The Top 5 Hotel Phone System Suppliers 2022

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The best phone system supplier for hotels is Mitel, which combines hotel-optimized phones with innovative software. But Cisco, which offers a whole host of tailored solutions, comes in close second.

That said, the best phone system for the hotel across the street may not be best for yours. That’s why we’ve scoured the telephony market to hand pick the top five phone system suppliers for hotels, and reviewed them here so you can compare these top-rated options and find the ideal solution for your business.

You can also try our free quote-finding tool to get tailored quotes straight from the best phone system suppliers for your hotel.

The Top Five Hotel Phone System Suppliers

The top five hotel phone system suppliers are Mitel, PhoneSuite, Cisco, 3CX, and NEC.

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1. Mitel

Best for: tailored hotel phone system software

Mitel’s been making business phone systems for the better part of 30 years. In that time, they’ve impressed clients the world over with a fantastic range of phones for hotels and motels of all sizes. Their hotel phone systems carry features designed with both staff and guests in mind. It doesn’t matter where or how you plan to use them – you can customize Mitel handsets to meet your every need. Plus, Mitel offers a huge suite of software to help you manage related aspects of hotel service.

In a nutshell

Mitel’s hotel phone system software certainly separates it from the crowd. It provides an easy to use software application that allows staff to quickly check in guests, manage cleaning and maintenance schedules, and even set room status as the cleaning team get to work.

There’s also a range of hotel phone system packages available, which include touchscreen and non-touchscreen handsets.

Did You Know?

A major product placement made Mitel phone systems a fixture on the set of American medical drama ER. You can spot several characters using them in each of the show’s fifteen seasons.

2. Cisco

Best for: tailored hotel phone system hardware

Cisco is the biggest networking company in the world, and one of the most respected. Their flagship business communications software, Cisco Spark, helps workforces everywhere to function more effectively. Cisco hotel phone systems combine exceptional call quality with terrific features that will help you give your guests the most comfortable stay of their lives.

In a nutshell

Cisco’s entry level handset is ideal for small hotels and motels, with a clear display and ergonomic design making it the perfect fit for guest rooms.

There are a range of options for larger hotels, too. With guest voicemail, call logging, auto attendant, and up to 16 line support for the largest hotels

Did You Know?

Not to be outdone by anyone in the product placement department, Cisco’s phones have featured in major TV shows (24, House) and several Hollywood films.

3. PhoneSuite

Best for: on premise solutions

Since launching the world’s first hospitality touch screen console in 2008, PhoneSuite has secured its status as a leading hotel phone system supplier. The company has installed over 4,000 telephone systems for several large hotel chains. PhoneSuite also estimates that 10% of small and midscale hotels use their systems, reflecting their diverse product range. PhoneSuite specializes in on-premise and cloud-based VoIP phones.

In a nutshell

PhoneSuite offers a range of on premise hotel phone system solutions. It provides simple solutions designed for up to 60 rooms and complete unified communication solutions for hotels that have up to 4000 rooms. It also provides a range of hardware options, including phones for the front desk, and simple handsets for guest bedrooms.

Did You Know?

PhoneSuite phones are famous for their low power consumption. Some models are up to four times more efficient than competitor phones.

4. 3CX

Best for: scalability

If any company has perfected the fusion of voice, fax, email and IM for hospitality, it’s 3CX. Its softphone does everything you’d expect a hotel phone system to do, and then some. If you’re happy using crackly, old analog phones, your customers probably aren’t. Don’t worry, though – 3CX only does VoIP service with amazing call quality.

In a nutshell

Unlike the other suppliers we’ve highlighted, 3CX only supplies one hospitality solution – the 3CX Hotel PBX. Fortunately, this software-as-a-service (SaaS) hotel phone system scales beautifully, however big or small your business.

You can take your pick from local or Cloud-based implementations of the 3CX Hotel PBX. 3CX’s hosted services deserve special mention because you can choose your host (most VoIP providers don’t give you this option).

Did You Know?

Over 50,000 hotel and hospitality businesses are estimated to use 3CX phone systems to reduce costs, boost productivity and scale their operations.

5. NEC

Best for: enterprise hotels

From Hilton to Marriott, some of the world’s largest hotel chains use NEC’s hospitality phone solutions. Its software is renowned for boasting extensive features and ease of use for hotel staff and guests. With so many high profile clients to look after, NEC goes to great lengths to give you great call quality and regular software updates.

In a nutshell

NEC’s only softphone solution, the XN120, is extremely easy to scale as your hotel becomes even bigger. It uses MyCalls call management software to run call monitoring reports for each room. This ensures your rooms register as available or ready for cleaning as soon as guests check out.

From your customers’ perspective, there’s a lot to talk about. The software offers guests conveniences like setting their own wake up calls and ordering meals to their rooms.

Did You Know?

A one-star increase in online reviews can justify a hotel in raising their average daily rate (ADR) by up to 11.2 percent.

What are the Benefits of a Hotel Phone System?

Greater Freedom

Hosted hotel phone systems give you more freedom compared with traditional networks. For one thing, installation is simple, as the biggest piece of hardware, the server, is kept and maintained by your supplier. All you need to worry about is getting the handsets set up in the right places in your hotel – and your supplier can even do that for you. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Automate Tasks to Save Time

Modern hotel phones automate several aspects of customer service, saving time for your guests and your staff. These automated services include wake up calls, check in/out information and smart scheduling for room cleaning. You’ll soon see an uptick in operational efficiency, not to mention your average Yelp review score.

Save on Costs

If you opt for a hosted hotel phone system, you’ll avoid costly installation fees and the hardware costs associated with expensive in-house solutions. VoIP phones use everyday internet networks, which means lower upfront costs and cheaper external and internal calls.

Hotel Phone System Costs

A world-class hotel phone system doesn’t have to cost an eye-watering amount. The five companies we’ve profiled offer their solutions on a quote-by-quote basis. That means the best way to find out how much it’ll cost to fit out your hotel is to speak to them. You can use our free comparison shopping service to request quotes from top suppliers in less than 30 seconds.

As a rough guide, typical cost estimates for an average vendor:

Small hotel making up to 8 simultaneous calls: $95 per month

Mid-sized hotel making up to 32 simultaneous calls: $2,695 per month

Large hotel or hotel chain making up to 1024 simultaneous calls: $42,995 per month

Next Steps

Great customer care is still the best way to your guests’ hearts in 2021; that much hasn’t changed. What has changed are the things that your customers care about. Modern hotel phone systems have raised the bar in terms of the convenience that your guests expect from their stay. Nowadays, if your phones don’t give customers more than the most basic call features, you can say goodbye to word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business.

With so many options to choose from, finding the right hotel phone for your business can be a challenge.

Fortunately, our free quotes comparison service makes the task a lot easier:

  1. First, answer a few questions about your business
  2. We’ll run your responses through our database of hotel phone system suppliers
  3. We’ll put you in touch with the companies that most closely match your needs
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