GPS Trackit Review and Pricing: The Best Fleet Management System for Small Fleets

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Fleet management often requires a long-term financial commitment, and sometimes smaller fleets just can’t afford that. Thankfully, we’ve found the best GPS fleet management system for small fleets: GPS Trackit. 

Scoring 4.2/5 in our research, GPS Trackit is a well-rounded vehicle management system with customizable reporting and dynamic vehicle tracking capabilities. The best part? It offers unlimited free training and a rare no-contract subscription plan which means it’s completely commitment-free

According to our in-depth research, tracking, vehicle management, and driver safety are the top concerns of fleet owners today. In this review, we’ll dive into GPS Trackit’s strengths and weaknesses, pricing, and features that make it stand out from the pack. 

Spoiler alert: GPS Trackit is amazingly flexible payment-wise, but it isn’t exactly the most affordable option on the market. To get tailored prices for your business’ needs, use our free quote comparison tool.

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Pricing (Software)

From $23.95

GPS Trackit’s Pros and Cons


  • Dynamic vehicle tracking
  • Customized reporting
  • Vehicle and asset security


  • Limited customer support
  • Limited product features

 Dynamic Vehicle Tracking

GPS Trackit scores a solid 4.1/5 in our analysis of its tracking capabilities. It’s powered by Google Maps to bring you the most accurate location data along with incredibly good coverage. 

You can set up geofences and receive alerts when a driver crosses a boundary onto a non-authorized route. Furthermore, you can add landmarks, such as your home and work address. This allows you to view landmark reports, which includes the time spent and driver interaction at each landmark.

With GPS Trackit, you can get a bird’s-eye view of your entire mobile workforce with dynamic maps and breadcrumb trails, verify exactly where your vehicles are 24/7, and ensure your vehicles go only where you want them to go. 

Plus, its quick 60-second data refresh brings you reliable information about where your vehicles are on an interactive map.

 Customized Reporting

GPS Trackit allows you to build customized reports for the data you need to see. This means you’re faced with less clutter and only see the most valuable information. Furthermore, you can have important reports automatically delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.

GPS Trackit gathers a ton of data, including:

  • driver speed and safety scores
  • driver scorecards
  • driver activity at particular landmarks 
  • state-by-state mileage summaries to help you stay on top of fuel taxes
  • temperature reports

The best part? You can access all this complex data in a simplified dashboard so it’s super easy to track the status of your vehicles and see an overview of each of your driver’s activity and driving performance.

 Vehicle and Asset Security

Monitor the location of your non-vehicular assets (such as trailers) by viewing their status, and help to speedily recover any lost or stolen vehicles and assets with GPS Trackit’s reliable tracking and alerts system

For an added layer of security, GPS Trackit’s system can send you real-time alerts when your vehicles and assets are used outside of business hours. It’ll keep your team honest, and guarantee that your company resources are only being used for their intended purposes.

 Limited Customer Support Availability

GPS Trackit scores an average 3.9/5 in our help and support category as you can only reach their fleet advisors during business hours (8am to 5pm) on weekdays. This means if you need assistance on evenings and weekends, you’re out of luck. 

GPS Trackit is like a grandparent who hasn’t quite gotten the hang of technology yet – it doesn’t have a fancy chatbot for round-the-clock customer support, but you can reach out via good old-fashioned phone and email from 8am to 8pm on weekdays. Furthermore, it has a comprehensive knowledge center that offers unlimited live training and expert support – for free!

 Limited Product Features

GPS Trackit scores 2.8/5 in our analysis of its product features, tied for the last spot alongside Linxup. As underdogs in our product feature category, they, unfortunately, lack auto-route optimizationsatnav integrations, traffic alerts, and weather updates. It is also missing vehicle diagnostics reports, a nifty feature that allows you to detect small problems with your vehicle problems before they become a catastrophe. This helps keep your vehicles in tip top shape.

If you’re looking for feature-rich providers, we highly recommend you read our Verizon review (4.9/5), Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR review (4.5/5), and RAM Tracking review (4.5/5). 

While GPS Trackit and Linxup have no crash reporting features, they do offer integrated dashcams that can provide video evidence should a collision occur. 

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How Much Does GPS Trackit Cost?

GPS Fleet Tracking and Management SoftwareHardware


From $23.95/vehicle/monthFree
Key features
  • 60-second data refresh
  • Driver behavior scorecard
  • Geofencing
  • Speed monitoring and alerts
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Theft-prevention alerts
(Price available upon request)
  • Temperature zone monitoring
  • Field service management
  • Video telematics
  • Driver ID kit
  • Asset monitoring
  • Apollo ELD solution
  • Public transportation management

As is the industry norm, GPS Trackit offers tailored pricing depending on your business’ needs. The pricing information provided above is just a general guide and may not be an accurate representation of the final cost for your business.

GPS Trackit scores 3.9/5 in our analysis of its pricing, taking third place after RAM (4.6/5) and Quartix (4.4/5). GPS Trackit offers a rare and impressive no-contract policy, so you’re completely free to cancel your subscription at any time. 

Considering its features and payment flexibility, $23.95 per vehicle, per month is reasonable when compared with the other top providers. Although, it isn’t the most affordable system out there – this award goes to RAM, which offers cheap, long-term contracts of up to five years. There’s also Quartix, which offers rental services with a minimum contract of one year.

GPS Trackit offers a lifetime warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a free demo. A major plus is that it’s easy to install – you simply connect the device’s power wire and mount the GPS antenna. However, if you’re not confident when it comes to handling hardware, GPS Trackit has a dedicated team of installation specialists – and they’ll install your product for free. 

We know it can be difficult to compare the full breadth of fleet management prices on the market. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to compare prices, try our quote comparison tool – let us know what you need and we’ll connect you with a range of fleet management providers so they can send you quotes that have been tailored to your business’ needs. 

GPS Trackit’s Standout Features

VidFleet Smart Video Solution

GPS Trackit's dashcam clear photo resolution
(Source: GPS Trackit) Capture high-resolution videos and images with Vidfleet.

Protect your fleet and your drivers from fraudulent claims with objective video evidence you can easily obtain. GPS Trackit claims to provide the “industry’s clearest picture”. What really sets it apart from other dashcam solutions is that it offers real-time voice prompt driver coaching and actionable reports. These can predict and prevent accidents as well as reduce risky driver behavior. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer covert installation, which RAM does.

Apollo ELD Solution

GPS Trackit's Apollo ELD dashboard
(Source: GPS Trackit) Monitor your drivers’ Hours of Service (HOS) with Apollo ELD

With Apollo ELD (electronic logging device), your drivers can easily log their hours, reduce violations, and avoid penalties. GPS Trackit’s ELD solution is comprehensive yet easy to use. It can:

  • Simplify driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR)

  • Display a graph grid of drivers’ daily duty status changes

  • Store original records (which cannot be revised) and edited versions

  • Generate and transmit reports

Apollo ELD simplifies compliance for your drivers and fleet. However, while it may have all the necessary compliance tools to keep you on top of ELD mandates, it doesn’t offer driver ELD health reports or have an in-cab wi-fi hotspot – features that only Verizon and Samsara offer. That said, its functionality is particularly well-suited for smaller fleets, which secures GPS Trackit a spot in our best ELD providers ranking.

Free and Unlimited Live Training

If you’re new to the fleet management world, things can get tricky, really fast. While many tracking systems offer beginner-friendly interfaces, you still have to go in deep to grasp the full breadth of their capabilities. What’s that red blinking light about? Why are there so many vehicle diagnostic codes popping up? 

GPS Trackit offers a comprehensive knowledge center that gives you access to unlimited live training by their expert advisors at no extra cost. It’s like having a personal librarian for all your GPS Trackit-related questions.

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What Kind of Business is GPS Trackit Best For?

Our researchers have found that GPS Trackit (4.2/5) is the best system for small fleets. This is largely due to its rare no-contract subscription plan that won’t tie you into a long-term contract. In contrast, most providers offer the industry standard three-year contract, with RAM (4.3/5) offering the most affordable prices for a five-year contract. The major upside to GPS Trackit is that you’ll only pay for its service for as long as you need to use it, giving you much-needed flexibility. 

The fact that it comes with unlimited free training to teach you and your staff how to get the most out of the system also makes it ideal for businesses (and employees) that are new to the world of fleet management.

How Does GPS Trackit Compare With Other Fleet Management Systems?

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Pricing (Software)

From $23.95

Pricing (Software)

From $25/month

Pricing (Software)

From $15.99

Pricing (Software)

Starts at $25 per month

Pricing (Software)

On request

Pricing (Software)

From $25 to $35/month

Pricing (Software)

From $14.90 to $22.90

Pricing (Software)

GPS Trackit’s Vehicle Tracking Features

GPS Trackit scores 4.1/5 in our vehicle tracking category, tied with Linxup. Both are powered by Google Maps to bring you the most accurate location data, with a speedy 60-second refresh time to keep you posted on your whole fleet. However, they still fall behind Verizon (5/5) near real-time updates. 

GPS Trackit offers a variety of customizable alerts for speed, landmarks, geofencing, off-hours, and unauthorized movement. Although, when it comes to theft prevention, Linxup has the upper hand – with its device tampering alert, which triggers when your device is unplugged and plugged back in, you basically have an AI guard dog for your devices. This is especially useful for plug-and-play devices (like GPS Trackit’s hardware), which are easy to install but more susceptible to tampering and theft. Read our Linxup review to learn more about their features.

GPS Trackit’s Ability to Reduce Fleet Costs

Both GPS Trackit and Linxup, unfortunately, do not have automatic route optimization features built into their systems. However, Linxup offers the option to integrate with a third-party app that provides this feature. On the other hand, GPS Trackit only allows you to compare historic route data (i.e. how long a journey took to complete) to understand the most efficient way to complete a job. You can then use mapping tools such as Google Maps to manually plot new journeys. 

Manually plotting routes may not be a herculean task for smaller fleets. However, it still necessitates a fair amount of time dedicated to comparing and analyzing routes. To alleviate some of this administrative burden, you can check out Verizon and read our Azuga review, which offer powerful routing tools. Note however that these suppliers are on the higher end of the price spectrum, both scoring 2.5/5 in our analysis of their pricing, and generally offer the standard three-year contract.

GPS Trackit fares well with its robust fuel management features. You can set alerts for idling, overspeeding, and other erratic driving behaviors and produce reports on these metrics to understand how to cut your fuel consumption. 

While it doesn’t offer comprehensive speeding reports like Verizon and Azuga, GPS Trackit still has enough speed monitoring features to keep your drivers in check. GPS Trackit shows how fast your vehicles are traveling versus the posted speed limits for each street they’re on – a useful feature not just for reducing fuel expenses and mitigating the risk of accidents, but also help you avoid hefty penalties that can result from speeding violations.

GPS Trackit’s Vehicle Management Features

GPS Trackit scores 4.3/5 in our analysis of its vehicle management features, falling behind Linxup (4.5/5), but doing much better than Quartix (2.8/5). 

All three suppliers are great at keeping fleet maintenance records with GPS Trackit allowing you to track when maintenance work has taken place. They also allow you to easily schedule maintenance services to help keep your vehicles in optimal condition. However, in terms of vehicle management, GPS Trackit and Quartix trail behind Linxup as they lack vehicle diagnostic features, which help you detect potential problems with your vehicles before they become serious. 

As previously mentioned, both GPS Trackit and Linxup have strong anti-theft measures, a crucial feature that Quartix does not provide. Out of the three, GPS Trackit offers the most powerful anti-theft features, including: 

  • unauthorized movement alerts
  • theft detection
  • remote main power disconnect
  • power take-off (PTO) alerts to monitor vehicle usage
  • starter disable to prevent unauthorized use
  • backup batteries (optional) 

Furthermore, GPS Trackit is the only provider out of the three that offers engine temperature monitoring, which can detect overheating in a vehicle’s engine and is important if you carry perishable goods. With this add-on, you can monitor up to three different temperature zones in each trailer, and get real-time temperature reports and alerts when trailer temperatures drop below or rise above your predetermined points.

Does GPS Trackit Have Good Customer Reviews?

GPS Trackit is an emerging favorite with 231 reviews on Capterra (averaging 4.6/5) and 98 reviews on Trustpilot (averaging 4.3/5). As expected, its affordable pricing and flexible contracts are primarily why users chose it. While we’ve listed its limited customer support availability as a con, it seems that GPS Trackit’s representatives all deliver excellent quality support, earning them brownie points among its user base.

GPS Trackit

Pros: Easy to use. [SENSITIVE CONTENT] has been very helpful and checks in often. I can track where and what job my vehicles are on. Also, I like the driver behavior mode.

Cons: I have had some problems with my I iPhone app and had to reload the app.

Reasons for Choosing GPS Trackit: Price and Ease of use (sic)

Corey J., President
Construction Company - December 14 2022
Good Product - Great Support

Overall: Great!

Pros: The post-implementation support has been incredible. Our Account Executive has remained engaged and ensures issues are resolved.

Cons: No least feature, but there isn’t a product differentiator from competitors.

Reasons for Choosing GPS Trackit: No long-term contract (sic)

Thomas D., CFO
Oil & Energy - November 29 2022
GPS Trackit is an awesome company

Whenever I have had any questions, I call or chat with one of the reps and I get instant answers as well as the answers are always right. We use them for our GPS fleet tracking which is always up to the minute/second! We also use them for our fuel tracking which is right on target. (sic)

Chuck Arnold,
- July 21, 2022
Customer review

It was very informative and exciting to see what the cameras will allow us to see and check. I was very amazed at the ability to request a clip at a certain time and will be able to see what is going on with our trucks. And that it will help confirm what drivers say if there are mechanical issues etc. (sic)

Eleta Ramsey,
- August 31 2022

GPS Trackit is our top choice for small fleets scoring a remarkable 4.2/5 in our in-depth research. With its rare no-contract subscription plan and unlimited free training, it’s incredibly beginner-friendly and commitment-free.

GPS Trackit’s dynamic vehicle tracking is powered by Google Maps, which gives you greater visibility and control over your operations. Plus, it has reliable maintenance alerts to help you stay on top of your preventative routines and a wide range of add-ons such as temperature monitoringELD logging device, and an intelligent AI dashcam

With that said, GPS Trackit does come with a crucial product limitation: its lack of an auto-route optimization feature. This means you’ll have to manually find the most efficient journey for your vehicles. While this is manageable for small fleets, larger fleets would be better suited to Verizon (4.7/5), Samsara (4.6/5), and Azuga (4.4/5), our leading contender when it comes to efficient routing. 

Are you ready to rev up your fleet management game? If you want to keep exploring your options, you can use our free quote comparison tool. Let us know what you need and we’ll match you with the top vehicle tracking suppliers that meet your needs. They’ll then be in touch with customized, obligation-free quotes for you to review and compare. 

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