7 Best Professional Dash Cams for Fleets in 2024

dash cam for fleets

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Professional dashcams are an effective way to ensure the safety of your fleet drivers and other road users. According to a study published in the Journal of Safety Research, implementing a fleet dashcam system can reduce incidents by up to 60%. 

Yet with so many great options on the market, how do you know which is the best dashcam for your fleet? As experts in fleet management tech, we’ve analyzed the best dashcams on the market right now based on a number of criteria.

Our top choice is Samsara’s CM32 dual-facing camera thanks to its low light recording capabilities, harsh event recording, and emergency panic button. But we also like Verizon Connect’s Integrated Video system for its handy set-up that monitors and improves drivers’ safety.

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What Are the Top Dash Cams for Commercial Fleets?

These are the providers we recommend based on our research. Use our comparison tool to find the best service for your business.

  1. Samsara CM32 – Best All-Round Fleet Dashcam
  2. Garmin Fleet 780 – Best Fleet Dashcam for Long-Term Use
  3. Verizon Connect Integrated Video – Best Integrated Fleet Dashcam System
  4. BlackVue DR750X-2CH – Best Fleet Dashcam for Footage Replay
  5. SmartWitness CP2 – Best Fleet Dashcam for Stable Footage
  6. Mobius ActionCam – Best Budget Fleet Dashcam
  7. Garmin Dash Cam 55 – Best Fleet Dashcam for Ease of Use

Top 7 Dash Cams for Fleet

Let’s compare the top fleet dash cam tech side-by-side:

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Garmin Fleet 780

BlackVue DR750X-2CH

SmartWitness CP2

Mobius ActionCam

Garmin Dash Cam 55


Depends on package


$442 approx.


Depends on package




$199.99-$249.99 (depending on specs)

Best For


Best For

Long-term use

Best For

Integrated system

Best For

Footage fluidity

Best For

Stable footage

Best For

Best budget option

Best For

Ease of use

  • Easy installation
  • 121° front view
  • 177° driver-facing view
  • Infrared LED night vision
  • Analytics in the cloud
  • Front-facing only
  • Built-in fleet management apps
  • Road hazard alerts
  • 720p or 1080p resolution
  • No night vision
  • Real-time notifications of hard-breaking or cornering
  • AI used to record and identify incidents
  • Designed specifically for business fleets
  • Very high frames per second recording
  • Uses Sony STARVIS for top-quality video recording
  • Built-in wifi and GPS helps fleet managers keep tabs
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, and gyro technology
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Lots of storage
  • Incredibly affordable at just $70
  • Records high-quality 1080p video
  • Simple and very easy to use
  • G-sensor automatic recording
  • 1080p/1440p resolution
  • 122°/180° view
  • Optional voice control

How Did We Choose the Best Dashcams for Fleets?

As the leading source of business fleet advice, we’re proud industry experts. Nobody loves dash cams like we do – and we’ve researched the full scope of gadgets on the market today.

We’re well aware of the many pressures you face as a fleet operator. That’s why we assess the latest dash cam tech according to:

  • Features and functions
  • Technology
  • Business use
  • Cost

Not much gets past us. We wouldn’t just recommend you any old GoPro, oh no. If you’re dealing with larger vehicles, you may want to check out our research into the best dash cams for truckers.

Why Can You Trust Expert Market for Dash Cam Recommendations?

As writers and editors, we’re committed to giving you the best quality information we can. Our website team is totally separate from our sales division, so our opinions are independent of financial persuasion.

What Is a Fleet Dash Cam?

A dash cam looks like a webcam and works in much the same way. They are set up near your dashboard to monitor road activity and driver behavior Using the power supply from your vehicle, dash cams record visuals and sometimes audio. Certain models contain a mic for voice commands or hands-free phone calls.

Dash cams often contain AI to detect events that compromise safety, such as falling asleep at the wheel. If the system detects a collision, it will send an automatic alert to the fleet manager and a sound alert within the driver’s cab.

Footage is stored on a memory card within the device or in the cloud. That makes a dash cam a useful tool to collect evidence of road incidents that weren’t your fault.

Samsara CM32 – Best All-Round Fleet Dashcam

Samsara CM32
Quick overview

Samsara CM32 is the best all-rounder for safety-conscious fleet managers. We like its real-time safety alerts and object detection. Thanks to its cloud connection, footage is automatically stored, so you don’t need to manually retrieve memory cards.

The CM32 also analyzes high-risk behavior using its AI technology, such as distracted driving and running red lights – the camera can even identify speed limit signs, and notifies the driver if they are not observing the rules of the road.


Dual-facing camera

Infrared LED for in-cab night vision

Safety alerts sent immediately

AI accident reconstruction


Inbuilt microphone could pose legal risk

Have to invest in Samsara VG34 vehicle gateway system

Pay an annual license fee plus unit costs

More than just a safety companion, the Samsara CM32 records HD 1080p footage at 30 frames per second, using Infrared LED to capture superb night time video. All of these brilliant features can be installed into your fleet’s vehicles in about ten minutes, without any tech experience required. Each model has an individual cost (which varies depending on how many you’re buying), plus an annual license fee of around $630.

Unfortunately, with the Samsara CM32 you’re unable to retrieve video segments of more than 60 seconds at a time. If you want to be able to access longer footage, a better option might be the Verizon Connect Integrated Video.

Did You Know?

In our independent survey of fleet managers, the majority (48%) placed driver safety as their top operational priority.

Garmin Fleet 780 – Best Fleet Dashcam for Long-Term Use

Garmin Fleet 780
Quick overview

Garmin Fleet 780 is our best cam for durability as it's resistant to harsh weather conditions and heavy usage. More than just a dash cam, the Garmin Fleet 780 is a 7-inch fleet management tablet with a built-in 1024x600p front-facing camera, making it the most durable dash cam on our list. Simply mount the device to your windscreen with a suction cup or magnetic mount, and your driver can then access the dash cam software through wifi and Bluetooth.



Built-in fleet management apps

Road hazard alerts

With a tough, heard-wearing build, its made to withstand long journeys


Camera resolution is relatively low (720p or 1080p)

Aside from the built-in dash cam, the Garmin Fleet 780 can connect with exterior cameras, if you would like to give your drivers a wider view of the road. The dash cam’s smart technology also provides warnings for sharp curves, inclines, and bridge heights, which keeps your drivers safe on the road by minimizing the risk of crashes. This dash cam is part of a fleet management system, and so the prices will vary depending on your needs.

The Garmin Fleet 780 has a fairly low camera resolution of 720p or 1080p, so if you’re after much higher video quality, WheelWitness HD Pro Plus may be a better choice.

While Garmin Fleet provides advanced driver assistance features and real-time traffic updates, it lacks a fuel management feature like Verizon Connect. You can use a third-party integration but you may face limits that occur when a feature isn’t built in.

Verizon Connect Integrated Video – Best Integrated Fleet Dashcam System

Verizon Connect Integrated Video
Quick overview

Verizon Connect provides high quality video, easy to use features, and is specifically designed for business fleets.  Designed to be used in alongside the company’s fleet management platforms – Verizon Connect Reveal or Verizon Now – the Integrated Video camera films in 1080p HD, and offers a wide 150° view.


Designed specifically for business fleets

Uses AI to analyse footage and evaluate incidents

Acts fast – you’ll receive footage of an unsafe event just three to five minutes after it’s happened

Records in 1080p HD

150° wide-angle lens


Can’t be used independently – requires a subscription to the Verizon Connect fleet management solution (though you’ll likely find this valuable too)

Pricing is unclear – you’ll need to request a quote

And it gets better – with an incredibly handy (and kind of futuristic) AI function, this smart system can actually analyze and classify footage of incidents so you don’t have to. Within minutes of an unsafe event, the AI will alert you to what went down, and tell you how severe the incident was. You can then review the footage yourself on your cell phone or computer.

Having that footage saved is a true advantage when it comes to providing objective evidence to clear your business’ name on the off-chance that someone else accuses your driver of wrongdoing. In a recent survey, 68% of fleet leaders found their dash cam was actively protecting them from false claims.

We believe that makes Verizon Connect’s dash cam system worth the investment because it can help to protect you against unfair court fines and damages payments that may arise.

However, Verizon’s AI functions aren’t as advanced as Samsara CM32, so if this your after a comprehensive AI powered coaching and machine vision tech, Samsara may be a better option.

As it’s been designed specifically for business fleets, its features are super handy for fleet managers in order to prevent risky behaviours and get on top of incidents quicker.

Did You Know?

There is an 86% reduction in accident-related costs when using a dash cam with driver feedback.

Choose an option below to get a free quote to compare up to five dash cam providers, including Verizon, and their prices:

Which feature do you need in a dash cam?


BlackVue DR750X-2CH – Best Fleet Dashcam for Footage Replay

BlackVue DR750X-2CH
Quick overview

This dash cam is our top pick for footage fluidity as it has advanced image processing tech that provides high-quality, seamless video, even during low light conditions.

With the front camera capturing 60 frames per second – double the industry standard rate of 30 FPS – you won’t see more fluid footage than on the BlackVue DR750X-2CH. With such a smooth motion, this footage will be super easy to analyze after incidents, helping to expedite insurance claims for your business and ultimately save money.




Comes with BlackVue app

Very high frames per second recording

Uses Sony STARVIS for top-quality video recording

Provides 2-channel recording

Built-in wifi and GPS helps fleet managers keep tabs on their trucks

Features intelligent parking mode to capture incidents even while parked


High frame rate uses lots of memory

This model is actually pretty expensive – prices start at $499

The built-in wifi connection means you can connect your smartphone or tablet with the dash cam, while the GPS lets you visualise each vehicle in your fleet, wherever they are. What’s more, the BlackVue uses Sony STARVIS imagery sensors to provide high clarity recordings in low light. Depending on whether you choose the single or double channel model, these devices cost between $303 and $442. 

While this cam provides fluid footage, it does lack the ability to livestream. This feature allows real-time visibility and control, which can be found in cams like the SmartWitness CP2 and could be a better option if you want this feature than the BlackVue cam.

SmartWitness CP2 – Best Fleet Dashcam for Stable Footage

SmartWitness CP2
Quick overview

The SmartWitness CP2 comes with gryo sensors that turn the camera automatically in order to keep it stable if a collision occurs, which makes it the best option for capturing stable footage. The CP2 also comes with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS to help with your fleet management needs, plus 128GB of storage to help you store plenty of footage.


Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, and gyro technology

Built-in microphone and speaker

Lots of storage


Bespoke pricing so there's no set fee

Needs qualified professional to install

The lack of bespoke pricing from SmartWitness can be limiting, especially for small businesses, if you’re after transparent pricing, both Samsara and Verizon are fairly upfront with costs.

The built-in features make for great footage for a fleet manager to review footage to improve safe driving and prevent risky behaviours. Shaky footage isn’t super helpful in the aftermath of an event and makes it much harder to maximize a fleets efficiency.

Although, it does have a narrower field of vision compared to Samsara’s CM32. SmartWitness’s cam has a 90 degree view compared to Samsara’s 120 degree view. SmartWitnesses cam may not be able to capture as much of the surrounding area, which can be frustrating following a side collision.

Mobius ActionCam – Best Budget Fleet Dashcam

mobius actioncam
Mobius 1 ActionCam
Quick overview

The Mobius 1-lens ActionCam’s big selling point is its price: you can get your hands on this little beauty for around $70. Weighing 1.2oz, this cam is super compact and portable, and records quality 1080p video at 30FPS. However, because the ActionCam is a multi-purpose camera rather than a dash cam specifically, it is missing a few of the safety and security features that make the others on this list ideal for business fleets – such as an intelligent parking mode and unsafe driving alerts. If you require these features, then it might be better to opt for Verizon or Samsara, as both have been designed for business fleets.


Just $70

Records high-quality 1080p video

Simple and very easy to use


Only has an internal battery with a lifespan of two hours – you’ll need to buy and install a compatible hardwire kit to keep it going on long journeys

No AI fleet safety features

Doesn’t have a display screen

Really, if you want a no-frills, cheap, easy-to-use device that captures high quality video, this is a solid option. But if you want something that’ll help you prevent and evaluate incidents a little more intuitively, you might be better off going another way.

For example, this dash cam does not have any advanced driver assistance features which can be found on cams such as the Garmin Dash Cam 55.

For fleets that make shorter journeys this is a good fit but for longer journeys drivers will need to carry a compatible hardware kit to keep the camera going.

Garmin Dash Cam 55 – Best Fleet Dashcam for Ease of Use

Garmin Dash Cam 55
Quick overview

Impressively, this compact dash cam records video in 1440p HD – the highest resolution on this list. But that’s not the only thing that makes it special. Garmin’s Dash Cam 55 enables voice control, which means your drivers can tell it to save videos, take stills, record audio and more, without taking their hands off the wheel – though how often your drivers will actually need to use these features is up for debate.


Built-in G-sensor automatically saves footage of incidents

Voice control commands

Records in ultra sharp 1440p HD

Alerts for forward collision, lane departure, and nearby red light and speed cameras

Lifetime updates included


Not designed specifically for business vehicles

No wide-angle lens

Micro SD card may require an adaptor to upload footage onto devices

Also, unlike plenty of other dash cams, the Dash Cam 55 can use GPS to alert drivers to all sorts of upcoming hazards – including the presence of nearby red light cameras and speed cameras. At $199.99 each, this camera’s price is reasonable, but certainly not the cheapest out there.

As it’s not designed for business vehicles, this may not be the best option for business fleets. If you’re after a cam designed for business fleets, you might consider Verizon or Samsara as they come equipped with more advanced and tailored features.

Our Methodology

We know how important it is for fleets to find dash cams that are suited to both drivers and management. That’s why our team conducted research in the industry to find the best on the market. The research areas include:

  • Price – how much is the dash cam? Are they are any added costs?
  • Image quality & quantity – how much footage is recorded? What is the quality of the footage?
  • Driver safety – are there any features that will contribute to driver safety such as alerts and sensors?

What To Know About Dash Cam Recording

There are lots of questions that’ll come up once you start using this equipment. But don’t worry, we’re going to fill you in on the basics right now.

How to record videos

Most dash cams automatically record any events that seem dangerous (such as bumping into another vehicle or the driver using their phone). Systems may start to record when the vehicle is parked but sensors detect movement nearby. Others will record all the time a vehicle is driving (and after it’s stopped, depending on the settings).

However, rolling footage is saved a little differently depending on the exact dash cam model you’re using.

For instance, the Garmin Fleet 780 records continuously and overwrites the oldest video that’s not saved. To save the section of footage that’s just recorded, select the six dots icon, then Dash Cam, then the SD card icon. You can tap the SD card icon again to extend the duration of the recording.

How to access videos

Video is typically saved onto the dash cam’s SD card, which you can pop out of the dash cam and into your computer to upload files. Or you can link the device directly to your device using a USB cable.

Depending on the brand you’ve purchased, you may also be able to watch footage on your phone. Often they’ll be stored in the cloud too, so you can simply log into your product’s dashboard to access the video library. Then you simply navigate to the date you want to retrieve a video from, and download your chosen clip.

Avoid accidental “eavesdropping”

Make sure you check the laws in your state about the legality of audio recording. There are laws about eavesdropping, so you’ve got to ensure everyone whose voice could end up on tape consents to being recorded. That applies to everyone who gets in your cab – and people talking near the vehicle while your mic is set to record. If you’re concerned about the legal risks of dash cams, hit the mute button.

Don’t destroy the evidence

We’ve mentioned how footage can protect you in case of a false accusation. But if you get to court and the judge finds out you’ve deleted video that puts you in an unflattering light… that’s a possible felony. So if you’re planning to take legal action over an incident, don’t try to conceal any relevant evidence you’ve collected from your dash cam.

The Different Types of Dash Cams for Fleet

There are various types of recording equipment for your fleet, and the benefits of dash cams vary according to type. Here is are the different types so you can decide which one is best suited to your business:

  • Front dash cams – these are designed to film collisions that occur at the front of the vehicle.
  • Exterior dash cams – these are mounted outside the vehicle, typically on the side. These cams offer a 360 degree view around the vehicle, helpful for overcoming blind spots and capture sideswiping accidents.
  • Interior dash cams – these are mounted inside the vehicle and can be used to protect cargo and passenger as well as deter thieves.
  • Rear dash cams – these cams record the road behind the vehicle and are helpful for providing drivers with a clearer view when reversing.

How To Find the Right Commercial Dash Cam for My Fleet

Once you’ve decided what type of dash cam you want, it’s time to figure out what features you want. Figuring out these two categories will help you narrow down which dash cam is right for your fleet.

  • AI – Inbuilt AI in dash cams can detect safety issues faster than human controllers. AI helps to coach drivers on mistakes and risky driving behavior.
  • Resolution – the higher the image quality, the easier it will be to detect any hazards, the road ahead, and see license plates clearly.
  • Audio recording/speaker – some cams have built-in speakers that can record audio during an incident, as well as play audio alerts when risky bad behaviour has been detected.
  • Night vision – this is useful for fleets operating at night time.
  • Internet connection – most footage is stored on a memory card, however, a dash cam with internet connection can instantly upload footage to the cloud, providing much quicker and easier access.
Need the best for your fleet? Our advisors can help

Picture quality, reliability, GPS integration, and price are all crucial factors to consider when choosing a dash cam. According to our research, the best dash cams for business use are Verizon Connect Integrated Video, Samsara’s CM32, Garmin’s Fleet 780 and 55 models, BlackVue’s DR750X-2CH, SmartWitness CP2, and the Mobius ActionCam.

Why did we pick these dash cams? Well, because fleets aren’t all about trucks – the devices here suit any sized vehicle, from ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) to Saloons. And whether you need a dash cam to improve your drivers’ performance, encourage safe driving, or record the highest quality footage, one of these dash cams could be just what your business needs…

…so how do you choose the right one?

Easy. Simply tell us about your business fleet using our quick form, and you’ll receive tailored quotes from trusted fleet management companies that can cater to your needs. This process is fast and free – why not try us out?


Does adding a dash cam lower insurance?
Yes, dash cams can lower your insurance around 10 – 15%.
Do insurance companies accept dash cam footage?
Yes, insurance companies accept dash cash footage. In fact, this is the main reason to consider installing a dash cam in your vehicle.
Will a dash cam drain my car battery?
No, as dash cams use minimal power from your vehicle’s battery.
What is parking mode and do I need it?
Parking mode is an important part of any dash cam set up. Basically the dash cam is in standby and turns on if any motion is detected near the vehicle, ensuring any incidents are recorded when the driver is away from the car.

Not every dash cam has this feature but it may be necessary if you leave vehicles overnight in public areas. You will need to ensure a constant power supply is going towards the dash cam through a hardwire installation, OBD power cable or a dash cam battery pack.

How many channels do I need?
When it comes to dash cams, channels simply refer to the amount of cameras on your car. The most basic set up is 2-Channel which means a camera at the front and the rear of the vehicle.  

Larger vehicles like trucks will need 3 or 4 channel set ups to get better all round vehicle coverage.

How much storage do I need on my SD card?
The amount of storage space is important and you will need a 32GB microSD card at the very least. A 32GB card generally holds about 3-4 hours of 1080p Full HD recording, which is more than sufficient for most drivers.
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