The 6 Best Fleet Maintenance Software Systems in 2023

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Laurice Zapanta

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Armed with data from our independent market research, we can confidently say nobody does fleet maintenance like Verizon. As the overall best fleet maintenance software system, it has top-tier features and checks all the boxes to help you run your business more smoothly and efficiently. 

But that’s not all we’re tackling in this article – we’re also shining the spotlight on other fleet maintenance software systems we’ve researched, which also have promising fleet maintenance features. Here, we’ll compare them and see how they match up according to their driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR), vehicle diagnostics, maintenance scheduling, and maintenance record-keeping features. We’ll also sprinkle in additional perks that will help boost your productivity and performance!

Read on to find out more about these fleet maintenance systems. Don’t forget to check out our free quote comparison tool to find the best prices from top providers for your business. 

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Teletrac Navman TN360



Pricing (Software)
Pricing (Software)

From $27 to $33/month

Pricing (Software)

From $25 to $35/month

Pricing (Software)

From $25/month

Pricing (Software)

Bespoke pricing depending on fleet size, contract length, and features

Pricing (Software)

Starts at $25 per month

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1. Verizon: Best Overall Fleet Maintenance Software

verizon connect logo
4.7 Expert research score
Pricing $20 - $40
Quick overview

Verizon helps provide accurate and insightful data to ensure your assets and crew are productive and safe. With tight regulations and so many resources to track and keep secure, Verizon's tracking software daily summary reports, geofencing, and driver behavior management.

Verizon Connect is a leading fleet telematics provider, delivering solutions to help businesses boost their bottom line. The brand started operating in the US in 2018, providing advanced fleet and mobile workforce management software to businesses of all sizes. 

In 2016, Verizon Telematics acquired Fleetmatics, cementing its position as a global leader in the industry. Today, Verizon Connect boasts over 3,500 employees across 18 countries.


Accurate tracking capabilities

Extensive driver management functionality

Comprehensive vehicle management tools

24/7 phone support


Minimum 3-year contract length

Pricier than other fleet management systems

Typical price Prices are bespoke, based on factors like fleet size, package options, and contract length
$20 to $40 Per vehicle, per month

Verizon has an impressive 4.7/5 score in our research, and it very much deserves the best overall title. It helps you schedule maintenance checks regularly to ensure all your vehicles are in tip-top shape before setting off. Moreover, it sends automatic alerts if it detects any damage. So, if a faulty system lights up, you can receive vehicle diagnostic reports in a snap!

If you ever miss a check-up or scheduled maintenance, it will automatically reflect on your fleet maintenance records. Speaking of, your fleet maintenance records are all intact with Verizon’s system. In case of a faulty system, it will automatically sync this information to your records and suggest the nearest maintenance centers. You can also create service plan templates to calculate maintenance costs and how often you should do them.

Its DVIR compliance also saves you from the headache of complying with federal requirements for maintaining your fleet by providing an easy way for drivers to log vehicle inspection reports electronically.

So far it has been smooth sailing, but we’re hitting the brakes when it comes to Verizon’s pricing plans. The provider only scores 2.5/5 in our pricing analysis. True enough, it has a reasonably low entry point at $20 per vehicle, per month, a considerable difference from Samsara, which starts at $27 per vehicle, per month. But it is still not the most affordable choice in the market today, which is RAM as it has the most affordable price plans, scoring 4.6/5 in our research for pricing.

Verizon will also tie you into a three-year contract. As such, we don’t recommend Verizon for small fleets that don’t cost a lot to manage or those who’d prefer short-term contracts.

2. Samsara: Best Fleet Maintenance Software for Managing Vehicles

Samsara flexi
4.6 Expert research score
Pricing $27 - $33
Quick overview

Samsara is our top pick for vehicle management because it provides vehicle diagnostics, enhanced fuel management, and maintenance scheduling. It also shows data on distance travelled, cargo temperature, and engine temperature so fleet managers can effectively monitor fleets closely.

Samsara is top-tier Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, and pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, which enables fleet businesses to leverage IoT data to gain actionable insights and optimize their operations. 

In 2023, Samsara partnered with Motormax to offer enhanced fleet vehicle safety using automated 360-degree video telematics. It’s headquartered in San Francisco, where the company was founded in 2015.


Comprehensive vehicle management features

Excellent driver management tools

30-second to one-minute data updates


Premium pricing

No installation support

Average price Prices are bespoke, based on factors like fleet size, package options, and contract length
$27 to $33 Per vehicle, per month

Armed with automatic maintenance scheduling, vehicle diagnostics, and fleet maintenance record retention, Samsara, fares quite well in our independent market research with an overall score of 4.6/5. It is also the best for managing vehicles.

In addition to its excellent performance in these areas, what earns Samsara extra brownie points is its fuel monitoring system. It will give you a detailed input of your current fuel level, fuel efficiency, estimated fuel costs, engine run time, and idle time. These are all very helpful when it comes to minimizing fuel costs, which every fleet manager needs, especially in this challenging time.

We also applaud its journey optimization feature, as it calculates every journey (at a maximum of 20 stops) to provide the most efficient route for your drivers. Lastly, its DVIR compliance report is also top-tier – you can customize your templates, and your drivers can easily navigate or resolve any defects on the vehicles if ever one arises.

But where does Samsara fall behind Verizon? We’d point that to its 4/5 score in our product features analysis, compared to Verizon’s more impressive 4.9/5. Unfortunately, Samsara does not allow third-party integrations with satellite navigation (sat nav) devices, which can make journeys easier for your drivers. Plus, it does not offer hardwired devices, which are more difficult to tamper with. 

Samsara’s pricing is also another point of weakness. Starting at $27 per vehicle, per month, it comes at a three-year minimum contract. Though it provides options for small businesses, its fairly costly entry point is debatable for such fleet sizes.

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3. Azuga: Best Fleet Maintenance Software for Efficient Routes

azuga Logo
4.4 Expert research score
Pricing $25 - $35
Quick overview

Azuga provides an optimized route once you've created a route with multiple stops. Optimization will reorder the stops to create the quicker route, a handy tool for fleet managers who are trying to conserve fuel and driver resource.

Azuga is a comprehensive fleet telematics system that’s been specifically designed to prioritize driver safety. Since 2012, it has helped businesses grow by using advanced analytics to improve driver safety and efficiency, and provide actionable insights to help fleet managers boost fleet performance.

Azuga powers over 6,000 commercial fleets worldwide. In August 2021, global sustainable mobility leader Bridgestone announced its acquisition of Azuga, making Azuga’s innovative solutions more sustainable than ever.


Unbeatable route optimization features

Comprehensive knowledge center for users

Driver-centric management system


No free installation support

Three-year contract length

Price range Prices are bespoke, based on factors like fleet size, package options, and contract length
$25 to $35 Per vehicle, per month

Azuga, with an overall score of 4.5/5 in our independent research, is another great contender that ticks the right boxes for fleet maintenance. However, we’d like to specify that automatic maintenance scheduling is only available for an additional cost, unlike Verizon and Samsara, which offer this sans price upgrades. 

This is also why our analysis puts Azuga behind on the racetrack when it comes to pricing, scoring an average 2.5/5 in our pricing insights. Azuga’s entry point at $25 per vehicle, per month is higher than Verizon, yet it includes maintenance scheduling in the subscription plan. So for this one, we’re handing it off to the best overall – Verizon.

If you’re looking for a faster, easier way to compare quotes from top vehicle tracking suppliers, you can try our free quote comparison tool.

With continuously rising fuel costs, finding the best fleet GPS tracking systems to optimize your routes will come in handy. Good news: Azuga proves to be the frontrunner in this category, scoring 4.4/5 in our independent market research into fleet maintenance systems. Thanks to its innovative Web Platform Structure, you can reduce fuel costs and driving time as it automatically chooses the most efficient route for your drivers using its thorough analysis and calculation of journey stops. It also employs science-backed algorithms and machine learning to provide you with the most efficient computing methods.

4. Teletrac Navman TN360: Best Fleet Maintenance Software for Managing Drivers

teletrac logo
Teletrac Navman TN360
4.5 Expert research score
Pricing From $25
Quick overview

Teletrac shows a comprehensive breakdown of driver history and the ability to manage driver behaviour. This is done through various features including a leaderboard system, automatic alerts for dangerous driving, and reporting to analyse journeys or specific events.

Teletrac is one of the world’s largest fleet solutions providers, boasting over 25 years of history in GPS tracking. It was founded in the UK in 1988 as Trafficmaster, offering drivers road congestion information. In 2015, Teletrac merged with Navman Wireless, a GPS navigation device manufacturer based in Taiwan. In 2020, it expanded its services to connected solutions, fortifying its ground in advanced fleet management.

To date, Teletrac Navman monitors almost 500,000 vehicles across six continents, with US headquarters in California.


Top-tier driver monitoring tools, including driver fatigue management

Reliable help and support channel

Offers one-year minimum contracts


Lacks advanced hardware features like cargo temperature and engine temperature monitoring

Can't automatically optimize your routes

Starting price Prices are bespoke, based on factors like fleet size, package options, and contract length
From $25 Per vehicle, per month

Driver management is a viable feature to analyze when looking for the best fleet maintenance software. Your drivers contribute to your business – so if they’re driving aggressively, you’d have to shell out more money to fix mechanical faults or vehicles that have broken down. This is where Teletrac Navman TN360 shines best, scoring a perfect 5/5 in our driver management analysis and an overall 4.6/5 in our research.

With this software, you can easily monitor your drivers’ performance, history, routes, and get alerted if they drive harshly or get into unwanted incidents. This benefits your fleet managers and your drivers as it makes every task easier for them. Case in point: its built-in DVIR templates. There is no need to go through the lengthy process of filing paper DVIRs; Teletrac has an electronic template set up for you. 

But its flat tire comes with vehicle diagnostics. To know whether or not you have a faulty system or hardware, you have to do the work yourself. If you detect damages and take your vehicle to a service center, Teletrac will reflect this on your fleet maintenance records. Maintenance scheduling is also manual, so if this is a deal breaker for you, we recommend vying for other suppliers, such as Verizon (with an overall score of 5/5), as it offers these services.

5. Spireon: Best Fleet Maintenance Software for Fast Updates

spireon logo
4.2 Expert research score
Pricing Bespoke
Quick overview

Founded in 2002, Spireon is among the largest fleet management solutions in the US. Its innovative NSpire IoT platform powers its connected vehicle solutions, with almost four million active subscribers and billions of data events processed monthly.

In February 2021, Spireon was acquired by Solera Holdings, LLC, a global fleet management software-as-a-service provider serving over 300,000 customers worldwide. This acquisition is set to propel Spireon’s growth trajectory as a leading player in the global market.


24/7 visibility and actionable insights

15 to 60-second refresh time

Offers covert installation


Premium pricing

Limited help and support for users

Bespoke Based on fleet size, package features, and contract length

With an overall score of 4.1/5 in our research, Spireon isn’t as compelling as the other suppliers we’ve reviewed, but it’s got its own set of perks.

A closer look at its vehicle management features proves it worthy of its 4.5/5 score in that area of our analysis, as it has automatic vehicle diagnostics. So, whenever an engine system lights up and indicates damages, it automatically syncs it to your fleet maintenance records.

Speaking of, Spireon lets you track preventative maintenance routines, oil changes, tire rotations, warranty expirations, and license renewals on your fleet records. It also supports DVIR and will alert you when it’s time for a maintenance check, usually set manually or when a fault lights up. 

Our favorite Spireon perk is its super fast data refresh, which is every 15 to 60 seconds. You can choose whichever you want between this time range, making it a more considerable option than the next fastest option, which is Verizon’s 30-second refresh rate. Spireon’s customizable data refresh rate can help you manage your fleet depending on your preference. This option is also available towards all packages.

However, our research highlights some of Spireon’s drawbacks, such as its pricing and help and support features. Users can only reach Spireon through its provided email address and hotline number, which is not available 24/7. This is the reason for its below average score of 2.4/5 for help and support.

Pricing, on the other hand, could also be a dealbreaker. Scoring an average 2.5/5 in our pricing analysis, Spireon may not be the best value for money, despite offering bespoke pricing plans that depend on your fleet size, contract length, and features. 

If you want to know more about pricing, try our free quote comparison tool. It’s a fast and easy way to receive personalized quotes from the top fleet maintenance companies directly. This will allow you to choose which suits your business best.

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6. Linxup: Best Fleet Maintenance Software for Minimizing Downtime

linxup Logo
4 Expert research score
Pricing From $25
Quick overview

Founded in 2004, Linxup is a GPS solutions provider intent on simplifying complicated processes. Its growth and customer loyalty stand as a testament to the value of Linxup’s philosophy: its motto is "Linxup — Simple".

With its simple and effective approach, Linxup has gained over 43,000 customers and currently tracks over 190,000 vehicles, assets, and pieces of equipment. It’s headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri.


Reliable fleet maintenance management system

Powerful driver behavior reporting

User-friendly and comprehensive tracking


Doesn't automatically optimize your routes

Inconsistent customer support

No free demo and trial

Starting price Prices are bespoke, based on factors like fleet size, package options, and contract length
From $25 Per vehicle, per month

With an overall score of 4/5 in our independent research, Linxup isn’t as sophisticated as the other ones we’ve researched. However, that’s not to say it’s without its charm.

For starters, Linxup provides automatic vehicle diagnostics, DVIR compliance, and retains your fleet maintenance records. It offers a maintenance scheduling feature as well. In addition, Linxup’s system allows you to input these service checks and events for each vehicle. This exact feature is why we’ve singled out Linxup as the best for minimizing downtime.

Vehicle downtime is often due to irregular maintenance, which amps up the wear and tear of your fleet. Thanks to Linxup’s super efficient maintenance scheduling, you save yourself from this hassle!

Though its features are less powerful than the previous suppliers on this list, it is an excellent choice for small businesses. We also commend its clean, minimalist dashboard that clears out all the confusion with analytics. Another plus is that its mobile app makes driver dispatching and messaging feel like a walk (or, in this case, a drive) in the park!

How Did We Compare The Best Fleet Maintenance Software?

Here at Expert Market, our team of skilled and dedicated researchers analyzes the best and most popular fleet maintenance software systems. They then compare these providers with each other by looking at specific categories:

  • Vehicle Management  How efficient is it at keeping track of your vehicle’s overall health? Does it keep your maintenance records?
  • Price  How much does it cost? Is it great value for money, considering its features? 
  • Tracking  How effective is its system when it comes to tracking your vehicles? How fast do they refresh data? Do they factor in traffic or help you optimize routes?
  • Driver Management  Can it track your drivers’ performance? For example, does it report dangerous driving behavior and incidents? Can you reach your driver for urgent concerns?
  • Product Features  Aside from these basic features, what other perks does it offer? A mobile app? Satellite navigation integration? 
  • Customer Support  What platforms do they offer their clients to support and help them with their needs?

Factoring in all these with input from our readers and how each supplier scores in these factors, we were able to calculate their overall score. All that’s left to do is rank them and identify which area they shine brightest! 

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Our deep dive into fleet maintenance software systems leads us in one direction: Verizon is the best one out there. With a 5/5 score in our vehicle management analysis, it has everything you need: maintenance scheduling, fleet maintenance records, DVIR compliance, or vehicle diagnostics.

Samsara comes close here with its excellent route optimization and fuel efficiency features. However, Verizon still powers through as it provides extensive data reporting, especially as it alerts you in case you miss scheduled maintenance or a faulty system goes unresolved. As such, we’d still recommend Verizon for the ultimate fleet maintenance management experience.

There are plenty of other providers, and we want to help you find the right one for your business. Our free quote comparison tool links you with the best fleet maintenance companies for you, who’ll be in touch directly with tailored quotes based on your fleet size and needs.


What is DVIR?
DVIR, short for driver vehicle inspection report, is a document that your drivers must fill out before and after a shift to report if any equipment gets damaged, or if the vehicle is safe to use by another driver. It is specified by Federal Law 49 CFR 396.11 and 396.13 and enforced by the United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
How do I keep track of fleet maintenance?
To keep track of maintenance, we recommend keeping your fleet maintenance records, sticking to your maintenance schedules, having a system in place that reports on vehicle diagnostics, and ensuring your drivers stay on top of their DVIRs. The best provider to help you with fleet maintenance is Verizon, which scores an overall 4.7/5 in our independent research.
How much does fleet maintenance software cost?
Pricing typically depends on your fleet size, contract length, and features. It is the industry norm to provide tailored pricing based on these cost factors. For faster and easier quotes, use our free quote comparison tool. It will link you up with the right suppliers for you, who’ll then be in touch with personalized prices for you to compare.
What is the best software for fleet maintenance?
Our independent research into fleet maintenance software systems singles out Verizon as the best overall, scoring a solid 4.7/5. It has top-of-the-line features for ensuring your fleet is as efficient as possible. It has automatic vehicle diagnostics, maintenance scheduling, fleet maintenance records, and a DVIR system. 
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