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How To Install A Vehicle Tracking Device

There are two types of vehicle tracking device available: portable and hard-wired. A portable device takes no special skills to install, you simply place it where you want it to go in the vehicle and move it at your leisure.

Hard-wired vehicle tracking devices are more complicated as they need to be connected to the power supply of the vehicle in order to work.

The video above explains how to install a hard-wired vehicle tracking device quickly and easily. If you would prefer to read through the steps see the guide below.

1. Pick Your Location

Vehicle tracking devices can be professionally installed by hard wiring into any vehicle, or battery powered and placed anywhere within the vehicle, providing either the device is weather proof or else protected from the weather.

Most tracking devices are placed under the dashboard of the vehicle so that they are not in permanent view. This also means they will be closer to the wiring system for easier installation.

However, you can install a tracker anywhere you please although GPS signals do not travel through metal so don't place it in the trunk!

The best place is right under the dash close to the base of the windscreen. This allows clear access for both the incoming GPS signal and the outgoing Wi-Fi signal.

In addition, batteries will need to be changed every few months, so wherever the tracker is located, it should be accessible.

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2. Connect Your Device

Fix your device to the installation location and secure it carefully. The instructions received with your tracker will explain which parts you need to connect to your vehicle and this usually starts with locating the nearest, constant 12V power source.

At the optimum location under the dash, this should be near or around the ignition coil.

Loop the cable from your device into the power source and fix firmly. Secure with insulating tape. Do the same with the car ignition cable and the corresponding cable on your device (see instructions).

Finally, connect the ground wire to the ground and enclose all the wiring back behind the casing.

Still Unsure?

Ideally, you should have some prior electrical knowledge before installation. If not, consider contacting a professional electrician to carry out the installation for you.

Alternatively, for self-installation, ensure you follow the manufacturer's instructions very carefully and call in a professional if you don't feel confident.