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Teletrac Navman Fleet Management Review

Merger of telematic giants offers the US fleet management market the best global and USA-based platform.

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  • Could have deeper reporting features

Teletrac and Navman Wireless have merged to become Teletrac Navman. Bringing together nearly three decades of leading industry experience, this merger has set a high standard for others to follow. The merger results in a holistic telematics solution for fleet management across the USA.

Teletrac Navman provide a comprehensive cloud based SaaS platform focusing on GPS asset location, diagnostics, business intelligence, scorecarding, fuel efficiency and much more, via a powerful web based interface. Their primary and most comprehensive product range is the Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR incorporating all conceivable elements of GPS tracking, telematics and fleet tracking software.

Teletrac Navman offer a range of customisable options which you can tailor, whatever the size of your business, whether you are looking for a basic GPS system or a holistic system governing and directing your entire fleet management.

The merged Teletrac Navman provides customers with the strongest and largest customer support base in the USA. With the billions of data transactions they process each day through their cloud based platform, this is a welcome and important consideration.

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Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR

Teletrac Navman’s flagship fleet management solution product range DIRECTOR is designed with the purpose of encompassing a holistic approach to fleet management giving fleet managers the ability to apply the technology to fleets of any size. Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR range is available across three products: Essential, Professional and Enterprise. The DIRECTOR range is comprised of a modular approach with each upgraded system building on the last.

DIRECTOR Essential

The first fleet management solution in the DIRECTOR range, Essential is the most basic form of Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR. Nevertheless, this fleet management system has been designed to work best with local and national services as well as construction business. The system offers a range of features and functionalities which can be broke down into the following:

Real Time Tracking

With real time technology, fleet managers are able to located vehicles whenever they wish, improve the effectiveness of fleet operations through rapid dispatching and employ geo-fences to ensure that vehicles keep within the designated area. In addition, this fleet management system comes equipped with a mobile app making fleet data available remotely.

Simple Data Management

Understanding vehicle tracking data can be confusing if you are new to fleet management systems, however Essential eliminates any confusion and makes the data easy to interpret and act upon. One feature of Essential which is especially beneficial for fleet managers is the ability to toggle between different map types (road, aerial and hybrid mapping). Toggling between these will enable fleet managers to access roads and plan more fuel efficient routes.

Vehicle & Driver Interactions

Often it can be hard to establish a link between management and the road. However, with vehicle and driver interactions this link is achieved. With vehicle activity alerts management can act appropriately and therefore improve asset usage.

Vehicle & Trip Reports

With Essential reports fleet managers are able to easily access data about both the drivers and vehicles, including: vehicle usage and managing driver time sheets. This data can be an invaluable tool when it comes to improving productivity while simultaneously ensuring driver and vehicle safety.

DIRECTOR Professional

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Professional includes all the features and benefits of the Essential system and more. DIRECTOR Professional has been designed to put fleet managers in the driving seat giving them the ability to create customisable alerts to get the maximum return on investment and run the fleet as efficiently as possible. Additional features and functions include:

Dynamic Dashboard

With the capability to create custom data chart styles fleet managers have the capability to present data in easy to understand, aesthetically pleasing, formats. The dashboard goes far beyond data analysis, fleet managers can track specific behavioural and usage patterns. Identifying these patterns can be vital in improving the efficiency of fleet operations.

Driver Scorecards

Measure and track individual driver performance to identify any areas of concern, Identifying areas of concern using driver scorecards provide a great opportunity to employ appropriate training in order to improve driver performance and as a result, improve driver safety whilst simultaneously improving fleet operations.

Maintenance & Fuel Reports

Consistently check vehicle health and set maintenance schedules. Keeping your fleet in optimal working condition can have huge impacts on fuel usage and therefore, increasing your profitability by reducing fuel costs.

Vehicle Events

Choose which vehicle events you want to track. As an example, fleet managers could create an alert for when vehicles are idling, identifying this data can be beneficial in reducing fuel costs and planning more effective routes.

Street View Mapping

Utilizing Google Street View, fleet managers are now able to get eyes on the road and effectively see what the driver sees. This functionality is best used for accurately guiding for drivers fusing landmarks.

Report Suite

A more comprehensive package of reporting functions including: idle time, peak speed, time sheets and CO2 emission are available.

DIRECTOR Enterprise

Comprising all the elements of both the Essential and Professional packages, the DIRECTOR Enterprise is Teletrac Navman’s most comprehensive fleet management system offering all-encompassing features and functionalities.

Advanced Reply

With the ability to replay driving events such as unsafe driving fleet managers are able to score events and take appropriate action. Replaying accidents may also be beneficial for insurance purposes.

User Permission Controls

Fleet managers can now create hierarchies of system users and employ user restrictions for data that contain sensitive information. Enabling the employment of hierarchies gives companies better control over data sensitivity and privacy.

API Support

The API support offered by the DIRECTOR Enterprise system is an extremely beneficial function. With this technology companies are able to integrate DIRECTOR Enterprise with other business software with the aim of yielding the maximum return on investment.

Customer Form Builder

Businesses that operate fleets can send custom reports and capture driver signatures via in-vehicle devices. This can be useful in identifying drivers and managing them effectively.

Enhanced Geo-Search

With enhanced Geo-Search fleet operators can easily assess the significance of traffic from previous journeys in the last 24 months to identify good and bad routes and ultimately, make the fleet more efficient.

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The comprehensive list of functionalities offered and advanced fleet management technologies make Teletrac Navman one of the best fleet management system suppliers. Additionally, with the opportunity of customizing, optimizing and enhancing the systems they provide a holistic approach to fleet management.