Linxup Review and Pricing: Best for Minimizing Downtime

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We know how stressful fleet downtimes can get. Thankfully, our extensive research into the world of GPS fleet management systems has revealed that Linxup is the best for minimizing downtime, scoring 4/5 in our latest Expert Market research. 

Linxup’s software is equipped with automated maintenance reminders that help you stay on top of your service schedule and track preventative maintenance routines that will ultimately prevent vehicle breakdowns

When choosing a fleet management system, we recommend comparing four key features: vehicle tracking, vehicle management, journey optimization, and the ability to improve driver safety and behavior. In this review, we’ll compare Linxup against its competitors and assess how well it measures up to these criteria. We’ll also explore its standout features and examine whether or not it’s a worthy investment.

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Pricing (Software)

Starts at $25 per month

Best For

Minimizing downtime

Linxup’s Pros and Cons


  • Reliable fleet maintenance management system
  • Powerful driver behavior reporting
  • User-friendly and comprehensive tracking


  • Limited product features
  • Inconsistent customer support
  • Lacks a free demo and trial

Reliable Fleet Maintenance Management System

Neglecting simple routine maintenance can lead to vehicle breakdowns and costly repairs. Keep your vehicles on the road with Linxup’s comprehensive fleet maintenance program that allows you to track service due dates and keep your vehicles in prime condition.

With Linxup, you’ll never miss a tune-up again. Its powerful built-in maintenance management system allows you to:

  • Add maintenance dates for each vehicle in your fleet
  • Create service schedules based on mileage, hours of usage, or scheduled dates
  • Keep a record of previous services
  • Get notifications about approaching service events

Powerful Driver Behavior Reporting 

Linxup excels when it comes to driver behavior management, scoring 4.3/5 on this front in our extensive research. Using Linxup’s intuitive Google Maps interface, you can:

  • Review detailed driving history with animated, interactive route replay 
  • Break each day down into detailed trip segments 
  • Review stops, alerts, and other key driving events 
  • View street-level details to gain deeper insight

You can also access driving style data which provides real-time alerts for speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration. You can also monitor driver performance, which shows the daily ranking of each driver and rates their performance from best to worst. 

Quick tip: 10 seconds of idling burn more fuel than shutting your engine off and restarting it again. If idling is a big concern, you can also set the maximum amount of time a vehicle can idle. This way you can minimize time wasted and reduce fuel costs.

UserFriendly and Comprehensive Tracking

Wondering why some cargo is taking longer to be delivered? Linxup scores 4.1/5 in tracking as its real-time GPS tracker allows users to quickly and easily locate any vehicle and promptly solve customer and driver disputes.

Once a Linxup tracker is installed, tracking a vehicle’s location and performance is simple. With the web or mobile app, you can: 

  • Get instant GPS tracking of any vehicle in your fleet 
  • View detailed reports of vehicle activity 
  • Access map views with both map and satellite options 
  • View a breadcrumb location history for each vehicle using clickable icons that make it super easy to find speed, direction, and vehicle stop information

In addition, you can also review fleet summary reports that record:

  • Vehicle idling reports of driver’s activity
  • Stops reports showing vehicle stops time at different locations
  • Advanced trip reports showing each day’s activity
  • Driver safety report cards

 Limited Product Features

So far, Linxup is looking exactly like the smart solution for every fleet management problem. But why isn’t it in our top 5? Unfortunately, it falls short when it comes to product features as its score plummets to a low 2.8/5 in our research.

It may provide cargo monitoring, but it doesn’tt provide engine temperature monitoring or traffic alerts, which are features you would want to keep your drivers and your fleet safe and on the move. Lastly, Linxup doesn’t provide automatic route optimization, but it can integrate with third-party route optimization apps.

If you’re looking for a system that can do all these, we recommend checking out Verizon, which scores 4.9/5 in product features. Be warned, however, that those features will come at a price. If you want a good balance between cost and utility, you can read our RAM Trucking review and Teletrac review, which both score 4.5/5.

 Inconsistent Customer Support

Linxup scores a below average 2/5 for customer support. While you can call Linxup anytime, our research shows there are mixed reviews when it comes to the consistency and helpfulness of its customer support team. While some people report that Linxup’s representatives were difficult to reach, others claim that their complaints were addressed immediately.

It’s crucial to have access to around-the-clock customer support in case you experience any issues with your fleet. If you’re looking for top-notch customer support, you can check out TN360 (4.5/5) and RAM (4.4/5) whose technical support teams have received excellent feedback across business software review websites.

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How Much Does Linxup Cost?

It’s usually the industry norm to give pricing on a case-by-case basis. However, Linxup is pretty confident and transparent when it comes to pricing. Below is the pricing for its devices. It is worth noting that, no matter which device and contract you choose, you’ll still pay an added $25 per vehicle, per month for Linxup’s software, which sees it score 3.2/5 in our research for pricing.

Wire-In GPS Tracker

JBUS Plug-In GPS Tracker

Plug-In GPS Vehicle Tracker

No contract




2-year contract




3-year contract




Key Features

  • Reports every minute when vehicle is running
  • Reports hourly when vehicle is off
  • Track a vehicle’s current location
  • View a running vehicle’s speed and direction
  • Compact, tamper-proof design (special feature unique to wire-in trackers)
  • All wire-in features
  • Plug & play
  • All JBUS features
  • Get alerts via SMS, email, or an app when the check engine light is triggered


For electric vehicles and vehicles ’95 and older

For heavy duty vehicles with 9-pin JBus ports

For non-electric vehicles manufactured after 1996.

Linxup offers competitive prices, although it is far from being the most affordable fleet management system on the market. This award goes to RAM (4.6/5), which offers bespoke pricing, and is closely followed by Quartix (4.4/5), with rental services at $14.90 per vehicle, per month.

Another drawback: Linxup does not offer a free installation nor a free trial, something Quartix and RAM both offer. However, their plug and play devices are easy to install.

Linxup’s products come with a one-year warranty and are available at reduced rates and special volume pricing – depending on your contract length. Just note that there are hefty charges (we’re talking $250 to $450) if you cancel before your contract has expired. 

We know it’s scary to commit to a long-term contract. That’s why we’ve done the necessary research to help you find the right fleet management system for you. Fill out our short quote comparison tool with a few details about your fleet and its requirements. We’ll then pair you with top providers that fit your needs. They’ll be in touch with tailored, obligation-free quotes.

Linxup’s Standout Features

Get 24-Hour Protection With Linxup Dash Cam

Linxup dashcam
Source: Linxup

Receive video or image alerts for collisionsnearby movementbreaking glass, and harsh braking with the Linxup Dash Cam. This tiny yet mighty add-on is a beast with unbeatable features: 

  • Real-time view of the roads and inside the vehicle 
  • User-generated video options
  • LED spotlight for theft prevention

Using 4G LTE connectivity, videos instantly upload to the cloud and are available via mobile app or web, so you can easily share videos with your insurance provider or the police.

Linxup Dash Cam starts at $99 per vehicle, and can only be purchased on top of your monthly subscription plan.

Driver Safety Report Card

Linxup's tax reports
Source: Linxup

Linxup puts driver safety front and center with a daily performance scorecard for each driver. It monitors unsafe driving activity, such as speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration. 

Using this data, you can generate a daily driver safety report card that provides:

  • A grade for each driver
  • A summary of key safe driving behaviors and alerts
  • Key data, such as stops, miles driven, and idling activity

Increasing driver safety also means reducing risk liability and stress. Business owners will receive real-time alert notifications via mobile or summary notifications via email or text when unsafe driving occurs.

Generate IFTA Reports in a Jiffy!

Linxup's tax and mileage reports
Source: Linxup

Need International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports? With Linxup, you can generate IFTA reports, including fuel and miles tax summaries, in seconds. You can also calculate fuel-tax information for individual vehicles or your entire fleet. 

Approved by all US Departments of Transportation, Linxup’s IFTA add-on gives you the tools to easily:

  • Collect mileage data
  • Calculate fuel tax information for each or all vehicles
  • View fuel gallons used, tax rates for individual states, and total fuel tax due
  • Generate reports in HTML and quickly export to Excel

Definitely a worthy add-on, this will cost an extra $12 per month and could save hundreds of hours in the long run.

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What Kind of Business Is Linxup Best For?

We highly recommend Linxup for businesses with large fleets who find keeping track of vehicle maintenance a juggling act. Linxup’s automated maintenance reminders will help fleet managers keep to their routine maintenance schedules and stay on top of daily operations without the hassle of having to track each vehicle’s service schedule. You can simply add maintenance dates for each vehicle in your fleet and Linxup will let you know when you’re due for a tune-up.

Linxups’s comprehensive fleet maintenance recording capabilities also help businesses with large fleets to track preventative maintenance routines, such as oil changes and tire rotations. Considering how maintenance costs are steadily climbing each year, investing in a system with powerful maintenance management software will prevent vehicle breakdowns and costly repairs in the future. Furthermore, Linxup also helps owners track warranty expirations and license renewals.

How Does Linxup Compare With Other Fleet Management Systems?

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Teletrac Navman TN360




GPS Trackit

Pricing (Software)

Starts at $25 per month

Pricing (Software)

Available on request

Pricing (Software)

From $25/month

Pricing (Software)
Pricing (Software)

On request

Pricing (Software)

From $25 to $35/month

Pricing (Software)

From $14.90 to $22.90

Pricing (Software)

From $23.95

Pricing (Software)

At the very start of this review, we talked about the key factors you should compare when choosing your next fleet management system. Let’s take a look at these all-important points and see how well Linxup stacks up against the competition.

Linxup’s Vehicle Tracking Features

Linxup’s real-time GPS tracking earns it a 4.1/5 in the vehicle tracking category in our research. Its 60-second refresh time, similar to GPS Trackit (4.1/5) and RAM (4.6/5), allows users to keep up with time-sensitive situations, especially when something is going wrong. However, these systems are still lagging behind perfect scorer Verizon’s 30-second and TN360’s (4.6/5) real-time system data update.

Linxup also boasts a comprehensive alert system that keeps you in control of every vehicle in your fleet. With Linxup, you’ll get alerts on:

  • Safe driving habits: speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration 
  • Device tampering and no GPS signal 
  • Geofencing: when drivers enter or exit an area
  • First ignition of the day 
  • Excessive idling

If vehicle theft prevention is your main concern, you can set alerts for device tampering and unauthorized usage outside of company hours. You can also read up on vehicle theft statistics in the US, so you can be aware of your risk.

Linxup’s Ability to Reduce Fleet Costs

Did you know that idling wastes an estimated 6 billion gallons of fuel each year? Linxup has powerful driver behavior management features – scoring 4.3/5 in the driver management category, along with RAM and Azuga – which allow you to monitor idling, speeding, and rapid acceleration, and ultimately coach your drivers about fuel-efficient driving habits. 

However, unlike our top contenders (and top three most expensive systems) Verizon, Samsara and Azuga, Linxup does not have automatic route optimization features, which can significantly cut transportation time and fuel costs via efficient route planning. However, it can integrate with third-party route optimization apps.

Linxup also doesn’t have its own fuel purchase report, like Verizon and Samsara. However, similar to Fleetio and GPS Trackit, you do have the option to integrate with a fuel card to track your fuel purchases. Currently, Linxup only partners with Fleetcor.

Linxup’s Vehicle Management Features

Vehicle management is where Linxup excels in vehicle management, scoring 4.5/5 along with Spireon. Both systems have comprehensive fleet maintenance recording capabilities that allow you to track oil changes, tire rotations, warranty expirations, license renewals, and preventative maintenance routines.

Linxup is at par with Verizon and Samsara, both scoring 5/5 in vehicle management, when it comes to vehicle diagnostic reports. All three allow you to receive vehicle hardware diagnostic reports based on automatically generated data – for example, when a vehicle gets a fault light, the system will immediately let you know. Then, via Linxup’s app, you can check the trouble code, click on it to see a more detailed diagnostic report, determine the severity of the issue, and decide whether or not it needs immediate attention.

Does Linxup Have Good Customer Reviews?

When you’re looking for a new fleet management system, investigating other users’ experiences can be an extremely valuable way to determine whether a system is right for you. Linxup’s reputation is gaining ground, with an average customer rating of 4.1/5 across business software review sites, such as Capterra and G2.

``IFTA Tracking Made EASY!!``

Overall: Linxup has been a great tool for our fleet of three trucks. I no longer have to go through trip sheets and logbooks trying to figure out state miles.

Pros: I like that it automatically calculates my miles per state and the software automatically calculates IFTA returns for the trucks I select.

Cons: I wish I could enter fuel in the app from my phone.(sic)

Adam P., Owner Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
- November 2022
Customer review

Pros: I like how easy it is to use. It is so easy to log in and see that it takes you directly to a map that shows all of your vehicles, and a quick list to see who may be offline. It is also great to see who may need vehicle maintenance with the check engine indicator online. The reports are pretty easy to read and have been very helpful. A good product.

Cons: The support is what I have the most issue with in regards to Linxup. It really depends on who you get on the phone. Some of the reps you speak to when a device loses a signal are great and quick, and don’t try to keep you on the phone, but they want to solve your problem as quickly as possible. However, the next time you call you could get a rep that acts like they are new and don’t know what is really going on (sic)

Tina R., Construction Coordinator
- Used the software for 2+ years
``An amazing fleet tracking service!``

I manage a small fleet of work trucks and trailers, about 30 assets in total. Being able to see the location of each asset is a necessity every day for us. Linxup allows us to keep track of our entire fleet for a very competitive price! (sic)

Peirce D.,
- November 2022

We absolutely recommend Linxup as it’s the best for minimizing downtime, scoring a solid 4/5 in our in-depth research. Linxup makes vehicle maintenance easy with its automated maintenance reminders that alert you when a service is needed. With Linxup, you can keep your vehicles in optimal condition, stay on top of your maintenance schedule, track service costs and records, and avoid unnecessary vehicle breakdowns along the way.

That said, Linxup does come with a crucial downside, specifically that it doesn’t quite provide consistent and impeccable help and support – ranking last in this category with a 2/5 – a serious problem for time-sensitive concerns. Linxup also does not offer installation services, but its plug and play devices are easy to install.

Overall, Linxup is brimming with powerful features. Linxup allows you to efficiently manage driver behavior, reduce erratic driver behavior and thus, further cut down fleet costs. Its software is easy to use and you get a comprehensive analysis of vehicle movement throughout the day. With cost-effective add-ons, such as its auto-generated IFTA reporting and Linxup dash cam, you can also dial up its usefulness and save yourself from a mountain of paperwork.

Looking for a new fleet management system, but getting bogged down by the research? Simply fill in our free quote service form, tell us about your fleet and your requirements, and we’ll connect you with providers that best meet your needs.

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