements, and we’ll pair you with leading suppliers that are right for you. Those suppliers will then be in touch with free, no strings attached quotes. It’s as simple as that! 

Is Quartix right for my business?

There might be a lot weighing on your mind while deciding on the best supplier for your fleet. Let’s see if Quartix is right for you:

“I run a fleet in the transportation sector”

Don’t let Quartix’s low price tag put you off. With the features that it does include, you’ll be equipped with a high quality, high impact fleet management system. Quartix’s user friendliness makes it really easy for you to share ETAs and journey updates with customers, which is great for transportation fleets. 

However, Quartix doesn’t have a driver messaging system, which might be a significant hiccup for fleets that depend on the transportation of people, and need to send route updates in real-time. There are a number of other solutions that would be the better choice in this instance, such as Verizon Connect.

“I operate a larger-scaled fleet”

The great thing about Quartix is that it suits the essential needs of your day-to-day operations. It’s there to help if you’re looking to streamline your costs, without adding too much cost on top of that. Growing or established, large or small Quartix has your bottom-line in mind. If your operations are in need of features beyond what Quartix can provide, we’d suggest Samsara or Verizon Connect. 

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What do Quartix customer reviews say?

For the most part, Quartix’s customer reviews are very strong. With help from Trustpilot, we’ll let two satisfied customers do the talking:

“We have a fleet of 70 vans, and I have used Quartix now for four years to supply and run the tracker systems on the vans. This has helped save money on fuel consumption, as well as assisting in policing a safe driving policy with our employees.

I would recommend Quartix to anyone looking for a very professional, cost-effective service to monitor their vehicles.”

      –   JoJo Shuttlewood, Quartix customer

“I have used the DIY installation kits for five vans – it was so easy to install, and it does exactly what it says. Very easy to use. I know where the vehicles are, their daily routes/mileage, and reports are great. It makes us run smoothly and efficiently as a business, and I will highly recommend it even if you have only one extra driver.”

       –   Herman Pobrati, Quartix customer


Expert verdict

When running a fleet, surprises aren’t welcome. Why should the cost of your fleet management system be any different? Quartix offers a low-cost solution that could benefit fleets of differing sizes that are looking for core fleet management capabilities at a value. 

Of course, when you’re a growing business, flexibility is also key. Quartix’s short-term, 12-month contracts won’t lock you in for lengthy periods of time if your needs change. Quartix is fully transparent about its prices, and offers three different price plans with differing features, so you can pick the one that's right for you.

Quartix’s fleet management system may not sacrifice quality for price, but is it suitable for your business? Trying filling out our quick web form to receive tailored quotes from a handful of suppliers that are best placed to meet your needs. The savings might surprise you!

What other fleet management systems could I consider?

Making the right move for your business can be a tough task, and that’s completely understandable! If you still have some thinking to do, take a look at our reviews of other fleet management suppliers below to help you make a more informed choice: 

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