5 Best Professional Dash Cams for Fleets

dash cam for fleets

By Dan Barraclough

This article will help you pick the best professional dash cam for your fleet…

These days, dash cams should be used in fleet vehicles of all sizes, and not just trucks. Dash cams encourage safe driving, reduce fuel costs with GPS, and identify hazardous driving – it’s no wonder that the global dash cam market was valued at $2.19 billion in 2017. Generally, they make your operations run a whole lot smoother – so why should the big guys get all the cool gadgets?

It’s not always about dash cams for truckers. At Expert Market, we never forget about the little guy – and these days, vehicles of any size can, and should, benefit from a dash cam. Whether your fleet consists of ATVs, motorbikes, or golf carts, we’ve devised a list of devices to help you decide on the best professional dash cam for your fleet.

We’ve reviewed all the key areas, including dash cam pricing, picture quality, and safety features. But without further ado, let’s dash through these cams…

Best Commercial Dash Cams for Fleets

Below are five of the best professional dash cams that could benefit your fleet. We’ve done our research and found the pros and cons for each device, and have decided who they’re best for.

Samsara CM32

Best overall professional dash cam

By automatically uploading footage to the Samsara cloud, the CM32 is a safety-conscious fleet manager’s dream. With this feature, your drivers don’t need to manually retrieve memory cards or download footage. The CM32 also analyzes high-risk behavior using its AI technology, such as distracted driving and running red lights – the camera can even identify speed limit signs, and notifies the driver if they are not observing the rules of the road.

More than just a safety companion, the Samsara CM32 records HD 1080p footage at 30 frames per second, using Infrared LED to capture superb night time video. All of these brilliant features can be installed into your fleet’s vehicles in about ten minutes, without any tech experience required. Each model costs $399, plus a $600 annual licence fee.


  • Interior audio capture feature
  • 177 degree interior camera

X Cons:

  • Relatively expensive
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BlackVue DR750S-2CH

Best footage fluidity

With the front camera capturing 60 frames per second – double the industry standard rate of 30 FPS – you won’t see more fluid footage than on the BlackVue DR750S-2CH. With such a smooth motion, this footage will be super easy to analyze after incidents, helping to expedite insurance claims for your business and ultimately save money.

The built-in wifi connection means you can connect your smartphone or tablet with the dash cam, while the GPS lets you visualise each vehicle in your fleet, wherever they are. What’s more, the BlackVue uses Starvis imagery sensors to provide high clarity recordings in low light. Depending on how much memory you need from your dash cam, these devices cost between $399 and $559.


  • Comes with BlackVue app
  • Very high frames per second recording

X Cons:

  • High frame rate uses lots of memory

Garmin Fleet 780

Best for fleet management

More than just a dash cam, the Garmin Fleet 780 is a 7-inch fleet management tablet with a built-in 1024x600p front-facing camera. Simply mount the device to your windscreen with a suction cup or magnetic mount, and your driver can then access the dash cam software through wifi and Bluetooth.

Aside from the built-in dash cam, the Garmin Fleet 780 can connect with exterior cameras, if you would like to give your drivers a wider view of the road. The dash cam’s smart technology also provides warnings for sharp curves, inclines, and bridge heights, which keeps your drivers safe on the road by minimizing the risk of crashes. This dash cam is part of a fleet management system, and so the prices will vary depending on your needs.


  • Built-in fleet management apps
  • Road hazard alerts

X Cons:

  • Camera resolution is relatively low

WheelWitness HD Pro Plus

Best for picture quality

High-quality fleets need dash cameras to match. The WheelWitness HD Pro Plus boasts one of the highest recording resolutions on the market, at 2304x1296p, which is leagues above the industry standard 1080p HD. The benefits of such camera quality go without saying, but the HD Pro Plus’ Wide Dynamic Range technology also provides high quality night time videos.

As with every dash cam we recommend, this device does more than just record. It has built-in GPS which allows you to locate your drivers at any time, guiding the nearest drivers to the more convenient job site. What’s more, the WheelWitness HD Pro Plus uses loop recording – when old footage is automatically replaced by new footage every so often – which means your drivers can focus on the road, rather than retrieving and replacing memory cards. Prices usually start at around $125.


  • Extremely high quality recordings
  • Very easy to use

X Cons:

  • Recorded loops are only two minutes long

Thinkware FA200 IRC

Best for safety

With the Thinkware FA200 dual channel dash cam, your drivers will think twice about speeding or checking their cell phone while driving. How so? This device records the road ahead and the vehicle’s interior, helping to encourage safe driving. The dash cam itself is sleek, fitting neatly behind any rear-view mirror, making it ideal for vehicles of any size.

You can also keep your vehicles safe at all times with the built-in Parking Mode. While your driver is away, this feature will record a time-lapse to reduce footage file size, detect impacts while parked, and detect any motion that could lead to vandalism. While driving, the FA200 IRC records in 1080p with a 140 degree viewing angle, and Wide Dynamic Range technology to ensure the right lighting exposure is used during the recording. The average price for this dash cam is $229.


  • Anti-file corruption technology
  • Battery saving mode

X Cons:

  • Interior camera could have higher resolution
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Expert Verdict

You now know the range of benefits a dash cam can provide for your fleet. For a quick recap, let’s take a look at the best commercial dash cams, and what they’re best for…

  • Samsara CM32 – Best overall
  • BlackVue DR750S – Best motion fluidity
  • Garmin Fleet 780 – Best for fleet management
  • WheelWitness HD Pro Plus – Best picture quality
  • Thinkware FA200 IRC – Best for safety

Why did we pick these dash cams? As we’ve mentioned, fleets aren’t all about trucks – these devices suit any sized vehicle, from ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) to Saloons. And whether you need a dash cam to improve your drivers’ performance, encourage safe driving, or record the highest quality footage, one of these dash cams could be just what your business needs.

Still undecided on which dash cam is best for your fleet? Not to worry – there are so many options out there. At Expert Market, we can make your choice a lot easier because we’ve done all the research for you. If you’d like to receive tailored quotes from some of the nation’s leading dash cam providers, simply fill in this quick form with your business requirements and they’ll get in touch. And it’s free!

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