Best Van Tracking Systems: Fleet Management for Vans

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Van tracking for your business is a no-brainer. You can maximise efficiency, improve security and increase your profits. If you have a fleet of vans and don’t currently use a tracking device, you’re missing out – plain and simple.

Given the tech involved and the number of benefits they bring, you might expect van trackers to be an expensive piece of kit. In fact, it’s a really competitive market. You can get advanced tracking systems for as little as £7.49 per month

You can have a read of our guide of the leading van tracking system suppliers. Otherwise, skip ahead to our top 6 providers, or keep scrolling to get to grips with the basics of van fleet management.

Van trackers cut costs, simplify van maintenance, and increase driver safety

Van fleet management systems are available from £7.49 per month

Verizon and Samsara are our top van fleet management picks

Quartix, Movolytics, and RAM Tracking all offer low-cost van tracking options

The 6 best van tracking systems for UK fleets

  1. Samsara: Best van tracking system for fuel usage and route planning
  2. Verizon Connect: Best van tracking system for monitoring driver behaviour
  3. Movolytics: Best van tracking system for quick and simple live reporting
  4. Quartix: Best van tracking system on a shoestring
  5. RAM Tracking: Best van tracking system for small fleets
  6. Teletrac Navman: Best van tracking system for customisable reporting

Clicking on any of the links will allow you to start comparing costs from top van tracking systems providers.

What is van tracking?

Van trackers are small devices installed into a company’s fleet to track the whereabouts of each vehicle in real-time. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is their only purpose, but in reality, they can provide a wealth of useful data and information – from driver behaviour to fuel management. Best of all, vehicle tracker installation couldn’t be easier.

We’ve broken down their core benefits below.

van tracking system

Find out if a van fleet management solution is right for your business below

Which van tracking system is right for your business?

We compared the range of van tracking systems available in the UK, to find out which one is best placed to bring efficiency, safety, and simplicity to your van fleet management. It’s also best to understand the cost of vehicle tracking, which we’ll explain on this page.

Our research shows that Samsara is the best option for UK businesses, while Verizon Connect and Movolytics are also strong contenders. Making up the best of the rest are Quartix, RAM Tracking, and Teletrac Navman. Let’s find out why.

Samsara – Best van tracking system for fuel usage and route planning

Samsara flexi
Pricing from £10.83
Quick overview

Outscoring its rivals on the metrics of both driver and vehicle management, Samsara is the top choice for van fleet managers. Its unparalleled fuel usage reporting adds visibility to your operation, and makes it easy to know exactly where your money’s going.

Samsara's fuel management tools include the ability to track fuel used in a certain time frame, fuel efficiency, engine run time, and idle time, All of this data will assist fleet managers in making better, more informed decisions around efficient fuel usage.

Unfortunately, Samsara only offers self-installation which can be frustrating for those who aren't tech-savvy. If you'd rather not self-install, RAM tracking and Quartix both offer installation by a specialised engineer.

Better still, its route optimisation functionality is quite simply stunning – you’ll know the exact time it’ll take your vans to get to a job before they’ve even left the garage, and you can easily mitigate the frustrating effects of traffic conditions on journey progress. Samara’s van tracking solution offers:

Incredible synchronisation with vehicle maintenance reports

A quick view of your fleet’s overall health, to see which vehicles need maintenance or insurance renewal

Advanced driver rescheduling and traffic optimisation features

24/7 phone support for van fleet managers


Depending on your contract length and the van tracking product you choose, Samsara’s hardware will cost between £99 and £359, while a monthly licence for the software will set you back between £10.83 and £23.75. Samsara offers a free trial of up to 30 days.


  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Quickest data refresh times on the market make van tracking a breeze
  • Intelligent dispatch feature


  • Some features will require you to set them up yourself, with code
  • Only offers long contract lengths of between three and five years

Verizon Connect – Best van tracking system for monitoring driver behaviour

verizon Logo
Verizon Connect
Pricing Bespoke
Quick overview

Already tracking close to a million vehicles worldwide, Verizon Connect is an established industry goliath. And, with top marks for vehicle tracking and a range of industry-leading features, it’s also one of the finest providers when it comes to van fleet management.

Verizon offers various fuel reports such as a Fuel Efficiency Report, Lost Fuel Report, and Carbon Footprint Report. Each report provides comprehensive data to provide fleet managers with all the information they need to ensure fuel usage is efficient.

Verizon provides custom locations with the ability to mark key locations like distributions centres, however, Samsara also provides the ability to add custom locations as well as as the ability create routes and allow these routes to be repeated. Samsara provides a little more insight and data by tracking historical routes.

Samsara's extra layer of features are helpful for fleet managers who want to optimise routes better.

Consider its driver behaviour alerts, for instance. You can set up any and all alerts you want – from late starts and long stops to speeding and harsh braking, it’s easy to keep tabs on the individual performance of all your drivers. And, through a highly customisable reporting dashboard, you’ll get 360-degree access to all the data you need to grow your van fleet into a van empire.

Verizon Connect is ideal for you if you require:

Live tracking of vehicles, and help planning the most efficient route

The ability to update clients on precisely where their delivery is, easing pressure on customer services and boosting the customer’s experience

Reporting on whether or not the driver is idle, moving, or parked

Monitoring of vehicle speed and driving style to improve safety and brand reputation


Sadly, Verizon Connect is tight-lipped when it comes to its fees. But don’t fret – because where there’s a will, there’s a way. In this case, that way is taking a moment to complete our free webform. We’ll ask a couple of questions about the amount of vans you’re looking to track, and the industry you work in.

Then, you’ll receive quotes tailored specifically to the unique needs of your business. These will come only from the UK’s leading van fleet management companies (Verizon included), handpicked to help your business thrive and grow.


  • Ideal for those in the construction or transportation industries
  • Impressive data handling features make it perfect for larger fleets of vans


  • Lack of transparency around pricing…
  • ...but we know it’s one of the most expensive van tracking systems on the market!
Save by Comparing Vehicle Tracking Quotes from Leading Suppliers
Do you already have a Vehicle Tracking System?

Movolytics – Best van tracking system for quick and simple live reporting

Pricing from £7.49
Quick overview

Movolytics’ patented technology gathers accurate data not only on fuel usage, but on carbon emissions and RPM, too. You’ll then be able to view all this in real-time, via a live fuel consumption dashboard.

Movolytics tracks over 150 driving behaviours to provide accurate data on driver safety. It also provides fleet managers with live traffic alerts so you can quickly reroute drivers when necessary.


Movolytics is also unique in that it’s the only supplier of its kind that doesn’t use GPS to gather location data. Instead, it pulls data directly from your vans themselves. Far from being a disadvantage, this actually means you’ll get faster, more accurate data from your vehicles. Plus, its smart mobile app allows you to stay on top of movements out on the tarmac, from wherever you are in the world.

Here are a few benefits that Movolytics promises to bring to your business:

A live map showing the whereabouts of every vehicle in your fleet, making it easy to get a sense of where everyone is

Customers are kept in the loop – you can set up an auto-alert for when your driver arrives, and give them the option to track your driver

More efficient fuel usage – in fact, Movolytics’ patented fuel technology claims to cut your fuel spend by at least 10%

Reporting on driver behaviour and engine idle time to maximise efficiency and safety


For a standard, self-installed van tracking device from Movolytics, you’ll pay just £7.49 per month. For a hard-wired solution, though, you can expect to pay around £14.49 per vehicle over a 36-month period.


  • Among the lower-cost van management solutions available to UK fleets
  • Tracks over 150 driving behaviours to calculate detailed driver scores


  • Doesn’t provide any theft prevention measures or alerts
Did You Know?

36% of organisations have reported lower fuel costs as a result of implementing fleet tracking

Quartix – Best van tracking system on a shoestring

Pricing from £9.90
Quick overview

Quartix provide a specialised engineer to install its tracking devices so you won't have to rely on your own expertise. Its phone support is a little lacking as its only available Monday to Friday during business hours, compared Samsara and Teletrac Navman which offer 24/7 phone support.

Quartix provides Google enhanced maps and provides route maps that show the entire journey so you can prevent any overlaps - this tools are helpful for both drivers and fleet managers. A key tool fleet managers will enjoy is the ability to boost productivity by continuously updating data like the number of vehicles on a site and how many jobs have been completed. This granular real-time data allows fleet managers to make more informed, quicker decisions.

Plus, Quartix won’t tie you into a long contract, or petrify you with small print. Whereas providers such as Samsara and Verizon tend to set up their customers in three year blocks, Quartix’s contracts are a refreshingly brief 12 months. As well as this, Quartix offers:

Installation at your premises, at a time that suits you

Daily vehicle logs that allow you to better allocate your resources and employees

Trip reporter provides insights into where your drivers have been over the course of a working day, helping debunk fraudulent insurance claims

Speed analysis reports help you identify risky driver behaviours before an accident occurs


The pricing we mentioned above of £9.90 per month is for Quartix’s most basic plan, Infopoint. For a step up, you can opt for Infoplus at £11.90 per month, while the most advanced plan, Infofleet, will set you back a monthly fee of £16.90.

If you’d like to experience the full force of Quartix’s functionality, though, you’ll need to pay extra. Fuel card reporting, driver ID, auxiliary input and panic buttons are all features only available as add-ons, at a charge of £1 per month.


  • Ideal option for fleets of smaller vans
  • Brilliant customer support


  • No driver messaging

RAM Tracking – Best van tracking system for small fleets

RAM Tracking logo
RAM tracking
Pricing from £8.99
Quick overview

If you’re looking for a longer-term deal, RAM Tracking is one of the cheapest tracking systems on the market. Sure, that comes at the cost of features and self-owned hardware – but for more modestly-sized fleets of vans, RAM Tracking should tick all the boxes.

RAM's software includes fuel management to help fleet managers maximise fuel usage. Compared to providers such as Verizon, RAM doesn't advertise how comprehensive its fuel management tools are. If you are after an advanced and detailed fuel management, you might be better suited to Verizon or Samsara.

Price point aside, RAM Tracking has a couple of other unique selling points. It’s the only brand in the UK, for example, to provide a specific cost savings report. RAM Tracking is also the only van tracking system to provide direct crash report data – though its lack of fuel card integration and driver messaging will be enough to deter managers of larger van fleets.

RAM Tracking’s key selling points are:

The most reliable option possible – RAM products come with a lifetime guarantee

Assistance in remote locations – RAM offers SIM cards for business that operate in rural areas, where GPS signals are weak

A hands-free approach to vehicle tracking – RAM will install the devices for you for free, and you can set up automated emails to alert you to any issues

Accurate financial reporting for each logged journey


With RAM Tracking, you’ll save when you opt for a lengthier deal – 5-year contracts are £8.99 per month, while 4-year contracts are priced at a competitive monthly charge of £9.99. In the shorter-term, a 36-month contract comes at a monthly cost of £10.99, while you’ll pay a highly reasonable £14 per month with a 12-month deal.


  • Supports cost management reporting
  • Cheap as chips!


  • No driver messaging
  • Lacks the same level of in-depth, custom reporting boasted by Samsara and Verizon Connect

Teletrac Navman – Best van tracking system for customisable reporting

teletrac logo
Teletrac Navman
Pricing Bespoke
Quick overview

Are you ready to start using data to gain better insights into your fleet, And to use those insights to fuel your business’ growth? If so, Teletrac Navman is the van tracking system for you. From automatic MOT reminders to some of the most customisable reporting on the market, it’s a bespoke solution perfect for all the data heads and number-crunching van owners out there.

Teletrac provide fuel management in the form of route optimisation, maintenance scheduling, and reports/alerts on idling and unnecessary fuel burn.

Teletrac Director doesn't offer automatic route optimisation although its TN360 product does. Teletrac lacks cargo and engine temperature features, although if this is important for your business, Quartix offers this as add-on and Samsara and Verizon offer it built-in.

On top of this, Teletrac Navman offers integrated dash cam capability for vans. That means you’ll have video replays of any incidents instantly at your disposal, saving you time and money when it comes to settling insurance claims. Teletrac Navman is flexible, too – like Quartix, it offers contracts as brief as 12 months – though if you’re seeking longer-term stability, deals for up to five years are available.

Choose Teletrac Navman if you want:

Real-time in-vehicle alerts for drivers, so everyone is on the same page

A quantitative measure of driver performance

Assistance in finding the best routes at any given time, allowing you to plan for traffic accidents or road closures

Automatic reminders about MOTs and other updates


Exact pricing for Teletrac Navman’s solution isn’t available, though we can tell you that it offers three tiered plans.

Essential, the cheapest, includes timesheels, idle time monitoring, and real-time tracking. For safety and driver behaviour analytics you’ll need to opt for the Professional plan, while the most expensive plan, Enterprise, adds API support, compliance features, and connected camera solutions.


  • 24/7 phone support available
  • Stolen vehicle alerts help you react to theft quickly


  • It’s difficult to know upfront exactly what you can expect to pay

What are the benefits of van tracking?

✓ Cut costs and increase efficiency

✓ Simplify van maintenance

✓ Increase safety and security

1. Cut costs

Increased efficiency = increased profits. A van tracking system can:

  • Monitor driver behaviour and reduce idle time
  • Make dispatch processes more efficient by easily matching the closest driver with the target destination
  • Calculate the quickest and most efficient routes
  • Track and optimise petrol usage through fuel tracking
  • Integrate fuel cards into your van tracking system
  • Lower your insurance premium (provided the tracker is insurance-approved), due to reduced risk of theft

2. Simplify van maintenance

Advanced van tracking systems not only send automated alerts to fleet managers for vehicle MOT renewals, they also ensure that vehicles are generally fit and healthy. Any business that relies on a working fleet of vans will understand the stress of a broken-down vehicle, and a good vehicle tracker can help prevent this.

3. Increase security

Many insurance-approved van trackers are also supported by the UK police. If a van fitted with such a tracker is stolen, the tracker will relay real-time location data, enabling you to work with the police to find your stolen vehicle.

Van tracker systems: buy or rent?

It’s possible to buy a vehicle tracking system outright, but most businesses prefer to rent. There are a number of reasons for this – you’ll get constant support from the van tracking supplier, and you won’t need to fork over a big chunk of cash at the outset. 

When you rent a van tracking system, you’ll also get access to updated versions, meaning your hardware and software will always be the most advanced. And trust us – with the speed that the van tracking system industry is moving at, you won’t want to settle for anything less than the most recent technology on the market.

Plus, though you can buy the hardware (the devices, or tachographs) outright, the van tracking software powering it can’t be purchased. You’ll still pay a monthly fee to lease the software – so it makes sense to just lease the whole system.

How much do van trackers cost?

Entry-level van tracking systems start from around £7.49 per month, though how much you pay will depend on the specific solution you choose – the provider, the type, and the level of features you require.

Hardware (the actual trackers that go in your vans) is often billed separately, with costs reaching up to £359 to purchase, or around £10 to rent on a monthly basis. Some providers offer additional features as ‘add-ons’, available at an extra cost, while others market value-enhancing ‘bundles’ that include extra technology, such as dashcams.

▶ Read more: Vehicle tracking costs

Save by Comparing Vehicle Tracking Quotes from Leading Suppliers
Do you already have a Vehicle Tracking System?

What are the different types of van trackers, and which do you need?

van fleet management

RFID or GPS? Active or passive? Read on to find out what kind of tracker you need

There are two different types of van fleet management technology: RFID and GPS. These power two different types of van tracking systems – ‘active’ and ‘passive’. Let’s unpack what this all means for your business. 

RFID trackers for vans

RFID technology is ideal for vans in warehouse conditions. It works by fitting ‘tags’ onto cargo or vehicles, that can be read when passing RFID scanners. This automates the whole process, and allows for vehicles and their cargo to be easily tracked.

GPS trackers for vans

GPS stands for ‘Global Positioning Systems’. GPS tracking systems give you the exact position of your vehicles through the use of satellite technology. It’s the same technology that you have on your phone or sat nav. A big advantage of GPS trackers for vans is that the information can be updated in real-time.

Passive van tracker systems

Passive van tracking systems collect data throughout the day, but in order to see it, you must manually upload it to the system once the van has returned to HQ. Passive van tracking systems also collect information related to driver behaviour, fuel usage, cargo, inventory data and many other intricate parts of running a fleet.

Passive van tracker systems will just about do the job for small fleets. But to really start crunching the numbers that matter most to your business – and driving quicker growth – you’ll need to think about the benefits of…

Active van tracker systems

Active van tracking systems update information in real-time, so you can interact with your whole fleet as developments unfold. This allows your business to remain agile in the event of an unforeseen issue or change of plan, and helps you sidestep the problems that adverse traffic or weather conditions can have on a job.

Active van tracking systems give you a birds-eye view of what’s happening out on the tarmac, as it happens. Some van trackers, such as Samsara, boast data refresh times as low as every 30 seconds (the quickest on the market), while providers such as Teletrac Navman take up to five minutes (depending on the plan you choose).

Having live data at your fingertips via your van tracking mobile app, offers a whole host of benefits. You can improve customer service by keeping clients in the loop about a delivery’s status and ETA, reduce the risk of theft, and encourage better driver behaviours in real-time. All in a day’s work!

Next steps

How to get your van tracker 

As we’ve already discussed, van tracking is a competitive market – as such, it’s well worth shopping around to make sure you get the best deal for your business. With so many variables involved, it’s hard to table an accurate price for your fleet without some basic information about what you’re looking for. 

With that in mind, simply fill in this short form to help us get a sense of your requirements. You’ll receive tailored quotes from Expert Market-approved suppliers – and will be reaping the rewards of an effective van tracking system in no time at all.

How We Test Vehicle Tracking Systems for Businesses

We tested 29 market-leading vehicle tracking systems to evaluate them in terms of functionality, usability, vehicle management, price, and more so we can make the most useful recommendations to UK businesses.

Our rigorous testing process means these products have been scored and rated in six main categories of investigation and six subcategories – in fact, we covered 51 areas of investigation in total. We then gave each category score a ‘relevance weighting' to ensure the product's final score perfectly reflects the needs and requirements of Expert Market readers – and that's our algorithm in a nutshell!

Our main testing categories for vehicle tracking systems are:

Price: the cost associated with using the vehicle tracking software, including upfront costs, subscription fees, hardware costs (if applicable), and any additional charges for advanced features or add-ons.

Tracking: the core functionality of the vehicle tracking software, which involves monitoring and tracking the location and movements of vehicles in real-time, such as GPS tracking, route optimisation, and geofencing.

Driver Management: the features and tools provided by the vehicle tracking software to manage and monitor driver activities. This can include driver behavior monitoring, driver performance reports, driver identification.

Vehicle Management: the functionalities that allow for the efficient management and maintenance of vehicles, such as vehicle health monitoring and maintenance scheduling.

Product Features: the additional functionalities and capabilities offered by the vehicle tracking software beyond basic tracking and management, such as real-time alerts and notifications or driver routing and dispatching.

Support: the resources, assistance, and guidance provided by the vehicle tracking software company to users, including phone support, email or chat support, and online forums.



What do van trackers show?
Van trackers show information about the vehicle’s location, direction, speed, and distance.
How much does a van tracker cost?
A van tracker costs around £15 to £30 per vehicle, per month.
Is tracking a van illegal in the UK?
Van tracking is not illegal as long as the driver of the vehicle being tracked is aware. Before installing tracking on to your fleet, you’ll need to inform your employees and get their consent to collect the data.
How accurate are van trackers?
This depends on which tracker you choose, most can pinpoint the location of a vehicle to a three-metre radius. A GPS tracker can track a vehicle within a one-metre radius.
Where would a tracker be in a van?
Trackers in van are usually found in the OBD2 port but the location of this is usually different on each vehicle.
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