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Businesses of all sizes across the globe are using social media marketing to gain new customers and promote their brand. Can your business afford to miss out on the growth that social media marketing can provide? Find out everything you need below...

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is promoting your business and communicating brand messages via social media platforms. This is done by creating and sharing content, running paid advertising campaigns, and continually analyzing your performance to help you get even better results.

As well as popular social media marketing channels like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can also advertise on messaging-specific platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. When done effectively, social media advertising can increase traffic to your website, boost sales, and build your brand image.

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What’s the Cost of Social Media Marketing?

Just like all digital marketing services, calculating the total cost of social media marketing can prove tricky because it depends on what you need. 

To give you an idea, small businesses running campaigns on the three most popular social channels – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – can expect to pay around $2,000 per month. 

You can use platforms such as Facebook Ads to run paid advertising campaigns. One of the most common forms of paid advertising is PPC (pay-per-click), in which you pay Facebook Ads or your chosen platform each time a user clicks on your post. On Facebook Ads, you’ll likely need to pay anywhere between $0.50 and $2.00 per click.

What Are The Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Social media advertising can benefit your business in many ways, helping your business grow and succeed online. For example, it can help you boost sales, grow brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, and reach new customers online.

What Do Social Media Marketing Companies Do?

Social media marketing companies create and maintain bespoke social marketing campaigns for you, helping your business reach new customers and increase sales while you focus on other important tasks. They typically strategize, create and publish content, use social listening tools to engage with your audience, and then analyze and produce reports for you.