Motive (formerly) KeepTruckin Dash Cams Review

The Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) dash cam provides access to remote video footage and GPS tracking for increased customer satisfaction and better route planning.

Fleet managers can encounter a number of issues when using dash cams like poor video quality, data storage and management, and a high installation cost. Motive mitigates some of these concerns as it doesn’t charge extra for installing dash cam hardware, provides HD footage, and remote video access.

We understand the pressures of finding the best dash cam for your fleet. You’ll want to find an affordable provider that can help you identify harsh breaking and idling to help save on fuel costs. That’s why our review of Motive weighs up the benefits, cost, and what type of business this cam is right for.

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Starting Price

$30 monthly subscription

Best For

Quick and easy installation

Key features
  • Free hardware installation
  • GPS tracking
  • Remote video access


  • Affordable cost at $30/month
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of advanced features like critical event notifs and cam is tamper proof


  • No status tracking
  • Customers have reported poor and inefficient support

What are Motive’s Dash Cam’s Features and Benefits?

We’ve highlighted Motive’s (formerly KeepTruckin) best features that will impact your business the most:

AI technology

Motive’s newest dash cam is powered by AI technology which can immediately detect unsafe driving for automated coaching and a safer fleet. Motive’s in-house safety team and AI tech can analyse footage within seconds. This way, you can coach your drivers immediately after the incident.

 GPS Tracking

Keeping track of your drivers is one of the most important parts of fleet management. As well as dash cams, Motive provides a GPS tracking system that gathers the driver’s coordinates once every minute, whenever the vehicle is moving. However, the GPS device is a separate plugin that needs to be tethered to the dash cam.


Dash cams can only protect your drivers and encourage safe driving if the device is connected to the vehicle. That’s why the Motive AI Dash cam will send you an alert if it becomes disconnected, which also lets you see who the driver was at the time the dash cam was unplugged.

 Critical Event Notifications

When the ELD detects a critical event – including harsh braking, acceleration or hard cornering – the Smart Dashcam will record 10 seconds of HD footage before and after the event. The recording is then immediately sent to the Motive dashboard for your review.

 Remote Video Access

If you need to view any footage at any time, you can access that video remotely from the Motive dashboard with just a few clicks. This gives you flexibility when it comes to reviewing a driver’s journey.

You can retrieve dash cam footage from the previous 30 to 235 hours and up to 60 minutes of HD footage for every request so you can rely on receiving high-quality footage.

Did You Know?

According to a study, when implementing a dash cam with driver feedback, there is an 86% decrease in vehicle accidents.

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How Much Do Motive Dash Cams Cost?

Motive is trusted by over 500,000 drivers and 50,000 fleets – that’s the world’s largest network of users. But how much do its dash cams cost? And how do they compare to the average dash cam prices?

First of all, in order to use Motive’s AI Dash cam, you’ll need to subscribe to the Motive Plus fleet management plan which costs around $30 per month. With this subscription, you’ll benefit from:

  • GPS Tracking
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Asset Tracking
  • Electronic logs
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Fleet Safety and Coaching

Unfortunately, the pricing for the AI dash cam itself isn’t so transparent, so we can’t shed any light on how much adding it to your package will cost. Motive asks that you get in touch with its team to request a bespoke quote. What we do know, though, is that you can receive and install the dash cam hardware at no extra cost.

When we reached out to Motive for a price, we were told we’d have to be passed over to a product specialist to discuss pricing. We would also need to provide information such as the make and model of our fleets vehicles. So, getting information about Motive’s pricing can be a bit tedious.

Is Motive Right For My Business?

Choosing a dash cam supplier for your fleet depends on many factors. These include the size of your fleet, the scale of your budget and the types of reports you need for your business. Below we’ll answer some common questions or concerns when it comes to picking a dash cam supplier.

“I want to see videos of incidents immediately”

The dash cam has ‘plug and play’ functionality, which means that HD footage is automatically recorded, and immediately uploaded to the Motive dashboard, whenever the dash cam is turned on.

“I have an old version of the Motive ELD”

When you purchase the Motive dash cam, the company will upgrade your ELD system to the new Cellular ELD (LBB3ca) at no cost. This means you don’t have to fork out any extra cash to upgrade your ELD if you’re already a Motive ELD customer.

“My drivers want privacy”

The driver-facing camera can be disabled outside of work hours to protect your drivers’ privacy.

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What Do Motive Customer Reviews Say?

There aren’t too many reviews on the dash cam specifically, but there are plenty of reviews on the ELD system that you’ll use with Motive’s dash cams, which you can see below…

Customer review

I love this software, it is very user friendly for the drivers, and very simple for all departments of our company to get the information they need – be it for tracking where a driver is currently, totaling their mileage for payroll, or keeping track of IFTA reports. It has been extremely helpful for everyone.

Krisi D, Motive Customer
Customer review

The GPS feature is a little clunky, but still works great for how little it costs. I would also like to have a way to remove inactive drivers from the drop down list. If they are not active, I should not have to scroll through them to get to who I want.

Daniel L, Motive Customer
Customer review

The Keep Truckin ELD is one of the most user friendly systems on the market today. The process is extremely easy. Just plug into the OBD II port and you are ready to go. Your administrator simply adds you as a driver and the app does all the work for you. No more paper or pens; it is all done on your phone. Our drivers are amazed by how easy the app makes the DOT laws to follow.

Charles L, Motive Customer
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Motive has built the world’s largest network of truckers, with over 500,000 drivers within 50,000 fleets. But why are dash cams for truckers so popular? Well, it comes down to three main factors.

Firstly, both the software and hardware are quick and easy to install. This means you’ll never have to take your foot off the gas for any installation mishaps, and your drivers can focus on the day’s site jobs.

Secondly, Motive’s Smart Dashcam comes with loads of helpful features to help improve your fleet’s efficiency. You’ll benefit from GPS tracking, automated fuel tax reporting, HOS violation tracking and many more features.

Lastly, Motive is fully ELD Mandate compliant, which makes your audits feel like a breeze and keeps your overall costs down.

Of course, Motive isn’t for everyone. There is no status tracking functionality built in to the dash cam, so you’re unable to see whether a vehicle is inactive, in the garage or out of service. What’s more, many of Motive’s online reviews assert that the company’s customer service could be much better.

Plus, if you want to use the dash cam system, you’ll need to pay for Motive’s Plus fleet management package – which could be a pain if you don’t want a full management system, or have already got a good fleet management system in place.

That’s why it’s worth keeping your options open when it comes to dash cams. There are many excellent dash cam providers out there, and we can help you find the right one. Simply fill in our quick form and you’ll receive tailored quotes from a range of trusted dash cam suppliers that can meet your business’ specific needs. It’s a great way to compare your options, and it’s free!

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