RAM Tracking Review and Pricing: The Most Affordable Vehicle Tracking System

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Our latest round of research reveals that RAM tracking is the most affordable vehicle tracking system in the market. Scoring 4.4/5 in our in-depth research, RAM offers the cheapest long-term deals, a top-notch help and support team, and excellent bundle prices.

We asked our readers which vehicle tracking benefit is most important for them and a conclusive number said that trackingits ability to improve driver safety and behaviour, and vehicle management are their top priorities. In this article, we’ll investigate how well RAM performs in these areas, its pros and cons, pricing, standout features, and overall performance. 

In a crunch? While we stand by RAM being one of the best systems for UK businesses, it may not have certain features that are important to you. If you want to save time and paperwork, use our free quote comparison tool and we’ll connect you with providers that best meet your needs.

For over 10 years, our specialists at Expert Market have probed into the complex world of fleet management systems. Our meticulous and unbiased research has helped link ambitious businesses to the best candidates on the market.

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RAM Tracking

Best For

Fleets on a budget

Starting Price


RAM Tracking’s pros and cons


  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Crash detection and reporting
  • Exemplary technical support


  • No vehicle diagnosis or temperature monitoring capabilities
  • Slightly complicated maintenance scheduling
  • Limited reporting capabilities

 User-friendly dashboard

RAM excels in live/active tracking, scoring an outstanding 4.6/5 in our analysis of its tracking features. RAM’s real-time dashboard allows you to easily view: 

  • A live map displaying all your drivers’ locations
  • A real-time feed of data on each vehicle, including driver identification number, vehicle registration information, speed, direction, and activity status.
  • Colour coded ignition status
  • Timesheets that detail prior journeys
  • Drivers’ daily, weekly, and monthly mileage totals.

With its real-time tracking, you can also efficiently dispatch your drivers to wherever you need them, identify where your vehicles are currently, and assign them their next job in real-time. Additionally, you can use geofencing to draw up virtual boundaries that trigger alerts to your device if one of your vehicles crosses them.

 Crash detection and reporting

We’ve done extensive research into the best fleet GPS tracking systems for UK businesses and found that RAM is one of a very small handful of systems that boast impact detection. With this crucial feature, RAM’s system will immediately know when there is an accident involving one of your vehicles – and it’ll alert you in real time. Note, however, that this feature is only available in RAM’s more expensive Plus package.

 Exemplary technical support

Boasting a 98% customer retention rate, it’s clear that RAM puts customer care at the forefront. It offers a 30-day free trial, enabling you to try the system out before paying a penny. When you do sign on the dotted line, RAM will send an accredited engineer to install your tracking devices at a time and place of your choosing, free of charge. RAM also provides unlimited free training to help you learn to use the system.

Unfortunately, RAM’s phone support is only available during office hours on weekdays, 8:30 – 17:00. If you want around-the-clock support, you’ll be quite happy with Samsara and Teletrac.

The upside? You’re bound to receive fantastic quality support from a RAM specialist, as proven by their outstanding customer service reviews. RAM also offers email support and a comprehensive online help centre with a dedicated chatbot. 

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 No vehicle diagnosis and temperature monitoring

So far, RAM might be looking like the fleet management system you want to take home and introduce to your parents and/or your stakeholders. However, it does come with a crucial downside. RAM does not provide vehicle diagnostics, which makes it difficult for you or your fleet managers to immediately identify issues with your vehicles, unless your drivers tell you.

RAM also does not have cargo and engine temperature monitoring features, which help prevent overheating and ensure the safety of your driver and/or cargo. If these features are necessary for your business, check out Verizon and Samsara.

 Slightly complicated maintenance scheduling

A thorn in RAM’s side is its limited vehicle management features, seeing its score in this criteria dip to 2.7/5 in our analysis.

The prime suspect is RAM’s limited maintenance and record-keeping features. With RAM, you have to set self-reminders rather than rely on a tracking system to sync with mechanic reports – a far cry from Verizon (which scored 5/5 for vehicle management) and Samsara (again, 5/5), which both provide automatic alerts, notifications, and a comprehensive service record history feature.

RAM’s maintenance scheduling also involves you having to do your own calculations to determine when the oil needs changing and how worn your tires are. 

 Limited reporting capabilities

RAM is able to track the speed of drivers and identify the percentage at which drivers exceeded certain speeding limits (by set locations, at any interval). However, unlike Verizon, and Samsara, it doesn’t provide speeding notifications to fleet managers.

Not so fun fact: speeding is the biggest cause of road deaths in the UK. If speed control is a priority for you, as it should be, you might want to check out our perfect scorers in the vehicle management category: Verizon and Samsara.

How much does RAM Tracking cost?

RAM provides custom software packages on a case-by-case basis (as is the industry norm). Its pricing varies depending on the number of your vehiclescontract length, and package chosen. Below is a comparison of their packages. 




Refresh time

2 minutes

1 minute

1 minute

Mobile app access




Mileage tracking




Other key features

  • 3-month historical reporting
  • Idle monitoring
  • Driver mileage logs
  • Automated reminders: tax, insurance, service, etc.
  • All Lite features
  • 3-year historical reporting
  • Driver scoring, speed monitoring, and tracking, and geofencing
  • Automated alerts and comprehensive reports
  • Expense management and fuel purchase submissions
  • Cloud storage
  • All Core features
  • Exclusive partner add-ons: BP Fuel Card, automatic DVLA driver license check, customer marketplace, etc.
  • Picture and signature capture
  • Vehicle checks
  • Accident and breakdown reporting

As for pricing, RAM is pretty hush-hush when it comes to its package deals. But we’ve done the hard (paper)work and acquired a rough breakdown of RAM’s basic Lite package.

Contract Length

RAM tracker (per vehicle, per month)

Bundle deals (tracker and camera per vehicle, per month)

1 year


No yearly contract due to the cost of the goods

3 years



4 years



5 years



RAM assist (RAM’s driver’s app)



RAM scores the highest, tied with Quartix, in our pricing category, with an outstanding 4.6/5. Interestingly, these two providers offer stark subscription differences. RAM earns its excellent score due to its affordable long-term deals. Meanwhile, Quartix soars to the top due to its low pricing (starts at £9.90 per vehicle, per month) and shorter one-year contracts. Just note that Quartix only offers rental hardware, so you have to give those devices back when you end your contract.

As a cherry on top, RAM also offers a lifetime device warranty, free installation, a 30-day free trial, and a 14-day cooling-off period – a user-friendly cancellation policy most providers do not offer.

Without a doubt, RAM is the most affordable system in the market. However, its sweet five-year deal can be a huge commitment for new businesses. If you’d like to compare RAM’s prices with those from other suppliers, try out our free quote comparison tool. Simply let us know about what you need and we’ll match you up with the best vehicle tracking suppliers that can fulfil your unique demands. They’ll then be in touch directly with tailored, obligation-free quotes for you to compare.

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RAM Tracking’s standout features

Simplify job management with Job Assist

If you’re managing a trade business, RAM’s intuitive Job Assist allows you to create, assign, and schedule jobs effortlessly. With a few simple taps on your phone or web browser, you can:

  • Get an overview of all jobs
  • Store and access job-related data from the cloud
  • Track progress in real-time, from job creation to completion
  • Automate invoices
  • Inform customers about the status of their orders

Improve driver safety with RAM’s dash cams

RAM Tracking dash cam
Source: ramtracking.com

Provide objective evidence during traffic incidents and help drivers improve by keeping a watchful eye on their every move with RAM’s dash cams. If you want to gain complete visibility of your fleet, you can call up your RAM technicians and ask them to install a dash cam in a discrete location to ensure minimal vision loss and distraction-free driving.

SD Card

1080p HD cameras

4G Connected Streaming

Basic Features

  • More affordable

  • 140-degree view

  • Up to 180hrs of SD Card storage (you will need to download and clear the SD card manually)

  • More expensive

  • Wide-angle camera

  • Cloud storage up to 90 days

Other Features

  • Will store any incidents of note

  • Nighttime optimisation

  • Front vehicle departure warning in traffic conditions

  • AI event detection for any kind of incident recording.

  • For First Notice of Loss (FNOL) can be sent within the hour of an incident to insurers.

RAM’s dash cams are tamper-proof and timestamped, making them ideal for monitoring your drivers, lowering insurance premiums, and improving driver safety. Additionally, RAM’s dash cams and trackers are offered at discounted bundle prices with a minimum three-year contract.

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What kind of business is RAM Tracking best for?

RAM offers the most affordable vehicle tracking systems on the market. As such, we highly recommend RAM for those who are on a budget or are new to vehicle tracking and want an efficient yet user-friendly vehicle location tracking system, along with a technical support team to guide you through installation and beyond. 

However, RAM comes with limited vehicle management features. Therefore, if you’re a small fleet manager who can stay on top of your regular tune-ups and is mainly looking for an uncomplicated live tracking dashboard to easily track your core insights, then RAM is perfect for you. With RAM, you can keep tabs on your vehicles without drowning in data.

However, if you’re hungry to finetune and optimise your fleet using a veritable buffet of nitty gritty data, you should try looking at Verizon Connect (which scores 4.7/5 overall) or Samsara (also scoring 4.7/5), which both offer sophisticated reporting, but are – of course – more expensive.

How does RAM Tracking compare with other fleet management systems?

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RAM Tracking

Verizon Connect


Teletrac Navman TN360


Starting Price


Starting Price


Starting Price


Starting Price


Starting Price


Key Features
  • Data updated every 60 seconds, 1,000 metres, or 90 degree turn
  • Customisation of locations
  • Real-time graphic dashboard
  • Points and leaderboard system
Key Features
  • Self-created reports and dashboard
  • 30-second data refresh
  • Automatic route optimisation
  • Points and leaderboard system for driver behaviour management
Key Features
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Automatic route optimisation
  • Driver messaging
  • Alerts on engine idling
Key Features
  • Ability to track vehicles and retrieve current status
  • Send and receive messages
  • View vehicles and fleet information in real time
  • Get notifications
Key Features
  • Live tracking
  • Daily vehicle logs for driving history
  • Points and leaderboard system for driver behaviour management
  • CO2 emission reports

RAM Tracking’s vehicle tracking features

RAM keeps things simple with its active live tracking features, earning a solid 4.6/5 in our vehicle tracking category. RAM’s basic Lite package updates every two minutes, while Core and Plus update every minute – which is pretty standard as far as refresh times go. Similar to Samsara (which scores 4.9/5 in our vehicle tracking research category), you can also set up geofencing triggers and parameters within RAM’s tracking software and schedule notification pushes should a vehicle be outside the geofence.

Moreover, RAM boasts powerful alerts and notifications when it comes to driver-related activity. Simply pick a set vehicle and receive key information, such as ignition on, first ignition of the day, external power lost, and idling. 

RAM Tracking’s ability to reduce fleet costs

RAM doesn’t fall behind in auto-route optimization, although you’ll have to do some manual fiddling first. Unlike other systems, like Verizon, Samsara, and Trackit 247, which automatically optimise your routes, RAM users need to manually compare historic route data (i.e. how long a journey took to complete) when plotting new journeys to understand the most efficient way to complete a job.

However, just like many other providers, RAM uses Google Earth mapping and its subsequent traffic alerts so you can get real time traffic updates. You can also gain data on your fleet’s total mileage per day, week, and month. This allows you to track how much fuel your fleet is using and if you can optimise fuel use to save more money. 

RAM Tracking’s vehicle management features

RAM scores a below average 2.7/5 for vehicle management as it’s one of the few systems that doesn’t offer vehicle diagnostics, along with Quartix (which scores 3/5 for vehicle management).

It offers decent anti-theft features that stand proudly against perfect scorers Verizon and Samsara. With RAM, you can get alerts if your vehicle tracker has been removed and if a vehicle has been moved outside of working hours. Definitely more secure than Quartix, which offers no theft-prevention features at all. 

However, if you’re not a fan of paperwork, you won’t love RAM’s manual maintenance features – yes, you can set specific alerts regarding fleet maintenance, but this is based on the distance undertaken by your vehicle. From this, you have to self-work out how worn your tires are and if you need to change your oil. 

The same goes with their maintenance records – you’ll have to set self-reminders rather than rely on a tracking system to sync with mechanic reports. If you don’t want to worry about tracking maintenance paperwork, you’ll want to check out Verizon and Samsara.

Does RAM Tracking have good customer reviews?

When it comes to checking a GPS tracker’s actual performance, nothing beats real customer reviews. RAM’s real-time tracking and wonderful tech team garnered rave ratings, earning an average of 4.5/5 on Trustpilot and 4.7/5 on Capterra

Great people who know their Business, leaving me with Certainty

I’ve Been with Ram Tracking for about 18 months. Their service, warm, friendly and can-do attitude has brought peace of mind to me and my business.

Not only have the devices supported my business by the structures provided in the package I have on my fleet, be able to clearly identify issues that didn’t match what a driver had told me, it saved my business an almost definite loss if they were not in place. Excellent resources at the end of the phone, Just spoke with Johnny Richardson to thank him as I’m in the process of new ventures and he is making the process so easy. (sic)

Charles Hutchinson,
- October 31, 2022
HAFS Inc. Review

Overall: Very good Tracking APP, for use by our staff.

Pros: ‘Real time’ Monitoring of fleet, and report generation are sufficient for our use.

Cons: RAM Tracking software doesn’t integrate with our existing Administration software.

Reasons for Choosing RAM Tracking: There are countless companies located in Ontario Canada providing GPS accessibility, RAM was able to provide cost-effective features, and support. Sales staff were knowledgeable and explained system features and options.

Reasons for Switching to RAM Tracking: Costs, subscription limitations, lack of support by both Technical and Administrative (sic)

Dan S., Operations Coordinator
- No date
Customer review

Great Service from these guys, and very happy with the facilities and tracking system that they offer. It has allowed us to manage and monitor our vehicles as well as develop opportunities for appraisal and incentivisation across the company. Highly recommended for the quality and price. (sic)

Proseptic Limited - July 06, 2022

When it comes to affordable pricing, it’s hard to beat RAM, seeing it score a solid 4.6/5 in our research in this category. Moreover, it gives you a powerful vehicle tracker and links you to an excellent technical support team

While RAM is not the best at in-depth reporting, it offers a user-friendly, no-nonsense dashboard that makes live tracking easier. You can also gain complete visibility of your fleet with its commercial dash cams, and streamline your operations with its intuitive digital job dispatching app.

Don’t be too hasty, though. RAM may boast outstanding automated services, but it isn’t the best at vehicle management. You will find that you still have to manually keep track of your vehicle diagnostics and maintenance. Not a huge downside if your fleet’s small enough for this to be manageable, but it will definitely take up some of your precious time. If you want fantastic vehicle management capabilities, you can check out Verizon or Samsara (which both score an exemplary 5/5 for vehicle management in our research).

We know you’re busy! To get accurate, bespoke quotes direct from leading UK providers, fill in our free quote comparison tool. Simply let us know about your fleet, and we’ll connect you with leading system providers that best meet your unique needs. They’ll then contact you directly to share obligation-free quotes for you to review and compare.

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