GPS Insight Fleet Management Review: Is it Right for Your Business?

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Is this affordable, easy to use system right for your business? Find out with our detailed review

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  • GPS Insight is the easiest fleet management system to learn and use
  • Affordable pricing makes it a fantastic option for small and growing businesses
  • Scored impressively in our customer support and driver management analyses


  • Offers simpler reporting than some other systems provide
  • Charges for installation, where lots of other suppliers don’t
At a glance: With a super intuitive interface and cheap price plans, GPS Insight is an excellent choice for a variety of fleets – but we recommend it especially to smaller businesses and startups.

Known for its comprehensive solutions and ever-helpful customer service, GPS Insight is a big name on the fleet management scene – with a stellar reputation to match. But is it the right GPS fleet management system for your business?

To help you find the answer to that question, we put GPS Insight under the microscope, analyzing and scoring it across a number of different deliverables – including features, capabilities, price plans, and customer support. This review is a handy summary of what we found – both good and bad. Let’s get started!

What Are GPS Insight’s Best Features?

So, during our analysis, what stood out the most about GPS Insight? Here are a few of our favorite things…

✓ Fantastic Customer Support

In our analysis of the US fleet management market, we found GPS Insight to have one of the best customer support offerings out there – so much so that we rated it an impressive nine out of 10, a score that was only matched (but not beaten) by Quartix.

So, what makes GPS Insight’s customer service so solid? Well, it offers a range of ways to get in touch and request help – including email, a chat bot, and a phone service.

Notably, though the team are actually in the office Monday through Friday, 5am to 7pm PST, they will still immediately respond to critical phone calls and emails that are sent outside of those hours – so, if you have a truly urgent problem, GPS Insight is pretty much available to help 24/7. When it comes to out-of-hours enquiries that aren’t urgent, the team promise to respond as soon as possible within their working hours.

GPS Insight also provides an online knowledge center, with documents explaining how to use the system and perform particular functions. It’s worth noting, though, that the information you’ll have access to will depend on the price plan you’ve paid for.

✓ Great Driver Management

In our detailed analysis, we gave GPS Insight a score of 8.8 out of 10 for its driver management capabilities. You can use the system to:

  • View historical vehicle activity – i.e. movement and stops – on your tracking map and in your reports. This data can be configured into pie charts for easier visualization
  • Send and receive SMS messages to/from your drivers
  • View driver histories, including their MPH, ignition record, stops and how long they lasted, and the direction they’re currently headed in
  • See driver violation reports, which collate the number of times each driver has done something dangerous within 100 miles. These violations include rapid acceleration, harsh braking, hard right and left turning events, idling (for 300 seconds or 5 minutes), and speeding
  • Set up custom alerts so that you know instantly when a driver idles, accelerates rapidly, brakes harshly, or makes a hard turn
  • View driver scorecards to compare performance across the team

All of this can help you to keep track of your drivers’ activity, and empower you to stamp out bad driving behavior by offering coaching to those who need it most.

✓ Specialized Tracking Devices

Rather than just one model of tracking unit, GPS Insight offers a range of different devices designed for particular purposes beyond just vehicle tracking, enabling businesses to use the right hardware for their particular tracking needs.

GPS Insight’s devices include:

  • The GPSI-3900: GPS Insight’s flagship vehicle tracking unit. This device requires a three-wire installation, and is typically installed discreetly in a vehicle’s dash.
  • The AT-3000 series: An externally-powered asset tracking device. This unit is ideal for monitoring assets that can also act as its power source, including heavy equipment, generators, diggers, and trailers.

The TT-3000: A battery-powered asset tracking device. This unit is designed for monitoring shipping containers, and other assets that may enter areas where cellular coverage isn’t possible.

✓ Easy Regulatory Compliance

For any US fleet business, complying with the DOT’s (US Department of Transportation) regulations for fleet businesses is crucial (if a hassle). Fortunately, it’s possible to find fleet management systems that can not only help you to monitor your business operations, but also smoothly incorporate them with regulatory compliance. GPS Insight is an excellent example of one of these systems.

The ways in which this system can help you to stay compliant include:

  • IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) regulations: GPS tracking software generally increases efficiency in gathering the necessary fuel tax information, but with GPS Insight, this can be monitored from one single report – the State Mileage report.
  • ELD (Electronic Logging Device) compliance: GPS Insight provides two options; ELD Mobile – an ELD app that drivers can use to keep track of their hours of service – and ELD Connect, a dashboard-mounted tablet that poses as an electronic logbook and GPS tracker. Bear in mind that you’ll need to pay an additional cost to purchase ELDs from GPS Insight.
  • eDVIRs (electronic driver vehicle inspection reports): GPS Insight offers DVIR Mobile, an app which drivers can use to easily complete DVIRs digitally. If you’d like a more all-encompassing app, DVIR functionality can also be found on ELD Mobile.

How Much Does GPS Insight Cost?

We’ll start by saying that GPS Insight is pretty affordable – in fact, it boasts the cheapest monthly starting price that we saw while researching costs across the US fleet management market. But how much, exactly, does it cost? Let’s explore… 

Software costs

Monthly software license$14.95 to $28.95 per vehicle

This price range covers four pricing tiers – Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise – with Basic being the cheapest and Enterprise the most expensive.

Hardware costs

GPS Insight gives you the option to rent your GPS tracking hardware on a monthly basis:  

Monthly hardware rental$5 – $10 per device (dependent on fleet size and device)

Alternatively, you can choose to pay for your hardware upfront in a single payment. These prices are as follows:

The GPSI-3900$199 – $255
The AT-3000 series$199 – $219
The TT-3000$450

Generally, businesses with over 500 vehicles in their fleets tend to be offered prices at the cheaper end of this range. Fleets with fewer than 500 vehicles tend to pay more.

You’ll also need to be aware that GPS Insight promotes self-installation (in other words, installing the devices in your vehicles yourself). Where that isn’t possible, GPS Insight can send an engineer your way – however, unlike the majority of the suppliers we researched, it will charge you an additional fee to do so.

Getting a transparent view of the pricing options for one system is one thing – but what usually proves more helpful is comparing tailored prices from a range of suppliers, so that you can zero in on the right solution for you and your business. We can help you there.

Simply answer a few quick questions about your fleet and what you’re looking for, and we’ll match you up with leading fleet management suppliers that can cater to your unique needs. They’ll then be in touch directly, with no-obligation quotes and information that’s tailored to your business. We’ve done the research so that a) you don’t have to, and b) finding the right fleet management solution is as quick and easy as possible for you. Give it a try – there’s nothing to lose!

Is GPS Insight Right for my Business?

“I’m new to formal fleet management”

You’re in the right place! GPS Insight is a truly fantastic option for fleet management software newbies because it’s just so easy to use. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, GPS Insight makes reviewing the data that you need to review and tracking what you need to track super simple.

That said, we must point out that GPS Insight’s contracts can be a little longer than some others on the market, typically lasting two to three years. That’s no bad thing if you love using GPS Insight, but can limit your options if you choose to re-evaluate your needs more regularly. 

“I don’t want to pay over the odds”

Perfect! GPS Insight is very affordable. With prices starting at just $14.95 per vehicle, per month, it’s one of the cheapest systems that we’ve seen on the US market.

Of course, this low price point is matched by the simplicity of the product – though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. GPS Insight’s simpler approach may be just what you need to monitor your operations and grow your business at speed, without getting overwhelmed by complicated functionality.

“I run a trucking fleet”

Owing to its solid driver management functionality, we believe that GPS Insight is an excellent option for fleets of trucks. The ability to check up on your drivers’ speed, behavior violations, and more can prove invaluable in keeping them safe while driving such big, unwieldy vehicles.

Plus, with simpler IFTA compliance built in, fuel costs and taxes for trucks that travel beyond borders will prove easy to keep track of. Meanwhile, GPS Insight’s ELD solutions will help you to keep your truck drivers’ hours of service (HOS) in check, and make sure that they’re resting when they need to on those long journeys.

“I run a fleet of cars”

We’d also say that GPS Insight is a fantastic option for car fleets – especially those that make frequent stops, such as home service fleets, last-mile delivery fleets, taxicabs, and couriers.

GPS Insight’s driver messaging system makes it easy to get in touch with your drivers on the go, so you can inform them of any changes or new jobs quickly. Plus, its particular ability to monitor stops – and, importantly, their duration – gives you the power to set goals for stop times and the number of stops each driver must make in a given period, helping you to boost the efficiency of your fleet.

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What do GPS Insight’s Customers Say?

We can’t bring you the full picture without also examining what GPS Inisght’s users have to say about the system. So we took to review site Trustpilot to check out the general consensus.

When it comes to GPS Insight, that consensus is fantastic! Collated from over 160 reviews, GPS Insight has achieved an overall rating of ‘excellent’, scoring 4.6 out of 5 at last count. While 72% of reviewers rated GPS Insight ‘excellent’, only 4% rated it ‘average’ to ‘poor’, while no reviewers chose to pan the system with a ‘bad’ score – something of an achievement in an age where scathing assessments are so regularly shared online.

As an overview, we’ve plucked out the most helpful of these customer reviews for your perusal. As we’ve said, the majority are overwhelmingly positive…

“This is a great product for an excellent price. GPS Insight will get you going and continue with great support. It is easy to use. We have a lot of areas with questionable service. It has not been a problem. We continue to track. We can run reports and get lots of different information. Definitely a satisfied customer.”
  • Guy Dale, Trustpilot reviewer
“The software is easy to use and has a ton of great features. We can keep tabs on our whole fleet, tell how long it is until their next appointment, and get stats on driving habits and vehicle issues.

“And the landmarks feature is the best part. We can track all the places that they go so we know the best route to send them. We would be 50% less efficient without GPS Insight.”

  • Mark Garland, Trustpilot reviewer
“GPS Insight has made it so efficient to track, monitor, and reduce texting from drivers. From starting the van, to entering facilities and tracking the length of time they’re there with a timestamp so we can calculate pay time.”
  • Jim Haubrick, Trustpilot reviewer

…while some point out considerations you must make to get the most out of the system…

“Good program, affordable for small businesses. The GPS units can cause problems in vehicles if they’re not updated, though.”
  • John Smucker, Trustpilot reviewer

…and one or two others point to technical problems (though these don’t seem to affect the vast majority of users)…

“My only thing is that the devices and their setup in the trucks give us a lot of trouble with missing location, missing odometer, and power failure, and they say the device is undocked when it is not.”
  • Brian Morrissette, Trustpilot reviewer

Expert Verdict

GPS Insight has a fantastic reputation among its users, and it’s not difficult to understand why. With stellar customer support, solid driver management features, and apps and devices that make regulatory compliance a breeze, this system is certainly worthy of your consideration. We’re also fans of its pricing – its starting price in particular is the cheapest we’ve seen on the US market (though you’ll need to be wary of those pesky installation costs).

But perhaps our favorite thing about GPS Insight is just how simple it is to use. The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, with vehicle data, landmark configuration, maintenance management, reports, alerts, and messaging all actionable from the initial dashboard. Handy!

Of course, GPS Insight’s simplicity – compared to super sophisticated systems such as, say, Verizon Connect – might prove beneficial to some and disadvantageous to others. It all depends on whether you’re looking for core actionable insights, or more extensive swathes of data. Certainly, if you’re a smaller business, GPS Insight will provide everything you need. But if you want granular analysis that attacks the nitty-gritty, you might want to check out some more complex systems.

If you’d like some help in finding the right fleet management system for your business, look no further. Simply answer a few quick questions about your fleet, and we’ll matchmake you with incredible fleet management suppliers behind the scenes. They’ll then be in touch, quickly and directly, with tailored no-obligation quotes and information, so you’ll know exactly what each can offer you. It’s the easiest way to compare the right options for your business.

What Other Fleet Management Systems Could I Consider?

Before making a decision, it’s important to check out all the available options thoroughly. Be sure to take a look at our other insightful reviews:

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How we Analyze and Rate Fleet Management Providers

At Expert Market, it’s our aim to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date, and transparent product and service reviews possible. So, to help you better understand the best fleet management options out there, we’ve conducted in-depth, extensive research into the fleet management market and its top companies. Here’s how we did it:

Independent researchersWe worked with 2 independent researchers

survey…who surveyed 200 companies like yours, gaining insight into what they want most from fleet management…

Ratings…and rated each provider based on 500 different areas of investigation – covering everything including customer support, key features, prices, add-ons, and more.


We take the integrity of our research seriously. If you’ve got any questions at all about our research process, feel free to get in touch with Julia, our fleet management specialist, at

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