The Best Dash Cams for Truckers and HGVs

truck driving down a motorway

Whether your trucks are on the open road or parked, dash cams offer serious security and cost-saving benefits. But which one is right for your fleet?

truck driving down a motorway

So many accidents that occur in the trucking industry are avoidable.

What if, for instance, you had a system that automatically notifies your driver when distracted or drowsy behaviour occurs? If you could see exactly what they see out on the road, and get live insights into speed, braking, and acceleration?

Well, you can. With the right truck dash cam solution – a simple recording device placed on your vehicles’ windscreens – you’ll have the makings of a smarter, more efficient fleet of trucks. And, should an incident take place, you’ll be in a much better place to settle any insurance claim, and clear your driver of blame.

Which truck dash cam is right for your business, though? Let’s find out.

The best dash cams for truckers and HGVs

According to our research, the best dash cams for UK truckers and HGVs are Verizon Connect Integrated Video, Vantrue N2 Pro, Anker Roav S1, Samsara C25-I, and Viofo A129.

The best dash cams for truckers and HGVS:

  1. Verizon Connect Integrated Video
  2. Vantrue N2 Pro
  3. Anker Roav S1
  4. Samsara C25-I
  5. Viofo A129

How did we choose?

We’ve selected the following five truck dash cams based on how well-suited they are to truckers; that is, to long journeys, and to recording at night. We’ve also taken into account price point, ease of installation, and usability (of both the hardware, and the software or application you’ll use to monitor and review footage).

For more information about what makes a truck dash cam great, skip to our section below on what to look for in a dash cam for your HGV fleet.

Verizon Connect Integrated Video

Best dash cams for trucks, full stop

We’ve written at length about Verizon Connect integrated Video. It was one of our best dash cams for businesses, and for vans, too  – and even has its own dedicated review. Why? Because Verizon Connect’s dash cams are, quite simply, the best…

...and the features that make it so essential for vans, cars, and fleets of all sizes also make Verizon Connect’s integrated solution ideal for trucks. The camera’s design is built for the toughest surroundings, and well-equipped for recording at night. Powered by Verizon Connect Reveal, its intelligent, cloud-based software platform for managers, these dash cams offer updates in close to real-time. You’ll get a notification when harsh braking, poor cornering, or speeding occurs, too – allowing you to provide more tailored training to drivers, and help reduce the risk of accidents.

Overall Rating :

Pricing: Verizon Connect’s dash cam solution is bespoke. How much you pay will depend on how many HGVs you have in your fleet, and on the features you need. 

While we believe that you should budget around £20 per vehicle, per month for Verizon Connect Reveal, and another £20 per camera, per month for the dash cams themselves, the easiest way to know what you’ll actually be charged is by comparing quotes with us.

Simply provide us with a few more details about the dash cam solution you’re looking for. That includes fleet size, your company’s legal status, and your postcode. With this, we’ll pair you with leading truck dash cam suppliers (including Verizon Connect), who’ll provide offers tailored to your fleet’s requirements.


  • Machine learning classifies road incidents by severity and type
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Clips stored for 90 days
  • 150-degree field of vision means you’ll see exactly what the driver does


  • Has a lower video resolution than some other truck dash cams
  • Its dash cam isn’t a standalone product – you’ll need its software package first

For more information about Verizon Connect Reveal, the fleet management software that works with its dash cams, read our review.

Vantrue N2 Pro

Best dual-facing dash cam for truckers

With a double lens that captures the scenes both ahead of and behind the wheel, the Vantrue provides truck fleet managers with an impressive 310 degrees of visibility. But that’s not all…

Equipped with infrared night vision technology, the N2 Pro is ideal for long journeys out on the open road. Plus, its smart parking mode means your trucks don’t have to be in motion to be protected – the camera begins filming at the first hint of movement, even when your vehicle is stationary. The N2 Pro also does the basics well – it’s GPS and G-sensor-equipped, and you’re covered by an 18-month warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee to boot.

Overall Rating :

Pricing: £159.99 per unit.


  • Offers a wide field of vision
  • Built-in microphone provides crystal-clear audio quality
  • Good value for money


  • Lacks in-depth analytical functions
  • Mobile app leaves plenty to be desired

Anker Roav S1

Best low-cost dash cam for truckers

Known for its range of affordable speakers, chargers, and mobile phone accessories for consumers, this Chinese company is attempting to drop anchor in the lucrative seas of the business space. Does its dash cam succeed for trucks?

Yes, it does – for bargain hunters, at least. Because, at just £109.99 per unit (with a 32GB micro SD card included), it’s the best dash cam for truckers we found that won’t hit you hard in the wallet. Refreshingly, the low price point doesn’t mean that too much functionality is sacrificed, either – Anker’s Roav S1 sports both G-sensors and night vision, and shoots the street in full, crisp 1080p HD. Sure, you won’t get the bells and whistles of Samsara and Verizon’s integrated software. But Anker’s app still does more than you’d expect – you can manage and replay videos, track your truck’s route, and even share footage on social media.

Overall Rating :

Pricing: £109.99 per unit.


  • 12-month warranty
  • Reliable customer service
  • Cheap as chips!


  • Despite the social media gimmick, it’s still one of the more basic dash cams out there

Samsara CM25-I

Best truck dash cam for cargo security

It’s thought that businesses lose around £69 million per year to truck cargo theft in the UK. With that in mind, the Samsara CM25-I – an interior dash cam that helps truckers and managers keep a closer eye on their freight – is a shrewd investment…

Serial innovator Samsara helps lead the world in fleet management software – and its anti-theft interior dash cam for truckers doesn’t disappoint. Infrared LED and flawless night vision spearhead this savvy piece of kit, which is GPS-enabled and internet ready. You can also rest easy knowing that the camera offers on-demand video retrieval for up to 60 hours of driving time, streamed straight to your phone or computer. Plus, its mere presence in your cab (it looks like a CCTV camera you’d see in a shop anywhere) adds an extra level of deterrence to would-be cargo thieves.

Overall Rating :

Pricing: The CM25-I truck dash cam itself costs $249 (£199), while an annual licence fee will set you back $180 (£144).

However, to get the best idea of how much you’re likely to pay for a truck dash cam solution from leading suppliers, we recommend taking advantage of our free quote-finding service.

Simply tell us more about your truck fleet’s requirements, and we’ll put leading truck dash cam providers in touch with you. They’ll take into account your needs and specific requirements, and save you time with a quotes package tailored to your business. 

It takes just 30 seconds, and is free for UK-based fleets.


  • HD video and built-in audio and speakers
  • Offers insights powered by the best in AI and machine learning
  • The Samsara app is as smooth and silky as it gets


  • It’s on the expensive side
Did You Know?

Dash cams can be (and regularly are) used as evidence in court cases. In 2019, This is Money reported that dash cam footage uploaded online resulted in 1,223 prosecutions in the UK… in just a single year!

Viofo A129

Best truck dash cam for simplicity

Also the Greek for “I live”, Viofo’s series of slick, simple dash cams offer plenty in the way of vitality. And, if you’re happy to forgo features for user-friendliness, the A129 can have big benefits for your truck fleet…

It’s easy to install, for one. The A129 simply sticks onto your windscreen, while its quick release mount makes it easy to take down, too. Its app (though a little basic and bug-prone) is straightforward, and utilising its GPS and wifi-powered tracking abilities is easy enough. You can also expect dual-facing cameras (recording in 1080p HD), a 2-inch LCD display for clarity, and a ‘buffered’ parking mode all included as standard. You’ll have to pay for some extra features (such as a Bluetooth emergency remote), but the low cost of the device itself makes the additions a worthwhile expense.

Overall Rating :

Pricing: £154.95 per unit.


  • Sports a wide, 140-degree field of vision
  • An optional circular polarising lens reduces glare and improves image quality


  • The design is a little clunky and old-fashioned

What to look for in a truck dash cam

Earlier, we mentioned that our best dash cams for truckers have to meet certain criteria to get the nod. Flimsy, cheap knock-offs are immediately out, as are dash cams without the sufficient battery life (or recording capacity) to support long-haul journeys. 

But there are a few more, quite crucial, elements shared by all good truck dash cams. And, whether you choose your cameras from this list, through comparing quotes with our free service, or by going your own way entirely, you should at least make sure your dash cam has the following:

Night vision

A truck dash cam doesn’t need the latest infrared technology (Verizon Connect’s solution, for instance, relies on a combination of the truck’s headlights and other ‘ambient’ light in the environment), but it sure helps. 

And, on those long, late nights lugging loads across the country, a truck dash cam with good night vision is essential.

Recording and storage capabilities

When it comes to recording and storing your truck dash cam footage, you have a couple of options. 

One is selecting a camera that writes the video into an SD card inserted into the device. At the end of your journey, you simply take this SD card and upload it to your computer to view the footage.

The second option (supported by providers such as Samsara and Verizon Connect with aplomb) involves the live upload of said footage to a cloud-based platform. You’ll have the ability to view and download segments of video as the journey is still taking place, and receive unique insights into driver performance.

All the dash cams for truckers we’ve featured here are supported by an app (albeit to varying degrees of success). The extent of the reporting you’ll get via that software, though, is directly tied to how much you’re willing to spend.

Image resolution

There’s no point in having a dash cam at all unless it picks up the finer details. Yet, unbelievably, there are truck dash cams on the market with resolutions too low to pick up licence plates, or other particulars that could be key to a court victory.

Look for a truck dash cam with a screen resolution of at least 720p. 1080p is optimal, and will get the best results.

Next steps

We’ve traversed the long roads together. We’ve put up with Heart FM’s relentless repetition of the latest ‘hits’, drank dubious-tasting petrol station coffee, and sung along to guilty pleasures.

Oh, and we’ve explored the five best dash cams for UK truckers. So which one is going to get your fleet moving?

Could it be the Anker Roav S1, luring you in with a low price point? Perhaps it’s the Viofo A129 for simple installation, or Vantrue’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee?

We suspect, though, that it’s Verizon Connect Integrated Video and Samsara’s CM-25-I that have got your pulse racing (or maybe that’s just the coffee from earlier). And why not? Providing superlative insights into your fleet, and with scalable software to fuel your truck fleet’s growth, their products are the best that money can buy. 

To begin comparing truck dash cams for your business, try our free quote comparison tool. We’ll ask a few quick questions about your fleet, and you’ll hear directly from excellent dash cam suppliers, who’ll provide bespoke pricing packages that fit your requirements to the letter. It takes 30 seconds, and is free forever.

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