Samsara Review and Pricing: The Best Vehicle Tracking System for Managing Vehicles

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Samsara may be fairly new to the fleet management industry, but it already outranks its competitors, scoring 4.6/5 in our in-depth research and taking the title of the best system for managing vehicles. 

In this review, we’ll discuss the key factors you need in a fleet management system: vehicle tracking features, improving driver safety and behaviour, vehicle management features, and journey optimisation. We’ll also look at Samsara’s pricing, pros and cons, standout features, and more

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Best for managing vehicles

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Samsara’s pros and cons


  • Superb vehicle management features
  • Top-tier vehicle tracking
  • Efficient driver management system


  • No installation support
  • Not cost-effective
  • Strict data limit on hotspots

 Pro: Superb vehicle management features

Our readers say vehicle management features are the third most important benefit in a fleet management system. Samsara scores a perfect 5/5 in our vehicle management analysis, taking the top spot alongside Verizon. As one of the best products for managing vehicles, Samsara gives you the complete fleet management experience. You can:

  • Track the fuel usage of every vehicle. You can sort by vehicle name, driver, the amount of fuel used, estimated fuel costs, runtime, and idle time. 
  • Review vehicle diagnostics by producing automatic reports. You are also alerted whenever a faulty system is detected, which Samsara will automatically sync with your data. 
  • Schedule regular maintenance checks and review maintenance records.
  • Track how fast your driver is going. For easier interpretation, you can review this data using convenient graphs to see the speed your drivers are currently going.
  • Review your total distance travelled and evaluate the average usage of all your vehicles. This feature is handy for fleet managers as they can easily track return on investments and know which equipment is worth investing in in the future. 
  • Summarise your equipment by sorting them based on specific tags, like active engine hours. You can also generate high-level reports about this. 
  • Prevent theft attempts by sending alerts if the vehicle is unplugged from its gateway. 
  • Monitor engine and cargo temperature to prevent damage and loss of product.

 Pro: Top-tier vehicle tracking

Samsara scores 4.9/5 in our vehicle tracking analysis, second to Verizon, which ranks first with a perfect score. 

Samsara helps you track your drivers and vehicles better by showing all information about live/active locations. Its traffic alerts efficiently overlay your maps to know which roads currently have heavy traffic, so you can avoid these roads and save time. For geofence alerts, you can also customise these settings to help you monitor if your driver enters or exits a geofence area.

 Pro: Efficient driver management system

Samsara scores a perfect 5/5 for driver management analysis. Its driver portal gives you an overview of your drivers’ active driving times, start and end locations, distance, and driver information. It also has Kiosk Mode, where drivers can edit their on and off-duty statuses for accurate logs. 

If you need to send an urgent instruction to your driver, you can easily send them a direct message on the dashboard. Samsara will notify your driver, but they cannot open messages while in Driving Mode. This is a crucial feature since texting while driving is a major cause of road crashesIf your driver attempts to access the messages while driving, Samsara will send a warning message.

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 Con: No installation support

Samsara is a powerhouse in fleet management systems, but one of its drawbacks is that it does not have installation support, ending up with a score of 4/5 in our help & support analysis. You have to install the entire system yourself. It does have a Knowledge Centre you can refer to for videos and articles, but that’s it. In case you need more assistance, it offers 24/7 phone support.

If you absolutely need this, then your best bet is RAM, which scores 4.5/5 in our research. RAM schedules set-ups with their engineers at your most convenient time. 

 Con: Not cost-effective

Pricing is also a defining factor for most consumers, and this is where Samsara drops to fourth place, scoring 3.1/5 in our pricing analysis. 

Samsara’s average starting price is £10.83 per vehicle, per month, while its most expensive average price is £23.75 per vehicle, per month. The pricing depends on the contract length, fleet size, and the features you want. Another reason why we scored it down is that you have to pay extra for some of its features, such as the Driver ID token.

Though it keeps up with the industry norm of setting bespoke price plans, it is not as cost-effective as RAM and Quartix, which score 4.6/5 for pricing in our research. RAM’s starting price is at  £8.99 per vehicle, per month going up to £14 per vehicle, per month. Quartix, on the other hand, offers £9.90 per vehicle, per month as their entry pointwhereas the most expensive price is at £22.90 per vehicle, per month. However, their cheaper price also accounts for the features they are missing out on, such as vehicle diagnostics. 

 Con: Strict data limit on hotspots

Samsara’s Data Usage Report feature summarises your monthly fleet Wi-Fi usage. You can use this data to examine Wi-Fi data usage trends and determine whether your fleet requires Wi-Fi driver training or requires different coverageAs helpful as this is for drivers and fleet managers, Samsara has a strict data limit. Once you breach this, you can no longer connect other applications to the Wi-Fi hotspot (other than the Samsara app), which could hinder your data reports and monitoring. 

How much does Samsara cost?

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While Samsara does offer bespoke pricing, depending on your contract length, fleet size, and chosen features, there are more affordable options. This is backed up by our research and brand analysis, where it scores 3.1/5, falling to fourth place behind RAM, Quartix, and Radius, which score 4.6/5 and 4.3/5, respectively.

For starters, Samsara has a relatively higher entry point at  £10.83 per vehicle, per month. RAM and Quartix, tied first for pricing, offer a starting price of £8.99 and £9.90, respectively. Additionally, Samsara’s pricing plans can go as high as £23.75 per vehicle, per month, and that’s excluding hardware and accessories. 

To unlock features that will add convenience to your fleet, you need to upgrade the subscription by adding tokens and accessories. This includes Driver ID, a wearable key fob that allows you to track driver vehicle usage without signing into the Samsara Driver App.

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Samsara’s standout features

Samsara provides you with complete control over your fleet through various intelligent tracking devices, safety cameras, and industry-leading reporting features.

Swift data refresh

When it comes to tracking, you want to get as close to real-time updates as possible. Good news: Samsara has one of the fastest data refresh rates in the industry! It refreshes data every 30 to 60 seconds, giving you the most up-to-date information about your vehicles and their locations, driver behaviour, and distance. Compared with top vehicle tracking suppliers in the UK, such as Quartix, the average refresh time is every one to five minutes.

Excellent route optimisation

Route optimisation allows for less driving time, which eventually means lower fuel costs – a great perk, especially in this economy. You can also increase the number of daily stops and decrease the time between deliveries.

Our research into Samsara shows that it stands out when it comes to route optimisation. This is available for a maximum of 20 stops, helping your drivers take the most efficient routes by setting stops with the minimal driving time. 

Comprehensive fuel usage reports

Samsara’s fuel monitoring feature is convenient and comprehensive, and it’s what every fleet manager needs to stay on top of fuel usage and to cut down costsUnlike other providers, such as Radius and Teletrac, it provides a detailed breakdown of the fuel usage of all the vehicles in your fleet. The details include the vehicle name, current driver, current fuel level, amount of fuel used, estimated fuel costs, idle time, and runtime. You can also run these reports automatically on your most convenient setting, be it per day, week, or month. 

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What kind of business is Samsara best for?

Our in-depth research into Samsara singles it out as the best for managing vehicles. Vehicle management features help you track your drivers and vehicles, manage fuel and labour costs, and plan the most efficient routes for your drivers and customers, to make your operation run smoothly.

As such, we recommend Samsara for fleets with a lot of vehicles to manage and those who rely highly on deliveries. Its vehicle management features will help you run your business smoothly and efficiently.

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How does Samsara compare with other fleet management systems?

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Verizon Connect

Teletrac Navman TN360

RAM Tracking

Radius Telematics


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Best for managing vehicles

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Best for managing drivers

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Best for affordability

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Best for smaller fleets

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Best for managing fuel costs

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Key Features
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Automatic route optimisation
  • Driver messaging
  • Alerts on engine idling
Key Features
  • Self-created reports and dashboard
  • 30-second data refresh
  • Automatic route optimisation
  • Points and leaderboard system for driver behaviour management
Key Features
  • Ability to track vehicles and retrieve current status
  • Send and receive messages
  • View vehicles and fleet information in real time
  • Get notifications
Key Features
  • Data updated every 60 seconds, 1,000 metres, or 90 degree turn
  • Customisation of locations
  • Real-time graphic dashboard
  • Points and leaderboard system
Key Features
  • Display traffic information
  • Call or text drivers
  • Select which vehicles you want to see on the map
  • Examine performance of drivers
Key Features
  • Live tracking
  • Daily vehicle logs for driving history
  • Points and leaderboard system for driver behaviour management
  • CO2 emission reports

Samsara ranks second overall in our market analysis with a score of 4.6/5. Here’s how Samsara matches up with other fleet management systems in the UK:

Samsara’s vehicle tracking features

Samsara, with a score of 4.9/5, is the second-best overall in our tracking analysis, Samsara has everything you need to track your drivers and vehicles efficiently. It has one of the fastest refresh times, refreshing data every 30 to 60 seconds. However, if you want fast refresh rates at a lower cost, then go for RAM. It’s almost at par with its 60-second refresh rate, however, it misses automatic route optimisation, theft prevention, and fuel efficiency, among others.

In terms of alerts and notifications, what sets Samsara apart is that you can create webhooks in your account, which is useful for integrating alerts into different vehicles. Its live/active tracking features are also more detailed compared to Verizon. Verizon allows you to track all vehicles on the map by colour: green is for driving; red is for stopped; blue is for no GPS; and orange is for idle. Samsara, on the other hand, lets you filter by driver, vehicle, or gateway, and it will produce all the information from the current location to the driver’s name. 

Samsara’s ability to improve driver safety and behaviour

Samsara scores a perfect 5/5 in our driver management analysis. And that’s because it has all the driver management essentials, including history, tracking, Driver ID, idling, crash reporting, and behaviour management. However, we want to highlight how Samsara puts its drivers’ safety first. If you upgrade to Samsara dash cams, it sends driver-side alerts through the dash cam whenever it detects harsh driving conditions, incidents, crashes, and more. Additionally, it produces a safety trend report, a helpful tool that can help you minimise incidents in the future. 

It is worth mentioning, however, that our independent research still identified Teletrac Navman TN360 as the best for managing drivers. This is because TN360 has a cheaper entry point and offers in-cab audio alerts, which Samsara missed on. Additionally, TN360 has built-in driver’s daily vehicle inspection report (DVIR) forms, an important legal requirement that ensures your drivers and vehicles comply with all protocols.

Samsara’s vehicle management features

Our in-depth research into fleet management systems shows that Samsara is the best for managing vehicles. With a perfect 5/5 score in our vehicle management analysis, it checks all the boxes to help you manage your fleet smoothly, from fuel monitoring, automatic data integration, maintenance scheduling, and theft prevention.

Its closest competition, Verizon, offers these too, but you have to upgrade your subscription. Certain Verizon subscriptions (depending on your tailored quote and business needs) can schedule automatic maintenance and maintain these records. As for theft prevention, Verizon only sets time limits to detect theft attempts. 

Samsara’s journey optimisation features

During our research, we found out that only Verizon and Samsara offer automatic route optimisation. However, Samsara, with a score of 4.9/5 in our independent vehicle tracking analysis, offers a more thorough and accurate calculation on start and stop points. It automatically optimises a route with a maximum of 20 stops to reduce driving time. Then, it analyses which order of stops yields the shortest distance travelled while keeping the Start Location and Last Stop constant. After determining the optimal order, it computes the Time on Site report to determine the average stop duration based on the recent driving history.

Samsara uses either this average duration or a default of 30 minutes if no recent data is available to determine the planned departure time for each job. The travel time between jobs is calculated using the predicted traffic conditions for the time of day. These calculations yield a complete, automated itinerary.

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Does Samsara have good customer reviews?

To back up our claims, we checked Samsara’s customer reviews on Capterra, Trustpilot, and G2, where we got an average customer score of 3.8/5. While most of its users applaud its stellar tracking features, this also proves to be a point of improvement for Samsara. Some users report having difficulty driving in traffic as it can be too sensitive. Here’s what they have to say:

Customer review

I enjoy having the insight that it provides us. Literally, with what I can see on the road and all of the back-end data, it can provide us. Samsara helps us remain compliant in our industry. So its routing functions are a leading example of what vehicle tracking should look like. Lastly, the driver app is what comes in the clutch to wrap it all up. Our staff finds the app very intuitive, and it rarely faults. It is official and its documents function helps us log valuable information that we turn into presentable data! (sic)

L. Houston S., Fleet Manager
Logistics & Supply Chain -
Customer review

Our experience with Samsara has been wonderful thus far. Their products are easy to use, a breeze to install, and training our drivers on how to use the Samsara Driver app has been smooth as silk. We did not previously have camera systems installed in our vehicles but both the drivers and management immediately saw the utility, and Samsara’s pricing made it an easy decision. (sic)

Mike G.,
- January 2022
Customer review

Real-Time tracking is helpful in our business to have our vehicles location for giving delivery times to customers that aren’t present when the deliveries are made, giving the time/date and a picture of our vehicle at their facility helps with proof of delivery.Maintenance tracking is helpful for keeping vehicles service intervals to be done on time with the alerts to show up before mileage has been reaching.

Following distance notifications can be annoying when driving in heavy traffic because the settings are fairly sensitive. Downloading footage from cameras can be very slow at times, not sure if that has to do with the cellar service or if there could be an update to improve that retrieval. (sic)

Loren M., General Manager
- October 2022
Customer review

Samsara is a great way for companies to keep a watchful eye on their transit fleet and what is going on with each and every vehicle. This program includes quite a bit of detailed information, very informative reports, statistics, analytics, and so much more. You can use the GPS feature to see exactly where specific fleet vehicles are at so that you can reroute them if you have something unexpected come up, or you can keep an eye on which routes they are taking to help maximise efficiency which has been a huge help. (sic)

Tim B,
- April 2021
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Our research shows that Samsara is the best system for managing vehiclesscoring an overall 4.6/5 in our independent research into vehicle tracking systems. We’d strongly recommend it if you want to level up your fleet efficiency and cut down on fuel expenses, as any fleet manager would benefit from its automatic alerts, synchronised reports, and detailed fuel monitoring functionality. Similarly, drivers also get their jobs done much safer, faster, and smoother because of their driver safety and behaviour features. They link you up with your drivers, which is super useful for urgent instructions, and they also employ driver safety alerts. 

However, its price points may not fit into every business’s budget. So if you’re looking for something that’s nearly as powerful as Samsara but will save you money in the long run, then your next best option is Teletrac Navman’s TN360. They offer bespoke pricing for their UK clientele, and it offers top-of-the-line driver management features to keep your drivers safe and ensure utmost operational efficiency. 

To help you find the right fleet management system, try our free quote comparison tool. It’s quick and simple. All you need to do is answer a few easy questions, and we’ll match you up with the top providers that will match your business needs.

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