Quartix Review: Is it the Right Vehicle Tracking System for You?

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Is Quartix the right vehicle tracking system for your business? Our in-depth review will help you decide

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  • 12-month contract is more flexible than most brands’ three-year agreements
  • Unique CO2 emissions reporting
  • Prices start from only £9.90 per month, no hidden extras
  • Customer support scored 9/10 in our research


  • Depending on the package, data in the tracking app can take as long as 1-2 minutes to refresh
  • No driver messaging system
  • No theft prevention alerts
  • Cheapest plan has limited reporting features
At a glance: With almost 20 years of experience in providing cost effective vehicle tracking services – not to mention award-winning customer service – Quartix is great for growing fleet businesses that are looking to cut down on fleet costs via advanced tracking.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. This is a common mantra that can be applied to most things, but for smaller fleet operators, preparation is key – especially when you have a limited budget. 

Lowering your overhead, saving on fuel costs, and improving the overall efficiency of your fleet are high on the priority lists of any fleet operator, but can be make or break considerations for smaller scaled fleets. So why should vehicle tracking be another potential strain on your finances? 

Founded in 2001 by a small group of expert professionals, Quartix offers a low-cost vehicle tracking system with sophisticated driver management reports and strong fuel management features. It also doesn’t hurt that Quartix has been lauded for its customer experience, which in turn will benefit your own patrons. 

What Quartix has accomplished in almost two decades is no small feat. Quartix has installed over 600,000 tracking devices since its inception, helping upwards of 17,500 global fleets and netting more than 400 new fleet customers a month. 

And while we’re looking at the numbers, we’ll spout just one more. On average, a  new Quartix system is installed every 80 seconds – that’s roughly two new installations since you’ve started reading! 

That’ll do for statistics – let’s see if Quartix is the right fit for your operation.

Quick facts

  • Having started in Wales, Quartix now also serves businesses in the UK, the US, and several parts of Europe
  • Quartix has appeared four times on the London Stock Exchange’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’

What are Quartix’s features and benefits?

Change is the only universal constant, both in life and in business. As your needs evolve over time, Quartix offers affordable plans that will meet the demands of your growing business. 

Quartix’s 12-month contracts provide you with the freedom to upgrade your plan sooner, and avoid the industry standard of being locked into a three-year term. If your operations are outpacing your current plan’s capabilities, fear not – you can make adjustments accordingly. 

Quartix’s plans vary by the number and complexity, which fall into three model categories. Let’s explore, shall we? 


Quartix InfoPoint vehicle tracking

While being the most limited of the three plans, InfoPoint – the entry level system – comes with a range of useful features and hardware options. Tracking your vehicles in real time with complete visibility of your fleet is made easy, thanks to integrated Google mapping and street view. The refresh time for route maps for InfoPoint users is a lengthy two minutes, although that wait time is reduced to every one minute if you upgrade to one of the two higher priced models (we’ll come on to those in a moment). 

Keeping costs low is a major necessity for businesses that keep a sharp eye on their budgets. Luckily, it’s also a key benefit of Quartix Vehicle Tracking. Via the tracking map, you can view timesheets to gain daily insights into your drivers’ speed, fuel usage, acceleration, and braking data. Armed with that information, you have everything you need to encourage better driver behaviour, lower fuel costs, and improve overall performance. 

There will be times when your driver will unfortunately get into an accident. And we hate to break it to you, but there will also be times when that accident turns into a potential fraudulent insurance claim by a less than upstanding individual on the road. 

This is where Quartix Trip Reporter comes in. Daily vehicle logs help you better allocate your resources and your employees by collecting detailed information, such as start and end location times. You’ll be educated on the locations of your drivers as they went about their day, and tracking reports can serve as a key witness that’s in your employee’s corner. 

In the event of an accident, Quartix can send crash data to you upon request. The company doesn’t proactively send out crash notifications due to the false positives that can arise from driving over road bumps and potholes. 

Quartix Vehicle Tracking forgoes the need for added software in order to track your fleet – simply use any internet-connected device, and you’re on your way. 

Additionally, if you’re on-the-go, the free Quartix mobile app is available on all three plans. This offers a summary list of all vehicles in your fleet with their current location, live vehicle tracking, and trip data that gathers information on trips taken over the past six months. You’ll never lose sight of your vehicles, even if you’re out on the road as well. 

✓ InfoPlus

Incorporating all the features of InfoPoint, the second tier plan InfoPlus grants you more in-depth reports and features to increase your fleet’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

We may all have our own style when it comes to bootcut or skinny jeans while browsing a department store, but when they’re on the road and driving for your company, it isn’t a good thing for a driver’s style to stand out. If drivers don’t conform on the road, this behaviour could be costly for your business – whether that’s due to fuel usage or the potential for accidents. 

InfoPlus creates a whole host of detailed reports and displays to help you correct your employees’ driving, lower the possibilities of accidents, and reduce fuel costs, all in one swoop.  

Just like how the rankings in your friends’ fantasy football league chop and change throughout the season, InfoPlus offers a driver league table that judges the daily scores of drivers in your fleet. Quartix calculates a total fleet performance based on acceleration and braking behaviour in a given amount of time, and each day, a driver is given an overall score. These scores make it easy for you to find out who’s on track for promotion or relegation… perhaps quite literally. 

Another way Quartix helps you cut down on fuel costs is by giving you the option of creating unlimited geofencing areas on your route, and barring your drivers from entering certain areas. If your drivers veer into those areas, you’ll receive a real time alert in order to fix those mistakes promptly. Even if your driver pops home while on the job, you’ll know about it. 

✓ InfoFleet

InfoFleet, the highest priced model, includes all the features of InfoPoint and InfoPlus along with additional features that empower advanced fleet management capabilities. This is the preferred solution for organisations looking for a comprehensive, yet affordable fleet management solution, which integrates Quartix with FleetCheck Fleet Management services. 

All fleet management data is consolidated into one place under the InfoFleet plan, which highlights key information such as vehicle and driver documentation, tyre reports, and vehicle safety checks. It even looks at online driver risk assessments and CO2 emissions, to help you cover all of your compliance bases. To ensure that important compliance information isn’t overlooked, InfoFleet lets you set email alerts for data on vehicle safety inspections, emission tests, service schedules, registration fees, insurance, and tyre inspections. 

Quartix keeps you abreast of a whole range of important information to keep your fleet running smoothly, but unfortunately, potential theft is something you won’t be alerted to. While you can set up geofencing alerts with Quartix, which will tell you when a vehicle is being taken somewhere it shouldn’t, there are other systems out there that do a little bit more in terms of theft prevention – for example, Samsara can notify you when a tracker is removed, Verizon Connect can send alerts if a vehicle is driven out of hours, while RAM Tracking can do both of these things.

You can enhance your customers’ experience by providing arrival and departure times for deliveries through the use of proximity data, which is then relayed to the customer awaiting your services. Additionally, to increase productivity, InfoFleet helps you root out journey overlaps, monitor the amount of vehicles presently on a job site, and check how many jobs are awaiting completion.

How much does Quartix cost?

Happily, Quartix’s prices are among the cheapest on the market. Let’s take a look at them in more detail:

PackagePriceWhat you’ll get
InfoPoint£9.90 per vehicle, per monthReal-time tracking, driver timesheets, Excel formatted reports
InfoPlus£11.90 per vehicle, per monthSeveral advanced features, such as driver performance and geofencing
InfoFleet £16.90 per vehicle, per monthFully featured solution that includes FleetCheck for driver safety, fuel card integration, overall fleet compliance, and C02 emissions reporting
Additional features £1 to £1.50 per feature, per month

Integrate the FF2000 Witness Dash Cam with a Fleet Focus subscription

Fuel Card Report, driver ID, auxiliary input, panic button, and dash cam

If you’re running your fleet on a tight budget, it’s safe to assume that you’ll never want to be in the dark about your expenses. The great thing about the Quartix pricing model is that you know what you’re paying for, and how much you’re paying for it – without the stress of unforseen fees. Additionally, Quartix offers free installation and setup of your devices – you can either order next day delivery of plug-in devices you can install yourself, or arrange for installation of hardwired devices within three to five days. 

You now know that Quartix is upfront about its costs – but if you’re still on the fence about which vehicle tracking system works best for you, try filling out our quick quote-finding form. Tell us about your fleet and its needs, and we’ll match you with top vehicle tracking companies that can cater to your unique requirements. They’ll then provide you with free, no-obligation quotes right away! Who doesn’t love savings? 

Is Quartix right for my business?

There’s lots to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect supplier for your business. Let’s find out whether Quartix is right for you:

“I manage a taxi fleet.”

Quartix’s vehicle tracking is well suited for an operation like yours. In the interest of reducing fleet costs, we believe Quartix will have you covered. It provides a user friendly interface that assists with keeping customers up to date on the ETAs of your vehicles, and a system that enables you to closely monitor your drivers’ behaviour to reap the most benefit from your fleet.

One major downside, which might be a key component of your taxi operations, is that Quartix does not include a driver messaging system. Depending on how willing you are to work around this missing feature, you may be better off looking elsewhere. 

“What if I operate a medium to large-sized fleet?”

Though Quartix champions the running of a fleet at a lower price compared to its competitors, that doesn’t ultimately mean that you aren’t getting a well-rounded product. Quartix satisfies the core vehicle tracking needs of a fleet of any size, without breaking the bank. If there are any boxing aficionados in the crowd, Quartix would be one of the best pound for pound fighters today – both in terms of money and power. 

If your fleet outgrows the core needs that Quartix provides for, we would suggest a vehicle tracking supplier with a more complex system, such as Verizon Connect or Samsara.

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What do Quartix’s customer reviews say?

Customer reviews for Quartix are generally really good. The two examples below, gathered from Trustpilot, summarise what most online reviewers are saying:

“Quartix is a fantastic tool for any business requiring tight control of their fleet. I particularly find the app helpful as we can view it anytime, any place! The staff are helpful with any queries too!”

– Hayley Coward, Quartix customer

“We have been very pleased with the Quartix system, and have never had any down time. The tracking is very accurate. We always know where the vehicles are, and the price is very competitive.”

– Andrew Henderson, Quartix customer

Expert verdict

Quartix’s vehicle tracking system is a cost effective solution for fleet tracking. All the core features required by the majority of fleets are available, and the company prides itself on having some of the best customer support in the vehicle tracking industry. Quartix offers comparatively short 12-month contracts, so it’s possible to find out whether it delivers what you need without too steep a commitment.

Unlike many suppliers, Quartix’s pricing is transparent, with no hidden extras – so it’s easy to find out exactly how much it’ll cost you. The service likely to provide enough core GPS tracking functionality to suit both smaller and larger fleets. If this sounds like you, then we recommend you take a closer look.

Quartix’s vehicle tracking system is an impressive solution, but is it the right one for your business? To find out more, simply fill out our short web form – we’ll ensure that you receive quotations from a number of suppliers that are designed to meet your specific business needs. Not only will this save you time, but it could save you money, too.

What other Vehicle Tracking systems could I consider?

Still having doubts about whether Quartix suits your business’ unique needs? That’s completely fine! If you’d like to do a little more research into other suppliers, check out our reviews below to compare them.

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If you’d like to compare quotes from vehicle tracking suppliers that can cater to your fleet’s needs, get started by answering the question below:

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How we Analyse and Rate Vehicle Tracking Providers

At Expert Market, it’s our aim to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date, and transparent product and service reviews possible. So, to help you better understand the best vehicle tracking options out there, we’ve conducted in-depth, extensive research into the vehicle tracking market and its top companies. Here’s how we did it:

Independent researchersWe worked with 2 independent researchers

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We take the integrity of our research seriously. If you’ve got any questions at all about our research process, feel free to get in touch with Julia, our vehicle tracking specialist, at julia.watts@expertmarket.co.uk.

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