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By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 18 January 2021

This article will take you on a trail through the best dash cams for truckers of 2021…

Short for ‘dashboard camera’, dash cams are small devices that can be mounted to your truck’s windshields. Depending on where you place them and what they’re made for, they then record the road ahead, behind the vehicle, or within the cabin itself. Some of the fancier models even record all three areas at once – cool, huh?

No longer just a source of comedic entertainment through bizarre captured moments, dash cam are becoming a worthwhile investment for businesses around the country – and especially for truck drivers. With more choices now than ever, it’s important to know the latest dash cam prices to help you pick the right device.

But how do semi truck dash cams work exactly? It’s quite simple. Footage is recorded then either saved to a memory card or immediately uploaded to the dash cam supplier’s cloud. You can then analyse the recording whether it’s a small collision, a swerve in the road, or harsh braking, and then take appropriate action.

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The Best Truck Dash Cams

The best dash cams for truckers are:

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Verizon Connect Integrated Video

Best all-in-one solution

This is your all-in-one dash cam solution. The Verizon Connect Integrated Video does it all – provided you’re using Verizon Connect Reveal or Verizon Now vehicle tracking platforms – making it a fleet manager’s dream device.

This camera uses AI technology to identify, analyze, and classify recordings of any incident, whether it’s a collision or an instance of distracted driving. After an incident has occurred, you’ll receive a notification and report almost immediately, explaining what has happened in detail so you can take the appropriate action.


  • 150 degree wide angle lens
  • Sends notifications within a few minutes after incidents
  • Records in HD

X Cons:

  • Requires a subscription to a vehicle tracking platform
  • Unclear pricing

Samsara CM32

Best for driver safety

An essential companion for any safety-conscious truck driver, the CM32 comes with live scene analysis, a built-in speaker, and the ability to upload HD video to the Samsara cloud immediately after any incident, such as harsh braking or acceleration.

The CM2 was purposefully built to reduce high-risk driving behavior, which should significantly lower your business’ accident-related costs – not to mention keep your drivers safe. What’s more, this dash cam only takes 10 minutes to install. It costs approximately $399, plus a $600 annual licence fee.


  • Dual facing camera
  • HD video recording
  • Live scene analysis

X Cons:

  • Relatively expensive
  • Lens could have a wider angle

Garmin 55

Best for preventing accidents

Compact, powerful, and with high quality video recording, the Garmin 55 shows that size doesn’t matter. Capturing videos in 2560x1440p resolution, you can review crystal clear footage, which is automatically saved on SD cards up to 64GB.

Best of all, the Garmin 55 comes with voice control. This minimizes the risk of dangerous driving, since there’s no need for truck drivers to remove their hands from their steering wheels.

The system’s GPS also alerts drivers to upcoming hazards in the road. With the Garmin 55, your drivers will experience fewer distractions, meaning fewer accidents – which will ultimately keep your road costs down. This dash cam usually costs around $199.


  • Compact size
  • Superb video quality
  • Voice control

X Cons:

  • Apps offer limited control
  • Relatively small battery

Rexing S300

Best value for money

As one of the largest names in the dash cam business, Rexing creates cameras you can rely on. The S300 has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, night vision functionality, a G-Sensor to detect any harsh changes in acceleration, and GPS to help your business locate the driver more easily. The S300 is the full package.

In terms of installation, the Rexing S300 can be adhesively mounted to any windshield within minutes, while its small size reduces the risk of your drivers becoming distracted. This truck driver dash cam is also extremely heat resistant, making it ideal for trucks traversing areas in high temperatures. This model usually costs around $99.


  • Super wide angle lens
  • Night vision
  • Large 2.7″ screen

X Cons:

  • No wifi connectivity
  • Rexing's customer service could be better

WheelWitness HD Pro

Best for video quality

We highly doubt you can find a dash cam with a higher definition camera. The WheelWitness HD Pro records an incredible 2304x1296p (compared to the common 1080p), meaning you won’t miss a thing when reviewing footage. What’s more, the Wide Dynamic Range technology lets you watch ultra high quality nighttime videos.

With GPS enabled, you can follow your drivers’ location through Google Maps and help direct them to the nearest job sites. Plus, this camera uses loop recording – old footage is continually replaced by new recordings, so you don’t need to mess around with replacing memory cards. This device usually costs around $125.


  • Highest quality video available
  • Wide angle lens
  • Easy to use

X Cons:

  • GPS is external plugin
  • Recorded loops only two minutes long

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Expert Verdict

We’ve shown you five of the best dash cams for trucks. Any of these devices would help minimize road accident costs for your business, keep your drivers safe, and help protect your vehicles.

For an all-in-one package that provides detailed insights into your fleet’s performance, the Verizon Integrated Video is the best option. If you want your drivers to stay focussed on the road ahead, the voice-controlled Garmin 55 is a clear winner.

If you’re all about high quality video recording, you can’t look further than the WheelWitness HD Pro. However, if minimizing risks is your one and only concern, the Samsara CM32 is a safe bet, while the Rexing S300 represents a much more affordable option than any of the other cameras.

Keen to get started on your dash cam journey? We can help you find and compare the right devices for you. Simply tell us about your fleet by filling in this form, and we’ll match you with the country’s best dash cam providers, who’ll be in touch with quotes tailored directly to your needs. It’ll only take a minute, and it’s completely free!

FAQ: How Can Dash Cams Benefit My Business?

As a truck driver or the manager of a truck fleet, it’s important that you don’t lose money because of road accidents. Dash cams can help expedite insurance claims, because you can clearly show which driver was at fault. This could save your business not only money, but also time spent dealing with solicitors.

Dash cams offer so much more than just insurance benefits, though. High-spec dash cams come with a range of useful features like GPS tracking, parking mode, G-Sensor mode, and night vision, which can all help truck drivers and managers alike.

With GPS tracking, you can locate drivers easily and help direct them to the nearest job sites, saving money on petrol and maximizing profits thanks to the improved efficiency.

Parking mode enables 24-hour recording, even when a truck’s engine is turned off. This feature protects your trucks even when no one is around, which can help settle insurance claims, and help prevent theft – meaning less money spent on replacing lost cargo.

G-Sensor mode detects any sudden changes in speed, whether it’s harsh braking or acceleration, which is then automatically recorded. Meanwhile, night vision is quite self explanatory – it helps with analyzing incidents that occurred at night, which is really useful for long-haul truck journeys.

Do you think dash cams could benefit your business? Simply fill in our quick form, and we’ll match you with some of the country’s leading dash cam suppliers, who’ll provide you with bespoke quotes so you can make an informed decision.

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