Azuga Fleet Management Review: Is it Right for Your Business?

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  • Idle reporting encourages drivers to conserve fuel
  • Very helpful customer support
  • No upfront hardware costs, installation fees or termination charges


  • Some dead zones in mountainous areas
  • Phone support only available from 9am to 5pm ET
At a glance: Azuga’s fleet management solutions do lots of things really well.

It’s rare to find a fleet management supplier whose solutions combine usability, affordability and functionality.

Take US Fleet Tracking – buttery smooth to use and brimming with useful features; but not exactly cheap. Or JJ Keller – cost-effective software that even your grandmother can get behind, but a bit light on features.

So, where do Azuga’s fleet management systems sit on the scale?

Read on to find out, or request free fleet management quotes.

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Azuga offers smart driver safety features – essential for HGVs and long haul jobs

Who is Azuga Fleet Management For?

Azuga isn’t the biggest fleet management supplier, but that doesn’t mean they only cater to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Azuga helps companies of all types and sizes to run more efficient fleets. A quick scan of their clients reveals companies spanning several industries, including:

  • Public utilities
  • Home appliance manufacturers
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Electrical installation and repair
  • Luxury car rentals
  • Moving services
  • Wholesalers
  • Assisted transportation services

In short, Azuga aims to help anyone improve their fleet and field operations.

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What Are Azuga's Key Features?

Standout aspects of Azuga’s fleet management software include:

Clever Safety Tracking

The system creates driver safety scorecards based on vehicle speed, acceleration, idling and braking. This helps you incentivize safe driving and reward good performance.

Unique Driver Rewards

High-performing drivers receive gift cards for major brands, delivered straight to their smartphones.

Dangerous Driving Detection

Driver safety reporting helps you reduce risk-taking take on the road. Detect speeding and hard braking, spot who’s texting at the wheel, and head off accidents before they happen.

Vehicle Performance Insights

GPS tracking and onboard monitoring tools generate trip history logs, vehicle idling profiles and other reports to help you identify areas for improvement within your fleet.

Precise Location Information

Real-time refresh rates on Azuga vehicle trackers are up to 10 times more frequent than on other fleet tracking solutions. Accurate vehicle location data helps you decide which drivers to assign to unscheduled customer calls

Azuga DashCam Replay

Azuga’s DashCam detects vehicle collisions and records what happens before, during and after one. You can review the footage after the fact to determine fault and settle insurance claims.

How Much Does Azuga Cost?

Azuga’s software costs 85¢ per day per vehicle – about the same as a cup of coffee in 1979. For that price, you get all the useful features covered above, and plenty more.

If you want to save money up front, you should get the Bundle Plan. It requires you to commit to a two-year contract, but you’ll only be paying $22.99 per device/per month. Plus, the vehicle tracking devices themselves are free.

If, on the other hand, your top concern is flexibility, the Flex Plan is your best bet. For the small sum of $19.99 per device/per month, plus $99.99 per device (and applicable taxes), you’ll get a complete fleet management package that you can cancel anytime.

Best of all, Azuga’s vehicle trackers are ready to go out of the box, so you won’t have to shell out for professional installation. Simply plug the tracker into your vehicle’s OBD-II port, and you’ll be up and running in 30 seconds or less.

How is Azuga's Customer Support?

For when things aren't going so smoothly, you can submit a support request to Azuga’s excellent customer service team. There’s a live web chat and a phone support line; both work well, but the team is only available to respond from 9am to 5pm ET. Luckily, you can always search Azuga’s extensive stash of online resources for answers.

Users are pretty positive about Azuga’s customer service. One person praises how support staff are always willing “to listen to suggestions that could help our company as well as their product.” Another customer who had several transmitter units stop working said that “a quick phone call or email to the support team, and a replacement device is quickly shipped out to you.”

Expert Verdict

Azuga’s fleet management solutions balance price, performance and ease of use perfectly. Their reliable features, customer support and flexible contract structures are ideal for companies of all sizes.

You’ll be able to boost your fleet’s efficiency with strong vehicle tracking tools, while features like the driver rewards system offer novel ways to save fuel.

Selecting the right fleet management system for your company can make a big difference when it comes to improving operations. Just fill in our supplier contact form to request a quick quote. It takes less than a minute, it’s free, and you’ll hear from up to four companies with a bespoke quote tailored to your needs.

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