The Top Fleet Management Companies 2024

Best fleet management companies

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Verizon Connect came out on top in our research into the top fleet management companies on the market today. We found it had the best features overall and we were impressed with its GPS tracking, driver management, and vehicle management.

It has some downsides though and may not suit every fleet perfectly. For example it’s not ideal for smaller fleets with lower budgets as it’s more expensive than its competitors. Luckily we’ve picked apart four other providers which may be better for your business.

Before looking at each fleet management company we’ve reviewed, take a look at our quick buying guide to help you make the best decision possible about your next fleet management system.

If price is your top priority when selecting a fleet management system, check out the best deals below:

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Fleet Management Company

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Our step-by-step guide is here to clarify what you should consider when searching for a fleet management provider:

  1. Your specific pain points: What are you looking to track with your fleet management product, driver behavior, gas consumption, or route efficiency? Perhaps all of the above, in which case, Verizon is our top recommendation for an all-round fleet management solution.
  2. The size of your fleet: Fleet sizes within the industry can vary greatly from a sole proprietor to a multi-vehicle trucking fleet. It’s crucial to ensure that you’re not overspending on a system that is too complex for your needs, while also avoiding settling for a system that cuts corners and doesn’t cater to advanced operations.
  3. Upfront hardware cost: While subscriptions to fleet management systems can vary based on your fleet size, the hardware cost is usually fixed. That’s why it’s important to check how much it costs before you commit to a provider.
  4. Ongoing subscription costs: Likewise, check the range of subscription models and ensure that your chosen provider offers one that offers all the necessary features for your fleet and that the pricing plan suits your budget. If you expect your fleet to expand, ensure that there is the option to upgrade to a plan that accommodates growth.
  5. Usability: Examine your chosen provider’s ease of use rating. This is especially important for larger fleets that need to onboard multiple drivers to the system. Some providers, such as Samsara offer tailored onboarding support which is extremely valuable to ensure that you and your drivers get the maximum benefit from your system. You can cross-check other users’ experiences with the system by reading customer reviews.
  6. Try before you buy! Many systems offer a trial version so that you can be sure your chosen provider suits you before taking the plunge.

The Top Fleet Management Companies 2024

According to our extensive research, the top fleet management companies are:

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Verizon Connect


Teletrac Navman TN360


Data Refresh Time

1-3 seconds

Data Refresh Time

30 seconds

Data Refresh Time

30 seconds – 1 minute

Data Refresh Time

In real time

Data Refresh Time

30 – 59 seconds

Driving Performance Tracking
Driving Performance Tracking
Driving Performance Tracking
Driving Performance Tracking
Driving Performance Tracking
Fuel Management
Fuel Management
Fuel Management
Fuel Management
Fuel Management
Fleet Summary Report
Fleet Summary Report
Fleet Summary Report
Fleet Summary Report
Fleet Summary Report
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Why Can You Trust Expert Market for Fleet Advice?

At Expert Market, we are dedicated to helping our readers make informed purchases to make their businesses thrive. Our publishing team is completely separate from our sales team, so our research-backed opinions are independent of financial persuasion.

We conduct an unbiased, user-led testing process to evaluate the best fleet management products on the market. Refer to our methodology section for a more detailed breakdown of how we arrived at our top five.

1. Verizon Connect – Best Overall Fleet Management System

verizon connect logo
Verizon Connect Reveal
4.7 Expert research score
Pricing $20 - $40
Quick overview

Verizon Connect Reveal is vehicle tracking software that provides daily reports with each driver's statistics, helping you accurately identify trends over time and spot opportunities for efficiency improvement. You'll also get notifications if anyone starts late, drives harshly or idles too long. Such features are ideal for cost saving in these economically pressured times, making Verizon best for long-haul and last-mile fleets alike.

Verizon Connect is a GPS and fleet management software provider based in Illinois. Parent company Verizon bought Ireland-based Fleetmatics in 2016, California-based Telogis in 2017, and Spanish company Movildata in 2018. These were rebranded into Verizon Connect in the same year.


Fast data refresh rate (30 seconds)

Advanced driver KPI features

Automatic route creation based on driver availability

Excellent efficiency features (eg. automatically optimized routes)


Typically offers a long contract period of three years

Some businesses may not need all its features

Typical price Prices are bespoke, based on factors like fleet size, package options, and contract length
$20 to $40 Per vehicle, per month

Verizon Review

While Verizon is our top recommendation for a complete fleet management product, its higher price bracket makes it most suitable for medium to large fleets with complex management needs or those who’ve outgrown their current provider. If you’re seeking an advanced, multi-faceted fleet management system – Verizon is your best bet.

Verizon is rightfully crowned number one for its extensive range of features. Verizon offers sophisticated colour-coded live tracking and route information and crucial map information such as road closures. The system grants fleet managers a high level of visibility over driver behaviour. Drivers are measured on a number of KPIs and given an overall safety score and speed score which will incentivize safer driving.

Outside of pricing, the only other conceivable shortcoming is their customer support. This is due to the lack of help on how to install a car tracker and a chat bot on their sites. If you’re looking for better pricing, RAM is cheaper than Verizon Connect, and Teletrac Navman is substantially better at customer service.

Verizon’s real-time map creates a live overview of all your drivers. We liked how the color-coded icons above each vehicle indicate the current status of each driver, whether they are active, idling, or stopped. With the help of Google Street View, you can gain immediate visibility of your driver’s location.

Screenshot taken from Expert Market testing of Verizon Connect
Screenshot taken from Expert Market testing of Verizon Connect

If you want to take your fleet management to the next level, the Reports feature provides detailed information about your fleet, including speed and completed jobs. This information can help you make informed decisions about scheduling, route planning, and fuel usage.

Lastly, Verizon’s Scheduler is incredibly user-friendly. On the left-hand sidebar, you’ll find a complete list of all your technicians, while the full screen displays a timetable of jobs. Verizon uses color-coding to indicate job status, making it easy to identify which jobs are complete, in progress, or just starting. Additionally, the pending tab collects all appointment requests in one place, ensuring that no jobs are missed.

Screenshot taken from Expert Market testing of Verizon Connect
What's New? March 2024

  • Unregulated driving is now available. This allows drivers to use non-commercial vehicles with counting towards HOS limits.
  • Video coaching is another new feature. If you have Integrated video you can track coaching progress over time and help improve the safety of your drivers.
verizon logo
Discover the most efficient way to track your fleet

Verizon Connect is our top fleet management pick. Learn more by visiting Verizon’s website.

2. Samsara – Best for Organising Dispatches

Samsara flexi
4.6 Expert research score
Pricing From $27/month
Quick overview

Samsara is our top pick for organizing dispatches because it allows fleet managers to choose the optimal vehicle and route for jobs and calculate predicted departure times according to traffic conditions, time on site and travel time. It also provides preventative maintenance scheduling so fleet managers can effectively monitor vehicles and reduce downtime.

Samsara is top-tier Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, and pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, which enables fleet businesses to leverage IoT data to gain actionable insights and optimize their operations. 

In 2023, Samsara partnered with Motormax to offer enhanced fleet vehicle safety using automated 360-degree video telematics. 


Increases dispatch efficiency

Excellent driver management tools

30-second to one-minute data updates

24/7 customer support


Three year minimum contract

Hardware such as panic button sold separately

ProductPricing (per device, due upfront)
Vehicle Gateway (ELD) $1584 for 3-year license
Cargo Monitor $162 for 3-year license
Environmental Monitor $324 for 3-year license
Panic Button $54

Samsara Review

Whether your transportation fleet carries goods or people, your routes must be optimized to get those jobs done in the fastest timeframe – saving you money and fuel. This is where Samsara’s route optimization feature comes in. After you’ve entered a series of upcoming jobs, Samsara can use traffic predictions and the average time your drivers spend at each site to automatically plan your fleet’s schedule, ordering the jobs and pencilling in departure times to plot out the most efficient day for your drivers.

Not to mention Samsara’s unique driver messaging, which helps you to quickly and safely communicate any changes directly to your drivers, and its comprehensive fuel usage reporting, which we believe to be the best on the market. Plus, Samsara also provides insightful fleet maintenance reports that give a quick view of your fleet’s overall health – keeping you informed of everything from the services and inspections your vehicles are due to the insurance that needs to be renewed.

These two great features ensure Samsara does well in the categories of both driver and vehicle management. This, coupled with the 4.0/5 in both customer support and product features, lead to Samsara earning a 4.6/5, giving it our second place spot. The only shortcoming is the price, which scores a 2.5/5. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, RAM is a more affordable option, scoring a 4.6/5 for price.

What's New? March 2024

In April of 2023, Samsara announced the Sustainable Fleet Management bundle, a new fleet management solution that includes features such as the EV Suitability Report, Fuel & Energy Hub, and Sustainability Report.

Start increasing your fleet's efficiency today

3. Teletrac Navman “TN360” – Best for Managing Drivers

Teletrac Navman TN360
4.5 Expert research score
Pricing From $25
Quick overview

The TN360 shows a detailed breakdown of driver history and the ability to manage driver behavior. This is done through various features including a leaderboard system, automatic alerts for dangerous driving, and reporting to analyze journeys or specific events.

Teletrac is one of the world’s largest fleet solutions providers, boasting over 25 years of history in GPS tracking. It was founded in the UK in 1988 as Trafficmaster, offering drivers road congestion information. In 2015, Teletrac merged with Navman Wireless, a GPS navigation device manufacturer based in Taiwan. In 2020, it expanded its services to connected solutions, fortifying its ground in advanced fleet management.

Today Teletrac Navman monitors almost 500,000 vehicles across six continents, with US headquarters in California.


Top-tier driver monitoring tools, including driver fatigue management

Provides real-time data updates

Powered by battery or solar

Useful reporting and data presentation


Lacks advanced hardware features like cargo temperature and engine temperature monitoring

Doesn't provide weather updates

No panic button

Starting price Prices are bespoke, based on factors like fleet size, package options, and contract length
From $25 Per vehicle, per month

Teletrac Navman Review

Teletrac Navman’s TN360 provides a complete solution to managing driver behavior and encouraging safer driving practices. Fleet managers can set up alerts for instances of dangerous driving, while drivers can anticipate potential threats with real-time alerts in the cab. A  leaderboard system will incentivize drivers to stick to speed limits and abide by safe driving rules. These features earned Teletrac Navman a perfect 5/5 in driver management.

In the unfortunate case of a collision, fleet managers can investigate details surrounding the incident such as which driver/s were involved, the location plus the speed of the vehicle before the collision.

Teletrac Navman’s TN360’s key USP is its innovative, user-friendly reporting feature. Curious about your fuel consumption over the last 7 days? Simply type questions in conversational English into the system and it’ll automatically generate a report and chart. This means there is less of a learning curve in getting to grips with the analytics features and you can use the system to its full potential.

 For vehicle management, it could stand to implement cargo and engine temperature checkers, and for product features, it’s lacking satnav integration, a panic button, and weather updates. If you’re in need of these features, Verizon Connect offers everything that the TN360 doesn’t.

What's New? March 2024

Since our last update Teletrac Navman has announced the release of its new AI powered IQ Camera that integrates with their fleet management system. It monitors driver behavior in real time and provides alerts and feedback as the driver is in transit.

4. Azuga – Best for Efficient Routes

azuga Logo
4.4 Expert research score
Pricing $25 - $35
Quick overview

Azuga provides the best route for your drivers based on business priorities, even for routes with multiple stops. When it's never been more important to cut costs, Azuga is a handy tool for fleet managers trying to conserve fuel and driver resources.

Its vehicle tracking technology is best for fleet managers who need detailed data on fuel usage to make the best decisions for business efficiency. This might be last-mile delivery services that tend to burn more fuel driving in slower neighborhoods, or it could be long-haul truckers who constantly use entire tanks of gas.

Azuga is much smaller than Verizon Connect or Teletrac Navman, powering just over 6,000 commercial fleets worldwide. Global mobility company Bridgestone acquired Azuga in August 2021.


Suggests efficient driving routes

Insightful fuel usage reports

Monitor driver activity with geofencing


Not compatible with third-party sat navs

No crash reporting

3 year contract minimum

Price range Prices are bespoke, based on factors like fleet size, package options, and contract length
$25 to $35 Per vehicle, per month

Azuga Review

Azuga’s fleet management system provides an excellent solution for route optimization. It works automatically, so once stops are plugged into the GPS, they’ll be placed into the order that saves you the most time.

Furthermore, Azuga gives maximum visibility over fuel usage via reports on consumption as well as real-time low-fuel alerts, which handily suggest the nearest and cheapest gas stations. This system also provides insight into vehicle diagnostics and for an extra cost, can also schedule vehicle maintenance, for which you can receive alerts. 

However, if you’re looking for a more affordable product, RAM offers a lot more value then Azuga.

Did You Know?

A fleet management system can reduce maintenance costs by up to 14%.

5. RAM – Best for Improving Driver Safety

4.3 Expert research score
Pricing From $11 per month
Quick overview

RAM Tracking offers the chance to pay less per month for a longer commitment. For a 5-year contract, it's around $11 per month, and for an 18-month contract, you can expect to pay around $17 per month.

Its core offering for fleet managers is a somewhat basic but cost-effective vehicle tracking dashboard. It's best suited to managers of smaller fleets who don't need complex data analytics and vehicle maintenance insights.

Beginning in 2004 in the UK, RAM Tracking has expanded into Canada and the US markets to provide telematics for the vehicle industry. As well as automobile tracking devices, the firm also produces dashcams.


Map view live vehicle tracking

Weather updates from Google Maps

Hardwire and cloud options available

Comprehensive driver scoring system


Won't plan the best routes for your drivers

No vehicle maintenance tracking

No engine temperature monitoring

No messaging feature

Bespoke Based on fleet size, package features, and contract length

RAM Review

RAM has a very even spread when looking at its scores. Its best score, price, is a solid 4.6/5, meaning it’s the most affordable platform we’ve looked at during our research. Like all fleet management systems, RAM is tight-lipped about their exact pricing, but everything we’ve looked at has shown that it’s on the more affordable side.

The rest of RAM’s scores are very healthy too. 4.6/5 for tracking4.5/5 for product features, and 4.4/5 for help and support. If it implemented automatic route optimization, a panic button, and a driver chat line, all of these scores would go up enough that RAM would be a contender for the top, even without its affordable price point.

On the topic of its subpar vehicle management score of 2.3/5, RAM has a lot to gain from beefing up their offering. For instance, it doesn’t include fuel management, vehicle diagnostics, cargo or engine temperature, or fleet maintenance records, which can make the analytics less granular and more broad, especially when you’re dealing with sensitive cargo. If you’re in need of these features that RAM lacks, Verizon has them all.

How Did We Find the Top Fleet Management Companies?

Our team of independent researchers looked at a selection of the best and most popular fleet management systems. After finding all the information we need, the researchers then compare each platform against its competitors, allowing us to find the cream of the crop. The criteria we look at include:

Price: Simple enough – the platform with the lowest price tag scores the best

Tracking: How robust and effective are the platform’s tracking features? For example, how quickly does the tracking map refresh, does the map factor in traffic, etc.

Driver Management: Tracking and logging the behavior of each of your drivers. Does Driver #3 idle his vehicle for too long? Does Driver #4 tend to speed?

Vehicle Management: Checking up on the health of your vehicles. Are they in need of maintenance? Are they well protected against theft?

Product Features: What else can the product do? Can it sync up with third-party satnavs? Is there a phone app?

Customer Support: Again, easy enough – look at the options available and see what each platform offers its customers when it comes to their support resources

After factoring in all this information, alongside the scores they received, we were able to calculate a final overall score for each fleet management system.

Expert Verdict

In our opinion, the champion of the fleet management world is Verizon Connect. It has a perfect score when it comes to tracking, driver management, and vehicle management, with each scoring a 5/5, and has a near-perfect score when looking at its other features. The only possible negative is the somewhat steeper price.

If this turns you away, RAM is cheaper than Verizon Connect, though it does fall short in the category of vehicle management, only scoring a 2.3/5. Every product has strengths and weaknesses, so it can help to fully understand your options.

If you’d like more help finding the right fleet management option for you, why not compare vehicle tracking and fleet management quotes using our quick, free, and easy service?

Simply tell us about your fleet and what you’re looking for in a provider, and we’ll match you up with the right companies for you. You’ll then receive tailored quotes from them, just for you, so you can compare and pick the right option.

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