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What are Payroll Services?

Payroll services provide your business with fully or partially outsourced services to carry out payroll-related tasks. Payroll services can be fully or partially outsourced depending on your needs. Providers offer a number of services such as automatically processing payroll calculations, filing deadlines, and dealing with deposits and withdrawals. Outsourcing payroll means you don’t need to worry about staying tax compliant or paying your employees on time.

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We've listed the 7 best payroll companies in the UK & London to streamline your business' payroll in 2023. Check out which suits you best and compare quotes.

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Outsourcing gives you peace of mind and means you can focus time, energy and resources on growing other vital aspects of your business while knowing you don’t need to worry about payroll. Zara Chechi Writer

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What are the benefits of using an outsourced payroll service?

One of the biggest benefits is that payroll activities are managed by professional, experienced providers who are able to handle all aspects of payroll including having a knowledge of relevant legislation, National Insurance details, tax codes, sick pay and so on. No additional staff are required and businesses can focus on their other activities whilst being assured that their payroll will be managed effectively.

What services can a payroll service offer?

Payroll providers will set up and manage your business’ payroll. This will involve ensuring that the correct HRMC tax and National Insurance codes are applied and will also consider deductions such as student loans, payroll benefits and so on. They will take care of handling the payments themselves (usually through BACS) and provide you with all of the necessary data to help your businesses to keep track of its expenditure. Payroll services offer all of this as well as providing help and giving you a point of contact should any problems arise.

How much will payroll services cost me?

Payroll service rates depend on a number of factors including the size of your business, the number of employees and other factors such as how often they’re paid. Payroll service outsourcing is much lower than you might think with some providers offering services from just £18 a month depending on the level required.