Best DOT Compliance Software 2020

DOT compliance

By Julia Watts | Content Manager

A jargon-busting roundup of the best DOT compliance software

Is your fleet still on the road during the COVID-19 pandemic? Whether your drivers are delivering goods or transporting people, a fleet management system can boost your productivity, streamline your routes, and significantly reduce your operational costs – all while giving you total clarity over your fleet’s activity and condition, in an otherwise confusing time.

Just as you’re continuing to serve those who need you, we’re here to help you find the right fleet management solution for you, safely and remotely. Just answer a few quick questions about your fleet, and we’ll match you up with the vendors that can best meet your needs. They’ll then be in touch directly, with no-obligation quotes and information tailored to you. It’s the quickest, easiest way to compare your options, and it’s completely free.

Being a trucker isn’t all about roaming the open road in search of your next load to haul. In fact, for one in three fleets still using paper logbooks to record drivers’ hours of service (HoS), the driving often takes a backseat to the admin.

And what about if you’re in charge of a fleet? Well, truth be told, most vehicles are tied up in red tape from the day they leave the lot.

The Department of Transport (DOT) places a heavy regulatory burden on motor carriers, and the costs of non-compliance can be high. A downgraded fleet safety rating is the first step towards frequent inspections, heavy fines, high insurance rates, and even lawsuits or shutdown orders.

Fortunately, the right DOT compliance software can solve these issues and save you money.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching the best fleet management solutions to help make your job a little easier. From ELD Mandate compliance to OSHA reporting, these DOT compliance software suites are all best-in-class. Read on for our top picks.

The Five Best DOT Compliance Software Suites

  1. Best For Large Fleets: Verizon Connect
  2. Best For Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting: Zonar
  3. Best For Fuel Reporting: Samsara
  4. Best For ELD Mandate Compliance: Omnitracs
  5. Best For Driver Management: Tivacloud
Best DOT Compliance Software
1Verizon ConnectBest For Large Fleets
2ZonarBest For Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting
3SamsaraBest For Fuel Reporting
4OmnitracsBest For ELD Mandate Compliance
5TivacloudBest For Driver Management
DOT compliance software
The best DOT compliance software helps your fleet stay road legal

Verizon Connect

Best for Large Fleets

Verizon Connect logo
Verizon Connect software

Verizon Connect Rating
Ease of Use
Help and Support
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  • Intuitive software
  • Amazing software integrations
  • Comprehensive reporting options

X Cons:

  • It didn’t arrive sooner

In a Nutshell

Verizon Connect represents fleet management software at its finest.

Growth is great, but it comes with risks. More moving parts to your fleet means more pieces to pick up in the event of an accident, or a failed FMCSA spot check.

That’s where Verizon Connect comes in. Its DOT compliance software suite is built to help large fleets manage their myriad reporting and regulatory requirements. When drivers log their duty status through the mobile app, your hours of service (HOS) records auto-update in real time. When it’s time to carry out vehicle inspections, they take seconds instead of minutes. When important information is missing from the system, you’ll be notified long before it becomes a problem.

It’s not just for mega fleets, either. Whether you’re managing ten cars or 200 trucks, Verizon Connect can help you stay compliant. With quick quotes available on request, and a free trial to boot, there’s no reason not to give Verizon Connect a try. You’ll be in good company if you do – the firm’s roster of Fortune 500 clients is longer than the waitlist for Hamilton tickets.

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Best for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR)

Zonar logo
Zonar DOT compliance software

Zonar Rating
Ease of Use
Help and Support


  • First-class regulatory compliance
  • Powerful tracking software

X Cons:

  • Still finding its feet as an ELD supplier

In a Nutshell

If you’re not using Zonar the next time your tires hit the asphalt, you’re missing out.

Zonar’s Electronic Vehicle Inspection Reporting (EVIR) system makes light work of routine inspections. Drivers use a tablet to scan key parts of a vehicle and store a digital record in the cloud. If something’s amiss, they can snap a pic and have a dispatcher schedule a tune-up.

When it comes to complying with the ELD Mandate, Zonar’s DOT compliance management software isn’t quite as well-known as Verizon Connect or Tivacloud. That’s not to say it’s a bad choice – after all, Zonar’s vehicle trackers are FMCSA-certified ELDs – but the absence of customer reviews does make it harder to do due diligence when comparison shopping.

Did You Know?

The ELD Mandate came into full effect on December 16, 2019 – but if you’re still not compliant, we can help you get there fast. Simply tell us what you need, and you’ll receive tailored ELD quotes from excellent fleet management suppliers to compare. It’s super easy, and totally free!

If you’d like to learn more about the ELD Mandate, check out our guide to US vehicle tracking laws.


Best for Fuel Reporting

Samsara logo
Samsara DOT compliance software

Samsara Rating
Ease of Use
Help and Support
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  • Suitable for small to large businesses
  • Huge variety of industries covered
  • Covers management, safety and compliance
  • Regular feature updates

X Cons:

  • Training offered not as in-depth as other systems
  • Updates sometimes make the software run a little slower

In a Nutshell

A Samsara fleet management system will give you all the information you need to keep track of fleet-related
operations and costs.

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is a notoriously confusing web of rules specifying the interstate division of taxation on your fleet’s fuel usage. If that still doesn’t make any sense, a) you’re not alone and b) don’t worry; thanks to Samsara, you don’t need to understand it.

Samsara combines real-time vehicle location data with fuel tank monitoring techniques to calculate how much tax you owe in each jurisdiction.

In short, Samsara handles IFTA fuel tax reporting requirements superbly, so you don’t have to.

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Best for ELD Mandate Compliance

Omnitracs logo
Omnitracs software

Omnitracs Rating
Ease of Use
Help and Support
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  • Industry-leading ELD provider
  • The MCP50 is the best ELD around
  • Many drivers already familiar with the tech

X Cons:

  • Inconsistent customer service

In a Nutshell

Omnitracs has whole lot more to offer than first meets the eye.

If you drive professionally for long enough, you’re bound to come across Omnitracs DOT compliance software. The company formerly known as Qualcomm has more than 30 years’ experience developing vehicle tracking solutions for fleet managers. It shows; even today, the ubiquity of their products is a direct reflection of their quality.

In particular, no one does Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) better than Omnitracs. The firm’s MCP, XRS and IVG series of vehicle trackers can pair with drivers’ smartphones to allow them to clock on and off duty with the tap of a touchscreen. This data syncs seamlessly with reporting software to give you complete peace of mind that you’re safe from FMCSA fines.

Did You Know?

In order to comply with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate, you must keep a record of duty status (RODS) data for all your drivers, and store a backup of that data on a separate device, for six months. You also need to make sure that these records are stored securely to protect driver privacy.

That said, some fleets and drivers are exempt from complying with the ELD Mandate. Find out whether you need to get ELDs or not with our guide to the six exemptions to the ELD Mandate.


Best for Driver Management

Tivacloud logo
Tivacloud DOT compliance software

Tivacloud Rating
Ease of Use
Help and Support


  • Competitively priced, comes with free trial
  • Partnership with an established ELD supplier is promising

X Cons:

  • Relatively new to market (founded in 2015)

In a Nutshell

Although its track record is short, there’s a long list of reasons why Tivacloud deserves your attention.

Tivacloud’s automated hiring and onboarding tools are a thing of beauty. Every fleet takes a different approach to hiring new drivers; some rely on stringent background checks, while others prefer to test applicants’ skills behind the wheel. Tivacloud offers both options through customizable application pathways for different job vacancies. Whatever your bent, you’ll have no trouble attracting and keeping top talent with Tivacloud.

Next Steps

If you wait until the eleventh hour to make sure you’re compliant, chances are you’re going to face problems.

Automating your compliance checks is the fastest, most cost-effective way to make sure your fleet stays on the right side of the law. That’s exactly what the best DOT compliance software solutions are designed to do, and with a little due diligence, you can find the perfect package for your budget.

All it takes is 30 seconds to request a quick fleet management quote to get started.

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