The 9 Best Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

GPS fleet tracking system

We take a closer look at the top 9 fleet GPS tracking solutions in the US – and what they can offer your business…

These days, you can't run a business fleet at maximum efficiency and productivity without a certain nifty solution: a fleet GPS tracking system.

Not only does this fleet management software enable you to monitor your vehicles in real-time – the best fleet GPS tracking systems can now monitor driver behavior, keep cargo cool, provide automatic reports on what’s going on across the fleet, and more. You'll be empowered to drive down fuel costs, improve customer service, and use analytics to grow your business.

So, to help you find the right solution for you, we’ve put together a list of the nine best fleet GPS tracking systems for US businesses, based on our own independent, extensive research into the market. Read on to learn about our top picks.

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The Best Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

We conducted in-depth research into the fleet management market, and found that the nine best fleet GPS tracking systems for US businesses are:

Read on to learn more about these solutions, and find out what makes them so great…

Fleet vehicles traveling by road
From Oregon to Ohio, these fleet GPS tracking systems let you know what’s happening out on the asphalt


Best for route optimization

San Francisco-based Samsara is growing at an astronomical rate, and it’s not hard to see why: its software is feature-rich, sleek, and user-friendly. In our opinion, though, Samsara's standout feature is its super clever route optimization capability. With the click of a button, Samsara can generate an itinerary for each driver that ensures all stops are covered in the shortest distance, saving your drivers time and fuel. Samsara also offers the best fuel usage reporting on the market, and fantastic driver and vehicle safety features; including driver messaging that's locked while the ignition is on (preventing cell phone use), and detailed vehicle maintenance reports.

Samsara review

How much does Samsara cost?

ProductCost (on average)
Hardware$99–$148 per device, upfront (depending on your contract length, and the hardware you choose)
Software$27–$33 per vehicle, per month


  • Tracking data refreshes every 30 to 60 seconds
  • Its dispatch feature quickly identifies the best vehicle for a job, improving efficiency in real time
  • Scored 7.5/10 in our cost analysis, as you get a lot of bang for your buck...


  • ...but there are cheaper systems out there
  • Promotes self-installation both initially and for new additions to the software, requiring confidence in coding
  • Its typical contract terms are lengthy, at three to five years

Verizon Connect

Best for fleet monitoring

Where do we start with Verizon Connect? The flagship offering from this industry giant has helped put vehicle tracking – quite literally – on the map. With an easy-to-interpret, color-coded tracking dashboard, this solution scored 10 out of 10 for tracking capabilities in our analysis. Its alerting system is also way ahead of the curve in the fleet management market, enabling you to set up custom, real-time alerts for what matters to you – covering everything from driving history and behavior to vehicle diagnostics. Add to this the fact that Verizon Connect enables you to set up bespoke dashboards, choosing which reporting you want to see, and this software has to be our top pick for effectively monitoring your fleet.

Verizon Connect review

How much does Verizon Connect cost?

Verizon Connect provides bespoke quotes based on the size of your fleet and the capabilities you need for it, so we can't say exactly how much it'll cost you. However, we do know that, on average, Verizon charges around $50 per vehicle, per month.

If you'd like a more exact GPS tracking quote for your business, we can can help. Simply answer a few questions about your fleet, and the suppliers that can best fulfill your needs will be in touch with customized quotes just for you. It's the quickest, easiest way to compare the best options for your business – and it's totally free!


  • Its driver performance scoring shows who's doing well and who needs coaching
  • Offers simple integration with third-party satnav devices
  • Doesn't charge an installation fee
  • An awesome option for larger fleets and larger vehicles


  • Signs you up to longer contract periods than some other suppliers (typically three years)
  • Only the more expensive subscriptions support fleet maintenance information

GPS Trackit

Best for flexibility

One of the considerations you'll have to make when choosing a GPS fleet tracking solution is contract length. Tying yourself in for a lengthy period can be risky, particularly if your business is still young. Enter GPS Trackit! This software provider is different in that it doesn't operate with contracts — instead, you'll have the flexibility of paying on a month-to-month basis, so you can use the system only for as long as it suits you. Add to this GPS Trackit's stellar vehicle theft prevention measures (including remote main power disconnect, theft detection, PTO alerts, and starter disable), plus the unlimited live training it offers to help you learn your way around the system, and you've got a solution that puts your peace of mind first.

GPS Trackit review

How much does GPS Trackit cost?

Price (per vehicle, per month)


  • Data refreshes rapidly: every 30 to 60 seconds
  • Enables fuel card integration, with cards that can be used at any location that accepts MasterCard
  • ELD compliance is available (but at an additional cost)


  • More expensive than other solutions
  • Driver dispatching features are only available at an additional cost
  • Doesn't track weather updates to assist in route planning
  • Doesn't monitor your fuel usage without integrated fuel cards

GPS Insight

Best for ease of use

GPS Insight may be a small to mid-size business’ dream. Why? Its interface is good-looking, and the simplest to use that we’ve come across, making it an ideal option if you’re new to fleet management or well versed in it. GPS Insight also charges the lowest starting price – $14.95 – that we’ve seen on the US market. Plus, this system helps you to stay compliant with Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and FMCSA laws – meaning one less thing for you to think about. You’ll benefit from vital information, including real-time and historical views of your fleet, vehicle maintenance details, and driver safety scorecards.

How much does GPS Insight cost?

ProductPrice range
SoftwareStarts at $14.95 per month
Hardware rentalFree for most agreement types
Hardware purchase$199–$450 upfront, per device


  • Tracks over 160,000 vehicles and assets across the US
  • Provides a personalized, consultative approach to tracking your fleet
  • Offers 24/7, US-based customer support


  • Online reviews are positive, but suggest that the system can be prone to freezes
  • Charges an installation fee


Best for safety

With a range of add-ons and functions designed to encourage safe driving on the road, Azuga is our top pick for safety. Driver ‘scorecards’ that deduct points for bad braking and speeding incentivize good driving, while one-click rewards enable you to send gift cards directly to your best-performing drivers' phones. Plus, add-ons including SafetyCam dash cams, Drivesafe (which blocks distractions on drivers' smartphones), and AzugaCoach's personalized video coaching for drivers all ensure that road incidents are kept to a minimum. Putting safety aside, Azuga is also notable for the fact that it lets you choose how often you want data to refresh – whether that's every 30 seconds or every 59 minutes!

Azuga review

How much does Azuga cost?

Bundle planHardware: $0

Subscription: $27.99 per vehicle, per month

Flex planHardware: $99.99

Subscription: $22 per vehicle, per month


  • Its FuelSaver add-on directs drivers to the closest gas station with the cheapest fuel
  • Its trip logs provide detailed records of all trips taken over the last 90 days
  • Fuel card integration is available with WEX, PAPCO, and EFS
  • ELD compliance is available (though at an additional cost)


  • A free trial is only available to businesses with more than 30 vehicles
  • Doesn't provide accident reporting
  • A maintenance scheduling function comes at an additional cost, while other systems include it for free
  • Can't monitor cargo temperature


Best for the environment

With short 12-month contracts, three affordable price plans, and a user-friendly interface, Quartix is an excellent solution for fleets that are looking for simplicity. That said, what we're most impressed by is the software's unique CO2 emissions reporting, which comes as part of its fuel management feature. In this age of climate change, fleet businesses can't be too careful about the volume of CO2 emissions they release – making Quartix's reporting an ideal tool to have on your side. We're also fans of the system's trip reporter function, which provides insight into where each driver has been throughout the day, to help prevent fraudulent insurance claims.

Quartix review

How much does Quartix cost?

PackagePrice (per vehicle, per month)


  • Super affordable, with prices starting at $14.90
  • An excellent option for smaller fleets, and fleets of cars
  • Offers fantastic levels of support to its customers, scoring 9/10 for support in our research


  • Its cheapest plan comes with limited reporting and slow data refresh (every two minutes)
  • No driver messaging system or theft prevention alerts
  • Doesn't offer ELD compliance

Teletrac Navman

Best for customization

If your business is itching to analyze and make use of data collected from your vehicles, Teletrac Navman is worth investigating. This solution comes with an awesome ‘Build Your Own Report' function, which enables you to customize the data that you want to see, and plan when you want to see it – making for a truly personalized solution. We also love Teletrac Navman's clever weather telematics, which can help your drivers anticipate and avoid adverse weather, minimizing delays to their journeys. There's also the fact that this software can be integrated with dash cams (available with the Enterprise plan), which provide instant video replays of any incidents that occur out on the road.

How much does Teletrac Navman cost?

We know that Teletrac Navman offers three different payment plans, with varying fleet management features:

  • Essential (the cheapest)
  • Professional
  • Enterprise (the most expensive)

Unfortunately, we don't know how much these packages cost – Teletrac Navman has kept its cards close to its chest on this one, so you'll need to request a quote to find out.

Alternatively, we can help you receive tailored quotes from a variety of suppliers quickly, so you can compare them and find the right option for you without sinking days into research. Simply answer a few questions about your fleet, and we'll match you with the system suppliers that best suit you. They'll then be in touch with personalized, no-obligation quotes. It's easy and free – give it a go, and end your search today!


  • Integration with ProMiles keeps you compliant with IFTA and DoT regulations
  • Can record mileage while hiding location, to keep private journeys private
  • Sends stolen vehicle alerts to help you react to theft quickly
  • Captures daily driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs)


  • Cheapest plans are seriously limited, with fewer features and slow data refresh (every five minutes)
  • Doesn't monitor engine or cargo temperature
  • Doesn't provide accident reporting
  • Contracts auto-renew, which can make cancellation more awkward


Best for communication

With more than 30 years of experience and ever-evolving tracking software, Omnitracs is a great option for growing US businesses. It offers dedicated, industry-specific GPS tracking software. Think trucks, private fleets, service fleets – Omnitracs handles everything. It reduces bad driver behaviors, like idling, speeding, or route deviations – and helps drive down costs, too. Better still, its pricing is as transparent as your windscreen – and there’s a truckload of pricing plans to choose from.

How much does Omnitracs cost?

Price range (per vehicle, per month)


  • ‘Trailer Tracking’ feature is one of the best on the market
  • Automated driver messaging tool streamlines communication across your team


  • Contracts aren’t as flexible as some of the other fleet GPS tracking systems on this list


Best for simplicity

Linxup isn’t as well known as some of the heavy-hitting trackers on this list, but it champions the cause of small businesses – and in terms of features, it punches well above its weight. Its mobile app simplifies driver dispatching and messaging, while its clean, stripped-back dashboard takes the hassle out of the analytics. And if you missed something out on the road? Don’t stress – its historical playback feature lets you replay routes at leisure, from whichever device, wherever you are in the world.

How much does Linxup cost?

Price range (per vehicle, per month)


  • Serves more than 43,000 customers, and tracks over 150,000 vehicles and assets
  • Helps you stay on top of ELD compliance
  • Live and online customer support available


  • Software is a little more basic than what’s offered by some of the other suppliers here

Save by Comparing GPS Tracking Quotes from Leading Suppliers
Do you already have a fleet GPS tracking system?

Next Steps

Choosing the right vehicle tracking system might be the biggest business decision you make this year. So it goes without saying that you need to pick the one that’s best-suited to the demands of your fleet. But trawling through prices on different websites can be a mission – especially for cash-rich, time-poor fleet managers.

That’s why we give you a better way to compare fleet GPS tracking systems. Yep – just enter some quick details into our form, and we’ll get you quotes from top suppliers. The form takes 30 seconds, and it doesn’t cost a cent.


What’s the difference between an active and a passive GPS fleet tracking system?

Active (or real-time) GPS trackers send updates every few seconds, providing location data in real-time. They rely on a combination of wireless and GPS signals to stay in constant contact with your fleet HQ.

Staying on top of urgent developments can be tricky, particularly for larger fleets. That’s why real-time fleet tracking is becoming more and more essential. Using an active GPS fleet tracking system, fleet managers can:

  • Give drivers early warning (and a competitive advantage) regarding route disruptions
  • Identify and address wayward driver behavior before it impacts operations
  • Limit vehicles to certain geographical areas (‘geofencing’)
  • Stay compliant with fatigue laws
  • Track stolen vehicles, and help the police to recover them successfully
  • Provide immediate support to drivers involved in road accidents

Passive GPS trackers record exactly the same vehicle information as real-time GPS trackers. However, rather than sending continuous updates to your fleet’s base, passive trackers store data locally on each vehicle.

Passive GPS trackers are a smart choice for small fleets (of, say, fewer than five vehicles). They’re cheaper than active trackers, just as accurate, and are often more portable, too. In fact, here’s a handy tip – you can save your company money just by rotating passive trackers between different vehicles!

What is the ELD mandate, and how do I stay compliant?

ELD stands for Electronic Logging Device. The ELD mandate was created by the FMCSA, who are responsible for regulating the trucking industry in the US. The mandate came into place in December 2017 to enforce certain standards around vehicle tracking – and apart from a few exemptions, you’ll have to make sure your fleet ticks all the boxes.

To stay compliant, your drivers need to be able to present data from the last week’s worth of journeys, if requested. And as a fleet manager, your devices have to automatically record your drivers’ duty status. You’ll also need to record any changes in status, plus the amount of miles clocked up by each driver.

All the suppliers above will help ensure that you’re completely compliant when it comes to the ELD mandate, and help you out if you have questions.

How we Analyze and Rate Fleet Management Providers

At Expert Market, it's our aim to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date, and transparent product and service reviews possible. So, to help you better understand the best fleet management options out there, we've conducted in-depth, extensive research into the fleet management market and its top companies. Here's how we did it:

Independent researchersWe worked with 2 independent researchers

survey…who surveyed 200 companies like yours, gaining insight into what they want most from fleet management…

Ratings…and rated each provider based on 500 different areas of investigation – covering everything including customer support, key features, prices, add-ons, and more.


We take the integrity of our research seriously. If you've got any questions at all about our research process, feel free to get in touch with Julia, our fleet management specialist, at

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