Masternaut Connect Review: Is it Right for Your Fleet?

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Masternaut is the largest supplier of commercial vehicle tracking solutions in the UK and one of the most well-known providers of telematics solutions in Europe.

✔ Access 24/7 real-time information on each vehicle’s location and driving behaviour

✔ Improve staff safety, productivity, and the security of your fleet

✔ Enhance field and customer service using alert tools and GPS to provide reliable ETAs

✔ Optimise vehicle utilisation, staff activity and fuel costs using extensive fleet intelligence analytics

Since 1996, Masternaut have established themselves as experts in vehicle tracking devices and fleet management software.

Today, their platform helps over 10,000 businesses to oversee and track mobile operations every day. Masternaut leads the largest research and development team in Europe and employs over 150 customer-facing staff in the UK and France. Their integrated approach to fleet management makes it possible to improve efficiency and safety, and cut costs.

Real-time Fleet Management Insights

Masternaut interface

Masternaut Connect is Masternaut’s 4th generation fleet management platform. Connect collects data from mobile vehicles and converts it into usable insights. The platform records data based on GPS location, driving activity and internal vehicle information like actual RPM and fuel consumption.

Connect’s real-time data gathering enables business owners to keep oversight over their mobile operations and use insights to make better decisions. The SaaS application is available on desktop and mobile devices.

Products and Features

The Masternaut platform is called Connect.

Connect’s core purpose is to help visualize fleet management, by delivering both real-time and historical data. This allows users to analyse and optimise fleet activity. Organizations can manage their logistics data through the customisable dashboard with activity tracking, asset tracking and historical journeys.

Real-time GPS locations

Masternaut’s program is very adept at tracking real-time GPS locations, so that you can keep an eye on your fleet more easily.

Live Masternaut map

The online vehicle tracking system allows the user to pinpoint all their vehicles on an interactive map at any time. Everything from fleet activity, to arrival and delivery times, can be tracked through one program.

Connect’s in-built GPS tracking is great for businesses looking to improve their operational procedures and keep their fleets running promptly. In fact, there’s even the option to setup driver league tables online to encourage safety competition amongst your drivers based on a driver behaviour score counting speeding and harsh driving events.

Historical Reports

A particularly versatile feature of Connect enables the user to generate reports on demand, combining staff and vehicle timesheets, historical journeys, driver behaviour, and numerous vehicle data like odometer and fuel consumption.

Masternaut historical drivers

These reports provide information vital to optimizing vehicle use and staff activities

Generating reports on past performance helps you to gather insights on how to increase productivity. Doing so helps to end risky driving behaviour and fuel-wasting idling. Historical data will help to increase the fuel efficiency of your business, and cut costs.

In a study of over 10,000 Masternaut vehicles, it was found that the average customer saves £55 per vehicle, per month, by using this analysis to improve their operations. This includes the typical fleet cutting their fuel consumption by 3-5%, which also benefits the environment. Masternaut customers saved 230,000 tonnes of CO2 in the last year alone.

In-Car Coaching Device

When drivers are out on the road, Masternaut provides them with real-time in-car coaching, through instant audible and visual feedback.

Masternaut in car display

Alerts will be given when risky and fuel wasting driving behaviours are detected. This is the case for harsh acceleration, brakes, cornering, as well as speeding and idling.

Masternaut has conducted a number of studies, based on their client data, to demonstrate the efficiency of their in-car coaching device on security and fuel consumption.

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Driver League Tables

Driver league tables allow businesses to generate automated league tables to analyze the driver performance of their drivers online. Each driver gets a score based on their driving behavior, which is then ranked against other drivers in the fleet. This helps to provide a clear point of reference when looking for the most virtuous drivers in the company.

Masternaut driver league tables

The score is calculated on factors such as fuel consumption and idling times to identify whom the most efficient performers are. The league tables provide a good foundation to analyze your drivers and evaluate their training needs. Adding rewards for high performers can be a great way to motivate a fleet to make their driving much more safe and efficient.

Custom Reports and Alerts

No matter what your business model is you can configure Masternaut Connect to provide you with instant alerts and detailed reports on your fleet.

Masternaut alerts

You can customise alerts to receive email notifications about virtually any location, time or activity-related event occurring in your fleet. This includes geofencing (i.e. when vehicles and assets leave or enter a user-defined zone).

Custom reports and alerts enable you to keep on top of your business whether you’re in the office or on the move.

What Businesses Will Benefit Most?

Masternaut’s tracking features and fleet management system are ideal for any business working with a fleet of vehicles. If logistics and/or field service are an integral part of your business, Connect is an invaluable resource. Using a fleet management tool is a great way to improve your service and cut costs. You’ll be able to gather detailed data and improve your decision-making. Any business looking for intuitive telematics solutions would profit this vehicle-tracking platform.

“Using Connect, we’ve been able to optimise our fleet costs, make significant savings through reduced fuel consumption, and ensure better on the road safety for our employees.”

– Jean-Luc Celotto, National Vehicle Management Manager, Dalkia

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