Zoom Phone Review and Pricing 2024: Best Value for Money

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An estimated 32 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025, so to keep on top of this, you’ll need an efficient business phone system for your small business to run smoothly.

If you’re wondering which will get you the best deal, look no further. Our team of independent researchers analyzed 11 of the best business phone systems and found that Zoom Phone is the best value for money.

We compared Zoom Phone’s features against other providers using five key factors: inbound and outbound communications features, integrability (external connections), scalability, pricing, and customer support. Now, let’s see how Zoom Phone fairs against its competitors in this Zoom Phone review.

If you need insights on the best phone systems, Expert Market’s team of experienced researchers has been reviewing the top business services and products for years. So if you want to find out which business phone system best fits your team’s needs, try our free quote comparison tool.

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Best For

Value for Money


$10-20 per user, per month

What We Liked
  • Very economical prices
  • 24/7 support
What Could Be Better
  • Doesn’t have many collaborative features
  • Security isn’t as good as competitors’

Zoom Phone: At A Glance

Overall, upon testing, our researchers were impressed by the amount of features Zoom Phone packs in its seriously economical plans, though we found its collaborative features to be lacking.

Use Zoom Phone If You’re Looking For…

  • Low-cost service: Starting at $10, Zoom Phone gets you the benefits of a VoIP service with a really economical price tag.
  • International calls: Zoom Phone’s Global Select gives you unlimited calls to 48 countries.
  • 24/7 support: Zoom Phone’s help and support is always available through phone and live chat.

Use An Alternative If You’re Looking For…

  • AI assistance: Zoom Phone lacks a conversational AI tool, which allows you to get transcripts of calls and even flag interactions as good and bad, helping you to navigate them. If you’d like that extra hand, Dialpad will serve you better.
  • Collaboration features: If your business needs to use the VoIP for highly-collaborative tasks, you’re likely better served with RingCentral, as it packs the document sharing and task management tools that Zoom Phone lacks.

Zoom’s Pros and Cons


  • Lowest price plans
  • Highly-rated by customers


  • Collaborative features are subpar
  • Below-average security features

Lowest Price Plans

Zoom Phone easily scores a perfect 5 out of 5 in our pricing analysis because it offers the lowest priced plans out of the 11 business phone providers we looked at. Plus, with a high 4.5/5 overall score, you’ll surely get great value for your money with Zoom Phone plans. Head over to our price section for an in-depth price comparison. 

High-Rated By Customers

Our researchers pooled customer scores across the most trusted review sites: G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, and TrustRadius. With an average user review score of 4.7/5, Zoom Phone got the highest customer rate out of the top business phone system providers we looked at. Seeing highly satisfied users speaks of how reliable Zoom Phone is. Read further to check out what real customers had to say about Zoom Phone.

Collaborative Features Are Subpar

Zoom Phone isn’t a good fit for the internal communications of teams that need it to perform tasks together. It doesn’t have document sharing or task management tools in any of its plans, standing in stark contrast against competitors such as 8×8 and RingCentral. The former offers these tools in its top three plans and the former offers them in all of its tiers. While you can escalate calls into meetings with Zoom Phone, you’d need to sign up with its Zoom Meetings solution and pay extra to have that functionality. In comparison, GoTo Connect offers this as part of all of its plans.

Below-Average Security Features

Our researchers gave Zoom Phone a low 2/5 security score because it lacks the strong security features other providers offer. For example, Google Voice offers user permissions, multi-factor authentication, and password rules – features we discuss in more detail in our Google Voice review. For its part, Zoom Phone doesn’t pack any of these.

Moreover, Zoom Phone only offers Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. At the same time, RingCentral, 8×8, Ooma, GoTo, Net2Phone, GoogleVoice, Nextiva, Dialpad, and Vonage provide Transport Layer Security/ Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (TLS/SRTP) encryption. This means most providers have stronger protection for your private information and sensitive data. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that Zoom Phone has a range of cyber-security certifications, making it highly compliant with information security and data privacy laws.

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How Much Does Zoom Phone Cost

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Zoom Phone Metered

Zoom Phone Unlimited

Zoom Phone Global Select







Key Features
  • Unlimited user limit
  • Unlimited domestic inbound minutes
  • Number porting
Key Features
  • Everything in the Starter plan
  • Unlimited outbound minutes
Key Features
  • Everything in the Premier plan
  • Unlimited inbound minutes to 40+ countries

At $10 per user, per month, Zoom Phone’s Metered and Google Voice’s Starter plans offer the lowest plans you can get. But by analyzing their higher plans, you could see how much more affordable Zoom Phone’s pricing tiers are when compared with Google Voice. Zoom Phone’s Unlimited plan is at $15 per user, per month, while Google Voice’s Unlimited is $20 per user, per month. At the same time, Zoom Phone’s Global Select plan is $20 per user, per month, while you can get Google Voice’s Premier plan at $30. Overall, you’ll get more savings with Zoom Phone, compelling our researchers to rank it first for affordability, with a perfect 5/5 pricing score.

Additionally, Zoom Phone provides the same set of features across all pricing tiers. So, even at its lowest plan (Metered), which is $10 per user, per month, you’ll enjoy advanced features, such as: call queue, ring groups, call barge, call whisper, call transcripts, customizable call routing, and call monitoring.

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Zoom Phone’s Standout Features

Shared Voicemail Inbox Access

Zoom Phone lets admins share voicemail inboxes of users, call queues, auto receptionists, and shared line groups, granting you access to common area voicemail messages. This will help admins, managers, and users keep track of unanswered calls. To protect each one’s privacy, admins can grant different access levels to users. They can access, download, and delete voicemails depending on their access. 

Call Delegation

Zoom Phone lets you assign other users to handle your calls with call delegation. So, when you’re busy, on another call, or aren’t around, your assistant can receive and make calls on your behalf. Best of all, you can assign calls to 15 delegates, so your team can be productive without missing any calls.

Zoom Meeting Integrations

Zoom Phone provides seamless Zoom Meeting integrations, allowing you to make regular phone calls into a Zoom Meeting without hanging up and switching to a different app. This makes communication with your team and clients smooth and easy. However, it’s worth noting that, for you to have this benefit, you’ll have to sign up with a Zoom Meetings plan, which means an extra cost.

What's New?

Since we last tested it, Zoom Phone launched Zoom Assistant on March 19, 2023. This new feature gives users access to a desktop panel interface that provides search, speed dial, and ability to make and transfer calls — easing the day-to-day activity of a workplace that deals with a lot of calls, such as a call center. The provider also enhanced its spam detection on June 18, 2023, allowing admins to set spam thresholds for call marking, in addition to the automated spam identification that’s standard in the service.

What Kind of Business is Zoom Phone Best For?

Zoom Phone offers the most affordable plans, with a selection of advanced features across all pricing tiers. We’d recommend Zoom Phone for small businesses and startups that want to take advantage of the wide array of functionalities for a low cost

How Does Zoom Phone Compare With Other Phone Systems?

Now let’s dig deeper into how our experienced researchers compared and analyzed Zoom Phone against 11 competitors using the following factors:

PlatformsZoom Phone8×8Ring CentralVonageOomaNextivaGoto ConnectN2P USDialpadNuacomGoogle Voice
Inbound & Outbound Communications Features4.
External Connections + Scalability4.
Customer Support3.3553.

Zoom Phone’s Inbound and Outbound Communication Features

Our researchers gave Zoom Phone a solid score of 4/5 for features because it has a long list of functionalities across all of its plans.

For starters, Zoom Phone offers the most extensive inbound features out of all 11 competitors, including voicemail, voicemail-to-text, spam prevention, and company hours to help you manage calls. Zoom Phone also offers customizable greetings, a virtual receptionist, and customizable hold music.. It also provides advanced features like call queues and ring groups to handle large call volumes. Lastly, it lets you set up a localized, toll-free number, so your customers can call you wherever they are in the country without paying fees. 

Zoom Phone didn’t get the highest features score because of its limited outbound communication features. While it offers a set caller ID, call conferencing, and SMS/Chat, some advanced features are missing For example, custom call lists and e-fax are missing in Zoom Phone’s list of features but are available with 8×8, the provider with the highest features score. 8×8 also offers a power dialer, predictive calling, and autodialer at an additional cost, while Zoom Phone offers none of these.  

However, 8×8 doesn’t offer spam prevention, which Zoom Phone does.

Zoom Phone’s Integrability and Scalability

Zoom Phone has software integrations for CRM, helpdesk, web conferencing, internal live chat, email, workspace, and SSO. However, it doesn’t integrate with a wide variety of software platforms, earning a fair score of 3.7 /5 for external connections. That said, Zoom Phone scores higher for integrability than most of its competitors: Vonage, Nextiva, Nuacom, Net2Phone, Google Voice, Ooma, GoTo Connect, and Dialpad. If you want higher integrability, RingCentral offers the widest software integrations, with up to 97 CRM and 57 analytics platform integrations. This is followed by 8×8, which has up to 30 integrations.

On another note, our researchers give Zoom Phone a high 4.3/5 score in our scalability analysis. Zoom Phone offers advanced features that make it easier to scale along with your business’ growth. For example, it has an impressive list of management and collaboration features. It also has an unlimited user limit, call queue, ring groups, local toll-free numbers, call barge, and call whisper, making large call volumes easier to handle. However, 8×8, RingCentral, and Vonage earned higher scalability scores because they offer better software integrations and security features.

Want To Know More?

To find out more about RingCentral’s collaborative features – which beat Zoom Phone’s – head to our RingCentral review. Alternatively, if you’d like to discover what makes 8×8’s and Vonage’s integrations better than Zoom Phone’s, you can do so by reading our 8×8 review and our Vonage review.

On another note, our researchers give Zoom Phone a high 4.3/5 score in our scalability analysis. Zoom Phone offers advanced features that make it easier to scale along with your business’ growth. For example, it has an impressive list of management and collaboration features. It also has an unlimited user limit, call queue, ring groups, local toll-free numbers, call barge, and call whisper, making large call volumes easier to handle. However, 8×8, RingCentral, and Vonage earned higher scalability scores because they offer better software integrations and security features.

Should I Switch To Zoom Phone?

If you run a small or medium-sized business on a budget, you should switch to Zoom Phone as it will be an efficient way to cut costs. That said, there are a couple of things you should consider.

  • Switch cost: If you’re switching providers and your current contract is running out, signing up with Zoom Phone is easy. Otherwise, you do have to check if you’ll incur an early termination fee by leaving your current provider early. Take this cost and divide it for the number of months you still have left. If it’s more than the monthly cost of the Zoom Phone plan best suited to your needs, it’s cheaper to wait it out and switch later.
  • Business plan: You’ll be better off with Zoom Phone if cost-cutting and rightsizing are top priorities at the moment. If you already have a VoIP system and are looking to enhance its capabilities by switching providers, you’ll be better served with providers such as Dialpad. As we cover in our Dialpad review, this provider comes with its share of AI-assisted tools that really expand on what a VoIP system can do.
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Does Zoom Phone Have Good Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews prepare us for what we can experience using a product or service. It’s a good way to get insights if you’re canvassing for a new business phone system. Being first in our customer score ranking and earning an average customer score of 4.7/5 from Capterra and TrustRadius tells us how reliable Zoom Phone is. Let’s hear some of the most helpful user reviews below: 

Customer review

“We switched to Zoom phone right as the pandemic was starting. We had plastic Cisco phones on everyone’s desk and switched them to a VOIP phone. We expected pushback from the employees, but they have loved it from the beginning. Having the flexibility to add the Zoom phone app on your mobile device and make work calls from your personal device but not expose your personal phone number is a huge win.” (sic)

Josh P, Tech Support Engineer
- November 2, 2022
Customer review

“I love how productive I can be when using Zoom Phone, It has become an essential tool on my day by day. My meetings don’t lose quality, I can still use all the tools and optimize my time. I recommend everyone to have Zoom Phone installed on theirs.” (sic)

Denisse B., Graduate Student
- March 14, 2022
Customer review

“Zoom Phone is used not only for verbal phone calls, but to be able to follow along on any Zoom video calls whenever may be needed as well. It’s been helpful for the additional sharing of Excel, PowerPoint or Word materials whenever applicable and as may be needed on that call.” (sic)

Jim Schuman, Regional Sales Manager
- March 01, 2022

We are impressed by Zoom Phones’ list of advanced features while managing to keep its price plans economical. Apart from this, Zoom Phone earns great scores for price (5/5), customer feedback (4.7/5), scalability (4.3 /5), and features (4 /5) in our research. This shows how much value for money Zoom Phone offers. Considering its low price and capabilities, we strongly recommend Zoom Phone to startups.

On the flip sideZoom Phone is missing some security features, such as multi-factor authentication, password rules, and user permission found in Google Voice. At the same time, its collaborative features aren’t great. You will have to pay extra to escalate calls into meetings and you won’t have document sharing and task management tools at your disposal, like the ones offered by RingCentral.

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