The Best Fuel Cards with Discounts in 2024

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We’ve concluded that the BP Business Solutions Mastercard® is the best fleet fuel card with discounts on the market. After analyzing a range of competitors, our team of trusted researchers found that this fuel card offers the highest rebate per gallon with savings of up to 7¢ per gallon.

As of January 2024, the average national diesel is $3.876 per gallon. According to the latest figures from the Department of Energy, the price has fluctuated between an average of $4 to $5 per gallon throughout 2023. Experts predict diesel prices will continue to stabilize in 2024.

However, prices can always shift due to unforeseen national and international economic factors so it’s crucial you pick a fuel card that can save your business the most money, ultimately increasing profits for the business overall.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best fleet fuel cards on the market for 2024.

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What are the Best Fuel Cards with Discounts?

These are the providers we recommend based on our research. Use our comparison tool to find the best service for your business.

  1. bp Business Solutions Mastercard® – Best for Higher Monthly Fuel Usage
  2. Shell Fleet Plus® – Best for no Card Fees
  3. AtoB Unlimited – Best for Smaller Fleets
  4. WEX FlexCard –  Extensive Fuel Station Coverage

Top 4 Fuel Cards with Discounts in 2024

We took a deep dive into the fleet fuel card market and tested a number of different cards, looking at card fees, savings and discounts, network coverage, and key features. Here are the four cards that came out on top, each with different features that may suit your business depending on your needs

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bp Business Solutions Mastercard®

Shell Fleet Plus®

AtoB Unlimited

Best For

Higher monthly fuel usage

Best For

No card fees

Best For

Smaller fleets

Best For

Huge filling station coverage

Card Fees
  • Up to $10 per month (free after 5,000 gallons of fuel)
  • High-risk accounts and late payments subject to extra fees
Card Fees

No card fees, monthly, annual or set-up

Card Fees
  • $35 account set-up fee
  • $3 per active card per month
Card Fees
Savings and Discounts

Up to 7¢ per gallon with volume-based rebates

Savings and Discounts

Up to 6¢ per gallon (10,000+ gallons per month)

Savings and Discounts

3¢ per gallon for the first 3 months then, up to 25¢ off per gallon with the AtoB Driver App

Savings and Discounts

3¢ per gallon and as well as other exclusive discounts


Accepted at over 6,800 BP or Amoco locations in the U.S and any other station that accepts Mastercard


Nearly 13,000 Shell stations and participating Jiffy Lube locations nationwide


Anywhere that accepts Visa


Covers all major U.S. filling stations and over 45,000 service locations

Key Features
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Driver ID and odometer prompts
  • Track per gallon, cost per mile etc.
  • Set card controls and use limits
  • Immediate deactivation
Key Features
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Roadside assistance
  • 15% discount at participating Jiffy Lube locations
  • Fleet SmartHub® app access
  • ClearView™ data analytics
Key Features
  • Prepaid Visa card
  • Find best fuel prices with the app
  • Builds credit with Experian
  • Easy access, mostly instant approval time
  • 24/7 support
Key Features
  • Custom, detailed reports
  • Employee spending limits
  • Access premium GPS tracking
  • Purchase alerts
  • 24/7 support
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BP Business Solutions Mastercard®

Savings: up to 7¢ per gallon

BP Logo
BP Business Solutions Mastercard®
Savings Up to 7¢ per gallon with volume-based rebates
Quick overview

BP Business Solutions Mastercard® is the best overall card for discounts, especially for well-established, medium to large fleets.


Up to 7¢ per gallon savings

Can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard

Track gallons, cost per mile etc.


Extra fees for out-of-network transactions, late payment, high risk accounts

No station locator

Monthly feesHigh credit risk feesTransaction feesLate payment fees
Up to $10 per month (free after 5,000 gallons of fuel) Up to 2% of the credit limit None at bp or Amoco, up to $2 at other stations 7.25% - 12.25% of new balance

What discounts and savings can you get with this card?

  • If you fill up with 10,000 gallons or more in a month, you can secure the maximum rebate of 7¢ per gallon. This is the reason the BP Business Solutions Card is best for larger fleets that are on the road frequently.
  • A card fee of $10 a month only applies if you fill up less than 5,000 gallons a month.
  • Other potential fees include a late payment fee of $75 or 7.25% of the new balance.

Where can you use a Business Solutions Mastercard®?

Since BP is partnered with Amoco, you can fill up at over 6,800 stations throughout the US at no extra cost. You can also use your card at any other station that accepts Mastercard. However, purchases at locations other than BP and Amoco will be charged a transaction fee and are not eligible for rebate.

How secure is the Business Solutions Mastercard®?

Through BPs online portal you can track exactly what purchases are being made in real time, meaning you can catch any irregularities as they happen. Alerts can be set for any purchases made outside business hours. During business hours driver IDs and odometer readings are required for each transaction.

Most importantly, spending limits can be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, ensuring all drivers stay within budget. On top of this, spending can be set to either fuel only or fuel and maintenance services.

bp Business Solutions Mastercard can be obtained via FleetCards USA, who offer a range of different fuel card solutions for various needs. Read our full review of FleetCards USA to learn more.

Shell Fleet Plus®

Savings: up to 6¢ per gallon

Shell Logo
Shell Fleet Plus®
Savings Up to 6¢ per gallon
Quick overview

Shell Fleet Plus® is the best fuel card for no card fees, and that goes for sign-up, monthly and annual. 


Comes with an excellent station finder web app

Data reports point out opportunities for you to save money

Shell provides 24/7 customer service to fuel card users


Coverage gaps in some parts of the Midwest and Southwest

Rebates are only truly generous if you buy over 10,000 gallons per month

Set-up feesMonthly feesAnnual fees
None None None

What discounts and savings can you get with this card?

  • Fuel rebates for Shell Fleet Plus® are 6¢ per gallon if your drivers purchase 10,000 gallons per month.
  • As we’ve mentioned there are no card fees, meaning this is the least expensive option when it comes to upfront costs.
  • Shell is light on discounts compared to other providers but does offer a 15% discount on Jiffy Lube, which is an essential product for vehicle maintenance.

With some other cards, you may end up spending as much in fees as you save in rebates if you don’t use the card enough. With the Shell Fleet Plus® card, you will save money regardless of how much you fill up.

Where can you use the Shell Fleet Plus®?

The Shell Fleet Plus® card can only be used at Shell stations. Currently there are 1300 stations across the US. If you need more coverage, consider the WEX Fleet Card, which covers about 95% of the US.

How secure is the Shell Fleet Plus®?

Security is one of the most important issues for fleet owners and operators. The Shell Fleet Plus® card comes with access to the Fleet SmartHub® app, which provides you with a clear overview of your transactions and available credit and also allows you to spot potential misuse and cancel stolen or lost cards.

However, this card doesn’t have pin code protection or an alerts feature for unusual activity, meaning you could be left open to fraud and unauthorized use. If this is a concern for you take a look at the WEX FlexCard which has more robust security features.

Read our full Shell review to learn about the other cards on offer.

AtoB Unlimited

Savings: 3¢ per gallon, up to 25¢ off per gallon with AtoB Driver app

AtoB logo
AtoB Unlimited
Quick overview

AtoB Unlimited is the best fuel card for newer and smaller businesses.


Accepted anywhere that accepts Visa

24/7 customer support

Telematics integration in-app


Much lower rebates then bp and Shell

Pre-paid structure can be limiting for larger fleets with multiple drivers

Set-up feesMonthly fees
$35 $3 per card

What discounts and savings can I get with AtoB Unlimited?

  • AtoB charges a $35 setup fee and then $3 per month after.
  • There’s no spending limits and it’s a pre-payment card so you won’t incur any late repayment fees.
  • When it comes to rebates, AtOB is on the lower end of the scale with only 3¢ per gallon for the first 3 months. It offers a much higher 25¢ off per gallon through its Driver App.
  • The Driver App can also help your drivers find stations with the best gas prices and it offers discounts on tires, maintenance and washes.

Where can you use the AtoB card?

AtoBs network is likely the most extensive of all the fuel cards we’ve profiled, as it works anywhere that accepts Visa.

How secure is the AtoB Unlimited card?

AtoB offer a comprehensive range of security features including spending limits, card deactivation, gas station selection and merchant category selection. These all give you complete control over your drivers activity, lessening the chance of fraud or unauthorized use.

You will also receive alerts for any suspicious activity on the card, allowing you to take action quickly and stop any fraudulent activity that may be taking place. Like other major cards from WEX and BP, a pin code is needed to use the card, increasing security further.

During the last update of this article in January 2024, we discovered that AtoB have raised their card fee from $25 to $35 and this is reflected in the article. 

WEX FlexCard

Savings: 3¢ per gallon and other exclusive discounts

Wex logo
WEX FlexCard
Savings 3¢ per gallon and other exclusive discounts
Quick overview

The WEX Flex Card is the best fuel card for network coverage. It’s accepted at 95% of stations across the US.


Advanced spending controls

Automated accounting and customized reports

Carry a monthly balance for when cash flow is tight


Lower rebates per gallon than bp and Shell

Rebates only apply for one year or 6,000 gallons per account

Set-up feesMonthly feesAnnual fees
None None None

What discounts and savings can I get with the WEX FlexCard?

While the rebates are lower than both the BP and Shell cards, at around 3¢ per gallon (at participating stations), you also get exclusive discounts on the following via the WEX EDGE Savings Network:

  • Tires, auto parts and services at over 2,200 Bridgestone Retail Operations locations to help with overall costs.
  • Stays at over 18,000 hotels across the US.
  • Sprint Business wireless solutions and accessories.
  • Deals on data analytics and reporting, premium GPS tracking, and other tools (though WEX doesn’t make it clear what platforms or software this applies to).

Where can you use the WEX FlexCard?

Valid for 95% of US, its possibly the most widely accepted card at major U.S. gas stations, the WEX FlexCard is also a reliable choice for cross-country fleets. The card is also accepted at more than 45,000 different service locations and can be used to pay for vehicle maintenance.

How secure is the WEX FlexCard?

The WEX FlexCard has a range of comprehensive security features, including pin code verification, driver ID, spending limits, unusual activity alerts, fraud protection and the ability to remotely block cards.



bp Business Solutions Mastercard® offers the greatest savings with up to 7¢ per gallon with volume-based rebates. This is certainly the best choice for large fleets since they are able to waive the monthly fee after 5,000 gallons.

However, for smaller businesses, the high monthly fees may detract from the overall saving. It’s accepted at any location that takes Mastercard as well as BP and Amoco stations U.S.-wide, of which there are around 6,800.

A solid alternative is the WEX FlexCard, which while it offers significantly lower rebates at 3¢ per gallon, it is free from monthly fees. It also grants you access to the WEX EDGE savings network, which could mean better results on your bottom line. With acceptance at all major U.S. gas stations, it also offers excellent flexibility for drivers.

Again, it all depends on your specific needs, take a moment to get a personalised quote with our free comparison tool.

How We Test Fuel Cards for Businesses

We tested 13 market-leading fuel cards to evaluate them in terms of security, customer support, expense management, and more so we can make the most useful recommendations to US businesses.

Our rigorous testing process means these products have been scored and rated in five main categories of investigation and 13 subcategories – in fact, we covered 43 areas of investigation in total. We then gave each category score a ‘relevance weighting' to ensure the product's final score perfectly reflects the needs and requirements of Expert Market readers – and that's our algorithm in a nutshell!

Our main testing categories for fuel cards are:

Security: the measures and features implemented by the fuel card product to ensure the safety and protection of the cardholder's information and transaction.

Customer Support: the resources and assistance provided by the fuel card provider to cardholders, such as phone support, email or chat support, and online forums.

Expense Management: the features and tools provided by the fuel card product to track and manage fuel-related expenses, e.g. transaction tracking, expense reporting, and receipt capture and storage.

Convenience: the ease of use and accessibility of the fuel card product for cardholders, including the acceptance network of fuel stations, availability, price comparison tool, etc.

Card Specific Information: the details and specifications associated with the fuel card itself. This includes card fees, accepted fuel type, card type, fee structure and network coverage.



What is the best fuel discount card?
bp’s Business Solutions Mastercard® is the best option for large fleets that regularly surpass 5,000-10,000 gallons of fuel per month. For fleets with lower fuel consumption, consider the WEX FlexCard. Though it offers lower rebates at face value, its extra discounts and lack of monthly fees could work out more cost-effective.
Do fuel cards give you a discount?
Most fuel cards offer rebates, between 3-7 cents per gallon. Some offer extra bells and whistles such as discounts on vehicle maintenance, auto parts, telematics and other fleet management tools.
How can I get discount on fuel?
Signing up for a fuel card with high rebates allows you to receive discounts each time you fill up.
Are fuel cards cheaper than pump prices?
Even with a fuel card, you still pay the same amount at the pump for your gas. Most fuel cards give rebates, which allow you to reclaim between 3-7 cents per gallon, depending on your provider.
What credit score is needed for a fuel card?
It depends. A good or excellent credit score means you can apply for the best fuel cards, with the most benefits. However, you can always apply for a pre-paid card such as AtoB’s Unlimited Visa card, even without a credit score.
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