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Franking machines are used by companies of all sizes across the UK, offering a range of benefits. These devices can help you boost mailroom efficiency and cut costs, which is why we recommend that every business sending mail invests in a franking machine.

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What is a Franking Machine?

Franking machines feed-through and stamp mail with the appropriate postal mark, representing the correct mail charges, which are calculated based on the package’s weight and destination.  Instead of leaving you to stick stamps on by hand, a franking machine does it all for you at a fast pace. The appropriate postage fee is then deducted from your business holder’s account.

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No more hour-long queues at the post office, no more licking and sticking hundreds of stamps every week, and no more underpaying or overpaying on your postage. Dan Barraclough Senior Writer

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How much do franking machines cost?

Prices can vary widely. For example, you can purchase a low-volume machine from around £995, or rent one for around £14 per month.

Mid-volume models are designed to work at speeds of up to 40 letters per minute, costing somewhere in the region of £3,000 to purchase, or £60 a month to rent from most reputable dealers.

High-volume machines can feed up to 300 mail items per minute, and come with a whole host of other advanced features. These models cost anything from a few thousand pounds to over £20,000 to buy, or £100 to £400 per month to rent.

What are the main benefits of franking machines?

There are many benefits that come with investing in a franking machine, including:

  • Royal Mail postage discounts
  • Building professional branding and corporate identity
  • Avoid over and under paying postage
  • Save time and effort on stamping
  • Keep records to help with tax returns
Should I rent or buy a franking machine?

Many businesses prefer renting to buying because the cost of renting a franking machine can be spread over a number of months, with rental prices starting from as low as around £14 a month.

When renting a franking machine, the device will never be yours, but it will remain installed and working for as long as your rental contract lasts. Many top dealers will offer a 30-day free trial period, so you can try the machine before committing to a rental price.