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Project management software can help businesses and teams stay on top of their long-term projects and assignments, while also keeping them under budget and within deadlines. Check out our guides and reviews to learn everything you need to know about them and compare top project management software platforms.

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What is a Project Management Platform?

Project management software platforms supply various methods of making long-term projects more accessible and digestible, as well as keeping them within deadlines and under budget. With tools like GANTT charts, task dependencies, and heavily customisable calendars, teams and businesses will be able to keep close tabs on how their projects are going, what needs to improve, and who's best placed to take on various tasks.

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11 Best Project Management Software

There are dozens of project management software platforms on the market. Let's have a look at the cream of the crop.

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What is the best project management software?

Based on our extensive research, we've found to be the best project management platform on the market. It's extremely affordable, has a lot of features, and even has a generous free plan if you just want to try them out. It's also the most usable platform we found, with a sleek and colourful interface.

The runner up is ClickUp, a platform that succeeds similarly in every single way.

How much does project management software cost?

Surprisingly not a lot at all. Most software's lower plans are only in the single digit costs. For example,'s lowest plan costs £7 per user per month. This is around the same as every other provider – and the features and ease of use you get for these low prices are well worth it in our opinion. Of course, most platforms do offer free plans, and all of them offer free trials.

Do I need project management software for a small business?

While every business has different needs and industries, any business that engages in long-term projects and assignments could stand to benefit from project management software. It allows you to track budgets, deadlines, progress, and the individuals responsible for each task. While this could all be done on a spreadsheet or something similar, the amenities afforded to you through project management software make everything easier and smoother.