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GPS Insight Review

GPS Insight Review

As the old expression goes, if you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. GPS Insight founder Rob Donat found this out the hard way in 2004. While searching for the right fleet management solution for a client in his capacity as a technology consultant, he found that he was coming up short. The best solution, he decided, was to design something himself. A year later, GPS Insight was born. A decade later, Rob Donat is still at the helm and GPS Insight is still delivering custom solutions one customer at a time.

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Industries Served

GPS Insight serves fleets of any size, even if that "fleet" is a sole proprietor with one vehicle who'd just like to run their business more effectively. At the other end of the spectrum, the company has also served government and private sector fleets with more than 500 vehicles. Companies of various types and sizes between those extremes have also benefited, including clients in waste management, energy, service fleets, and mass transit.

GPS Insight Hardware

Tracking devices are available for everything from subcompact cars to Class 8 GVWR trucks, as well as powered equipment (such as backhoe loaders, bulldozers, and off-highway trucks) and non-powered equipment (light towers, generators, trailers, and more).

GPS Insight Software

GPS Insight offers four service tiers, each tailored to a different fleet size.

GPS Insight Standard

Intended for small fleets of 1-25 vehicles, GPS Insight Standard doesn't include some of the features of the Pro and Enterprise tiers. However, this is by no means a "light" solution. Access is provided for one administrator. Key features include, but are not limited to, Hours of Service, dispatch, Google Maps, open API, fuel card integration, routing, engine diagnostics, and reporting.

GPS Insight Pro

This tier is intended for fleets with 26-500 vehicles. It includes all the features of the Standard level, and adds a custom dashboard, additional backend users, driver scorecards, advanced report filtering, PTO monitoring, and more advanced integrations.

GPS Insight Enterprise

Designed for fleets with more than 500 vehicles, this tier adds GIS mapping and overlays, unlimited users, the ability to set up user hierarchies and more to the functions included in the lower tiers.

GPS Insight Hours of Service

This is an electronic logging device (ELD) solution that integrates key reporting tools to stay compliant with FMCSA regulations. Eliminating paper forms ensures accuracy and streamlines inspections, while also improving driver safety and payroll reporting. It can also provide navigation, DVIR reporting, and a surprisingly robust back-end.

GPS Insight Features


GPS Insight can be run as SaaS (Software as a Service), via the cloud, or on the web, giving you plenty of flexibility.


Anyone who needs system access can sign on from anywhere with an internet or wireless connection.


See the location, activity, and utilization of your fleet, making adjustments as needed in real time.

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Choose the performance metrics that matter most to your business and see how your fleet measures up.


With tracking and teaching for driver behavior, as well as monitoring vehicle condition and maintenance needs, your vehicles and their drivers will be safer.

Cost Controls

Reduce the money lost to idle time, speeding tickets, compliance issues, and payroll overages.


In addition to existing integrations like Fleetio, Service Titan, and WEX, GPS Insight can also provide custom integrations.


The GPS Insight Mobile app is iOS and Android compatible, giving fleet managers full-time access to fleet whereabouts and vital information on their smartphone or tablet.


By monitoring driver behavior and activity, fleet managers can reduce fuel spend, limit hazardous driving behaviors, eliminate unauthorized use (moonlighting), and minimize idling. Monitoring vehicle locations and activity allows for more efficient dispatching, tracks time on site, allows dispatchers to provide accurate ETAs, optimize routes, and maximize fleet performance.

Reporting features show trends over time, while also finding assets that are underutilized or that might need a break. Automated maintenance reminders extend vehicle life by ensuring that diagnostics and maintenance aren't overlooked. Finally, all of these features working in tandem allow GPS Insight to pay for itself and pad your business's bottom line.

GPS Insight Support

In addition to a pre-sale consultation to determine the needs of your business and your fleet, Access GPS provides in-person training, online training via documentation, pre-recorded web videos, and live webinars. Ongoing support is available online or through a representative 24/7, and is based in the United States.

Case Studies

Plumbing Medic

If you think your fleet may be too small to benefit from fleet management, Plumbing Medic might beg to differ. A small company with a 14-vehicle fleet, they benefited not only from traditional vehicle tracking and fleet management, but also with asset tracking for the pricey gear their vehicles carried.

Implementing the GPS Insight solution improved security and safety, while also eliminating fraudulent fuel card use and off-hours vehicle use. With their original problems solved, Plumbing Medic was also able to more efficiently dispatch their workforce, squeezing more jobs and more billable hours out of each day.

Sanford and Hawley

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? When they came to Insight GPS, Sanford and Hawley had been in business for 125 years, during which time they'd built a loyal customer following among contractors, professional builders and do-it-yourselfers in Connecticut and Massachusetts. They wanted to improve driver navigation and communication without compromising safety, leading them to seek out a solution that wouldn't lead to distracted driving.

They were also aware that excess idle time, unauthorized fuel card use, and unauthorized vehicle use were eating away at their profits. Using a Garmin-integrated system, they were able to provide two-way communications - including job status messages - that minimized communication time and distraction. The system also increased driver accountability and eliminated the unauthorized use of company funds and assets.

As an added bonus, when one of the company's trucks was stolen, it was quickly recovered and the suspect apprehended thanks to the GPS Insight system. Factor in the cost saved by recovering one vehicle and the system can pay for itself many times over.

Expert Verdict

While GPS Insight is a young company, it's undergone steady and sustained growth. This can be chalked up in no small measure to their approach to business. Rather than offering a solution in search of a problem - which some of their competitors' one-size-fits-all products tend to do - GPS Insight was founded to solve one specific client's problems, and to this day they're approaching their business one client at a time. This lets them deliver a product tailored to each business's unique fleets and the unique needs that come with them.