Dash Cam Prices: A Guide for UK Businesses

Dash cam in use on a rainy day

How much does a dash cam cost? Compare quotes with us, and get the best deal for your business’ fleet

Basic, off-the-shelf dash cams start from £14.99

Mid-range systems typically cost between £100 and £300

Advanced dash cams can cost £400 or more, but add vehicle tracking, safety features, and live insights into the bargain

High spec dash cams incur a software licence fee, commonly in the range of £20 per month

Dash cam in use on a rainy day

How much does a dash cam cost?

Dash cam prices depend on several factors.

Camera type and direction

Firstly, dash cam prices depend on the type of device you're interested in. 

By this, we mean the direction your dash cam will face. Variants include:

  • Front-facing
  • Dual-facing
  • Rear-facing
  • Interior

Pricing up at anywhere between £15 and £100, front-facing dash cams are the cheapest option you can buy… albeit the most narrow in terms of scope and coverage.

Dual-facing dash cams (£150 to £400+) provide insight into both your vehicle’s cabin and the road ahead, but are more expensive. Likewise, rear-facing dash cams (and the interior-facing ones truckers use to prevent cargo theft) don’t come cheap – although you can save by purchasing multiple cameras in a bundle.

Features required

Secondly, how much you’ll pay depends on the features you’ll require – that is, exactly how much you want your dash cam to do.

The cheapest dash cams simply record the road, without many additional frills. An SD card (almost always not included) allows you to download footage onto your computer after a journey is complete, and view it there.
Garmin dash cam with GPS functionality

Pay a little extra, though (£100+ per camera), and you’ll benefit from dash cams with GPS capability (enabling basic fleet tracking, pictured), as well as parking mode (which captures footage even when your vehicle is stationary). These mid-range options come at a highly reasonable price point, and tend to punch above their weight for features, too.

At the priciest end of the scale (£300+, with additional monthly costs) are the most advanced systems. These include dash cams from Verizon Connect and Samsara, and are what’s known as ‘integrated’ solutions. Essentially, this means that they work in tandem with a software platform to provide real-time updates and insights into your fleet.

Data transmission: Active or passive?

This leads us to the third factor that will influence the price of your dash cam – whether it’s active or passive

Passive dash cams rely on an SD card, which you’ll have to remove to pull data, and re-insert into the camera to begin recording again. 

Cheap to buy… inconvenient to use.

Active systems, however, transmit live data back to base via wifi, allowing you to keep track of jobs as they unfold. Put simply, they’re the best dash cams money can buy – though, for obvious reasons, they’re not the most affordable options around.

For an integrated solution, you can expect to pay a monthly fee for the dash cams, plus an ongoing cost to lease the software that powers them. The exact cost here will depend on the size of your fleet and the features you’ll need, though we estimate it to be in the region of £20 per month.

Businesses vs consumers: a question of scalability

This leads us to the third factor that will influence the price of your dash cam – whether it’s active or passive

For individuals, a cheap, off-the-shelf dash cam works just fine. Businesses, though, should consider at least a mid-range (if not a fully integrated) solution as standard – particularly if there’s scalability on the brain.

If this sounds like you, why not start comparing dash cam prices with us? 

For just 30 seconds of your time (and a few details about your business, such as fleet size, vehicle type, and legal status), we’ll put you in touch with leading dash cam suppliers. You’ll then receive quotes tailored to your business’ specific requirements – it’s as simple as that!

Dash cam prices: Basic (£15 to £100)

If you’re looking for a dash cam for personal use, or for a very small fleet (one or two vehicles, max!), then a basic dash cam will fit the bill.

That said, as a rule, we don’t recommend basic dash cams for businesses. They’re limited; not only in terms of features (as you’ll see below, most aren’t even GPS-equipped), but in their storage and recording capacities, too. Basic systems are also passive, meaning you won’t be able to start scrutinising footage until the vehicle is back at base.
RAC 100 dash cam

For a basic dash cam, you’ll pay as little as £14.99 (for the RAC100, pictured), and as much as around £100. Above this, and you’re looking at more of a mid-range dash cam solution (which we do recommend for businesses). 

You can browse basic dash cam prices in the table below.

Expert Market logo vector transparentKitvision ObserverToguard CE50Kenwood DRV430Halfords HDC400
Dash cam

Kitvision Observer

Toguard CE50

Kenwood DRV-430

Halfords HDC400






Field of visionN/A170 degrees128 degrees180 degrees


GPS tracking?XX
Parking mode?
Display screen?X

Dash cam prices: Mid-range (£100 to £300)

Looking onwards and upwards (in terms of both price and functionality), we have the mid-range dash cams. 

Mid-range dash cams start from as little as £100 per camera. As well as offering dual-facing cameras, these dash cams have GPS, are wireless, and offer plenty of features, such as audio capture, G-force recording protection, and a still photo function.

Mid-range dash cams are well-suited to businesses with fleets of up to five vehicles, or for vans and larger rigs. If this sounds like you, browse our top mid-range dash cam prices below.

Expert Market logo vector transparentNextbase 522GWVantrue N2 ProRexing V3Garmin Tandem
Dash camNextbase 522GWVantrue N2 ProRexing V3Garmin Tandem
Field of vision140 degrees310 degrees170 degrees360 degrees

Dash cam prices: Advanced (£300+)

At the business end of the pricing scale sit the most advanced dash cams. Though you can expect to pay at least £300 per camera for these high spec beauties, you shouldn’t let the price put you off.

Because many of these integrated dash cam solutions come as part of a package with fleet management software (which you’ll pay monthly for), there’s less initial outlay than with a mid-range solution. This can actually make them more affordable, and help free up cash flow in the short-term.

Feature-wise, these dash cams are best in class. Verizon Connect Integrated Video, for instance, detects events such as harsh braking and aggressive cornering, and classifies them based on how severe they are. Samsara’s dash cam – equipped with a built-in speaker – even provides voice-based coaching, which alerts the driver when drowsiness or distractions set in and can help prevent accidents.

Could your business benefit from an integrated system? Find the advanced dash cam for you in the table below.

Expert Market logo vector transparentVerizon Connect Integrated VideoSamsara Dual-Facing CM22Blackvue DR900S
Dash camVerizon Connect Integrated VideoSamsara CM32Nextbase 380GWXBlackvue DR900S
PriceFrom £20 per month (software), plus £20 per camera, per monthOn request£399 per camera£399 per camera
Resolution720p1080p (front-facing), 720p (driver-facing)1080p1080p
Field of vision150 degrees121 degrees (front-facing), 177 degrees (driver-facing)140 degrees162 degrees

Has the stunning CM32 caught your eye? Head to our Samsara review to find out more about its innovative vehicle tracking solution. Alternatively, hit the button below to tell us more about your specific requirements, and let us match you with an integrated dash cam provider near you.

Dash cam installation cost

Like the cameras themselves, dash cam installation costs will vary by provider and model. 

Actually, many basic to mid-range varieties of dash cams allow for self-installation, at no cost to you. However, hiring an expert has its benefits – they’ll do a professional job, for one (and tuck those cables neatly away where you can’t see them), and cut out the hassle of interpreting confusing online instructions.

And, at around £30, outsourcing your dash cam installation is plenty affordable. Better still, some providers (such as Verizon Connect) will even send a technician out to do it for you, for free.

Next Steps

So, you’ve learnt what distinguishes an advanced dash cam from a mid-range one, and why (despite the price!) a basic dash cam is best avoided. Hopefully, you’ll also have a good idea of what you can get for your money, and which suppliers can match your fleet’s growth goals.

In other words, you’re ready to start comparing suppliers in more detail. Our guide to the best dash cams for businesses provides a good place to begin, or – if you’re a little short on time – there’s a more direct route.

Simply furnish us with some details about your business’ requirements, and you’ll receive calls from top dash cam suppliers. They’ll table quotes tailored to your business, and discuss the option of a free trial to get you started. Our form takes just 30 seconds to complete, and is free for UK-based businesses.

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