5 Best Courier Software Options

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Choosing the best courier software is pivotal for businesses looking to optimize delivery operations and enhance overall profitability. Whether you’re launching a new courier business or striving to improve an established fleet, implementing superior fleet software can transform your daily workflows.

Specifically, it can help reduce fuel costs, streamline delivery routes, and increase your daily delivery capacity without expanding your workforce. In other words, investing in top-quality courier software is an essential step for maximizing the potential of your courier service.

While the best courier software varies depending on your needs, Verizon Connect is our top choice. However, its comprehensive feature set can get quite expensive, so for a better value option, GPS Insight is the way to go.

Read on for detailed insights into those providers and all the best courier software available on the market. Alternatively, fill out our form above to receive tailored quotes from the leading options. Also, explore our top picks for the best GPS tracking fleet systems if you want to manage your fleet more effectively.

What is Courier Software?

Courier software is essentially another term for fleet management software. It teams up with a clever piece of hardware that hooks up to your vehicles’ diagnostics. This mighty combination doesn’t just help you keep track of vehicle status; it also helps you manage delivery slots and keep tabs on your drivers’ driving habits.

All of this is essential when it comes to ensuring your courier business remains compliant with the electronic logging device (ELD) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and regulations.

Most courier software systems work as a two-way communication stream. This means you can send messages and updates from your phone, tablet, or PC to your drivers’ device and vice versa, so long as there’s an internet or cellular connection.

Sending messages and updates is only the start. The best courier software offers a whole load of benefits that you should take full advantage of. These include:

Real Time Traffic Updates

How many late deliveries have you put down to bad traffic? We’re guessing a fair few. But not to worry – with courier software, your drivers will receive real-time traffic updates. The software will automatically reroute your drivers to the fastest roads, helping you keep your delivery schedule on track.

Driving Style

It’s alarming how awful acceleration and bad braking habits can affect the condition of your vehicles. In other words, are you paying out far more than you need to on replacing and maintaining brake pads and tires? With courier software, you find out who’s been driving inefficiently and cut down on those costs.

Fuel Wastage

Do you know how much fuel your drivers are wasting by keeping the engine ticking over unnecessarily? Courier software will alert you to engine idle time, and enable you to keep track of details such as miles per gallon and fuel top-ups. Are some drivers having to top up more than others? If so, why?

Schedule Management

Need to swap some schedules around to keep deliveries on track? No problem. You can use software apps to send out updates to your drivers on the road. You’ll also receive an alert each time a driver completes a delivery, so you’re completely up to date with each driver’s daily routine.

Need a Fleet Management System for your Business?

The Best Courier Software

The best courier software will feature:

  • Cloud connectivity
  • A GPS tracker
  • A dashboard camera
  • Two way messaging
  • Electronic driver logs

But which companies supply the best courier software systems?

From our research, we’ve discovered the following companies offer the best courier software:

How do they rate against each other?

Software CompanyStar RatingBest For
GPS InsightValue
SamsaraMedium-sized fleet management
Teletrac NavmanDriver management
Verizon ConnectAdvanced features


Azuga’s route optimization capabilities make it a top pick for fleet managers who prioritize efficient journey planning. The system’s integration with Google traffic alerts enables real-time routing adjustments to maximize the operational efficiency of your fleet. Users have the flexibility to customize their routing preferences based on factors like revenue, distance, and the number of stops.

Priced between $25 and $35 per vehicle per month, Azuga justifies its cost with additional features like precise state-based mileage reports for accurate fuel tax reporting and sophisticated geofencing to track driver locations.

It lacks crash reporting and charges extra for compliance features like ELD and DVIR, but we still feel Azuga’s advanced routing tools and detailed performance analytics make it a solid choice for mid-sized fleets focused on optimizing their routes.

Azuga Review


  • Top tier route optimization features
  • Comprehensive knowledge center
  • Driver-centric management system


  • Three-year contract lengths
  • Less advanced features versus similarly priced competitors

Here’s an image of what Azuga’s platform looks like, specifically its route-planning tool:

Azuga route planning tools inside software
Azuga's route planning tools offer excellent customization and optimization options for driver journeys - Source: Azuga

GPS Insight

GPS Insight has some of the cheapest starting plans we’ve seen on the US market. You’ll need to be wary of how exactly the features you require for your fleet business add up, but we found you could be paying as little as $14.95 per vehicle, per month via its Basic plan. By comparison, Verizon Connect and Samsara, two of our favorite providers, have base costs of around $25 to $30 per vehicle, per month.

While its feature set might not be as advanced as those two top courier software options, GPS Insight’s accurate GPS tracking, handy driver management tools, and essential reporting features mean it covers all the core functionality of those options, all in an easy-to-use software interface.

GPS Insight Review


  • Superb driver management and reporting tools
  • No contract length and monthly contract options
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited third-party integrations versus competitors
  • Lacking advanced features

Below is an image of GPS Insight’s Map View, showing live details of your fleet driver positions and other details:

Map View on the GPS Insight software app showing different driver positions and details
The Map View within GPS Insight's software - Source: Expert Market


If you’re looking for solid courier software, you can’t go wrong with Samsara. It’s a clever system – whether you’re looking to get the lowdown on driver and vehicle performance, or you want to ensure your drivers aren’t going over the legal ‘hours of service’.

We think it is particularly suited to managing vehicle usage through advanced tools such as AI-enhanced dispatch and rapid data updates so you always have eyes on your fleet. Its route optimization and vehicle diagnostics help prevent breakdowns and reduce costs, supported by 24/7 customer service, too.

Samsara Review


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent vehicle management and tracking features
  • Accurate reporting


  • App doesn’t log data if only running in background
  • Less cost-effective than some competitors
  • Strict data limit on hotspots

To give you a quick idea of how the software looks, here’s an image of Samsara’s main dashboard map:

Samsara Dashboard map
Samsara's Dashboard Map - Source: Samsara

Teletrac Navman

The Teletrac Navman TN360 courier software, starting at around $25 per vehicle per month, offers some of our favorite driver management features. It has a comprehensive suite of tools for monitoring driver behavior, including fatigue management and real-time data updates, as well as detailed reporting for efficient operations management.

You can easily message drivers using its built-in messaging system, rounding it off as a responsive, integrated software for keeping in contact with your couriers.

Teletrac Navman TN360 review


  • Advanced route planning technology
  • Scan and upload vehicle documents


  • Not designed for small businesses

Take a look at how Teletrac Navman’s driver dashboard looks on both mobile and laptop:

teletrac navman software screen
Teletrac Navman's driver productivity scoring is both intuitive and informative - Source: Teletrac Navman

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect enables you to do all the tasks you could need to do as a courier business. Namely: fleet tracking and management, field service and scheduling, and ELD and compliance.

It truly is an immersive one-stop shop for all your fleet tracking needs. You’ll be able to access the system from anywhere, benefit from detailed mapping, and your workers should be able to get to grips with the intuitive dashboard fairly swiftly. Its ‘Reports’ feature provides in-depth information such as speed, and jobs completed for future planning, too.

Plus, Verizon integrates with other systems such as Garmin satnavs and lots of third-party software add-ons. There’s almost nothing, besides the price point and contract length, that it falls short on.

Verizon Connect Review


  • Intuitive to use
  • Efficient fuel management with fuel card integration
  • Seamless job management


  • Relatively expensive
  • Add-on features can increase the price
  • Three-year contract lengths

We’re big fans of Verizon Connect’s live driver map view. Below is an image of us using the software:

screenshot of Verizon vehicle tracking map
Verizon's vehicle tracking map shows a live picture of what your fleet is up to - Source: Expert Market

How We Test Vehicle Tracking Systems for Businesses

We tested 29 market-leading vehicle tracking systems to evaluate them in terms of functionality, usability, accuracy, and aesthetics so we can make the most useful recommendations to US businesses.

Our rigorous testing process means these products have been scored and rated in six main categories of investigation and six subcategories – in fact, we covered 51 areas of investigation in total. We then gave each category score a ‘relevance weighting' to ensure the product's final score perfectly reflects the needs and requirements of Expert Market readers – and that's our algorithm in a nutshell!

Our main testing categories for vehicle tracking systems are:

Price: the cost associated with using the vehicle tracking software, including upfront costs, subscription fees, hardware costs (if applicable), and any additional charges for advanced features or add-ons.

Tracking: the core functionality of the vehicle tracking software, which involves monitoring and tracking the location and movements of vehicles in real-time, such as GPS tracking, route optimization, and geofencing.

Driver Management: the features and tools provided by the vehicle tracking software to manage and monitor driver activities. This can include driver behavior monitoring, driver performance reports, driver identification.

Vehicle Management: the functionalities that allow for the efficient management and maintenance of vehicles, such as vehicle health monitoring and maintenance scheduling.

Product Features: the additional functionalities and capabilities offered by the vehicle tracking software beyond basic tracking and management, such as real-time alerts and notifications or driver routing and dispatching.

Support: the resources, assistance, and guidance provided by the vehicle tracking software company to users, including phone support, email or chat support, and online forums.



Is there free courier software?

The best courier service software is always going to demand a monthly fee. Often, companies will require you to pay an upfront cost for hardware and installation, plus a monthly fee for the software and data hosting. If you don’t want to tie yourself into a contract, vehicle tracking companies such as ClearPath GPS offer a commitment-free service.

Are there courier software apps?

Yes – these days, most courier software is available in app form. While most are available to download onto your iPhone or iPad, not all are available to download onto Android devices, so make sure you double-check. You’ll also find courier software is available for PCs, making it easy for you to keep tabs on your drivers from your desktop computer.

How much does courier software cost?

The cost of courier software varies based on the size of the fleet and how many features you require. Many companies split their prices based on basic, pro and enterprise packages. You can expect to pay in the region of $10 to $30 per month per vehicle for a basic plan or between $30 to $55 for a more advanced plan. Don’t forget, you’ll need to consider installation cost – you can often work this into your monthly plan, or pay for it upfront.

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