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Our latest inquiry into the complex world of fleet management systems reveals that Spireon FleetLocate is the best fleet management system for fast updates, earning a 4.8/5 in our tracking category, and an overall score of 4.2/5 in our in-depth research. 

Spireon uses cutting-edge technology to provide the most accurate, real-time tracking updates on your drivers and vehicles, with a swift 15-second refresh time. With Spireon, you’ll always be in the know when it comes to your vehicles and your drivers.

Our research delves into the most crucial system features for fleet owners and managers: tracking abilitiesdriver and vehicle management, and its ability to reduce operational costs. In this review, we’ll see how well Spireon performs in these areas, its pros and cons, its standout features, and how it compares with other leading GPS vehicle tracking systems in the industry.

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Spireon’s Pros and Cons


  • 24/7 visibility and actionable insights
  • Rapid refresh time
  • Offers covert installation
  • Smart sensor add-ons


  • Premium pricing
  • Limited help and support

24/7 Visibility and Actionable Insights

Spireon is the car telematics industry’s most awarded company in 2018, winning a total of eight awards, including the IoT Telematics Company of the Year and Most Innovative Company of the Year.

Their NSpire IoT platform is what sets them apart from the competition, enabling them to turn any vehicle into a “connected vehicle”. Its powerful GPS devices and sensors provide you 24/7 visibility as well as comprehensive and actionable vehicle and driver data, which will help you optimize your resource spend and boost your profits.

Its mobile app, Fleetlocate Periscope, is easy to use and sends you information on:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Ad hoc information on your drivers and vehicles on the go.
  • Speeding notifications
  • Driver’s last known location and detailed vehicle status
  • Geofencing

Rapid Refresh Time

With Spireon’s rapid 15-second data refresh, you get real-time visibility of your entire fleet. Spireon is the only provider that allows you to set your data updates to 15, 30, or 60 seconds, beating our highest overall scorer Verizon’s 30-second refresh time. With Spireon, you can get updates as things happen, enabling you to take full virtual control of your whole fleet. 

Offers Covert Installation

If you’re worried that your drivers are using your vehicles to work on side jobs, you can ask your Spireon technician to covertly install its tiny but mighty tracking device. 

Spireon specializes in vehicle, trailer, and asset tracking. To ensure the safety of your stationary assets, Spireon offers FL Flex 2, which allows you to:

  • Get daily updates for stationary assets 
  • Get regular status updates when the ignition is on
  • Receive alerts when your vehicle or asset enters or exits a landmark
  • Assess vehicle activity and monitor movement
  • View location history
  • Confirm that your drivers aren’t using your vehicles to work on side jobs 

And, just in case you aren’t impressed yet, Spireon flexes a little bit further with its FL Flex 2+, which offers all the benefits of the Flex 2, an integrated cargo sensor, and a built-in solar power panel to help prolong your tracker’s life. However, note that these will come at an additional cost. 

Smart Sensor Add-Ons

While you’re at it, why not suit your trailers with a full suite of Spireon’s smart sensor add-ons? Spireon offers various wired and wireless sensors including:

  • Door sensors
  • IntelliScan cargo sensors
  • Liftgate battery monitoring
  • Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
  • Temperature probes

Premium Pricing

Spireon doesn’t advertise how much their products and add-ons are, but our researchers found that Spireon has some of the highest prices in the market, thus earning a 2.5/5 in our pricing category, along with Verizon, Samsara, and Azuga.

Premium features come at a premium cost – that’s one thing for sure. Those add-ons add up. And, as any bodybuilder would know, those flexes come at a cost. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution, RAM, Quartix, and GPS Trackit are all great options to consider.

Limited Help and Support

Spireon and Linxup both received below average ratings in our help and support category, with Spireon scoring 2.4/5 and Linxup scoring 2/5. Both providers offer email support, which can be a great resource for getting answers to specific concerns. However, they both lack a knowledge center, which can be a disadvantage if you prefer to find answers to your questions independently. 

While Spireon does provide a contact number on its website, it doesn’t advertise a 24/7 service. To err on the safe side, you can check providers who promise round-the-clock customer support: Verizon, Samsara, Teletrac, and Azuga.

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How Much Does Spireon Cost?

Spireon provides tailored software packages on a case-by-case basis (as is the industry norm). Prices usually vary depending on fleet size, contract length, and features. Currently, Spireon doesn’t provide its pricing information online.

There is, however, a way for you to quickly get specialized quotes depending on your business’ needs. Use our quote comparison tool and let us know about your requirements. We’ll then work behind the scenes to connect you with the best suppliers in the market. It’s free and it takes less than a minute. 

Spireon provides premium installation services for its GPS tracking equipment, at your convenience, through certified, factory-trained install technicians. Simply let them know when it’s convenient for you, and their install technicians will drop by to install your GPS tracker. 

Spireon’s FL360 is a modular GPS tracker that supports all vehicle types. You may let Spireon’s technicians know if you want a covert installation or a simple plug-and-play device installation. Meanwhile, GM and Ford systems can be seamlessly integrated with Spireon’s FleetLocate without the need for additional installs.

Spireon offers a free product demo, a one-year product warranty, and a standard three-year contract. If you wish to cancel your contract, you’ll need to let them know 60 days before your contract renewal. 

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Spireon’s Standout Features

CamCoach AI DashCam

Spireon dash cam
(Source: Spireon) Get live video streaming from Spireon’s road-facing and driver-facing cameras

Spireon’s dashcam add-on is one of the most feature-packed dashcam on the market, on par with our overall top scorer Verizon. Boasting powerful crash prevention tools, which include alerts for tailgating – a risky and annoying activity. According to the US Department of Transportation, it is a “significant factor in many accidents”.

With Spireon’s high-end AI dashcam, you can:

  • Get risky driving behavior alerts: distracted driving, tailgating, cellphone use, smoking, and hard cornering
  • Address safety issues in real-time via in-cab driver alerts
  • Easily save and access recordings to reduce liability risk and lower insurance costs

Spireon and Verizon both offer advanced alert systems that allow you to monitor your drivers and vehicles in real-time. However, Verizon’s alerts system is unique in its ability to automatically classify and tag video footage with relevant context. This means that when an event is triggered, Verizon will automatically label the footage with the information you need to know, such as the location, time, and type of event. This allows you to quickly identify and respond to the situation as you do not have to manually review and analyze the footage.

As with most suppliers, both Verizon and Spireon’s dash cams come at custom prices and are available only as an add-on to their monthly subscription plans. You can learn more about Verizon’s add-ons and other features in our Verizon Review.

Detect Cardo Load With IntelliScan™

Spireon IntelliScan device
(Source: Spireon) Get time-stamped images of your trailers’ available floor space and load status with Spireon’s IntelliScan™

If you’re managing trailers, you will love Spireon’s groundbreaking cargo sensor feature, which uses optical imaging and machine learning technology to detect cargo load. With IntelliScan ProView™, you can:

  • Determine accurate volumetric fill and available floor space.
  • Verify trailer load status before dispatching your drivers
  • Transport more cargo and utilize your trailers’ maximum capacity. 
  • Easily see if there’s available capacity in your trailers with a “percent full” or “percent of available floor space” readings

Other providers that offer similar cargo sensor features include Verizon Connect and Samsara, but their features are not as advanced as Spireon’s. Verizon’s sensor is useful for monitoring trailer temperature and status, making it suitable for cold chain logistic providers and distributors who need to keep perishable goods and pharmaceutical supplies in prime condition. Meanwhile, Samsara’s cargo monitor device can only detect the presence or absence of cargo, allowing you to monitor when a cargo is loaded or unloaded.

Consultative Services

At this point, Spireon sounds like a company straight from a sci-fi movie. While it’s true that Spireon offers machine learning and AI in its fleet management system, its trailer management consultants are completely human and form part of its core services. 

While many providers have fleet advisors that you can call to help you level up your fleet management game, Spireon has dedicated operations analysts to help you evaluate your trailer fleet’s overall health, improve management weaknesses, and increase profits.

What Kind of Business Is Spireon Best For?

Spireon’s fleet and trailer tracking system provides you with fast updatesreal-time data, and 24/7 visibility. As such, we highly recommend Spireon for utility trailer owners who want to ensure their trailers and precious cargo are exactly where they want them to be. Plus, Spireon’s covert tracker allows you to monitor your vehicles’ every movement and confirm that your trailer trucks aren’t being used outside of work. 

Spireon’s fast updates and powerful tracking ability are useful for large fleets. With its easy-to-use system, you can identify where ​​all your vehicles are in a single live map, so you can streamline your daily operations, optimize logistics and keep tabs on all of your vehicles with only a few taps on your phone. 

All these features come at a steep price, however. While Spireon may not be best for smaller and new businesses, it can be extremely beneficial for that really small select of fleets that you want to keep an extra, and AI-powered, eye on. This is especially true for businesses that handle important and/or expensive equipment.

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How Does Spireon Compare With Other Fleet Management Systems?

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Fast updates

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Fleets of cars

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Managing vehicles

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Efficient routes

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Construction industry fleets

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Minimizing downtime

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Smaller fleets

Spireon’s Vehicle Tracking 

Spireon scores 4.8/5 in our tracking category, just a little behind Azuga (4.9/5) and Verizon (5/5). Spireon’s powerful live tracking is powered by Google Maps, while Azuga and Verizon have their dedicated live map to see where your fleet is at all times. All three also have comprehensive alerts and notifications on fleet maintenance, driver behavior, and geofencing. 

Spireon boasts the sleek and modular tracking device, FL360, which lets you know exactly where your vehicles are and what your drivers are doing. With Spireon FL360, you can:

  • Know where your vehicles are at all times
  • Locate your vehicles on demand
  • See breadcrumb trails 
  • Set up geofences and landmarks
  • Generate and schedule automatic reports all from its cloud-based UI 
  • Ensure visibility on the go via Spireon’s FleetLocate Periscope app

Spireon’s Ability To Reduce Fleet Costs

Like Azuga, Spireon uses Google earth mapping and its subsequent traffic alerts. With Spireon’s powerful real-time tracking, you can dispatch your vehicles and drivers effectively with a live view of your fleet location, traffic conditions, and street maps. However, unlike Verizon and Azuga, which both offer powerful auto-route optimization features, you’ll need to use a third-party route optimization app with Spireon. 

Spireon has alerts to help reduce risky driver behaviors, such as speeding, harsh braking, and excessive idling. If you want to get more insight into your fleet, you can also get FL360 advanced, which gives you information on your engine diagnostics, engine oil life, fuel level, and seatbelt status.

Spireon’s Vehicle Management Features

Spireon scores 4.5/5 for vehicle management, tied with Linxup in fourth place. Both have auto-generated vehicle diagnostic features that automatically send you reports when something goes awry with your vehicles. Although, they fall behind Verizon (5/5), which immediately refer you to the nearest service center to a given vehicle if immediate action is required. In our Azuga review, we explain how they track fleet maintenance records, such as oil changes, tire rotations, warranty expirations, license renewals, and preventative maintenance routines. However, only Verizon offers the ability to view service logs and edit them, giving you complete control over your maintenance records. 

When it comes to theft prevention, they’re like chess pieces, protecting your precious vehicle in their own unique ways. Spireon is a rook with its after-hours alerts and door sensors that prevent unauthorized access. Linxup is a knight, always on the lookout for device tampering or unauthorized usage outside of company hours. Lastly, Verizon is the queen, monitoring and sending alerts when the system is unassigned or when there is out-of-hours driving.

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Does Spireon Have Good Customer Reviews?

Spireon garnered many positive reviews across business software review sites scoring an overall 3.3/5 on Trustpilot and  4.3/5 on Capterra. Let’s take a look at what Spireon’s long-term customers have to say about them:

Customer review

The representative who assisted me this morning knew exactly what he was doing and navigated me to the correct tabs and pages with no mistakes. That really helps so that there is no confusion on the customers’ end as we learn from you and how well-trained your staff is. Appreciate getting a knowledgeable customer service rep on the other line. Great Job!! (sic)

Jennifer Johnson,
- August 05, 2020
``GPS Tracking``

Overall: Overall, the experience has been good. I noticed that one street on Google maps has the wrong speed limit, as a consequence, I receive too many notifications on my driver speeding. I wish there was a way in the program to make that correction.

Pros: I like the ease of use. It seems to be very intuitive. Without anyone helping me, I am able how to figure most things out.

Cons: I don’t like some of the reports. I was a little confused and I had to call tech support to set up the reports.

Reasons for Choosing FleetLocate: I thought it was the best product for the price. Also, I liked that could quit at any time if I was not happy. (sic)

Mark J., President
Retail Company - July 31, 2019
``CSL Services INC uses Fleetlocate``

Overall: Csl Services has incorporated this software into our daily business practices. It is a valuable tool that assists us in delivering a quality product to our customers.

Pros: In the years that we have been utilizing this software, we have continued to find more ways to where it benefits us in our day-to-day operation. We purchased it originally just to know where our vehicle assets were at all times. We now use it to help our analyst assist our techs in locating sites; we use it to investigate accidents; We use it at times to route our drivers; we use it as part of our driver safety program, and we use it to help track our techs productivity and efficiency.

Cons: Our company could have learned the additional benefits earlier had we scheduled an official training for all who use it, at the time of purchase.

Reasons for Choosing FleetLocate: This product was recommended by one of our clients at the time we were shopping around for this service. (sic)

Julian S., Field Operations Manager
- July 31, 2019
Customer review

Just like any company we had a few hiccups at first getting switched but now we are on a roll! We have all issues fixed and had a great field rep come out and he understood exactly what we required. He had us fixed up really quick.  (sic)

- June 30, 2020

Spireon FleetLocate is the best fleet management system for fast updates, with a total score of 4.8/5 in our Expert Market research. Leveraging machine learning, it uses advanced technology to give you accurate and reliable tracking updates of your drivers and vehicles.

Aside from getting 24/7 visibility, it also gives you comprehensive and actionable insights to improve driver performance, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, and possibly maximize business profits

However, that advanced tech comes with a hefty price tag. Spireon is at the bottom of our pricing category with a score of 2.5/5. Understandable, considering the depth of features it provides. However, if you’re looking for more cost-effective alternatives, you can check out our RAM Tracking review (4.6/5), as RAM holds the record for the most affordable system. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a commitment-free alternative, there’s our GPS Trackit review (3.9/5) for the only system that offers no-contract subscriptions. 

Wondering how much you need to invest in a top fleet management system? Before you commit to a provider, you can use our free quote comparison tool to get tailored, obligation-free quotes direct from leading providers that fit your business needs. 

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