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Are you an ambitious fleet owner looking to scale your operations while prioritising safety? You’re in the right place…

Verizon Connect Integrated Video Dash Cam


  • Durable, 720p dash cam
  • Installation you can take care of yourself
  • Intuitive app interface is easy to get to grips with
  • Push notifications keep you in the loop
  • 3-month free offer available


  • Pricing isn’t transparent
  • The dash cam isn't standalone; you'll also need a subscription to Verizon's fleet management software
At a glance: Verizon Connect’s integrated dash cam solution offers slick, stylish hardware, and the scalable software to match.

With the fastest 5G network in the world and an employee base roughly equivalent to the population of Kingston upon Thames, Verizon doesn’t do things by halves.

It’s little surprise, then, that Verizon’s dash cams (part of Verizon Connect, the tech behemoth’s range of fleet management and asset tracking tools) are at the industry’s forefront.

But what can Verizon Connect Integrated Video do for your business?

What are Verizon Connect’s features and benefits?

Receive updates in close to real-time

If one of your employees is driving dangerously – or, worse still, is involved in a collision while out on the road – you’ll need to know about it as soon as possible.

With Verizon Connect, you’ll receive a push notification when any kind of aggressive driving occurs, such as harsh braking or hard cornering. Verizon Connect’s advanced algorithms also analyse the severity of these events for you, and classify them based on their risk to road users. 

Verizon Connect live notifications

Plus, Verizon Connect isn’t just smart – it’s speedy, too. After unsafe driving occurs, you’ll be able to view footage of it within three to five minutes. This allows you to respond to cavalier cornering and bad braking with speed and decisiveness, and demonstrate your fleet’s commitment to safer driving.

Complete fleet visibility – anywhere, anytime

The strength of Verizon Connect’s solution lies not in its dash cams alone. Rather, it’s within the synergy of that hardware with its powerful, cloud-based analytics platform, Verizon Connect Reveal.

Formerly known as Fleetmatics Reveal, Verizon Connect Reveal is an advanced vehicle tracking portal that offers a 360-degree view of your fleet. There’s nothing to download or install – you simply log in from a web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and get started.

verizon connect reveal software on devices

Your dash cam footage is also stored on that cloud platform, meaning it’s not taking up precious space on your computer. Verizon Connect saves your videos for up to 90 days before deleting them – helping you cut down on old, unnecessary footage, while remaining GDPR compliant (and avoiding big fines!).

Plus, when combined with Verizon’s fleet management and route optimisation tools, you’ll see savings across your fuel and maintenance costs, too.

For more information about Verizon Connect’s vehicle tracking and fleet management software, read our review.

Industry-leading hardware

Backing up all that intelligent software are the dash cams themselves. Verizon Connect’s devices shoot the road in 720p HD video, while offering an impressive 150 degrees of vision – meaning you’ll see exactly what the driver does. This makes it a great choice for all sorts of businesses that want to have a bird's eye view of their fleet's operations.
Verizon Connect dash cam with software
Better still, Verizon Connect’s dash cams – unlike most of the cheap-and-cheerful varieties you’ll find on the shelves of your local Halfords – are built to last. 

Verizon Connect’s dash cams are built to withstand the vibrations and high heat of even the toughest environments, while their sleek design should add a touch of class to your cabs.

Free installation

And, when it comes to actually installing that hardware, you can do it your way. For DIY types, Verizon Connect provides installation instructions online, while you can activate it all through the Verizon Connect Reveal mobile app. 

For the less hands-on fleet owners out there, installation by a trained technician is provided for free.

Capture hard evidence of road incidents

When an accident occurs, a dash cam records it – but that’s just the absolute minimum. With Verizon Connect’s integrated solution, you’ll get so much more.

Its GPS-equipped dash cams let you know exactly where the vehicle was when the scrape occurred, who was driving it, and – crucially – how fast they were going.

This info (along with the footage itself, of course) can be important when it comes to settling insurance claims, and for driver training purposes. And, when combined with Verizon Connect’s fleet management and route optimisation tools, you’ll see savings across your fuel and maintenance costs, too.

How much does Verizon Connect cost?

To benefit from Verizon Connect’s integrated dash cams, you’ll first need to have a subscription to its fleet management software, Reveal. 

Verizon Connect Reveal is SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), meaning that you’ll pay a monthly subscription fee to lease the software. In Verizon Connect’s case, that’s around £20 per month, though it will vary depending on the features you need. 

On top of this, you’ll pay an additional fee of around £20 per month for Verizon Connect’s dash cam. However, it’s important to remember that all businesses are different, and what you’ll pay will hinge on the type of vehicles you operate, and how many of them you’d like dash cams installed in.

To get a better understanding of exactly how much your business can expect to pay for an integrated dash cam solution, tap into our free quote-finding service

Here’s how it works:

1. Provide us with some information about your fleet, such as:

  • How many vehicles are in it?
  • Are they cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, or something else?
  • Which type of dash cam are you most interested in?
  • What is your postcode?

2. We match you with suppliers that are tailored to your fleet’s specific requirements, including location.
3. You’ll hear directly from up to three industry-leading suppliers (including Verizon Connect), who’ll provide no-obligation quotes that are tailored to your business’ requirements.

It’s that simple.

Verizon Connect is currently offering three months free when you sign up to a 39-month contract.

Is Verizon Connect right for my business?

“I’m in the business of haulage. Is Verizon Connect a good fit for me?”

Verizon Connect’s integrated dash cam is ideal for truckers, HGVs, and fleets in the logistics industry. 

To explain why, we’ll contrast Verizon Connect’s integrated dash cam with a cheap, off-the-shelf one – in this case, the plucky RAC 100 (£14.95). Like all basic dash cams, the RAC 100 is ‘passive’ – to view footage, you’ll need your drivers to manually remove the cam’s SD card at the end of their journey, and download the video.

When you’re operating a fleet that’s making lengthy cross-country trips, there’s no time (or energy) to spare for this. Worse, you won’t know how your lorry drivers are getting on until the journey is complete, and will struggle to provide your clients with accurate ETAs.

Now, consider Verizon Connect Integrated Video. Unlike the RAC 100, it comes equipped with GPS capability. You’ll know exactly where your trucks are, and whether they’re following the recommended route. You’ll also get insights into driver behaviour in close to real-time, and be able to watch segments of each journey as it happens.

For truckers, it’s got to be Verizon Connect – or at least one of our other top picks for heavy vehicle fleets. Explore them below.

“I’m looking to add dash cams to a small fleet of between three and four vehicles”

In this case, Verizon Connect’s integrated dash cam solution might not be for you. Verizon Connect's dash cam isn't a standalone product – it relies on integration with Reveal, Verizon Connect's fleet management software. The additional expense of this package may be too much for some small fleets – who are also less likely to need the sophisticated variety of fleet data Verizon Connect's software provides.

For very small fleets, a basic, off-the-shelf dash cam might just do the trick. However, they’re not user-friendly, and you’ll have to get used to sifting through hours of footage at a time. As a short-term solution, basic dash cams fit the bill – but they won’t grow with your business in the same way that Verizon Connect will.

What do Verizon Connect’s customer reviews say?

We don’t write reviews that don’t take the customer’s opinion into account. So, what do Verizon Connect’s customer base have to say about the tech giant’s integrated dash cam solution?

Well, reviews of the dash cams themselves are surprisingly few and far between. Feedback about the software package (Verizon Connect Reveal, which also includes fleet tracking and management), though, is widely available. 

Let’s take a look.

Cindy says:

“We love this software, and we have improved employee driving safety by using it. We've been using [Verizon Connect Reveal] for years. We initially signed up because we wanted to keep track of what employees were doing in our company vehicles, but the software is capable of so much more. 

“From tracking our oil changes to sending us alerts when employees are speeding, we use this every day. The customer service is amazing, and there's a pretty nice referral program, too.”

As Cindy highlights, Verizon Connect’s software allows you to do more than merely monitor dash cam footage. You’ll also be able to track your vehicles, foster better, safer habits in your drivers, and benefit from good customer service to boot.

Another review highlights the mobile app’s refreshingly smooth interface:

Nate says: 

“I like the Verizon Connect Reveal app, through which I can track where our trucks are at any moment. I also like the reports that I can run to see the different metrics of each vehicle. The user interface is pretty easy to use; simple and concise.”

However, it’s not all good. 

Buz says:

“Even though the trackers were installed for free, I feel that the monthly service is too expensive. It seems maybe you could get incentives or price breaks.”

The software’s high price does crop up a lot as a sticking point for Verizon Connect’s customers. As do it’s waiting times, as Caity explains:

Caity says:

“I can go weeks waiting for an email back from their team.”

What other dash cams could I consider?

If you’re put off by the price point of Verizon Connect’s dash cams (or if the size of your fleet doesn’t yet warrant such sophisticated features), then don’t fret. There are several other providers you can consider.

For an off-the-shelf solution, you can’t go wrong with these options:

Expert Market logo vector transparentapeman c420Garmin Mini dash cammotorola mdc125Viofo a119 v3
Apeman C420Garmin MiniMotorola MDC125Viofo A119 V3
Display screen?X
GPS tracking?XXX
Parking mode?XX
Read more: Dash Cam Prices: A Guide for UK Businesses

For larger fleets with more than five vehicles, we recommend looking at more high-end alternatives to Verizon Connect:

Samsara Dual-Facing CM22Nextbase 522GW

Samsara Dual-Facing CM22

Nextbase 522GW

Voice-based driver coachingCompatibility with Amazon Alexa
Infrared LED for driving at nightIntelligent parking mode
Automatic upload to the cloudEmergency SOS response feature

If any of these take your fancy, why not start comparing dash cam quotes now – with us?

It’s simple. Just take 30 seconds to provide us with a little more information about your requirements, and we’ll match you with leading dash cam providers. They’ll provide you with tailored quotes, that’ll take into account the size of your fleet and the features you need. It’s completely free for UK-based businesses, too.

Expert verdict

Verizon Connect Integrated Dash Cam represents some of the finest fleet optimisation technology on the market.

It is relatively expensive, yes – and certain customer reviews do raise a few questions surrounding Verizon Connect’s customer support. But, for businesses looking to make a long-term investment in safety, productivity, and their reputation, Verizon Connect is a must.

Do you use Verizon Connect’s integrated dash cams? Do you agree with our verdict? To chat more about your experience with Verizon Connect’s products, send me an email at and share your thoughts.

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