What is the Best Fuel Card for Small Business?

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The best fuel cards for small businesses are Visa Fleet Card, ARCO, BP Business Solutions, and MasterCard Corporate Fleet Card Program. With over a decade's experience in reviewing and recommending fuel cards, we've picked these four programs as the best thanks to the advantages they offer to small businesses.

We know that choosing a fueling card that works for your small business can be daunting, but in our research, we've taken into account the number of fueling sites where you can use the card, rewards, and redemption methods to help you compare and find the option that works for you. Whether you decide to go for regular credit cards, charge cards, co-branded gas cards, or fleet cards, our research will help guide you through all the solid choices you currently have on the market so you know your money is being well invested.

Read on to compare these top fuel cards for small businesses, and try our free quote-finding tool to get matched with the best fuel card providers for you, who'll be in touch with tailored, no obligation quotes for you to compare.

What Are The Best Fuel Cards for Small Businesses?

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Visa Fleet Card


BP Business Solutions Mastercard

MasterCard Corporate Fleet Program

Best for

Small fleets

Best for

Growing your small business

Best for


Best for

Gaining rewards at most stations

Key Features
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver
  • Cardholder inquiry service
  • Emergency card replacement and emergency cash disbursement
  • Lost/Stolen card reporting
Key Features
  • Only account access from any device 24/7
  • Immediate deactivation
  • Exception reporting
  • Gallon limits
Key Features
  • Set card controls and use limits by day, week, or month
  • Secure 24/7 access
  • Immediate deactivation
  • Earn rebates at BP or Amoco stations


Key Features
  • Acceptance at 560,000+ stations
  • Change spending criteria quickly and easily
  • Integrate MasterCard data into existing fleet asset management systems
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1. Visa Fleet Card

Best for Small Fleets

With over 236,000 gas stations available to you, the Visa Fleet Card enables your small fleet to make the long distance journeys without the worry of running low on fuel, knowing you can use your card almost anywhere. In fact, 2.4 million locations that provide fuel, maintenance and parts accept the Visa card in the US alone.


  • Set spending and transaction limits
  • Limit purchase types
  • Track spending by vehicle or employee
  • Requires individual ID numbers for use


  • Discounts not as good as branded cards
  • Data capture not as in depth as branded cards


Best for Reports to Help Grow Your Small Business

If you’d like to have more control on the amount of money your small business is spending, or wish to give your drivers more freedom, the ARCO card allows both.

Thanks to its thorough insights, ARCO will also help you to crack down on your small business' fuel spending habits, helping you cut costs in the long run.


  • Assigned PIN numbers for security
  • Online monitoring and reporting
  • Quality fuel at a fair price
  • Two cards to choose from


  • Issuance fee
  • Fees for paper statements

3. BP Business Solutions

Best for Flexibility

With three different cards to choose from, BP enables you to invest in a card that meets your small business’s individual needs.

The BP Business Solutions card is the best fleet card for small businesses because it allows you to rework your plan as you go. This means you’ll always get the best deal, no matter your circumstances.


  • Easy online account management
  • Assign cards to individual drivers
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Easily upgrade as business grows


  • Gas stations concentrated in the East
  • Doesn’t offer as much data as other cards

4. MasterCard Corporate Fleet Program

Best for Gaining Rewards at the Most Stations

With the MasterCard Corporate Fleet Program, you have access to over 560,000 fuel stations – that’s plenty to keep your small business fleet topped up. It’s all about the digitized reports with this one, though. With all of your reports online, you can access your figures wherever, whenever.


  • Reduce time needed to review transactions
  • Choose between driver or vehicle cards
  • Over 560,000 fuel and maintenance locations
  • Digital reports for viewing on the go


  • Doesn’t offer as many rewards as a branded card
  • Bear in mind the payment processing fees

The Benefits of Fuel Cards for Small Businesses

Fuel cards are famous for being the saving grace for large trucking corporations; and now small companies can benefit from their rewarding rebates, too.

A fleet card saves you money and gives you better control over your business. The best fleet cards for small businesses also grant employees greater financial security and peace of mind.

We’ve explained some of the benefits you can expect to see when you invest in a fuel card below. Or scroll down to find out more information on our top picks.

Discounts on Fuel

A fuel card rewards small businesses by offering discounts on the purchase of fuel, oil, and lubricate at certain stations. So the more often you use your card, the more savings you gain. In addition, some cards offer rewards for every dollar spent or for every gallon of fuel purchased, allowing you to earn money back or even enjoy free fuel in the future.

Less Risk of Fraud

Some businesses prefer to use a corporate card for buying fuel. Or they expect their drivers to use cash and then provide a receipt to be reimbursed. These methods mean unnecessary admin, and there’s always the risk that cash can be stolen on the road.

Fleet cards for small business are much more precise and leave much less room for fraud or error. This not only saves your business from theft and legal issues, but makes the entire transaction more convenient.

Greater Control Over Spending

A driver may seek out fuel stations that cost more. Another driver may pay a higher grade of gas than is necessary. Someone else could be overdoing it on the vehicle maintenance. These expenses stack up and could see you losing profits, rather than making them.

A fuel card for small businesses allows you to set limitations on how much is spent, where it is spent, and at what times, so you can have a tight hold on where your money is going. In addition, regular reports on these transactions allow you to keep a close eye on what’s going on in your business.

Did You Know?

You can cut fuel costs up to 15% by investing in a fleet card.

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So there you have it. The Visa Fleet Card is our overall top pick for small fleets, while ARCO‘s card offers the best reports to help grow your business, BP Business Solutions shines for its flexibility, and the MasterCard Corporate Fleet Program is best if you want to benefit from lots of rewards.

Still a little bewildered by all the options? We get it – it's hard to work out exactly what's right for you when there are so many different features and benefits on offer. That's why we recommend using our free quote-finding tool.

Simply answer a few questions about your small fleet, and we'll match you up with the fuel card providers that meet your needs best. They'll then be in touch with tailored, no-obligation quotes so you can compare and save.


How Much Money Does a Fleet Card Save?
A survey held by Automotive Fleet magazine determined that by investing in a fleet card, businesses could save up to 15% on their entire fuel costs. This is not only on the price of fuel itself, but in the associated management expenses.
How Many Vehicles Do I Need For a Fleet Card?
There is no limitation on how many vehicles are needed to use a fleet card. Of course, the more drivers and vehicles you have, the more savings you can gain from a card. However, even a few vehicles will earn you savings over traditional corporate cards.
How Much Does a Fuel Card Cost For Small Fleets?
The price of fuel cards for small fleets differs from provider to provider – some require an annual fee and a card fee, while others do not.

The important thing to consider when choosing a card is your location and the different stations your card supports. This is because the price of gas you see on the sign may not be the price you’ll pay with your card. And on the flipside, going to the wrong station can mean you miss out on your promised discount!

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