Cheap Franking Machines: Find the Best Value Models

Finding a cheap franking machine doesn’t need to be difficult. That’s why we’ve done all the research for you and selected the best cheap franking machines currently available in the UK.

The fact is that you can pay £20,000+ for a super-charged franking machine, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you have to. Especially when you can pick up a good, low-end model for £1000 (£200 used), or rent a franking machine from £16 per month.

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How to find cheap franking machines

Here’s our pick of the top three best cheap franking machines on the market today. These models are all very basic yet highly affordable. They are generally suitable for mailing volumes of 10-35 items per day. They’re all set up to include the latest Royal Mail franking machine changes.

1. Pitney Bowes DM60

The Pitney Bowes DM60 is one of the most popular basic models of franking machines. You can rent one for £24 a month over five years (without warranty). Pitney Bowes also offer a 30 day free trial, so you can test this model before committing. If you’d rather buy, it costs £1,068 new or around £250 used (second-hand).

Features include: Ability to frank up to 20 items per day, integrated scales and PIN-protected  postage funds. It also comes with a free £20 postage credit to get you going and free unlimited envelope logo messages. It’s automatically Mailmark enabled, giving you access to cheaper franking rates. The compulsory Royal Mail franking license is included in the rate from the supplier. 

2. FP PostBase Mini

The PostBase Mini takes letters up to 6.5mm thick and has an optional 2kg integrated scale for small parcels. It will frank 24 letters per minute. Prices are available on a quote basis. Buy one second-hand for around £200.

Features include: Mailmark extra-enabled with LAN connection and Wifi option for automatically updated postage prices. It comes with a 4.3″ colour touchscreen and is uniquely small and compact.

postbase minis
Simple, modern, compact: the PostBase Mini has set the standard for the next generation of franking machines

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3. Quadient IS-280c

The IS-280c is Quadient’s entry-level franking machine, for up to 50 mail items a day. Leases start from roughly £16 monthly for 24 months or £18 monthly for 12 months. Pick up a second-hand one from £40 on eBay (if you dare) or buy new for £1,070 (exc VAT).

Features include: An 8mm letter slot plus 3kg weighing upgrade, up to 10 accounts and the ability to manage your account online (LAN only). It also comes with ‘low ink’ alerts to ensure you’re never left inkless, plus it also offers a library of over 100 images to help you create or your own marketing images on your mail.

You should be aware that franking machine maintenance costs such as cleaning supplies and repair visits may not be included in your rental agreement.

Buying a second-hand franking machine

If you’re keen to commit to buying a franking machine, a second-hand model can seem a great way to save money. You can normally pick up a used model for around half its original price.

This comes with some obvious downsides. Product warranties will become invalid if the machine changes owners, and you also won’t be able to know its history. If it has been worked above its means, it may be close to burning out, leaving you worse off than before.

Buying a franking machine, new or used, is a big cash outlay for a small business. Renting has many benefits, and is a great option if you’re keen for a cheap, fast and hassle-free solution.

Next steps

Remember, franked mail costs up to 25% less than stamped mail. It also looks a lot more professional, and will show you are an established business. There’s really no good reason to delay in getting a franking machine!

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