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About Us

Our Experience

Expert Market combines the experience of some of the world’s foremost business leaders to bring you all the equipment and resources you need to start your business, scale, and corner your market.

We have collected the most trusted suppliers in one place, with options to suit all your business needs.

Our Origins

Expert Market was created by some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs as a resource for businesses; helping you start up, scale up and corner your market.

Our expertise helps companies to streamline their business solutions, providing one place to source equipment and solutions from the world’s leading suppliers. Our combined business experience means we understand you want the best suppliers, at a good price.


We rate all our suppliers so you know you can trust the company you choose. All of the brands we work with are chosen because of the good service they provide, giving you peace of mind that you’re making the right choice.

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How we make money

We only get paid when you are happy. Our business model relies on matching customers with the right resources so it’s in our interests to get it right first time.

Meet The Team
Titus Sharpe CEO, Founder
Bjorn Zellweger Managing Director
Amy Catlow Director of Publishing
Kester Hodgson VP of Sales, Americas
Joe Biancamano VP of Sales, U.S. West
Thomaz Steurman Head of Marketing
Michael Horrocks Publishing Manager
Lucile Michaut Digital Marketing Manager
George Robinson Telecoms Expert
Emma Leigh-Morgan Finance Expert
Josh Frisby Automotive Expert
Bobbi Brant Content and Research Executive
Jared Keleher Senior Digital Marketing Executive
Kwaku Antwi Biddable Marketing Manager
Charlie Parkin Business Development Manager
Kris Van Sebroeck Senior Developer
Ian Hitge Head of Design
Alex Vasili Head of Brand
Grace Garland Head of PR
Jessica Laporte PR Executive
Tony Nguyen Content Marketing Executive
Georgia Benham Senior Email Marketing Executive

We Are Hiring

We are always looking for talented and driven people to join our growing team. Take a look at our latest vacancies and get in touch.

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