Azuga Review and Pricing: The Best Fleet Management System for Efficient Routes

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Who says the course of fleet management can’t run smoothly? Our latest investigation into fleet management reveals that Azuga is the best system for efficient routes, scoring an overall 4.4/5 in our in-depth research. 

Azuga’s intelligent route optimization features use machine learning to help you plan and optimize single or multiple routes across a fleet and find the quickest route available while avoiding traffic congestion and possibly dangerous areas. Azuga aims to help you keep your drivers safeserve more customers, and maximize profits.

If you want to scale your business, you'll need an efficient fleet management system that provides reliable tracking, powerful driver and vehicle management capabilities, and journey optimization features. In this review, we’ll investigate how well Azuga stacks up against other leading systems in these categories, its pros and cons, and its standout features.

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Pricing (Software)

From $25 to $35/month

Best For

Efficient routes

Azuga's Pros and Cons


  • Unbeatable route optimization features
  • Comprehensive knowledge center
  • Driver-centric management system


  • Limited product features
  • Three-year contract length

Unbeatable route optimization features

Level up your dispatch game with Azuga’s automatic route optimization features. With Azuga, you can instantly add or delete stops from any route in real time. Additionally, your fleet will be automatically routed around any problematic settings, like construction, traffic congestion, and road hazards that can slow down drivers or put them, and your fleet, at risk.

Azuga is also equipped with a multi-drop route planning software that allows you to easily plan a route for a driver to make more than two deliveries in multiple locations. It uses machine learning — with a dash of historical data, and traffic and weather conditions data — to find the best routes for you in real time. Its software can plan, re-route, and reschedule deliveries while helping to minimize business expenses and maximize productivity. All in all, its route planning prowess helped Azuga land a spot in our best telematics companies ranking.

Comprehensive knowledge center

If you can think of a fleet-related question, Azuga’s comprehensive knowledge center probably has the answer. From its step-by-step installation guide to self-paced training and its carbon offset projects, you’ll find the answer you’re looking for with a simple search. 

It also has a 24/7 chatbot, email, and phone support, with highly lauded technicians – surpassing the average, with a 93% rating in quality of support – to boot. 

Driver-centric management system

Our team of independent researchers reveals that Azuga’s driver management system is the only one designed to reward good behavior and encourage safe driving via incentives. 

Azuga scored 4.3/5 along with RAM, Spireon, and Linxup for their driver management features. Just like RAM, Azuga defaults to identifying drivers by their personal names rather than identification tags. 

With Azuga’s driver manager, you can:

  • Set automatic alerts for dangerous driving events, such as speeding, harsh cornering, harsh acceleration, and geofence breaches.
  • Generate driver scorecards based on the frequency of dangerous driving events
  • Track safety data, such as speeding, hard braking, and sudden acceleration
  • View driver footage uploaded from SafetyCam dash cams

Limited product features 

Azuga scores 3.8/5 for product features, taking fourth place alongside Spireon and TN360. It doesn’t offer automatic crash reports, which means that filing a report can become complicated. You’re also unable to install a physical panic button, like with Verizon (4.9/5), Samsara (4/5), and Quartix (3.3/5). However, your drivers can access an in-app panic button to immediately alert your fleet manager.

Azuga does not offer a free installation but its OBD trackers can be installed in minutes – no professional installation services are required. They don’t have a hardwired option – which is more difficult to remove (and also more difficult to install, but hey, you do you!).

Lastly, its Dashcam solution doesn't provide in-cab audio alerts, and it doesn’t integrate with Satnav devices, which 52% of drivers use. If you’re looking for a system that can do both, you can check our best overall system by reading our Verizon review, which scores 4.7/5 overall, and offers in-cab audio alerts for distracted driving and a built-in integration with Garmin, allowing you to send stops information, turn-by-turn directions, and messages directly to a Garmin device.

Three-year contract length

Azuga scores an average 2.5/5 for pricing, along with Samsara, Verizon, and Spireon. We’re going in-depth with Azuga’s pricing later but, in a nutshell, it is pricey. Small and new businesses might find that the standard three-year contract is not a commitment that can be afforded. 

To add to this, Azuga’s contracts are continuous, this means you have one renewal date, no matter when you add your devices. 

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How Much Does Azuga Cost?









Core vehicle tracking features

Driver scoring and rewards

Unlimited phone, email, and web support.

BasicFleet features

Enhanced safety features – SpeedSafe, distracted driving, panic alert

Efficiency-boosting tools – vehicle diagnosis, scheduled maintenance, trip logs and tags, fuel card integration, API integration, etc.

All SafeFleet features

Enhanced vehicle data

Fuel saver

Comprehensive fleet tracking services – custom reports, quarterly fleet review, one-minute tracking



$29.99/mo. with 36-mo. contract

$29.99/mo. with 36-mo. contract

$29.99/mo. with 36-mo. contract

Azuga scores an average of 2.5/5 for pricing, tied at the bottom with Verizon, Spireon, and Samsara. Azuga only offers three-year contracts and its most popular package, SafeFleet, costs $30, which is double that of Quartix (4.4/5) with rental services starting at $14.90 per vehicle, per month, and three times more expensive than RAM (4.6/5). Read about the most affordable system on the market in our RAM Tracking review. As we mentioned earlier, Azuga’s contracts are also continuous, so regardless of when you add devices, you only have one renewal date.

Now, onto the good news. Azuga’s vehicle trackers are ready to go out of the box, so you won’t have to shell out for professional installation. Simply plug the tracker into your vehicle’s OBD-II port, and you’ll be up and running in under three minutes. You can also enlist Azuga's team to help you set up your software and migrate information from your previous system.

There is no mention of a free trial on Azuga’s website, but it does offer a free demo and its products come with a lifetime warranty, with the exception of intentional damage. And if you find that Azuga isn’t quite the right one for you, you may express your wish to cancel 60 days prior to your contract renewal.

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Azuga's Standout Features

Job Dispatching

Keep your operations streamlined and maximize your ROI with Azuga’s Dispatch software. With Azuga's powerful vehicle tracking, you can assign jobs to specific people in your team, and arrange jobs by urgency or status, such as whether they are one-time, recurring, or multi-day tasks.

Once a job is complete, your employees can label it as such on their end and go on to their next job. They can also track their time, update their schedules, and input notes so you can view all the information you need in the app. 

Azuga’s dispatch software also allows you to assign technicians to customers they already know, helping you foster better client relationships. In case there is a client dispute, you can find all your client and job information in one place, allowing you to respond to issues immediately. 

Driver Rewards Program

Sometimes we focus so much on tech that we forget the prime, dare I say, driver of your business. With Azuga, you can boost your earnings and increase your driver’s motivation to perform better. 

Azuga fosters a safety culture among its drivers with its brilliant rewards program, tapping into the power of incentives to encourage safe and fuel-efficient driving behavior. Azuga’s driver program leads to:

  • Fewer accidents
  • Safer roadways
  • Increased productivity 
  • Less operational expenses
  • Improved driver morale
  • Better driver-manager relations
  • Higher driver retention rates

And, of course, the best part is the reward itself! Via Azuga's Rewards program, you can send vouchers of customizable denominations to your drivers, straight to their email. Drivers with higher safety scores are eligible for gift cards for some of their favorite hangouts.

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What Kind of Business is Azuga Best For?

Azuga’s powerful routing provides you with the safest and quickest routes. We recommend Azuga for businesses that would benefit most from effective route optimization, such as delivery services as it helps businesses complete deliveries faster and more efficiently. 

Azuga is also great for growing businesses that want to maximize their profits and don’t have the time to waste manually planning their routes. Its auto-route optimization features mean less time spent driving and reduced fuel costs, along with improved customer experience and more sales. 

How Does Azuga Compare With Other Fleet Management Systems?

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Azuga's Vehicle Tracking Features

Azuga’s powerful tracking features earn it second place in this category, tied with Samsara, for a score of 4.9/5. Both offer a 30-second to one-minute refresh time, almost on par with our perfect scorer, Verizon, which has a standard 30-second refresh time.

Azuga is the only product that allows for complete customization, leaving fleet managers the option to have driver insight when and where they require it. Take geofencing, for example. With Azuga, you can have your geofencing set up on your account to either send you alert notifications or not on vehicle entry and exit. Plus, you have full control over geofence tracking hours based on your business needs.

Azuga is also one of the few systems that provide real-time weather updates via its live tracking map. Although, it’s not as thorough as Verizon’s weather layers, which exceeds normal expectations, allowing you to track the wind velocity, surface air pressure, and even tropical cyclone and hurricane track forecasts.

Azuga's Ability to Reduce Fleet Costs

Speaking of customization, you also have full control over all stops when it comes to automatic route optimization, wherein Verizon and Samsara’s first and last stops are fixed. 

Once you've created a route with multiple stops, Azuga can automatically optimize it by reordering the stops to create the shortest or quickest route that includes all stops. 

Alongside its dashboard mileage reporting, Azuga allows users to gain insight based on state mileage. This type of reporting provides information on miles driven by your vehicle within a state for a requested period. It provides details such as the state, country, distance traveled within that state, and group.

Azuga’s state mileage reports rival even our top overall scorer Verizon (4.7/5), which only tracks your vehicle’s total distance traveled and doesn’t offer a state-by-state mileage breakdown. It is still, however, one step behind Teletrac Navman’s DIRECTOR (4.1/5), which records your fleet’s interstate and intrastate mileage, and supports vehicle private mode, allowing you to keep a separate record for your private mileage.

Azuga's Vehicle Management Features

Azuga scores 4.8/5 in the vehicle management category, just a hair's breadth behind Samsara and Verizon, which both score a perfect 5/5. Of the three, Azuga is the only one without cargo temperature monitoring, so if your business involves transporting food and other temperature-sensitive goods, you’d want to check out Samsara and Verizon. 

Azuga also requires you to pay an extra $2.99 per vehicle for its maintenance reporting. Unlike Verizon and Samsara, automatic maintenance scheduling tools don’t come with Azuga’s basic package. However, you can take advantage of its 45-day Schedule Maintenance test drive, which gives you access to:

  • An overview of vehicles that need immediate maintenance and vehicles that are overdue their schedule
  • All service records, including uploaded receipts, for your fleet
  • Alerts and notifications for service due, oil changes, engine hours, mileage, and other preventative services

Azuga allows you to see which vehicles exceeded the speed limit, as specified in your alert settings, and get speed reports based on posted speed limits, with the option to see when and where drivers were speeding. However, when it comes to speeding, Verizon takes the lead as it generates comprehensive reports and allows users to replay the incidents.

If you want to know when, where, and under what driving conditions speeding occurs, relative to the posted speed limit, you can add on SpeedSafe (at an additional cost for BasicFleet, or free for SafeFleet and CompleteFleet).

Azuga’s vehicle diagnostic reporting is easy to use. You can access simplified Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and drill down to see more detail about them.

To prevent car theft, all three systems allow you to schedule alerts should the vehicle be plugged in or unplugged. With Azuga, you can also set additional alerts for out-of-hours driving, unauthorized vehicle usage, and/or unknown drivers. Learn about vehicle theft statistics from state to state so you can choose the right system to help mitigate your risk. 

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Does Azuga Have Good Customer Reviews?

Positive client reviews are the hallmark of a trustworthy business. As such, it is helpful to see how Azuga has treated its customers and what they have to say about the company. We combed through the most trustworthy review sites, such as Capterra (4.1/5) and G2 (4.8/5), and found raving reviews about how Azuga helped businesses work efficiently with its powerful, real-time tracking capabilities.

Superb all the way!

We added 2 additional GPS units and they were nice enough to continue with the current pricing we have as well as no shipping cost because we've been with them for a year, haven't broken our contract, added more units and well, our rep Andy is awesome! He gave us a great deal!

I have a point person to go to if needed. Love this! Andy is fabulous! He's very helpful, knowledgeable, kind, and shows he cares about his job and me as the customer. Quick response time too! (sic)

Shannon W., Office Manager
- July 26, 2022
Tracking the shuttle really helps us give our guests the service that they need

The most helpful thing about Azuga is that we are able to get real-time locations of our shuttles and how far they are from our guests. Without it, the process of pick-up would be a hassle.

Accuracy of time when picking up and dropping off our guests is one of the biggest problems Azuga helps us solve. As a whole, we have increased guest satisfaction when it comes to our shuttle service.

There are no downsides to Azuga. At our hotel property, it does a great job at allowing us to give our guests under a minute response time when they are waiting for pick-ups. (sic)

Verified User, Hospitality
- November 23, 2022
Amazing Product

We are able to track our fleet in real-time and find our vehicles at a moment's notice! When our technicians are unable to locate a customer’s home, we are able to track them and guide them to the customer. We are able to notify our customers with an accurate ETA and help our technicians find the customer's homes!

This program is able to help you keep track of your vehicles and employees. It is very easy to use and has a ton of information available at your fingertips! This program will allow you to keep track of fuel usage, vehicle performance, and driver behaviors. You will be able to see what they are doing in real-time and plan accordingly to best route them and make everything work as efficiently as possible!

Kenneth A., Dispatcher
- July 19, 2022

Azuga is the best fleet management system for efficient routes, scoring 4.4/5 in our independent research. Its intelligent software can automatically route and reroute your fleet to find the quickest or shortest route and avoid traffic congestion, helping save you time and money. It also steers drivers away from possibly dangerous situations like construction sites and road hazards. 

Azuga is outfitted with intuitive multi-drop routing software that makes it simple for drivers to make multiple deliveries so they spend less time on the road, and you can maximize your profits and minimize labor and fuel costs.

Unfortunately, Azuga’s three-year contract and premium rates can be intimidating to small businesses and new business owners, scoring 2.5/5 when it comes to pricing. If you want to have more options in terms of pricing, you can check out RAM (4.6/5), the most affordable system, or Quartix (4.4/5), which offers flexible rental services. 

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