WEX Fleet Cards Review: Are They Right for Your Fleet?

wex fleet card review

By Julia Watts | Content Manager | Updated: 23 March 2020

Cost-effective fuel cards with great coverage

Calculating fuel costs for your quarterly report is boring at best. But at worst? It’s a terrifying task that makes you shudder at the mere mention of a balance sheet.

Naturally then, when Wright Express – WEX for short – began life as a fresh-faced startup in 1983, fleet managers everywhere rejoiced. Here was a company that not only understood the problem of fuel overspend, but aimed to help businesses solve it.

The question was, could WEX deliver on their promise of bigger savings and better fleet performance at lower-than-credit card rates?

In a word, yes.

With reliable systems and reporting and exceptional customer support, WEX quickly became the go-to provider of fuel cards for business fleets. Some 30+ years later, that’s still true. Upwards of 400,000 U.S. companies use WEX fleet cards, and the number grows every day.

After spending time with WEX, we’d recommend their fuel card solutions in a heartbeat.

Read on to find out why.

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Known for exceptional customer service and reliable systems and reporting, WEX is a leading provider of fuel cards for business fleets. Over 400,000 U.S. companies use WEX-powered fleet cards.

Wex have been assisting small, medium and large fleets for over 30 years. They deliver exceptional fuel card solutions to a wide range of fleet types in partnership with hundreds of fuel suppliers.

Who Are WEX Fuel Cards For?

“There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. These are things we don’t know we don’t know.”

Even if you’re happy with the performance of your fleet, you’re probably wasting money in ways you don’t even know about. If that quote resonates with you (bonus points for knowing who said it), you’ll appreciate that every fleet has room to improve.

That’s why we think WEX can help any fleet save money and get more valuable work done, period. First thing’s first, their universal and partner-branded fuel cards are designed to help fleets of all sizes. That also applies to different types of fleet. Interstate bus carriers and single-city taxi cab firms alike can save money with WEX fuel card services.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re wondering whether WEX is right for you:

  • Is your annual fuel spend higher than you’d like it to be?
  • Do you ever lose track of your drivers’ spending patterns?
  • Do your drivers spend time handling paper receipts for admin purposes?
  • Do your drivers have to make significant travel diversions to refuel?
  • Have unauthorized purchases ever appeared in your bank statements?
Did You Know?

Drivers spend an average of 10-14 minutes each week handling receipts. The time spent per driver per week tends to be higher for smaller fleets

Even if we’re preaching to the choir, you’re probably wondering what sets WEX fuel cards apart from the dozens of other options out there? Let’s begin with their fuel card range.

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WEX Fleet Cards Compared

Fuel Card Card Fleet Type Benefits
wex fleetcard WEX Fleet Card Small Accepted at over 90% of stations
wex flex card WEX FlexCard Small Receive a 3¢ rebate on every gallon of gas

WEX Fleet Card

This is the most popular option for small fleets, and WEX claims you can use it to cut your fuel spending by up to 15%. While you’d be forgiven for being skeptical, this particular claim isn’t your usual marketing spiel. As we’ll see later, WEX actually exceeds 15% savings in some cases.

Standout features of the WEX Fleet Card include:

  • Driver ID authentication for monitoring fuel spend and fraud
  • Low monthly fee of $2 per card
  • Extensive online purchase management features

WEX FlexCard

The FlexCard works best for small and mid-sized fleets where cash flow can sometimes be a concern.

Along with all features of the WEX Fleet Card, the FlexCard offers:

  • A 3¢ rebate on every gallon of gas
  • Flexible fuel reporting, viewable in real time or at month end
  • The ability to carry a balance for up to 26 days

The 3¢ rebate definitely adds up over time if you’re a regular user. And, though might never need to use it, the ability to carry a card balance helps if you’re ever caught short-handed at the end of the month.

Both the Fleet Card and the FlexCard authorize and track usage patterns by Driver ID and vehicle odometer readings. They also offer activation and suspension tools to combat theft and fraud, and let managers set product and dollar limits on purchases.

WEX Partner Branded Fuel Cards

As well as their two flagship fuel cards, WEX provides cards in partnership with major fuel and retail brands. Most partners also offer Universal Card options, which means you can use them at most US fueling locations.

Partner-branded WEX cards have their own benefits. These vary by retailer, and often include fuel rebates, discounts of 5-7¢ per gallon, and the ability to limit drivers’ purchases by dollar amount or purchase type.

What Other Services Does WEX Offer?

All WEX and WEX partner-branded cards offer reliable, time-saving services online and via mobile apps. Whether you manage your fleet from an office, construction site, or multiple locations, there’s bound to be a WEX technology solution for you.

WEX Connect

WEX Connect is a free fuel and service locator app. Essentially, it helps drivers refuel without having to stray too far from their route. The app also shows you, in real time, which stations near you are offering the lowest cost fuel (including CNG and biodiesel).

WEX Connect works well, though like most apps, it relies on a wireless connection to work. In other words, Alaskan truckers should still take an old fashioned road map with them.

WEX Telematics

In addition to fleet cards, there's WEX Telematics; an end-to-end fleet management solution for businesses of all sizes. Fleet managers get detailed online reporting on fleet activity, fuel use, employee health accounts, expenses, driver behavior, tax and compliance issues, routing and scheduling.

These additional services enable fleet managers to monitor driver performance, fuel consumption, productivity, and safety issues, while preventing moonlighting and vehicle theft. And with access to 20,000 service centers in the United States and Canada, plus roadside assistance, accident response, and federal, state and DOT compliance assistance, WEX covers your drivers as well.

Best of all, WEX Telematics works hand-in-glove with WEX’s fuel management services. If you use them in tandem, you can easily get cost savings far above the 15% that WEX promises with its fuel cards.

How Wide is WEX Fuel Card Coverage?

A fuel card is no good if no one accepts it. Thankfully, WEX’s network spans 180,000+ gas stations – that’s over 90% of fueling locations across the US! As discussed earlier, many national and regional brands offer co-branded WEX universal cards. Because they’re all part of WEX’s network, this means, for example, that a Shell station will serve a driver using their WEX/ExxonMobil fleet card.

Some of the biggest names among WEX’s hundreds of network partners include:

wex network partners

Although you can use partner-branded WEX cards at any network member’s pumps, you usually don’t get the same benefits as if you use it at that partner’s station. So, while your 76 card will work at a Gulf station, don’t expect the same discounts or rebates that you’d get at a 76 station.

Customer Service and Feedback

WEX offers 24/7 support via email and phone, as well as dedicated account reps, and on-staff advisors who can help with compliance, bulk purchases, and the like.

Users typically like WEX’s services and flexibility, only giving mixed reviews to its app. In particular, they’ve taken issue with the accuracy of pricing, its tendency to sort results by price instead of location, and the app’s sometimes inconsistent refresh rates for both maps and prices. However, in view of their performance as a whole, this is often outweighed by other features.

How Much Can WEX Fuel Cards Save You?

It’s the million dollar question. But does it have a million dollar answer?

Using independent fuel research data, we calculated the costs savings for small, mid-sized and large fleets, based on the following assumptions:

  • One gallon of fuel costs $2.75
  • A full tank is 15 gallons
  • Drivers receive the industry average hourly rate of $20.80/hour
  • Accounting employees receive the average office administrative wage of $16/hour

Note: these are intentionally conservative assumptions. A large family might have a 15 gallon fuel tank, but a trailer truck can easily hold upwards of 100 gallons.

Number of weekly fill-ups
Fleet Size 1 fill-up 2 fill-ups 3 fill-ups 4 fill-ups 5 fill-ups
5 vehicles $10,725 $21,450 $32,175 $42,900 $53,625
25 vehicles $53,625 $107,250 $160,875 $214,500 $268,125
50 vehicles $107,250 $214,500 $321,750 $429,000 $536,250

Expert Verdict

We could wax lyrical about WEX all day, but the bottom line is that we highly recommend WEX fleet card solutions.

The perks of being a WEX owner include a card that works at most gas stations in the US, a slick fuel management reporting suite, and access to a whole fleet management ecosystem.

Plus, if you’re looking at fuel cards as a way of controlling expenses (and if you aren’t, you should be), WEX cards are definitely one of the best options for your money.

Speaking of money, fuel card companies provide quotes based mainly on fleet size and location. With so many great solutions out there, it really pays to shop around and pitch suppliers against one another to find the best prices.

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