Shell Fleet Cards Review: Are They Right for Your Fleet?

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Shell's fleet cards offer solid savings on fuel, convenient spending controls and reporting, and pretty decent fuel station coverage. But is one of its card programs right for your business? Let's find out

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  • Save up to 5-6 cents for every gallon of fuel
  • Fuel up at 14,000+ Shell stations (plus 95% of US stations with the Fleet Navigator card)
  • Pay zero card fees with the Small Business and Fleet Plus cards
  • Get discounts at participating Jiffy Lube locations
  • Access real-time monitoring, reporting, and purchase controls on the go


  • Some parts of the US lack Shell coverage – check how many stations are in your area first!
  • Savings only start when you buy 300 gallons of fuel per billing cycle
  • Total savings are capped at $300 per billing cycle
At a glance: If your fleet goes through more than 300 gallons of fuel per billing cycle and operates in an area with solid Shell station coverage, a Shell fleet card could well be the payment solution you're looking for.

Shell may be a British-Dutch multinational, but it's no stranger to American customers. Shell has always maintained a healthy presence in the United States, partly fueled by its acquisition of numerous Texaco and Marathon stations. Those acquisitions, plus the brand's reputation for quality, have made Shell a market leader with over 14,000 retail outlets in the US.

But consumers aren't the only ones to benefit from Shell's market position. The company also provides quality services for businesses that run commercial fleets – namely fleet cards. In this article, we're going to review Shell's fleet cards in detail.

Shell's Fleet Cards: Coverage, Benefits, and Fees

Shell provides three types of fleet cards, giving business owners and fleet managers a good variety that they can choose from based on their unique needs. Whether you're local, regional, or operate over long distances or multiple locations, one of Shell's fleet cards will likely be a good fit for your business.

Shell's fleet cards are:

Fleet cardOur ratingSuitable for…Accepted at…Savings per gallonCard fees
Shell Small BusinessSmall local fleets14,000+ Shell stationsUp to 6 centsNone
Shell Fleet PlusSmall fleets that want more analytics14,000+ Shell stationsUp to 6 centsNone
Shell Fleet NavigatorLarge regional or national fleets95% of US stations, plus 14,000+ Shell fuel stationsUp to 5 centsFee info available on request from Shell

Reviewed by Expert Market on 12/22/2020

As a nationwide company, Shell is better positioned than most to offer benefits not only to local and regional fleets, but to those that operate from coast to coast as well.

Shell's cards carry a number of benefits, from security and cost controls, to savings and rebates on fuel and maintenance costs.

In addition to savings at the pump, Shell fleet card customers can use the fleet reporting tools that come with the cards to leverage more savings, and even improve operating efficiency. Shell can provide reporting on:

  • Driver and vehicle activity
  • Business unit and monthly/yearly expenses
  • Product purchases and activity at service stations

But let's take a closer look at what each of Shell's three cards can do.

Shell Small Business Card
The Shell Small Business Card

Shell Small Business Card

The Shell Small Business Card is intended for small, local fleets. It comes with no card charges, no monthly or annual fees, and no cost for additional cards. Plus, holders can get 15% off Jiffy Lube oil changes and preventative services (at participating stations, that is).

The Shell Small Business Card also offers full-time online account management – including reports on all fueling activity (including breakdowns by driver), and the ability to set restrictions on what can be bought, where, and when. And you can manage all this from the palm of your hand using the Shell Card Online app.With these purchase controls plus driver IDs, detailed purchase records, and the ability to cancel lost or stolen cards immediately yourself, you know security's at the forefront.

This card is accepted at all Shell stations, as well as participating Jiffy Lube stations.

Shell Fleet Plus Card
The Shell Fleet Plus Card

Shell Fleet Plus Card

If you buy 300 gallons (or more) of fuel in a billing cycle, the Shell Fleet Plus Card can help you to save on those costs with volume-based rebates. These rebates start at 3¢ per gallon, rising to 6¢ per gallon (when you buy 10,000 gallons or more). Your savings may not be unlimited, though – diesel rebates are capped at $300 per billing cycle.

Like the Small Business Card, the Shell Fleet Plus Card comes with no monthly fees, no annual fees, and no card fees, and can be used to get 15% off Jiffy Lube services at participating locations.

You'll also have all the 24/7 online monitoring and security features of the Small Business Card, as well as more detailed reporting and itemized breakdowns, including mileage analysis, fuel grades and prices, non-fuel purchases, and more.

Shell Fleet Navigator Card
The Shell Fleet Navigator Card

Shell Fleet Navigator Card

The Shell Fleet Navigator Card is a good choice for larger regional and national fleets. It lays claim to a few handy features that its two cousins don't. For example, the reporting and security functions this program comes with are all customizable, and customer service is available via real-time customer updates.

Plus, while it's accepted at all Shell locations, this card can also be used at over 95% of all fuel stations nationwide, and the use of the card can be geofenced (that is to say, you can set virtual borders around the area your fleet operates in), letting you customize your business's own fuel network.

As well as all the features you'd expect – including purchase controls and fueling activity reports – this card also offers rebates on your fuel costs. These rebates vary by fleet size, up to a maximum saving of 5¢ per gallon.

Just like Shell's other cards, you can use the Fleet Navigator Card to get discounts at participating Jiffy Lube locations. Unlike Shell's other cards, though, this one does come with associated fees.

Where are Shell's Fuel Stations?

Shell fuel station locator map
Shell's station locator map at work

Finding a Shell station can be more of a challenge in some areas than others. There are no stations to speak of in Montana, and distribution in some areas (especially in the Mountain time zone, and some of the more sparsely-populated parts of the Midwest and Southwest) can be highly uneven. With that being said, Shell's coverage is far more extensive than many other fleet card providers.

The station finder and route planner on the Shell website is better than average, both in terms of visualizing the location data clearly, and giving you the option to filter your search by fuel types, services, amenities, and opening hours (no one wants to pull up to a closed station).

The company also has a free Android/iOS app that can be used to find stations, though some reviews complain that the station locations listed aren't always accurate.

Expert Verdict

It's our belief that Shell's fleet cards are a fantastic option for business fleets, beating out several competitors in terms of coverage especially. Each card is well-suited to the fleet size at which it's targeted; each offers competitive benefits and competent reporting, control and security features; and each offers access to one of the largest gas station networks in the country.

Of course, if your business operates, or does a lot of business in, the areas where Shell coverage is a little lacking, it might be worth looking for another supplier – or opting for the Fleet Navigator Card, which is accepted at 95% of US stations.

Shell's Small Business Card and Fleet Plus Card are well-suited to small, medium, and some larger fleets. If your business operates all over and needs even more extensive coverage, the Fleet Navigator Card is worth a closer look.

If you're still not sure which fleet card supplier is right for you, don't worry – we're here to help. Tell us about your business using the form at the top of this page, and you'll receive custom quotes from trusted fleet card suppliers. This process is fast and free.

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