Uber Freight Fuel Card Review: Features, Pros & Cons

The Uber Freight fuel card is a scheme paired with the app of the same name, developed by giant tech company Uber specifically to cater to haulers and shippers.

A fuel card lives or dies by its perks – and Uber Freight has truckloads of those. Come for industry-standard discounts on fuel, stay for the deals on maintenance, spare parts, and even phone plans.

Of course, with many companies offering to help you get your goods from A to B, you may wonder which is the best fuel card of them all. If you use our free quote comparison tool, we can help with that and match you with the providers best suited to your needs.

However, if you’d like to know more about Uber Freight, just head to our review below, in which we’ll go over its benefits and shortcomings.

Uber Freight
Quick overview

The Uber Freight fuel card strives to put your needs first - and by most accounts, it succeeds. For starters, it packs discounts and perks aplenty for Uber Freight haulers.

The Uber Freight fuel card gives you up to 20 cents off per gallon at participant TA and Petro gas stations. Currently, they're more than 250 and spread across the country, giving you plenty of chance to find a discounted pump near you.

Furthermore, Uber Freight works by matching truckers with businesses that need something shipped and its system greatly benefits from its parent app's popularity. The clean interface, the easy of use, it's all there: anyone familiar with Uber’s ridesharing or food delivery app will feel instantly at home with Uber Freight. All it takes is a few clicks to tender a load, hit the road, and collect your next paycheck.


Sizeable fuel savings

Huge new and used Navistar truck discounts

Special deals on spare parts


No hard cap for weekly fuel spending

Who Is The Uber Freight Fuel Card For?

Only regular users of the Uber Freight app qualify for its fuel discounts. That might sound elitist, but it’s hardly a high threshold in practice – you only need to haul one Uber Freight load per month to be eligible. That’s true whether you’re a lone operator or a fleet manager; if you run a small trucking company, you only need to haul one load a month to reap the rewards for every driver.

In short, the Uber Freight fuel card is for fleet managers and lone contractors who love Uber Freight and want to get the best bang for their buck.

Trucker using the Uber Freight fuel card to book a load

The cents you’ll save at the pump with the Uber Freight fuel card will quickly add up

Uber Freight’s Key Features Explained

Fuel Discounts

The Uber Freight fuel card gives you up to 20 cents off per gallon at TA and Petro gas stations. A quick scan of the TA-Petro website reveals more than 250 locations spread pretty nicely across the country, with the heaviest concentration of stations in the Northeast. As far as coverage goes, there’s little to complain about.

So, what are the drawbacks? Well, these discounts only apply to the first $200 of weekly fuel purchases, but Uber doesn’t notify you when your spending goes over this amount. If you’re unlikely to spend more than $200 in a week, great; otherwise, you might want to switch payment methods once you reach the soft cap in order to avoid being charged the higher rate. Other fuel card brands make it easy to control costs by giving you the option to set a hard spending cap. It’d be helpful if the Uber Freight fuel card did the same, but unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Phone Plan Discounts

Customers of Sprint and AT&T can access the following deals on their mobile data plans through the Uber Freight fuel card:

  • Sprint: Unlimited basic 2-line rental for $47.50/month
  • AT&T: 22% off data plans, 25% off wireless accessories, and waived activation fees*

*Selected plans only

Maintenance Discounts

Uber understands how costly vehicle repairs are for small fleets, which is why they’ve partnered with truck manufacturer Navistar to offer generous maintenance discounts. You stand to save between 20-50% on spare parts you purchase from Navistar, compared with retail prices for repairs from other firms.

What’s more, thanks to Uber’s close ties with Goodyear, you can save 30% on tires. But before you go waltzing into your local Goodyear outlet looking for this discount, know that you’ll need to apply for it first online, or speak with Uber Freight’s friendly customer service staff on the phone.

Discounted Truck Purchases

This is the Uber Freight fuel card’s crown jewel. If you’re in the market for brand new vehicles, you can get up to $16,000 off the standard retail price for selected Navistar truck models. If used wheels are what you’re after, you can still get a rebate of up to $4,000, depending on the truck’s retail value.

For new and used truck purchases, Uber Freight fuel card makes it exceptionally cost-effective to start a fleet from scratch. This makes it a great fuel card for trucking fleets.

Our Methodology: How Did We Do Our Research?

Five researchers carried out in-depth research into US fleet cards according to a comparison framework designed by our research team leader. For each card we’ve asked these questions:

  • How convenient is it to use?
  • How helpful is it for managing fuel expenses?
  • What can it do to ensure your company’s funds are secure?
  • What extra benefits do you receive from using it?

We’ve also broken down each card by fee structure, fuel type, network coverage and more to offer you the easiest choice.


Let’s face it – Uber isn’t exactly known for offering world-class driver perks. In fact, its ridesharing division goes to great lengths to call itself a “technology platform”, with zero responsibilities towards drivers as employees.

The Uber Freight fuel card is different. Whether you’re looking to save money at the fuel pump, the cell tower, the repair shop or the showroom, ample discounts give you your money’s worth at every turn. Barring the absence of a hard cap for weekly fuel purchases and any issues you might have with the Uber Freight load-matching service itself, you won’t be left wanting.

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