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Best Office Phone Systems 2019 Roundup

We’ve come a long way since the single-line rotary phone

The latest office phones carry features that were unthinkable only a decade ago. Modern handsets and even some cordless handsets sport state-of-the-art call management as standard. And higher-end models offer HD audio, video calling, CRM software integration, and more.

We compared entry-level, mid-level and high-end office phones from over 25 suppliers, rating them out of five stars for functionality, reliability and customer support.

We whittled that list down to the best five handsets in each price range.

Read on for our top picks, or request quotes from top office phone suppliers.

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Entry Level ($0 - $150)

Mid Level ($151 - $300)

High End ($300+)

The Top 15 Office Phone Systems

Top 15 Office Phone Systems
Polycom VVX 300Entry LevelBest for small business
Avaya 1616iEntry LevelBest for build quality
Cisco SPA514GEntry LevelBest for reception desks
Snom D712Entry LevelBest for style
Grandstream GXP 1630Entry LevelBest budget buy
Polycom IP 5000Mid LevelBest for conference calls
Yealink T46SMid LevelBest for multitasking
Samsung i3105Mid LevelBest for video calls
Cisco 7841Mid LevelBest for medium-sized business
Mitel Aastra 6757iMid LevelBest for call management
Mitel MiVoice 5360High EndBest for executives
Cisco 7975GHigh EndBest for call quality
Avaya 9641GSHigh EndBest for contact centers
Alcatel-Lucent 8068s BTHigh EndBest for large business
Panasonic KX-UT670High EndBest plug-and-play functionality
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Luckily, we’re here to help you find the very best deals. Just fill out our short webform, and we’ll crunch the numbers to find quotes from the best phone suppliers in your area.

Entry Level Office Phone Systems ($0 - $150)

Polycom VVX 300 VoIP Phone

Best for: Small Business

Polycom VVX 300 office phone

The VVX 300 is Polycom’s gift to cubicle workers and call center operators

The plug-and-play readiness of the Polycom VVX makes this powerful 6-line handset a cinch to set up. Call quality is crystal clear, and the pairing of audio and video technology enhances communication, collaboration, and team productivity. Deployable in almost any business environment, it's the perfect office phone for the multitasking needs of busy managers and knowledge workers.

Average price: $144
Ideal for: Small and medium businesses
Overall Rating:

Avaya 1616i Deskphone

Best for: Build Quality

Avaya 1616i office phone

The Avaya 1616i serves call centers with basic functions at an affordable price

Avaya’s flagship deskphone is for users who monitor multiple line extensions in addition to their own. Out of the box, you get 16-line support, feature keys and dual Ethernet connectivity. For customers new to IP phones, Avaya handsets are reknowned for having intuitive user interfaces and gentle learning curves.

Average price: $147
Ideal for: Small and medium businesses
Overall Rating:

Cisco SPA514G

Best for: Reception Desks

Cisco SPA514G office phone

The 514G might be the most productivity-boosting purchase you ever make

From enterprise executives to remote workers, the SPA514G is versatile enough to meet the demands of most users. Easy installation and secure encryption give you high-quality VoIP service at a reasonable price. Like all Cisco phones, it delivers the excellent voice quality, connectivity and functionality you expect from an industry leader.

Average price: $139
Ideal for: Small and medium businesses
Overall Rating:

Snom D712 IP Phone

Best for: Style

Snom D712 office phone

An elegant design makes the Snom 712 the belle of the entry level ball

Snom is an innovative, quality-led German company. Their phones possess sleek designs and many features that are essential for knowledge workers. Handsets like the D712, which features HD audio output and a bright backlit LED display, are rare at this price point. You’d be hard pressed to find another product line with comparable call management capabilities.

Average price: $132
Ideal for: Businesses of any size
Overall Rating:

Grandstream GXP 1630

Best Budget Buy

Grandstream GXP 1630 office phone

The GXP 1630 features programmable soft keys to make your staff’s lives a whole lot easier

The GXP 1630 is a next-generation IP phone that gives small and medium businesses access to superior sound quality and rich telephony features in a compact, affordable package. The only gripe we have about this handset is the relatively limited line functionality (three lines).

Average price: $88
Ideal for: Small businesses
Overall Rating:

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Mid Level Office Phone Systems ($151 - $300)

Polycom SoundStation IP 5000

Best for: Conference Calls

Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 office phone

Polycom’s SoundStation IP Series is the king of conference phones

The IP 5000 is the perfect model for small conference rooms with up to six participants. The sound quality is so sweet that phone calls are as natural as talking face to face. Polycom’s SoundStation range is full of superb conference VoIP solutions. From startups to multinational conglomerates, there’s a great buy here for every budget.

Average price: $241
Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes
Overall Rating:

Yealink T46S VoIP Phones

Best for: Multitasking

Yealink T46S office phone

Businesses looking for rich call management features can’t go wrong with Yealink phones

Although Yealink can’t actually give you an extra set of hands, the T46S phone supports hands-free headset use. Combine that with an intuitive key layout, and this is a great companion for multitasking managers. Other Yealink T4 handsets range from basic desk phones to highly programmable touchscreen models - there’s a solution here for every office.

Average price: $210

Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes
Overall Rating:

Samsung i3105 Phone

Best for: Video Calls

Samsung i3105 office phone

A sophisticated phone sytem for smart businesses

A popular choice for common areas such as hotel lobbies, this mid-range phone is incredibly easy to use. It’s equipped with several useful features, including short messaging, video calling, phonebook and a call log. Samsung phones are known for their smooth audio quality. The SMT-iSeries sports programmable feature keys and a polished interface. Samsung's most advanced handsets even connect with mobile devices to let you make and receive calls on the fly.

Average price: $155
Ideal for: Small and medium businesses
Overall Rating:

Cisco 7841

Best for: Medium-Sized Business

Cisco 7841 office phone

A versatile solution for organizations with wide-ranging needs

The Cisco 7841 keeps you connected in any kind of business setting. With excellent voice quality, clear displays and wireless capability on selected models, Cisco’s 7800 Series embodies convenience and user-friendliness. Sophisticated features like wideband audio, support for customizable information services and campus mobility on selected models are the cherry on the cake.

Average price: $220
Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes
Overall Rating:

Mitel Aastra 6757i

Best for: Call Management

Aastra 6757i office phone

The Mitel Aastra 6757i caters to the smallest business or the largest enterprise

The Mitel Aastra 6757i is fully programmable, and integrates with leading VoIP services. 12 soft keys and more than 30 functions will equip your customer agents with the tools to handle any situation. Aastra phones carry more customizable line and speed dial functions than most, making them the perfect choice for regular users of those features. They also possess an impressive array of call management features. Businesses all over the world choose Mitel for their industry-leading equipment and support.

Average price: $230
Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes
Overall Rating:

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High End Office Phone Systems ($300+)

Mitel MiVoice 5360 IP Phone

Best for: Executives

Mitel MiVoice 5360 office phone

You’ll never want to go back to your old phone after using the HD touchscreen on the 5360

This executive class desktop phone integrates with the Mitel 250 communications platform. It even lets you create rich multimedia applications with a built-in HTML toolkit. The Mitel MiVoice line is designed for enterprise executives and managers, teleworkers and contact center supervisors. These are powerful but easy-to-use executive-level phones with advanced multimedia capabilities.

Average price: $490
Ideal for: Enterprise level use
Overall Rating:

Cisco 7975G

Best for: Call Quality

Cisco 7975G office phone

The Cisco 7975G lets you communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime

Cisco 7975G combines convenience and user-friendly operation with killer call quality and wideband audio support. A crisp color LCD display lets you view a range of information services at the press of a button. With excellent voice quality, clear displays and wireless capability on selected models, Cisco 7900 Series phones offer a versatile solution for organizations with wide-ranging needs.

Average price: $532
Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes
Overall Rating:

Avaya 9641GS

Best for: Contact Centers

Avaya 9641GS office phone

The Avaya 9641GS aims to revolutionize enterprise collaboration

The Avaya 9641GS features excellent sound and touchscreen access to web apps, calendars, and other productivity tools. Avaya 9600 phones are workhorses in enterprise and contact center environments. Low power consumption, advanced functionality and high bandwidth provide a powerful combination that improves performance while keeping costs low.

Average price: $322
Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes
Overall Rating:

Alcatel-Lucent 8078s BT

Best for: Large Business

Alcatel-Lucent 8078s BT office phone

Alcatel-Lucent phones are a great choice for all kinds of businesses

Installing this highly customizable handset (72 programmable soft keys) couldn’t be simpler, thanks to plug and play provisioning. Alcatel-Lucent phones feature full wideband audio. This, combined with their ergonomic design, makes them a breeze to use for extended periods. They have an alphabetic keyboard, which offers fast access to messaging and call-by-name functions. These innovative office phones were awarded TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year in 2014.

Average price: $416
Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes
Overall Rating:

Panasonic KX-UT670

Best for: Plug-and-Play Functionality

Panasonic KX-UT670 office phone

Panasonic phones all boast impressive feature sets and best-in-field touch screen displays

Panasonic crams a suite of features into this handset, including a web browser, calendar, email and contacts manager. Menus couldn’t be easier to navigate on the 7-inch touch screen, making sure nothing gets in the way of your most important calls. Panasonic KX phones span the full range, from standard office handsets to executive terminals and touch-screen Smart Desk phones.

Average price: $480
Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes
Overall Rating:

Next Steps to Finding Your Office Phone

The information on this page should help you narrow down your search for an office phone.

Believe it or not, office phone suppliers aren’t trying to bamboozle you with their seemingly endless product lines. They’re just trying to serve the wide ranging needs of a diverse bunch of businesses.

When you’re shopping around, pay attention to the build quality and the combination of features on offer. Ideally, you should be able to scale your system to add more phones or features as your needs change and your business grows.

Finally, remember to keep your business’s goals in mind. Yes, the handsets covered here are all superb, but they’re also designed for different tasks. Do you want a conference phone that picks up sound from anywhere in the room? Or a call centre handset/headset combo that does the exact opposite? The handset you need depends on the work you want it to do.

You’ve done the hard part - now let us help you hone in on the best office phone for your business. Fill out our quick quotes comparison form and we’ll put top office phone suppliers in touch with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do VoIP services work universally with all office phones?

Generally speaking, you can use any VoIP service with any VoIP-enabled handset. However, some VoIP providers offer special integrations with particular handsets that you won’t get with another supplier. Vonage, for example, boasts unparalleled support for Panasonic and Polycom phones, while RingCentral favours Cisco handsets.

Our advice is to choose a VoIP service provider before you start looking for office phones.

Aside from purchasing the handsets themselves, what other costs do I need to consider?

Handsets aren't the only expense. You’ll also need to budget for the following:

  • Installation Costs: Most suppliers are happy to install your phones for you...for a fee. Costs vary according to the number of handsets you’re installing and the locations where you need them.
  • Line Rental: Just like the old public switched telephone network (PSTN), hosted VoIP is a subscription service. Unlike the PSTN, VoIP doesn’t saddle you with bad reception and outrageous outgoings at the end of every month.
  • Business Expansion: VoIP suppliers normally charge based on the number of handset users in your business or your bandwidth needs. It’s usually very easy to upgrade your subscription as your business grows, but finding the best deal for your business means shopping for quotes.

To learn more about the benefits of VoIP for business, check out our 2019 VoIP buyer’s guide. Or, learn more about the best phone systems for small businesses.