The 7 Best Social Media Marketing Companies in 2021

By Dan Barraclough | Updated: June 29 2021

Which social media marketing company is best suited to help your business grow? Read on to find out…

The best social media marketing companies can help your business gain new customers and boost sales. We’re here to help you and your business get started on that journey.

However, you’re already busy. That’s why we’ve done all the research for you and selected the six best social media marketing companies for you today.

We’ve also recommended each of them for different industries, ranging from real estate and restaurants to dentists and B2B companies. You’ll also learn about their pricing and social media marketing services in more detail.

After reading this article, you’ll know which social media marketing company would best suit your business. Check out our table below for a quick overview of what’s to come…

The 7 Best Social Media Marketing Companies: Overview

CompanyBest for
ThriveReal estate
HibuSmall businesses
KickStart Dental MarketingDentists
Lyfe MarketingHealthcare
Social DriverNonprofits

Read on below for individual reviews of the best social media marketing companies, including information on pricing and the services they provide. If you’d like to get in touch with experts sooner rather than later, then simply use our free comparison tool. 

We’ll then match your business with the right social media marketing companies, who’ll then be in touch with more information about how they can help your business grow, and no-obligation quotes for you to compare.

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1. Thrive

Best for Real Esate

Thrive knows how to get your real estate business thriving online, offering a wide range of social media marketing services to help you find and attract new house-hunting customers, which is what real estate social media marketing is all about.

Through social media paid advertising and content creation, Thrive will design and implement a bespoke social media marketing campaign for your real estate business, helping you target the right audience and gain greater exposure.

Thrive charges a fixed hourly rate of $125 per hour, with no minimum contract length.


  • Set hourly rate of $125 per hour, making it easier to plan your budget
  • Proven track record of helping real estate companies grow

X Cons:

  • Set hourly pricing might feel too rigid, especially compared to bespoke pricing found elsewhere

Thrive case study: Homefirst

Thrive created bespoke Facebook adverts for real estate company HomeFirst, helping the client gain more traffic and customers from social media.

Homefirst case study screenshot
Thrive helped Homefirst gain new customers through effective social media marketing

2. Hibu

Best for Small Businesses

Hibu is one of the best agencies for small businesses, helping your small business reach new customers quickly.

Starting with a one-on-one consultation, Hibu’s experts will ask you what you want from your small business. You’re in charge, after all.

Then, focusing on Facebook, which has 2.85 billion monthly active users, Hibu will set up your Facebook Business Page and build your brand image and improve your social presence.

After that, Hibu’s team will target your ads to reach social media users on Facebook, Messenger, Facebook Marketplace, and Instagram.


  • Ideal for small businesses looking to gain new customers
  • Lots of experience in creating Facebook adverts, including Facebook Marketplace
  • One-on-one consultation before creating your campaign

X Cons:

  • Unclear pricing
  • Not ideal for large businesses

Hibu Case Study: The Custom Shop

Small business, the Custom Shop, works with Hibu to boost its exposure and sales. Here’s what the business has to say about Hibu:

“Each year since joining Hibu, many years ago, our sales and exposure on the web have increased exponentially! I believe that Hibu is the Lamborghini of all the firms best suited to fill the needs of small businesses such as ours.”

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3. Cardinal

Best for Restaurants

Social media marketing for restaurants typically focuses on posting engaging and mouth-watering content on Instagram. That’s exactly what Cardinal can do for your restaurant, and more.

With clients including Papa Johns and Tropical Smoothing Cafe, plus a wide range of small businesses, Cardinal has a proven track record of helping restaurants like yours to grow.


  • Proven track record with big restaurant brands
  • Suitable for any sized restaurant

X Cons:

  • Unclear pricing

Cardinal Case Study: Tropical Smoothie

Cardinal created customized campaigns for each franchise, targeting different geographic areas via Facebook ads and Instagram-specific content.

Tropical Smoothie case study screenshot
Cardinal helped Tropical Smoothie increase conversions by targeting specific social media users with their ads

4. Sculpt

Best for B2B

When it comes to B2B social media marketing best practices, creating content for LinkedIn and Facebook is right up there. This is one of Sculpt’s favorite tactics to help your B2B business build relationships online and increase sales.

Your journey with Sculpt will start with an audit of your previous ads. You’ll then discuss your goals and Sculpt will design and launch a campaign for you, and provide week-after-week results.

Sculpt’s clients include MidWestOne Bank, Allsteel, and VillageCapital.


  • Long list of reputable clients in B2B sector
  • Ideal for LinkedIn advertising

X Cons:

  • Unclear pricing

Sculpt Case Study: Collective Data

Using Linkedin ads, Sculpt was able to reduce Collective Data’s cost per lead by 70% (that’s how much Collective Data pays to gain each customer). Here's what Collective Data had to say:

“What is most impressive is their willingness to help, and they truly look at our partnerships as a partnership. They are not just providing a service, but they are succeeding with us, and we are one team.”

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5. KickStart Dental Marketing

Best for Dentists

Social media marketing for dentists might sound like a niche trade, but KickStart Dental Marketing knows that the dentistry industry requires a slightly different approach to others – namely a huge focus on Facebook.

KickStart Dental Marketing will use Facebook and Instagram to promote your positive reviews, create daily content, and drive referrals by leveraging your current list of patients. With KickStart Dental Marketing, your profits should be looking minty fresh in no time.


  • Specializes in dental marketing
  • Provides free strategy session before you start
  • Uses its own dentistry-specific software

X Cons:

  • Unclear pricing

KickStart Dental Marketing Case Study: Castle Rock Dental Health

Dental surgery, Castle Rock Dental Health, works closely with KickStart Dental Marketing to help it gain new customers. Here’s what Dr. Linda Ludin has to say about the process:

“Castle Rock Dental Health has been working with KickStart for about a year to improve our online visibility. We’ve seen the amount of our reviews go way up and we’re getting lots of new customers. KickStart has been extremely helpful with any concerns we’ve had and it’s a good feeling to know that they acknowledge me as a person, and not just another business they’re serving.”

6. Lyfe Marketing

Best for Healthcare

Since it began operations, Lyfe Marketing has generated over $108,231,120 in client revenue, helping companies like yours to grow by following the best practices for social media health marketing.

What makes Lyfe slightly different to the other best social media marketing companies in this article is that it provides three set price plans for its social media services, whereas most others tend to offer bespoke pricing. You can take a look at Lyfe’s pricing plans below.


  • Offers set price plans to help you set a budget
  • Ideal for healthcare businesses

X Cons:

  • Using set price plans might not guarantee the best price for your business

Lyfe Marketing Pricing

PlanCostWhat you’ll get


$700 /month

Facebook and Instagram marketing

12 posts per month

Page monitoring and responding


Boost Ad Management


$800 /month

Everything in the Good Plan, plus:

20 posts per month


$1,100 /month

Everything in the Better Plan, plus:

40 posts per month

Lyfe Marketing Case Study: AllWell

AllWell wanted to improve its online presence and gain new customers, so Lyfe Marketing created a lead magnet (a piece of media that encourages online users to exchange contact information, such as an online form) and posted it across social media. This tactic helped AllWell get more customers that were actually already interested in their product.

7. Social Driver

Best for Nonprofits

Specializing in helping nonprofit companies reach a wider audience via social media marketing, Social Driver’s clients include the American Heart Association, the Education Trust, and the American Hospital Association.

Social Driver can help build brand awareness for your non-profit organization, driving more traffic to your website and helping you spread your message far and wide.


  • Plenty of experience working with nonprofits
  • Excellent video-creation services via YouTube
  • Ideal for building brand awareness

X Cons:

  • Unclear pricing

Social Driver Case Study: UnidoUS

UnidoUS wants more Latinos to register to vote in the US, and Social Driver helped the nonprofit company encourage thousands of Latinos to do so thanks to an effective YouTube campaign. This campaign resulted in a 35.9% click through rate (the number of users who saw the content, divided by the actual number of clicks the content received), compared to the industry average click through rate of 15%.

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Expert Verdict

We’ve shown you the best social media marketing companies in the US, serving a variety of niche markets such as dentistry, but also the more common sectors such as B2B and small business. Let’s recap what we discussed.

The 7 best social media marketing companies are:

  • Thrive – best for real estate
  • Hibu – best for small businesses
  • Cardinal – best for restaurants
  • Sculpt – best for B2B
  • KickStart Dental Marketing – best for dentists
  • Lyfe Marketing – best for healthcare
  • Social Driver – best for nonprofits

Remember, we can put you in touch with the best social media marketing companies quickly and easily. All you need to do is use our free comparison tool (it only takes a minute) and we’ll match your business with trusted experts that best suit your needs.

They’ll then contact you with more information about how their social media marketing services can build your online presence, gain more customers, and increase sales. You’ll also receive no-obligation quotes to compare before spending a dime.

Dan Barraclough

Dan’s a Senior Writer at Expert Market, specialising in digital marketing, web design, and photocopiers, amongst other topics.

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