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By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher

net2phone is a telecommunications supplier with a commendable ethos – to provide high quality VoIP phone systems at pocket-friendly prices


  • Variety of call plans to suit individual needs
  • Range of solutions, from hosted PBX to SIP trunking
  • Great customer feedback
  • Full onboarding program

X Cons:

  • No clear pricing structure on website
  • Not as many services as other providers

Did you know?

In the US alone, the number of business VoIP lines rose from just 6.2 million in 2010 to over 41.6 million in 2018

VoIP has fast become one of the most popular phone system solutions in the US. It uses the internet, rather than the traditional telephone network, to send and receive calls. This, combined with clever cloud-based software, opens up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses.

When it comes to internet-enabled phone systems, net2phone is the expert. Not only does it have a technical team capable of installing a multitude of different phone solutions, its software package is pretty up there, too. You can find out more about its products and its software later on in the review.

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What is net2phone?

With over 20 years of trading under their belt, it’s safe to say net2phone holds a solid presence within the telephone industry. In fact, it’s currently the fourth largest phone system provider in the world – that’s no mean feat!

net2phone’s large scale certainly doesn’t leave any business behind, though. It offers solutions suitable for small businesses all the way up to Fortune 500.

net2phone’s Main Products

net2phone offers a range of products that meet the requirements of all kinds of businesses. So whether you’re after an industry-tailored solution or a telephone system designed around your business’s specific needs, net2phone is a good company to check out.

Hosted PBX

net2phone supplies VoIP telephone systems which are hosted on its own server. This kind of telephone system takes all the hard work away from users and puts it in the hands of its own team. As part of this service, net2phone will:

  • Advise you on the best system for your requirements
  • Install the system
  • Set up the software so it displays the required data
  • Set up the software so it offers the best customer experience
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SIP Trunking

SIP (session initiation protocol) trunking can be a cheaper alternative to a complete VoIP system. You’ll still need to invest in all the internet-enabled hardware, but rather than lease more lines, you can give your current on-premise PBX system the power to receive and transmit phone calls over the internet.

net2phone Software

When you invest in a net2phone hosted telephone system, you’ll benefit from a range of admin tools that’ll help you run your business smarter. Find out how their VoIP telephone solutions can benefit both your employees and your customers below:

For the Employees

Call Recording

Check on the level of customer service your team is providing, and keep phone calls as recorded evidence for any complaints or cases made against your business.

Internal Comms

Whether you need to forward a call onto another department or speak to Mary two floors up, a net2phone telephone system will keep comms flowing inside the office.

Remote Office

No matter if the other office is across town or across state, you can share the exact same phone system and the exact same number.

Phonecall tools

Employees can forward calls to other team members, receive notifications when there’s a call waiting, and put calls on hold if there’s information they need to find.

For the Customers

Hold Music

How many tasteless hold music tracks have you had to endure? With net2phone, you can choose which hold music your customers hear. Additionally, you can set audio loops to reassure your customers that their call is important, keeping them on the line.

Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist will help smooth out your customers’ experience, whether it’s making sure they transfer through to the right department, or directing them to online information sources.

Time-based Greetings

Give customers a friendlier, more personable experience by recording automated greetings messages for Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

net2phone Pricing

net2phone offers a range of plans, so you’ll never pay above and beyond what you need. Its basic plans include plenty of desirable features, such as:

If the basic plan isn’t enough, you can choose to add on extra features as and when you need them. For example, if business is booming and you need additional queue lines, you can call net2phone up and the team will sort it out for you.

net2phone doesn’t have any obvious pricing structure on its site. However, the silver lining is that its quotes are tailored to your specific requirements.

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What do net2phone Customers Say?

More often than not, customers rate net2phone’s services four or five stars across the board. This is a pretty good accolade for such a large company. Of course, when it comes to customer service, it’s rare that a company can boast a clean sweep across the board – and net2phone is no exception.

Case Study

Doug King came to net2phone requiring a brand new phone system to replace his old 12 line PBX system. His decision to use net2phone was largely down to the great customer service he’d received at enquiry stage. Because net2phone works with businesses of all sizes, he wasn’t made to feel like an insignificant customer.

The setup went incredibly smoothly, with the plug and play system working perfectly straight away. The net2phone team worked to ensure the system was ready to go on time. And the online tutorials and guidance proved invaluable in training employees on how to effectively use the new telephone system.

Expert Verdict

net2phone is a telephone systems company that manages to balance great solutions with a pretty solid customer service repertoire. While the number of telephone services it offers may be less than other providers, those after a solid, reliable system won’t have anything to complain about.

It’s clear to see that net2phone cares about the customer experience. Not only do its customers repeatedly rate the supplier highly, but it also has a range of materials to help its customers get to grips with their new phone system for seamless integration.

What’s Next?

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