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Micro GPS trackers are really handy bits of kit. While there are lots of different uses for them, we’ve focused on the best ones for vehicle tracking, which is one of their most important features. This is especially true in today’s climate, where fuel prices and green concessions should encourage businesses to minimise fuel consumption.

We compared the specifications and customer reviews of many different micro trackers, and these are the five that will offer you the best vehicle tracking experience. Each excels in at least one area, but – spoiler alert – it was the Lightbug Pro that came out on top overall. Why? Because it’s a discreet and sturdy bit of kit with an amazing battery life, at a very reasonable price.

It’s worth noting at this point that if your business relies on more than one vehicle, your best bet is to skip the micro trackers and get a quote for a complete system. These start at just £9.99 per vehicle per month, and will make your business a whole lot more efficient.

What are the top 5 micro GPS trackers?

  1. The Lightbug Pro – Best for long battery life
  2. Spy Tec GL300 – Best for fast-moving vehicles
  3. The Lightbug Zero – Best for size
  4. MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker – Best for monitoring driver behaviour
  5. Likorlove vehicle GPS tracker –  Best for price

Clicking any of the links above will allow you to compare quotes to find the best micro GPS tracker for your business.

The best micro GPS trackers for vehicles

The best micro GPS trackers on the market today are: the Lightbug Pro, the Spy Tec GL300, the Lightbug Zero, MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker and the Likorlove vehicle GPS tracker.

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The Lightbug Pro

Spy Tec GL300

The Lightbug Zero

MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker

Likorlove vehicle GPS Tracker

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long battery life

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fast-moving vehicles

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monitoring driver behaviour

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1. The Lightbug Pro

Best for: Long battery life

Lightbug Pro

Lighbug only make two vehicle tracking products: the Lightbug Pro, and the Lightbug Zero. Why? Because both are so great, there’s really no reason to make more.

The Pro version is designed for use in vehicles, and if you’re after an epic battery life then look no further: when updating once every twelve hours, it will last an incredible five years from just one charge. Five years! That’s a big ask for a tiny gps tracker that’s only the size of a pack of cards.

The most basic version of the Pro tracker costs £72 upfront, then £4.99 monthly for the app and data (it works with a SIM card). More connectivity options and different mount types will cost a little more, but it’s generally a really good value tracker.


  • Battery life of up to five years
  • Can also work inside using WPS (Wifi Positioning System)
  • Waterproof and shockproof, and will operate in -30°C to 60°C


  • Small in size, but not tiny
  • At £72, then £4.99 per month, it isn’t the cheapest
  • Doesn’t monitor driver behaviour

2. Spy Tec GL300

Best for: Fast-moving vehicles, such as motorcycles

Spy Tec STI GL300

If it’s pinpoint accuracy you’re after, then the Spy Tec GL300 could be just what you’re looking for. It’s accurate to within 15 feet, and can update up to every five seconds (although this will seriously cut into its two week max. battery life).

This micro GPS tracker also offers geofencing (adding places such as an office, then being notified when the person enters or leaves these zones). And all this is packed into a pretty small package: around the size of three AA batteries. Spy Tec are also pretty on it when it comes to customer service – you can reach them over phone, email or webchat.

The downside? The ongoing price for using this tiny GPS tracker is quite significant at £19.95 a month. Plus, there’s no app for the tracker itself, which is unusual. Instead it works through Google Maps or equivalent.

If you’re looking for other GPS trackers for motorbikes, have a look at our dedicated page.


  • Highly accurate, even at high speeds
  • Good battery life
  • Low upfront cost (£34.95)


  • Small in size, but not tiny
  • Ongoing cost is pricey (£19.55 a month)
  • No companion app
  • Not water resistant

If you’re looking for a tool that specifically helps you measure your vehicles’ speed, you might want to look at our page on vehicle speed monitoring systems.

Need a vehicle tracking solution for your business?

3. The Lightbug Zero

Best for: Low-fuss installation

Lightbug Zero

At the size of a car fob, the Lightbug Zero is one of the smallest micro gps tracking devices in the world. But you wouldn’t know that from its battery life; the Lightbug Zero will last for up to 10.2 months from a single charge. This is practically unheard of for trackers of this size using 2G and 4G, which can normally only run for a few days or hours.

It’s SIM operated and costs £79.99 upfront, then either £4.99 or £6.99 a month. The £4.99 version covers you for six locations a day, and the £6.99 version is for unlimited locations. It’s so tiny that it can be discreetly hidden in the glove box or a seat pocket.


  • Very small (the size of a car fob)
  • Battery life of up to 10.2 months
  • Works on both 2G and 4G


  • High upfront cost (£79.99)
  • Doesn’t monitor driver behaviour

4. MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker

Best for: Monitoring driver behaviour

MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker

This is a really small but advanced GPS tracker that does a lot more than simply tell you the location of your vehicle. If all you’re after is a simple micro GPS tracking device, then there are better (and cheaper) options out there for you. However, if you are after something a little more informative, this could be your model. At £48.50 upfront, then £15.50 a month for data, it isn’t the cheapest – but you do get a lot for your money.

MOTOsafety OBD tracker reports on driver behaviour. You can easily check back to see where your driver has been speeding or driving erratically. Dangerous driving is not just dangerous, it’s seriously bad for business, and this tracker can help you stamp it out for good. The downside of this product is that it has to be wired into the car, although this is easy enough to do.

But if its small size is what’s enticing you, check out the even smaller Spy Tec GL300 above.


  • Great for tracking and reviewing driver behaviour (speeding etc.)
  • Easy to set up a geofencing area (to receive notifications when the person leaves a certain place)


  • Has to be wired into the car (although this is fairly easy to do)

5. Likorlove vehicle GPS tracker

Best for: Affordability

Likorlove vehicle GPS tracker

If you’re just after a really affordable and basic tracker, the Likorlove version could be right up your street. It costs just £18.99, and you’ll just need to get a cheap SIM to go with it.

This is a really stripped-back, SIM-operated tracker, so it doesn’t come with the features that the MOTOsafety OBD tracker would. That said, it’s still a pretty hardy tracker. That’s because it has a two way locating method, which means it will still work when the signal is weak, the car power cable is cut, the car battery is stolen or the GPS is removed.

You’ll need to install this tracker in your car, and the instructions for this aren’t great. Your best bet is to check out the customer reviews on Amazon, as some people have gone into really helpful detail about the best way to approach it. You’ll also want to keep an eye on your car battery, as a couple of people have complained that it has drained theirs.


  • Very affordable – low upfront cost (£18.99) and no subscription fees
  • Fairly small and discreet
  • Robust – will work even if the signal is weak, the car battery is stolen or the GPS is removed


  • Reviews complain that it can be tricky to set up as the instructions aren’t very clear
  • Complaints that it drains the car battery
Expert verdict

This article should have given you a good overview of five of the best micro trackers on the market today. There are a few factors to consider when looking at a GPS tracker, like affordability (with the cheapest being the Likorlove vehicle GPS tracker) or size (with the smallest being The Light Bug Zero).

However if you’re a business owner with a fleet, large or small, you can definitely do better: vehicle trackers for business vehicles can do way more than just track your vehicles, and start at just £9.99 a month. Get a quote for your business today by popping a few details into this short form.

How We Test Vehicle Tracking Systems for Businesses

We tested 29 market-leading vehicle tracking systems to evaluate them in terms of functionality, usability, vehicle management, price, and more so we can make the most useful recommendations to UK businesses.

Our rigorous testing process means these products have been scored and rated in six main categories of investigation and six subcategories – in fact, we covered 51 areas of investigation in total. We then gave each category score a ‘relevance weighting' to ensure the product's final score perfectly reflects the needs and requirements of Expert Market readers – and that's our algorithm in a nutshell!

Our main testing categories for vehicle tracking systems are:

Price: the cost associated with using the vehicle tracking software, including upfront costs, subscription fees, hardware costs (if applicable), and any additional charges for advanced features or add-ons.

Tracking: the core functionality of the vehicle tracking software, which involves monitoring and tracking the location and movements of vehicles in real-time, such as GPS tracking, route optimisation, and geofencing.

Driver Management: the features and tools provided by the vehicle tracking software to manage and monitor driver activities. This can include driver behavior monitoring, driver performance reports, driver identification.

Vehicle Management: the functionalities that allow for the efficient management and maintenance of vehicles, such as vehicle health monitoring and maintenance scheduling.

Product Features: the additional functionalities and capabilities offered by the vehicle tracking software beyond basic tracking and management, such as real-time alerts and notifications or driver routing and dispatching.

Support: the resources, assistance, and guidance provided by the vehicle tracking software company to users, including phone support, email or chat support, and online forums.


Frequently asked questions

Is it illegal to track a car?
No, so long as you are tracking the person in a work context with permission (see below), or if you are tracking your own car or child.

You’ll often see reviews on these types of products from people who have used them to track their partners without their knowledge. These customers are often from the US, where the rules are slightly different. Here in the UK, this is very much illegal.

Do all GPS trackers need a SIM card?
Most trackers use a SIM, but it’s possible to find ones that do not. And don’t forget, there are great vehicle tracking apps that work with your smartphone and are a really hassle-free option if you’d rather not set up a new SIM.
Can employers use vehicle trackers to track employees when driving?
If you want to track your employees when they’re out and about, you need to have this written into their contract. You must specify the extent to which you will be tracking them and when, and they must agree to this by signing the document. You cannot track employees outside of working hours.

It’s easy to get your business using a vehicle tracking system, and not to mention very affordable. Fill in this short form now to get quotes for yours.

Can I use a Tile to track my car?
You can use a Tile tracker to track your car, but it isn’t the best option out there. Tile was designed to help you keep track of possessions like your keys; there are trackers out there which are better suited to the role of vehicle tracking, five of which have been reviewed above.
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