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A prolific petroleum refinery company, Marathon Petroleum runs a chain of gas stations spanning thousands of US locations. This chain includes Marathon's own stations, as well as those run by its subsidiary, Speedway.

There’s a lot to like when it comes to Marathon’s fleet card programs, and the benefits they come with. But could one of them be the right solution for your business? Read on to find out.

Businesses Served by Marathon

With two business fleet card programs – the Fleet Card and the Universal Card – Marathon has a solution for businesses of all sizes.

For starters, both of its programs come with the same benefits, and they’d be considered valuable by almost anyone. As long as your business goes through more than 500 gallons of gas a month, you’ll be able to save a bit of cash with Marathon, too – whether you’re a small business or a sprawling coast-to-coast operation.

In particular, businesses based in the Midwest and Southeast US will be best served by the Fleet Card Program, while those elsewhere in the country will benefit from Marathon’s Universal Cards.

Marathon’s Cards, Rewards and Incentives

The Fleet Card

The Marathon Fleet Card Program Review
Reviewed by Expert Market:09/28/2019

Aimed at small to medium-sized fleets, Marathon’s Fleet Card Program gives you control over your fleet’s expenses.

First off, this program can help you save a bit of cash. When your drivers fill up at any one of Marathon’s stations using the Fleet Card, you’ll be given a rebate of 1¢ to 7¢ for every gallon – depending on how much your fleet buys regularly.

For instance, if it buys 500 to 2,999 gallons a month, you’ll get 1¢ back per gallon. Go through 3,000 to 4,999 gallons a month, and you’ll earn 2¢ per gallon – and so on. Of course, this means you won’t get any rebates if your fleet needs less than 500 gallons a month – if that’s the case, this may not be the best card for you.

Importantly, Marathon will give you 24/7 access to real-time data that tracks the products and services your drivers are using their Marathon cards to buy. You’ll see where, and at what time, things are being purchased, plus the amount being spent. Armed with this information, you can stay on top of your fuel consumption and cut out any unauthorized spending.

When you give company fleet cards to your drivers, the prospect of a fraudster getting his or her hands on one is always a worry. Fortunately, Marathon is cracking down on fraud, using security measures that require valid driver ID numbers and accurate odometer readings for each purchase.

The Universal Card

The Marathon Universal Card Review
Reviewed by Expert Market:09/28/2019

On the face of it, Marathon’s Universal Card Program is pretty much the same as the Fleet Card Program. Like its counterpart, the Universal Card offers savings of 1¢ to 7¢ per gallon, real-time monitoring, and fraud protection.

However, when it comes to coverage, these two fleet cards are miles apart. Not only is the Universal Card accepted at Marathon’s stations, it can also be used at any establishment where partner WEX Inc. is accepted – and you’ll find these establishments all over the country.

Given this near-nationwide acceptance, Marathon recommends its Universal Card Program to medium to large-sized fleets.

Finding a Marathon Station

The number of stations at which your drivers’ Marathon cards can be accepted will depend, of course, on whether you’re on the Fleet Card or Universal Card Program.

If your drivers hold Fleet Cards, they can fill up at any of Marathon’s 5,400 stations. Plus, Marathon owns Speedway, which in turn owns GasAmerica, SuperAmerica, Express Mart, Hess, and nine Road Ranger stores – so its cards can be used at these brands’ locations, too.

All these stations can be found in the Midwest and Southeast US – if your fleet operates in these areas, you’ll have fantastic coverage with the Fleet Card Program.

And if it doesn’t, don’t fret. Marathon has teamed up with payment processing company WEX Inc. for its Universal Card Program, so Marathon’s Universal Cards can be used at any station that accepts WEX payments. According to Marathon, that includes 45,000 service locations nationwide, and 95% of America’s retail fuel locations.

When it comes to finding their closest station while out on the road, there are a number of handy apps your drivers can use – but we wouldn’t recommend them all.

The Marathon Petroleum app only finds and displays Marathon stations, and none of Speedway’s. The same goes for the Speedway Fuel and Speedy Rewards app, which only locates Speedway stations.

While using a combination of both apps could work, your drivers will likely find switching between the two a little fiddly. Instead, we’d suggest they use the WEX Connect app, which enables you to sort station searches by brand – as well as by location and price.

Marathon’s Pros and Cons

The Pros

If your fleet uses more than 500 gallons of fuel a month, you’ll earn 1¢ to 7¢ back for each gallon – with the accrued savings rebated to you each month.

Using Marathon’s online portal, you’ll be able to see real-time reporting on each of your drivers’ fuel and maintenance spends.

With watertight security measures that ask for valid driver identification for each purchase, you’ll know your cards (and your cash) are safe from fraudsters. Plus, Marathon’s customer support staff can quickly cancel any cards that get lost or stolen.

Marathon’s Universal Card can be used at all Marathon and Speedway stations, plus 45,000 service locations across the US and 95% of the country’s gas stations.

Marathon’s friendly customer service team is based in the US, and is on hand 24/7 to help you with any queries.

The cons

✘ If your drivers operate outside the Midwest and Southeast of the country, Marathon’s Fleet Cards will be useless to you – the stations that accept them can only be found in these areas. Of course, you can go for the Universal Card instead, which is accepted nationwide.

✘ If your business uses less than 500 gallons of fuel per month, you won’t benefit from any cost rebates. These start at 1¢ per gallon when you use 500 to 2,999 gallons a month, and end at 7¢ per gallon when you go through 10,000 or more gallons a month.

✘ There are few independent reviews of Marathon’s fleet card programs online, so there’s less of an opportunity to read other users’ experiences to help you make your decision.

Expert Verdict

If you’re looking for a secure fleet card program with faultless customer service, real-time monitoring, and the potential to save a bit of cash on your gas spend, you could do a lot worse than Marathon.

If you decide to consider Marathon for your fleet card needs, which of its fleet cards you opt for will mostly depend on where your drivers operate. If that happens to be somewhere in the Midwest or Southeast, we’d happily recommend the Fleet Card Program. If not, the Universal Card Program could be the one for you.

The best way to find the right provider for you is to speak to them directly – and we can help you there. Tell us a little about your business fleet using the form at the top of this page, and you’ll receive bespoke quotes from Marathon and other Expert Market-approved providers. This process is fast, easy and free – give it a go today!

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