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Dash cams can help you run your business and fleet more efficiently, while ensuring your drivers are performing safely. With a variety of dash cams to suit different sized cars or vans, it’s never been easier to find the right solution for your business.

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What is a Dash Cam?

Dash cams are used to document vehicle journeys from start to finish. Usually attached to the interior of vans and cars, dash cams are primarily used to ensure the driver’s safety by identifying other dangerous drivers during an incident, and for fleet management purposes. With dash cams, you can view recorded footage of a driver’s journey, detect dangerous driving, and stay on top of petrol budgets with the help of dash cam GPS.

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Verizon Connect Integrated Dash Cam Review

Verizon Connect's smart dash cams help improve driver safety and settle insurance claims, but are they right for you?

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When an incident happens, your dash cam will capture it. This footage might prove who’s at fault, ending the process quickly and potentially helping you to avoid paying out as a result of a fraudulent claim. Julia Watts Content Manager

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How much does a dash cam cost?

The most basic dash cams (such as the RAC 100) start from around £15. Slightly more feature-rich off-the-shelf dash cams will set you back between £49 (for Nextbase’s rear-facing camera) and £89 (the Garmin Mini). Beyond this, you can pay up to £400 or more for higher spec solutions, such as the Blackvue DR900S front and rear-facing package.

Am I responsible for installing my own dash cam?

Should you opt for a basic dash cam, then yes – you will be required to install it yourself. However, when you invest in an integrated hardware/software package, installation is often included at no cost, or is available from a team of experts for a nominal fee.

Many companies offer much-needed flexibility when it comes to installation. Verizon Connect, for instance, provides the option to self-install (with instructions online and activation available through an app), or to have a technician come to you.

Do dash cams constantly record?

Most dash cams are made to record continuously. However, some of the more high spec systems can be configured to only begin recording when sudden or adverse motion is detected. 

Dash cams with parking mode can record continuously, regardless of whether the engine is on or the vehicle in motion.

How long do dash cams keep footage for?

When it comes to reviewing longer-term insurance claims, having access to historical dash cam footage is vital. However, you’ll need to ensure that you’re remaining compliant in the eyes of the law – specifically, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

That’s why we recommend opting for a cloud-based dash cam setup. This software puts GDPR at the forefront, allowing you to remain compliant by not holding onto any data your business might not strictly need for longer than permitted.

Verizon Connect’s software, for instance, can only retain footage for 90 days – helping you avoid hefty fines for non-compliance.

What are the best dash cams for businesses?

Our top pick is Verizon Connect’s integrated video solution, though we also recommend devices from Garmin, ASUS, Nextbase, and Cobra. For our full rundown on the best dash cams for small businesses, check out our guide.

Or, for an even faster, more direct route to exploring the best dash cam selections for your business, try comparing quotes with us today. You know the deal – hit the button below to provide us with some details, and get free, no-obligation advice about the next step on your journey to dash cam success.