The 8 Best Fuel Cards for Truckers 2022

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While all businesses will have different needs, overall, the best fuel card for trucking businesses is the WEX Fleet and Cross Roads card. With its massive network of fuelling stations, and a stellar average discount rate of 15 cents, it can serve fleets of all sizes, making it a great choice for any fleet.

When the average yearly cost of operating a commercial truck comes in at an eye-watering $180,000, closely managing those dollars and cents is a must. But with so many available on the US market, which fuel card program is the right option for your trucking fleet? To help you decide, we’re here to give you the lowdown on the best fuel cards for truckers. Our in-house research team has conducted a meticulous deep-dive into the best fuel cards for truckers, comparison them based on rates, customization, and customer support offered.

If you're short on time, you can also use our free cost comparison tool to get some bespoke quotes for your business.

The 8 Best Fuel Cards for Truckers

We’ve done our research. Scouring the US fuel card market, we analyzed key fuel card programs and rated them on the factors that matter to trucking businesses – from fees and rebates, to coverage and management features.

This has enabled us to select the eight best fuel cards for truckers, and shed light on what they're best for. So, which programs came out on top?

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WEX Fleet Cross Roads Card

Fuelman Deep Saver Card

Comdata Card

ExxonMobil BusinessPro Card

Shell Fleet Plus Card

BP Business Solutions Mastercard

RTS Fuel Card

Best For

Gas station and truck stop coverage

Best For

Protecting against fraud

Best For

Trucking convenience

Best For

Customizable fleet card

Best For

Fee-free fleet card

Best For

Benefits for large trucking fleets

Best For

Diesel discounts

Average Discount

15 cents

Average Discount

8 cents

Average Discount

69 cents

Average Discount

42 cents

Average Discount

6 cents

Average Discount

6 cents

Average Discount

25 cents


Over 3,400 sites


Over 40,000 sites


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Over 2,000 sites

1. WEX Fleet Cross Roads Card

Best for Gas Station and Truck Stop Coverage

Wex logo
WEX Fleet Cross Roads Card
Quick overview

WEX is one of the US's most popular fleet card suppliers, and for good reason: it has an incredible network of gas stations, and all of its fleet cards are universal, which means they can be used at all of these stations. Long story short, WEX's cards can be used at 95% of the country's fuel stations, as well as 45,000 service locations.


Of WEX's fleet card programs, the Fleet Cross Roads Card is our top pick for truckers and trucking fleets. That's because it can also be used at a number of truck stops, including Pilot Flying J, Love’s, TA, and many more independent brands. It also gives you access to WEX EDGE, the company's fuel discount network. Through this, you can save an average of 15 cents per gallon at over 3,400 travel centers or truck stops across the US. For fans of scalability, it's worth knowing that this is a good catch-all option, too: it's suitable for fleets of all sizes, and fleets with a variety of different vehicle types (as well as just trucking fleets).


WEX EDGE also gets you savings on tires, hotel rooms, wireless services, and more

Get daily savings reports that document the day’s per-gallon discounts

Your drivers can use WEX's excellent apps, including WEX Connect station-finder and DriverDash mobile payments


Customer service can be hit and miss

The fees associated with this card aren't shared publicly, so we can't advise on how much it'll cost

How much does the WEX Fleet Cross Roads Card cost?

Unfortunately, WEX doesn't share any of the fees, including setup fees and monthly card fees, associated with this card program publicly. What we do know is that there'll be at least some fees to contend with – WEX makes it super clear that its FlexCard program comes without any setup fees, annual charges, or card fees, so we're pretty confident that if the same could be said for the Fleet Cross Roads Card program, WEX would be promoting that.

If you'd like to find out how much you'd be charged for your Fleet Cross Roads Cards, you'll need to get in touch with WEX directly. Alternatively, you can use our free quote-finding service. Simply answer a few questions about your fleet (it only takes a minute!) and we'll match you up with the best fuel card suppliers for you. You'll then receive free, tailored, no obligation quotes.

Fee information accurate as of October 2022

Trucks at a gas station
Keep your trucking fleet moving efficiently with the right fuel cards

2. Fuelman Deep Saver Card

Best for Protecting Against Fraud

Fuelman Logo
Fuelman Deep Saver Card
Quick overview

Fuelman offers two strong fleet card options for truckers and trucking fleets: the Deep Saver Card, and the Simple Saver Card. In particular, we're big fans of the generous rebates that both cards offer on diesel (in other words, for every gallon of diesel your truckers buy, you'll earn a certain amount of money back, which will be credited to your account).


While the Simple Saver Card does offer a chunkier rebate of 10 cents per gallon at select gas stations, we think the Deep Saver Card has the edge. It offers a rebate of 8 cents per gallon of diesel, which is an average amount, but that rebate can be earned at loads more stations – over 40,000 of Fuelman's 50,000-strong network, in fact.


Choose how much you pay in card fees

Get real-time alerts for potentially fraudulent transactions

Comes with good added benefits, including loyalty rewards and fraud loss coverage

Good coast-to-coast gas station coverage


A few gaps in coverage in the Montana and New Mexico state areas

You'll pay up to $5 per transaction when you buy fuel outside of Fuelman's network

Monthly card fees are a little on the expensive side

How much does the Fuelman Deep Saver Card cost?

Somewhat uniquely in the world of fleet cards, Fuelman lets you choose how much you pay in monthly card fees, with more expensive fees netting you better benefits and more advanced reporting and analytics. Let's take a look at the packages on offer:

PackageMonthly feeWhat you'll get:
Regular$4 per cardDetailed fuel spend reporting, vehicle maintenance tracking, 24/7 roadside assistance, 24/7 customer support
Plus$8 per cardThe above, plus customizable reporting dashboards, fraud loss coverage of up to $25,000 per year, and more
Premium$12 per cardThe above, plus 20% savings on maintenance, full performance analytics, trend reporting and alerts, and more

Fee information accurate as of October 2022

3. Comdata Card

Best for Trucking Convenience

Comdata Logo
Comdata Card
Quick overview

The Comdata Card was designed primarily for fleets of up to 50 trucks, but Comdata does say it's suitable for larger businesses, too. Its key benefits include discounts on fuel at Pilot Flying J truck stops (though we're not sure how hefty those discounts are), as well as 65% off tires and retreads at over 3,000 locations in the US – which is bound to come in handy!


Overall, though, the Comdata Card is our top pick for convenience-loving truckers. That's because, as Comdata cardholders, you and your truckers will gain access to a variety of different time-saving tools and apps. For example, Comdata's CAT Scale app enables truckers to automatically find and pay for CAT Scale transactions, with no parking or waiting in line needed. Meanwhile, Comdata Mobile Fueling can connect your truckers with mobile fueling vendors, so they can get fuel delivered straight to them when they need it.


Comes with an excellent app, FleetAdvance, which helps truckers find cheap fuel

Gives you access to a variety of useful tools and apps

Get 65% of tires and retreads


Not a truly universal card – can be used at 8,000 stations nationwide

Card fee of $5 per card, per month is pricier than some others

How much does the Comdata Card cost?

The Comdata Card comes with a monthly card fee of $5 per card, per month. You'll also pay a one-time account setup fee of $50.

Fee information accurate as of October 2022

4. ExxonMobil BusinessPro Card

Best Customizable Fuel Card for Truckers

ExxonMobil BusinessPro Card
Quick overview

ExxonMobil's BusinessPro fuel card program comes with some solid benefits, including fuel rebates of up to 6 cents per gallon at Exxon and Mobil stations. But what we like best about it is that, instead of giving you a confusing array of card programs to choose from, ExxonMobil offers just this singular option – but makes it customizable, so you can set it up to suit your truckers. Do you have enough Exxon and Mobil stations near your area of operation, or will you need to be able to use it at 95% of stations across the US? Are you happy to pay it all off once a month, or would you prefer to be able to carry a balance? These are options you'll be able to choose.


The only potential concern is the geography of the ExxonMobil's 11,500 gas stations. If you own a smaller scale trucker business that works along the East Coast, this is a great piece of plastic to have in your back pocket. Anywhere east of Mississippi and you'll likely need to plump for access to more stations.


No membership or monthly fees if you only use Exxon and Mobil stations

Issued by WEX, which means you can use WEX's apps (including DriverDash and WEX Connect)

You can earn bigger rebates with Exxon Mobil Rewards+


ExxonMobil gas stations are sparser on the West coast

Additional fees apply when you sign up to carry a balance or boost station coverage

How much does the ExxonMobil BusinessPro Card cost?

If you and your team of truckers are happy to be limited to ExxonMobil stations, this card is fee-free. However, if you'd like to be able to use your cards at 95% of US gas stations, you'll need to pay $2 per card, per month.

Fee information accurate as of October 2022

5. Shell Fleet Plus Card

Best Fee-Free Fuel Card for Truckers

Quick overview

Shell's Fleet Plus Card is a rare breed: it comes with solid benefits for truckers, but you won't have to pay a monthly card fee to access them. First off, you'll get rebates of up to 6 cents per gallon, with higher rebates for truckers who buy bigger volumes of fuel. You'll also get discounts on vehicle maintenance and supplies at Jiffy Lube, which is bound to come in handy.

Shell's Fleet Plus Card can only be used to buy fuel at Shell stations, but with 14,000 stations covering 47 of the lower 48 states (Montana is the exception), the coverage may well be good enough for your fleet. Shell's Fleet Navigator Card, by contrast, is issued by WEX and so can be used at 95% of US stations – but the fees associated with that card aren't public knowledge.


Comes with an excellent station finder web app

Data reports point out opportunities for you to save money

Shell provides 24/7 customer service to fuel card users


Coverage gaps in some parts of the Midwest and Southwest

Rebates are only truly generous if you buy big quantities of fuel

How much does the Shell Fleet Plus Card cost?

This card is free of monthly and annual fees, so you won't need to pay a regular sum to keep using the program. However, we can't advise on whether or not this card comes with any other kinds of charges, as Shell doesn't share its full fee structure publicly.

Fee information accurate as of October 2022

6. BP Business Solutions Mastercard

Best Benefits for Large Trucking Fleets

BP Logo
BP Business Solutions Mastercard
Quick overview

We like BP's Business Solutions Mastercard for medium to large trucking fleets because, while it does come with a monthly $10 account fee, that fee is waived if your fleet buys more than 5,000 gallons of fuel each month (which shouldn't be too difficult for a large fleet of heavy duty trucks!). The card can be used at any station that accepts Mastercard payments – that's a very big chunk of the country's gas stations – and, unlike BP's Business Solutions Plus Card, it can be used to pay for maintenance services, too.

As well as the above, the using the Business Solutions Mastercard will earn you rebates of up to 6 cents per gallon of fuel, with higher volumes of fuel netting you the bigger rebates. As with most branded fleet cards, though, these rebates only apply when your truckers buy fuel at BP or Amoco stations.


Earn rebates of 15 cents per gallon for the first three months of using your cards

You can schedule payments to be made when convenient to your business

Can be used at stations that accept Mastercard credit cards


You'll pay up to $2 per transaction at stations that aren't BP or Amoco

No mobile gas station locator app

How much does the BP Business Solutions Mastercard cost?

These cards comes with zero monthly fees if you use them to buy more than 5,000 gallons of fuel per month. If you buy less than that, you'll pay a $10 account fee each month.

Fee information accurate as of October 2022

7. RTS Fuel Card

Best Discounts for Truckers

RTS Logo
RTS Fuel Card
Quick overview

RTS Financial's single fleet card program – simply called RTS Fuel Card – was set up with truckers and trucking fleets in mind. And you'll probably be pleased to hear that this fleet card program is all about the discounts. It has a very small acceptance network of over 2,000 US stations, but RTS Financial claims that cardholders get awesome average savings of 25 cents per gallon of fuel at those locations. The program also offers point-of-sale discounts at 1,000 Pilot Flying J and Speedway truck stops across the country.

The RTS Fuel Card will also get you exclusive discounts on preventative maintenance, tires, and more at 90 truck care locations, including Pilot Flying J, Boss Shop, and Sapp Bros. You can also get discounts of 35% off your fuel tax software. Is your head swimming with dollar signs yet?


Integrate with ProTransport fleet management software for trucks

The RTS Pro apps lets truckers plan routes, find the lowest diesel prices, and check parking, dining, and more info at truck stops

Get up to $2,500 line of credit per truck, per week


Has a small network of 2,000+ stations, which means there may not be coverage in your area

Doesn't offer the ability to block cards or receive transaction alerts

How much does the RTS Fuel Card cost?

Like WEX, RTS Financial doesn't share any of the fees associated with its card program publicly. We do know that it comes with no annual fees, and RTS won't tie you into a contract – however, the fact that RTS makes it clear that it doesn't charge annual fees leads us to suspect that there will be some more regular fees to pay.

To find out how much you'd be charged for your RTS Fuel Cards, you'll need to get in touch with the company directly. Alternatively, why not try our free quote-finding service? Simply spend a minute answering a few questions about your fleet, and we'll match you up with the best fuel card suppliers for you. You'll then receive free, tailored, no obligation quotes from the best suppliers for you.

Fee information accurate as of October 2022

8. Shell Refillable Card

Best Prepaid Fuel Card

Shell Logo
Shell Refillable Fuel Card
Pricing Free
Quick overview

The Shell Refillable Card offers good gas station coverage, with over 14,000 refuel locations across all 50 states. Most gas stations will charge you cash price, so you benefit from the security of a pin number without the credit card charges.

You can load up to $300 onto the card at any one time via your online account and track the balance and spending. Although you won't get any fancy online expenses tracking, the Shell card has no fees unlike Brink's and Bento for Business.


No card fees

Pay cash price (gas station dependent)


No rebate on spending

Only basic online account management

Only accepted at Shell stations

How much does the Shell Refillable Card cost?

The card's cost is available upon request, but you'll be able to load it with a maximum of $300, which can only be spent on fuel.

Fee information accurate as of October 2022


Our in-depth research reveals that the best fuel card for trucking businesses is the WEX Fleet and Cross Roads card. The reason why we like it so much is because you can use it in 95% of the country's fuel stations as well as 45,000 service locations, giving you a fantastic network to rely on to pump up your trucking business. You also get to save an average of 15 cents per gallon, so numbers wise, it will help keep your books looking healthy.

Next Steps

Now you know how each of the top fuel cards for truckers can benefit your business, it’s time to discover which one is the best match for your needs, and eventually apply for the program.

To help you decide on the right fuel card program for you, our advice is to take advantage of our free quote-finding service. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your trucking fleet (it only takes a minute), and we'll match you up with the best fuel card suppliers for your unique needs. They'll be in touch to discuss your requirements, and provide free, no-obligation quotes that are tailored to your business. It's the easiest, fastest way to zero in on the card programs that are right for you, and compare their prices and benefits.

Our methodology

How we analyse and rate the industry’s best fuel cards for UK businesses

At Expert Market, it’s our aim to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date, and transparent product and service reviews possible. So, to help you better understand the best merchant account options out there, we’ve conducted in-depth, extensive research into the fuel card industry and its top companies.

Here’s how we did it:

Lightbulb icon

We worked with two independent researchers over 60+ hours to rate eight different merchant services providers.

Rosette icon

We rated each provider across four key metrics.

  • Help and support: we assessed the level of customer support (such as email, phone, or live chat), as well as its availability (24/7, or weekdays only?), to provide a weighted score for each supplier.
  • Affordability: our affordability algorithm took into account the specific  monthly fees for fuel cards, as well as any one-off costs. Our analysis also included contract length, package type, and the flexibility of each providers’ pricing structure.
  • Features: we assessed each supplier on up to eight specific features. We then weighted these scores, and translated them into a point value system. This allowed us to form accurate ratings for each provider, and make specific recommendations to you.
  • Customer approval: we assigned each provider a ‘customer score’, which involved seeking opinions from within the community, as well as feeding data aggregated from online sources into a unique algorithm. This allowed us to calculate overall customer approval scores for each supplier, in real time.
Answer a few questions to get free quotes from the best fuel card suppliers for you – it only takes a minute

Frequently asked questions

Which fuel cards provide discount diesel to trucks?
Plenty of fleet card programs entitle you to discounts on diesel, although the size of the saving often varies depending on how big your fleet is, and the amount of fuel you buy.

In this article, we've highlighted the RTS Fuel Card as the card the offers the best discounts for truckers, with an average saving of 25 cents per gallon. Meanwhile, the Fuelman Deep Saver Card boasts the most generous diesel rebates, enabling you to earn back up to 8 cents per gallon of diesel your truckers buy. But, as we've said, almost all fuel cards offer some kind of discount or rebate on diesel, so it's worth shopping around.

What are the best fuel cards for small trucking businesses?
As a small business or startup, there are a few fuel card features you should look out for – low fees, big discounts, and competitive fuel cost rates are key. As is getting a fuel card without a minimum use limit, or restricted benefits (in some cases, you'll only access the big savings when you buy a certain number of gallons, or operate a certain number of trucks).

In terms of network coverage, as long as there are plenty of gas stations that accept the card in your area, you'll be okay. Don't feel you have to spend big on a card with nationwide coverage if you don't need it.

In this article, we've highlighted the Shell Fleet Plus Card as the best fee-free option, the the RTS Fuel Card as the program with the biggest discounts, and the Fuelman Deep Saver Card as the option with the most generous diesel rebates. ExxonMobil's BusinessPro Card also comes with flexible payment options to benefit smaller fleets. These would be good programs to check out first! You should also take a look at our dedicated roundup of the best fleet cards for small businesses.

Are there any fuel cards for truckers with bad credit?
Good news – many fuel card suppliers separate business credit from personal credit, so a bad personal credit rating does not have to stop you from empowering your commercial operation with a fuel card program.

The best way to work out what a fuel card supplier will want from you is to talk to them in person. That's why we're here to set up phone conversations between you, and the right suppliers for you. Simply answer our free quote-finding questionnaire, and we'll match you with the best providers for your circumstances, for free. They'll give you a call in no time to answer your questions (and provide personalized, no-obligation quotes).

Can I invest in a personal fuel card?
Fuel cards aren't just for businesses – you can get an individual gas credit card to use for your personal vehicle, or your business vehicle (if you're self-employed). Of course, if you're a fleet manager, to ensure your business accounts don’t become out of sorts, you should invest in a separate personal fuel card if you want to use one for your personal vehicle too.

Companies such as ExxonMobil supply personal cards. Or, look into signing up for a credit card that offers bonuses for gas purchases. American Express, Citi, and Bank of America all supply such credit cards.

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