Steel Workshop Building Prices

A typical steel workshop at 2.5m x 5m x 12m with a roller door costs around £5,950 (plus VAT) from Omega Steel Building Solutions. This does not include installation, priced at £3,600.

Steel is a smart choice of building material for a number of reasons. Not only is it cheaper than alternatives such as wood or brick, it’s also non-combustible, pest and weather resistant.

In addition, many manufacturers offer a choice of paint finishes and colours, which means that buildings can maintain an aesthetic appeal and blend into surrounding environments. You might be looking to fix up your mechanical workshop or invest in a woodworking or sculpting studio.

Whatever your particular workshop needs, this guide will provide you up-to-date prices of standard flat-packed steel workshop kits from accredited suppliers in the UK.

Or, the easiest option, is to get quotations that meet your exact specifications by answering our quick workshop quiz. Once you fill in this form, steel building suppliers will get in touch with you (usually the same day) to talk over your options. How easy is that!

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Steel workshop 5m x 12m with roller door: £5,950

Omega steel logo
Omega Steel Building Solutions
Pricing £5,950–£22,169
Quick overview

As a result of their diverse back-room software, the quotation of steel buildings of any size is quick and easy. The versatility of this design software allows customers to choose the size; doors; window openings; internal walls; and roof type; as well as cladding solutions tailored to specific requirements. See the pricing table below for some examples of steel workshop buildings – be aware there are many more price points depending on your exact specifications. Delivery charges not included in price. All prices excl VAT.

Building TypeDimensionsCladding TypeInstallation
Type 1 – Advantage Range Push roller door 2.5m height x 5m width x 12m length Polyester (£5,948.91) £3,600
Type 3 – Advantage Range Push pull roller door and personnel door 2.5m height x 6m width x 18m length Platisol (£9,553.65) £5,400
Type 7 - Advantage Range Roller door and window 2.5m height x 4m width x 24m length 40mm Composite Panel (£15,369) £6,800

Restore existing steel workshop: pricing on request

west country steel buildings logo
West Country Buildings
Pricing On request
Quick overview

Approved distributor of Capital Steel Buildings offering consultancy, design and construction of steel workshop buildings to suit different budgets and design requirements. All structures are in compliance with British Standards BS6399 and backed by full manufacturers' warranties of up to 35 years. They are happy to restore or repurpose old buildings as well as design new ones.

 Garden workshop 5.4 x 5.5m: £8,580 incl VAT

OZ UK steel buildings logo
OZ-UK Steel Buildings
Pricing £8,580–£53,820
Quick overview

OZ-UK Steel Buildings sell standard steel building kits designed for self erection typically provided within four to six weeks. Handily, the smaller steel structures do not even require planning permission so makes your project even more straightforward. They've a decent range of domestic household steel garages and garden sheds as well as workshops in a range of sizes. If you're looking for something larger they also design, supply and erect large industrial factory warehouse units.

Building typeDimensionsPrice (incl VAT)
Garden Workshop Roller door, personnel door and skylights 5.4m x 5.5m £8,580
Small Store/Workshop Steel Building Roller door and personnel door 3.2m height x 7m width x 10.5m length £21,180
Steel Vehicle Workshop Roller door and two personnel doors with skylights 2.9m to the eaves x 12m wide x 19m length £53,820
steel buildings garden workshop Oz UK

OZ-UK Garden Workshop Steel Building 5.4 x 5.5m: £8,580 incl VAT. You can self-erect with a suitable scaffold tower.

Golf workshop 9m x 10m: £30,326.40  (incl VAT)

murray steel buildings logo
Murray Steel Buildings
Pricing From £30,326.40–£65,988.00+
Quick overview

The Scotland-based firm supply and install UK-wide, aiming to deliver all orders within one month. All necessary fixings are supplied and they can provide drawings if you need to seek planning permission from your local authority. Engineers will prepare structural calculations and provide a design certificate as needed. All buildings come with a manufacturers warranty on the external coatings for 25 years.

Building typeDimensionsPrice (incl VAT)
Golf workshop 1x roller door and 1x personnel aoor 3.6m height x 9m width x 10m length From £30,326.40
Caravan workshop 3x heavy duty roller doors and 1x personnel door 5m height x 8m width x 15m length From £55,879.20
Industrial workshop 3x roller doors and 1x personnel door 4.2m height x 15m width x 15m length From £65,988.00
Murray Steel Buildings Golf Workshop

Golf Workshop 1x Roller Doors And 1x PA Door 3.6m height x 9m width x 10m length: £30,326.40 (includes VAT)

Want it in red? There's a steel workshop just waiting for you.

Next Steps

Now you have lots of ideas about the range of steel workshop buildings on offer to you. Even though the names given to various flatpack kits such as ‘garden workshop’ or ‘golf workshop’ seem to pre-define their purpose, remember you can use your new workshop in whichever way you choose. Be sure to check with your local council about planning permission, because larger structures often need it and this can take eight to twelve weeks to sort out.

In terms of prices, a mid-range steel workshop 3.2m high from OZ-UK Steel Buildings costs £21,180 incl VAT. This gives you a good indication of a middling spend. With such a structure you can get a small fork truck through the roller door and 73.5m2 (791 sq ft) of dry storage space for… whatever you need!

If you have more questions about design, delivery and erection why not make use of our free quote finding tool? It’s quick, simple and exclusive to Expert Market. When you provide a few details about your steel building needs, trusted suppliers will get in touch with you directly to answer your questions.

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