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Also known as DIA (dedicated internet access), leased lines can prove invaluable for businesses that rely on the internet. Find out more about them with our guides and reviews, and use our free quote-finding tool to get tailored quotes from the best leased lines providers for you.

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What Is a Leased Line?

Leased lines are an alternative to conventional ADSL business broadband. A leased line gives your business a private, ultra fast internet network. Leased line networks are special for a few reasons: Firstly, they offer super fast connection speeds of up to 10Gbps, while conventional broadband averages at around 10Mbps. Secondly, they're uncontended, which means the bandwidth can only be used by your business, so you won't experience slower speeds or outages at the usual peak times. Thirdly, they're symmetric (or synchronous), which means the upload and download speeds they offer are the same. This differs to conventional broadband, which tends to offer slower upload speeds than download speeds.

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A leased line can replace conventional business broadband to give your company its own fast, private internet network. Julia Watts Content Manager

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How much do leased lines cost?

Leased line prices can range from £90 per month for a basic EoFTTC line to well over £800 per month for a full fibre, top-speed line.

Your monthly cost will depend on your connection speed, the length of your contract, the add-ons you choose, the location of your business (major cities tend to be cheaper), and more factors.

There are also installation costs to consider. These can be thousands of pounds, but some providers do waive them.

To learn more, check out our guide to leased line costs.

What's the difference between leased lines and business broadband?

Leased lines are different from conventional business broadband in the following ways:

  • Data is transmitted via fibre optic cables or radio signals, rather than the traditional copper landline
  • Connection speeds are much faster, reaching up to 10Gbps on some lines
  • Upload speeds are just as fast as download speeds (in other words, the speeds are symmetric)
  • Bandwidth is uncontended, meaning you won't get outages or slowdowns at peak times
  • Leased lines are much more expensive, and take longer to install

Visit our in-depth guide to leased lines to find out more about their benefits.

Who are the best leased lines providers?

According to our research, the best leased lines providers are TalkTalk Business, Colt, BT, Virgin Media, Neos Networks, and Vodafone.

To learn more about these top leased lines suppliers and compare their prices, speeds, customer support, installation times, and more, check out our review of the best leased lines providers in the UK.