The Best Dash Cams for Vans

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Our independent research shows that the Samsara CM32 dual-facing dash cam is the best option for your vans. It’s simple to install and gives you real-time access to van footage. It also will create healthy doses of competition amongst your drivers using driver leader boards to ultimately boost your fleet’s safety. All of these elements will give you the peace of mind needed to know your van’s safety is being prioritised and that you’ll have all the evidence you need to protect yourself from malicious insurance claims.

Finding a dash cam that will prioritise your van’s safety, save you money, and be equipped with a range of genuinely useful features is trickier than it sounds. After all, you want probably want slash costs wherever possible as inflation and fuel costs continue to rise. That’s why we’ve driven the extra mile to find the best five dash cams for vans to give you the confidence to invest in a dash cam that works for your fleet.

However if you’d prefer to fast-forward into finding your next dash cam, you can also use our quick and free quote comparison tool. Just give us some details about your fleet and we’ll connect with dash cam providers that can address your needs.

The 5 best dash cams for vans

These are the providers we recommend based on our research. Use our comparison tool to find the best service for your business.

  1. Samsara CM32: Best van dash cam for safety
  2. Verizon Connect: Best for an integrated software solution
  3. MIO MiVue A30: Best dash cam for rear of van
  4. Nextbase 522GW: Best for smart features
  5. Blackvue DR900S-2CH: Best front and rear dash cam for vans

What are the best dash cams for vans?

Focussing on a blend of price point, usability, and (of course) pure, unadulterated functionality, we compared the best van dash cams for UK fleets. But which one came out on top?

According to our research, the best dash cam for vans is the Samsara CM32 dual-facing camera. Making up the rest of our list is Verizon Connect Integrated Video, the MIO MiVue A30, the Nextbase 522GW, and Blackvue’s DR900S-2CH.

The best dash cams for vans:

  1. Samsara CM32: Best van dash cam for safety
  2. Verizon Connect: Best for an integrated software solution
  3. MIO MiVue A30: Best dash cam for rear of van
  4. Nextbase 522GW: Best for smart features
  5. Blackvue DR900S-2CH: Best front and rear dash cam for vans

Protect your business and your drivers with a reliable dash cams for vans.

To make sure you choose the right system, you should carefully consider:

  • The size of your fleet – how many vans do you have?
  • Safety features – what safety features does your van and drivers need?
  • Video quality – what quality video footage are you after?
  • Customisable features – can you personalise the cam to your vans?
  • Ease of use – will your staff need training to use the cam?

Our free quote comparison tool helps you answer these questions and selects the right providers for your business. All you have to do is make the final decision.

Samsara CM32 (dual-facing) – Best van dash cam for safety

Just as two pairs of eyes are better than one, Samsara’s dual-facing dash cams make prioritising safety a breeze. One camera captures the road ahead, while the other tells you exactly what’s going on inside your van. Drowsy or distracted driving? Texting at the wheel? Samsara picks it up and feeds it all back to you – in real time. It lets the driver at fault know, too, via a built-in audio speaker that provides voice-based coaching and immediate, in-cab alerts when unsafe driving occurs.

Overall Rating :

Add all this to Samsara’s slick, cloud-based vehicle tracking and management platform, and the CM32 emerges as our top dash cam pick for vans.

Pricing: The only drawback to the CM32 is that there’s no clear pricing information available. Samsara’s solutions are top of the line, meaning that any costs package will be bespoke, and take into account your van fleet’s size and ambitions.

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  • Simple installation – no hard-wiring involved
  • Provides real-time, immediate access to footage
  • Driver leaderboards improve safety by promoting healthy competition


  • No pricing information available

Verizon Connect Integrated Video – Best van dash cam for an integrated software solution

Pushing Samsara all the way is industry heavyweight Verizon Connect’s integrated dash cam solution. And, while it doesn’t offer all the same safety features as the CM32, the AI-driven, cloud-based platform it works with (Verizon Connect Reveal) is more than a match for Samsara’s.

However, something to be mindful of is that Verizon doesn't come equipped with parking mode. We'd recommend considering Nextbase which does have an intelligent parking mode that starts recording when it senses movement, even if the vehicle is parked.

Overall Rating :

Van fleets of all sizes will benefit from a user-friendly interface (accessible anywhere, anytime), and downloadable footage available as quickly as three minutes after an incident occurs. You’ll know who was involved, how fast they were going, and have everything required to settle insurance claims – and exonerate drivers – in a matter of moments.

Our research shows that Verizon Connect’s integrated dash cam solution is also well-suited to lorries and HGVs. Head over to our page on the best dash cams for truckers to find out more.

Pricing: Verizon Connect Integrated Video costs around £20 to £40 per month. The exact amount you’ll pay depends on how many vans you operate, and the depth and breadth of features you’re after. You’ll also need a Verizon Connect Reveal subscription to get going.

For a deeper dive into what you can expect to pay for your van dash cam solution, why not try our free service? Simply tell us a bit about how many vans you manage, and what industry you’re in. We’ll do the rest, and you’ll receive tailored quotes from leading van dash cam suppliers in the UK.


  • Free installation available
  • Its durable cameras are built to withstand harsh environments
  • Its software analyses the severity of road incidents, and classifies them for you


  • You’ll require a Verizon Connect Reveal subscription to get going
  • The ongoing fee required to lease the software won’t appeal to everyone

Want to know more? Read our complete Verizon Connect Integrated Video review.

Give us some details about your fleet and we’ll connect you with dash cam providers

MIO MiVue A30 – Best dash cam for rear of van

Moving away from more advanced van dash cams towards the more budget-friendly end of the scale, we have MIO’s MiVue A30. You’ll be trading down from Verizon Connect and Samsara in terms of features and functionality, but gaining a device that’s as easy to install as it is on your bank account – the dash cam quite literally sticks to your van’s back window, and is available for less than £60. For the ideal blend of crystal clear footage, discreet design, and friendly price point, the MIO MiVue A30 can’t be topped.

However, the downside is that MIO doesn't offer live updates. If this is a must for you in your dash cam shopping list, we'd recommend taking a look at BlackVue.

Overall Rating :

Pricing: £89.99 per unit.


  • GPS-equipped
  • Small, unintrusive size
  • Works well even in low-light conditions


  • Won’t provide detailed insights into incidents, or driver behaviour at the time
  • No live updates
Did You Know?

The latest data from the National Dash Cam Safety Portal shows that there has been an 20% increase in the number of incidents recorded by dash cams. This suggests that dangerous driving offences are spiking across the country. Investing in a dash cam is therefore becoming more important than ever!

Nextbase 522GW

Best van dash cam for smart features

While Nextbase’s software doesn’t get close to that of Verizon Connect and Samsara, the dash cam itself is inspired. One of the highest spec dash cams for vans that we found, the 522GW sports a 1440p resolution, a touchscreen, and 140 degrees of visibility. It’s equipped with both GPS and Alexa compatibility, too, and works with Android and iOS to store your vans’ footage on the cloud.

The bad news is that Nextbase is on the more expensive end of things. If you'd rather tighten your belt a bit as you pick your next dash cam, we'd recommend looking at MIO.

Overall Rating :

Add to this the 522GW’s intelligent parking mode (which records any bump and scrape to your vans, even while parked) and emergency mode (which alerts emergency services when a crash occurs), and Nextbase emerges as a solid investment for any growing van fleet.
Nextbase 380GW dash cam
Pricing: £149 per unit.

To see how another of Nextbase’s dash cams (the 380GW, pictured) stacks up against the competition, check out our guide to the best dash cams for businesses.


  • Autosyncs footage to your smartphone for convenience
  • Excellent video quality
  • Surprisingly affordable


  • Its video playback software is new, and still working through some bugs

BlackVue DR900S-2CH – Best front and rear dash cam for vans

Heading back to the high-end, high spec dash cams for vans, the BlackVue DR900S-2CH is the last – but most certainly not least – in our list. Rather, with an ultra-wide viewing angle, night vision, and a whole host of security features (including parking mode, loop recording, and file protection) included as standard, BlackVue’s dash cam offers plenty. Pair all that with a cloud platform providing live footage and push notifications – plus an app that enables two-way communication between you and the driver – and your van fleet can enjoy a shortcut to scalability.

Just like Nextbase, however, BlackVue needs you to put more money down on the table. If you're looking for a more affordable solution, we'd recommend looking at MIO.

Overall Rating :

Pricing: £499 per unit.


  • GPS and wifi-equipped
  • Simple to install
  • Sturdy, cylindrical shape adds a touch of industrial chic to your van fleet


  • It’s on the expensive side

Next steps

So, what’ll it be?

For a cheap, basic dash cam that sticks straight onto your back window, it’s the MIO MiVue A30 all day. 

For a more advanced dash cam for your van, models from BlackVue, NextBase, and Garmin will certainly do the trick. 

For complete fleet visibility, though, and insights driven by the best-in-class, machine learning-driven technology, there are only two options.  That’s why we recommend Verizon Connect and Samsara for fleets of vans looking to expand their operations, and provide more efficient, effective service to boot. 

Could you picture a dash cam fleet powering the engine of your business? Let us help.

Simply provide us with some details about your van fleet’s size, and your business’ legal status and postcode. We’ll use this to pair you only with the van dash cam suppliers that are the best fit for your fleet, and which service your location. They’ll then be in touch with quotes tailored to your requirements. Simple!

How did we find the best dash cams for vans?

Our team of independent researchers did an in-depth dive into five of the most used and top-rated dash cams for truckers on the market. After compiling all the needed information, we then compared dash cams for truckers based on these factors:

  • Price: the provider with the most competitive prices score the highest
  • Features: whichever provider offers the widest range of features rank above those that have a thinner offer
  • Customer Support: we look at the type of features the providers offer to support their customers in case of a dash cam SOS

After factoring in all of the individual scores from these categories, we calculated an overall score for each supplier to help guide your buying decisions.

Best dash cams for vans FAQs


Does a van dash cam work as a standalone product?
Some do, yep! These tend to be the more basic, off-the-shelf van dash cams, though. More advanced systems, such as Verizon Connect and Samsara, require a subscription to their software platforms. That means their dash cams can only be used in conjunction with, or as a feature of, this central interface.
What other technology do I need for my fleet of vans?
Most van dash cams are built to work with a wide subset of other products and tech, including Amazon Alexa, GPS, and wifi. But for unparalleled synergy – and unrivalled insights – you’ll also require a van fleet management system.

Van tracking allows you to view your vehicles’ locations in real time, while planning and optimising routes for speed and success. 

Read our review of the best van tracking systems for businesses for more info.

Can you use a car dash cam for a van?
Although it’s no secret that vans tend to be larger than the average car, this doesn’t mean you have to scavenge the market in the search of a specialised van dash cam. Most standard dash cams will fit your van, you just need to ensure they fit the dimensions of your dashboard.
Where should a dash cam be placed in a van?
Wherever the dash cam gets the view of the road. Ideally, this should be on the passenger side of your rear-view mirror so it doesn’t obstruct the driver’s vision. If you chose to also install a rear dash cam, a good solution it to externally mount, specially if your vans don’t have a rear window.
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