GPS Trackit Review: Is it Right for Your Fleet?

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GPS Trackit's fleet management system is packed with features, and boasts an incredibly flexible payment structure. But is it right for your business?

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  • Provides fleet management on a non-contract basis – you’ll only pay for as long as you need it
  • GPS tracking is powered by Google Maps, with incredible global coverage
  • Offers free, unlimited training
  • Free demo available
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee

X Cons:

  • There are cheaper fleet management providers out there
  • Some reviewers say they’ve had trouble with GPS Trackit’s hardware
In a nutshell: GPS Trackit offers all the fleet management services you're likely to need – plus, with no contracts and the ability to freeze your account, it's unprecedentedly flexible when it comes to payment.

GPS Trackit has been around since 2002, providing game-changing telematics tech to businesses of all sizes. Based in Roswell, Georgia, this is the fleet management and vehicle tracking system used by FedEx.

But could GPS Trackit be the fleet management solution you’ve been looking for? Read on, and we’ll explore what it can offer in depth…

What are GPS Trackit’s Features and Benefits?

✓ Dynamic vehicle tracking

When a fleet management provider’s vehicle tracking function is powered by Google Maps, you know you’re going to get accurate location data and incredibly good coverage. This can be said about GPS Trackit’s telematics.

Plus, as well as providing reliable, real-time information about where your vehicles are on an interactive map, GPS Trackit also enables you to set up geofences. These ‘virtual borders’ mark the areas that you want your drivers to go, and send alerts when a driver crosses a boundary onto a non-authorized route. You’ll also receive speed alerts to help you ensure your employees are driving safely.

✓ Customized reporting

On GPS Trackit’s dashboard, you can build customized reports for the data that you need to see – meaning you’re faced with less clutter, and more valuable information. You can even choose to have important reports automatically delivered to your inbox regularly.

GPS Trackit gathers a ton of data, including speed and safety scores, state-by-state mileage summaries to help you stay on top of fuel taxes, reports by drivers to help you identify safety risks, info on driver activity at particular landmarks, and temperature reports for goods vehicles.

✓ Maintenance scheduling

GPS Trackit’s fleet management system enables you to schedule maintenance services for your vehicles. And better yet, once these are pencilled in, you can forget all about them: GPS Trackit will send you alerts – via text, email, and its own reports – when a maintenance deadline approaches, or if an engine fault occurs.

✓ Vehicle and asset security

Using GPS Trackit’s accurate, real-time tracking capabilities, you’ll be able to speedily recover any lost or stolen vehicles and assets. That’s right – you can also use GPS Trackit to monitor the location of your valuable non-vehicular assets, such as trailers, and view their status, too.

For an added layer of security, this system can send you real-time alerts when your vehicles and assets are used out of business hours, and when someone’s using them without authorization. Of course, those geofencing alerts we talked about earlier will play their part in keeping everything safe, too.

How Much Does GPS Trackit Cost?

GPS Trackit provides a single fleet management package, plus a range of add-ons for unspecified prices:

PackagePrice per month
Fleet management$23.95
Video telematics add-onAvailable on request
Asset tracking add-onAvailable on request
ELD compliance add-onAvailable on request
Additional product add-ons:

  • Temperature zone monitoring
  • Field service management
  • Driver dispatching
  • Driver ID kit
  • Public transportation
  • Government fleet solutions
Available on request

Impressively, GPS Trackit has a no contracts policy, so it won’t tie you into a contract. You’ll only pay for the service for as long as you need it – which is a big benefit if you’re a smaller business – and GPS Trackit will even let you suspend the service for a period of time if you need to.

And, to our minds, $23.95 per month is reasonable. Although, it must be noted that there are cheaper fleet management solutions out there, such as Fleetio and KeepTruckin.

Of course, it’s difficult to compare the full breadth of fleet management prices on the market. Lots of companies offer bespoke contracts instead of standard packages, and so choose not to show their price ranges off the bat.

With this in mind, GPS Trackit definitely earns brownie points for transparency – though we would prefer to know how much those important add-ons, like ELD compliance, cost as well. And while it may not be the most affordable option, we believe GPS Trackit’s robust reporting, reliable tracking, and rare payment flexibility justify a slightly higher price.

If you'd like to find out more about the fleet management prices you're likely to pay, try filling in our short form – you'll hear from a range of fleet management providers with quotes that have been tailored to you and your needs. It's a great way to learn more about your options!

Is GPS Trackit Right for My Business?

So, should you consider giving GPS Trackit a go? Let’s find out…

“I run a small business with a small fleet.”

Yes, GPS Trackit is worth investigating! What makes it a great option for small businesses is that it won’t tie you into a long contract that you don’t know if you’ll be able to fulfill. Instead, you’ll only pay for the service for as long as you need to use it, giving you some much needed flexibility.

The fact that it comes with free, unlimited training to teach you and your staff how to get the most out of the system also makes it ideal for businesses (and employees) that are new to the world of fleet management.

“I run a large business with a large fleet.”

With comprehensive, customizable reporting, GPS Trackit is suitable for larger businesses too. It provides a range of fleet data and accurate location information, whether you’re managing three cars or 100+ trucks.

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What Do GPS Trackit’s Customer Reviews Say?

Evaluating a system’s features, prices, and capabilities is all well and good, but you only get the full picture by reading about real customers’ real experiences with the system. That’s why we’ve taken to Trustpilot to see what GPS Trackit’s existing customers have to say about it!

A lot of reviewers have only good words to say about GPS Trackit’s product and customer service. Here’s an example:

“From the day our company sat down for a demo of the extensive products and services offered, GPS Trackit has been quick to answer our questions, attentive to our needs and adjustments, and amazingly quick to respond to emails and calls when the occasional issue does arise (usually due to human error on our side).

“We signed on with them a little over six months ago, and couldn't be happier! We have a fleet of just under 100 trucks in six different states, so the tracking of each truck, and E-Log monitoring of every driver, can be difficult. GPS Trackit makes it a breeze.

“My company has been with three different GPS providers over the course of the last several years, and none have compared to the service that GPS Trackit has provided.”

Chris Chappel, GPS Trackit customer

On the other hand, one or two reviewers do say they’ve had trouble with GPS Trackit’s tracking hardware:

“We've had seven units, and never have they all worked 100% at the same time. In fact, only two out of the seven are working as I write this.

“I've spent hundreds of hours on the phone with tech support, deinstalling, shipping units back, and reinstalling them, only to continue to have issues. Tech support usually needs the unit back to troubleshoot, which then requires more downtime and labor for us.”

Darrel Pickens, GPS Trackit customer

Expert Verdict

With customizable reporting, reliable vehicle tracking, handy maintenance scheduling, and asset security thrown in – not to mention a range of add-ons – GPS Trackit is a very well-rounded solution. Plus, its no-contract approach makes it incredibly flexible payment-wise.

If we’re honest, there’s not a lot to say against it, except for the fact that some other providers are a little cheaper, and a couple of customers have experienced technical glitches with their hardware.

Of course, before settling on one fleet management system provider, it’s important that you compare several options – after all, you never know what you could be missing out on by plumping for the first provider you see.

Fortunately, we can help in this department. Simply tell us about your fleet by filling in our short online form, and you’ll hear from top fleet management suppliers with quotes that have been tailored to you and your needs. It’s fast and free – so why not get comparing now?

What Other Fleet Management Systems Could I Consider?

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